100 Sales Funnel Software: The Complete List (Updated 2019)

Do you want to see all sales funnel software in one place?

You know, there are lots of marketing tools out there. However, what tools can you use to build your sales funnel?

I have personally searched and may have tried some of them in 2 years.

Some are good.

Some are not.

That is just my feeling and experience. However, they all still here.​

The complete list sales funnel software 2019

Before we go dive in sales funnel software, you need to know which steps to create to create a basic sales funnel. There are 5 steps to follow:

  1. Visualize your funnel / Funnel Mapping
  2. Create landing page
  3. Set-up email automation
  4. Set-up payment gateway(if you sell your products/services)
  5. Analytics

With each step there will be different tools to help you do. And I recently updated this entire list for 2019.

Now, you can filter through the list to find the best Sales funnel software for you.

Let check 100 tools I used to build my funnel.

I Want Tools That Help With:

I Want Tools That Are:

Show Only Funnel Secrets Favorite Tools:

Funnel Visualization Tools


Microsoft Powerpoint is a familiar tool for everyone.

In recent new releases, you can build great designs. If you are looking for a tool to help you draw funnel without spending too much, Powerpoint is a worthy choice.


A free tool is available on your computer. If you are using the Microsoft operating system, this tool is too familiar to many people.

With the paint tool, you can note and draw your sales funnel to help you save ideas quickly.

draw funnel with paint

Best features:

  • It’s FREE and available on your computer.
  • Greatest ideas are spontaneous, and you'll want to save them right away. Paint is like a whiteboard, where you can draw and edit anything you want to form the idea of your sales funnel.
  • No internet connection required, no membership required. (In case of internet connection problems or slow. You do not want to miss the idea, right?)


If you find it challenging to use the tool above, a more straightforward option that marketers, bloggers, YouTubers often use is Canva.

And of course, you can also use this tool to visualize your funnel.

Besides the available features for free, Canva also offers you a vast stock of images, icons,...

Of course, you will have to pay a small fee based on the image (premium) you want to have, or you can download unlimited with a monthly membership package.

canva price

Official Website:


Google Drawing

Google Drawings can help you make your sales funnel complete with options that you will love like:

  • Sharing the funnel with the audience
  • Uploading images you prepared
  • Collaborating with team members
  • And posting links to supplement sections with data.
how to draw your sales funnel with google drawing

You can also add text, select shapes, and colors for funnels. It may not be very popular for funnel makers but Google Drawings has the means to realize those funnels.

To avail of Google Drawings, which is free, create a Google account and once you’re up and running you can find the tool in Google Drive.

Pricing: FREE


If you are looking for a nice alternative to Microsoft’s Visio, then Creately can fit in nicely for you. For its general use, it comes with

  • Customized themes and colors.
  • Thousands of templates
  • Recorded view of all changes or modifications made an offline work option.
  • And most notably it allows users to draw shapes and connect lines in an efficient and convenient manner.
Creately - funnel visually software

When it comes to funnels related to analyzing sales backed with flowcharts.

Creately uses diagrams for funnels to understand the flow of a user through its website followed by data sent to the application and more.

Their system identifies political customers who learn about Creately, determine their motivations and identify pages they land on.

Creately is no slouch when it comes to funnel mapping.


  1. Public: FREE
  2. Personal: $5/month
  3. Team:$25/month

Official Website:



Are you using funnel mapping for marketing purposes?

Lucidchart is designed to help you achieve your goals and to say the least it offers you labels, shapes, and lines to start with.

Lucidcharts was made to be:

  • Collaborative (ideal for your networking needs)
  • Protect diagrams by using a password system
  • Check any errors made on spelling
  • Exporting sales funnels and adding links to key sections.
Lucidchart - funnel mapping software

With regards to making a sales funnel, this software will help you learn about the key elements (set by stage) such as awareness, interest, decision, action and more.

Creating a sales funnel related to the industry you are part of (including the products and services provided) will help you attract a base of customers by means of visualizing your concepts.


Personal Plan:

  1. Standard: FREE
  2. Pro: $9.95/month
Business Plan: Start with $20/month - 3 Users


This mapping tool was made to help users create mind maps out of the blue and this means helping users organize their ideas to make their marketing funnels more effective.

  • Team collaboration?
  • Sharing the sales funnel to social platforms
  • Wide options of colors, shapes, and fonts?
  • Being able to create a new sales funnel from nothing?
  • Being able to upload images of your own liking?
MindMeister - sales funnel sofware

MindMeister is highly efficient when it comes to making funnels that will help you achieve marketing success.

The good news about it is that it is free and you can start making a positive impact on it.


  1. Basic: FREE
  2. Personal: $4.99/month
  3. Pro: 8.25/month
  4. Business: 12.49/month

Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm is the tool I often use to build Email automation. This tool is suitable for people who work with diagrams.

For example: If people read email 1, I will send email A if they are not read  I’ll send email B. After 3 email, they still haven’t read - add a tag or unsubscribe...Etc

Best features:

  • Drag to create a shape.
  • Many diagrams for different purposes.
  • Editing and formating easily.
  • Start for FREE


  • Express: FREE
  • Starter: $4/month
  • Advance: $9/month

Adobe Photoshop

If you already have an idea, this is the most powerful tool to design today. You can almost do everything to make your sales funnel beautiful and eye-catching.

This is also a tool I often use to visualize my funnel. Not only that, I also use it in designing blog covers or ebooks.

So, come with those powerful features that require you to design skills.  At least, you must know how to use the tools inside Adobe Photoshop.

So this is not software for beginners. If you simply want to draw (mapping) your funnel, you can use other tools.

Pricing: $20.99/month

Now let's take a look at the next one.

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft’s software Visio is designed to create diagrams, maps, organizational charts, workflows and more. It has the templates and tools users need to make their visual concepts and this includes drawing the funnel.

how to drawing sales funnel - visio

To draw a funnel using the software, take note that Visio does not have an integrated funnel option but it allows the user to recreate one by drawing lines and then adjusting them to resemble a funnel.

Once the digital funnel has been realized, the user can save it as a document stencil for future use.

It gets easier afterward to draw a funnel.

Pricing: $280


Sketchboard.io Impressive and excellent sketching board to draw what is in your mind. Reduced your effort and increased productivity.

It’s like an infinite online whiteboard, help your team brainstorm ideas, note, diagram,...

So you can use it to mapping your sales funnel.

Sketchboard cost you only $14 with 3 users or $7/month for personal

You can see all the plans below.

sketboard.io price

Best features:

  • We can use it for team
  • Great design and more element to help brainstorm ideas
  • Best price ($7 for personal and $14 for 3 users
  • Integration with your favorite tools like Slack, Github, Google Drive,...

Official Website:



Cacoo is another free application that can help you map funnels and more.

To say the very least, it comes with so many templates it is very unlikely for a user to fail to create sales funnels. Its features include:

  • Making diagrams online (create, save and share them with your clients or team members).
  • View the history of revision.
  • Notifications about activities can be checked easily.
  • Leave comments and has several colors, lines, and shapes to choose from.

On creating a sales funnel, it is powered by the cloud and documenting the details is often easy to do. When it comes to organizing stuff, file management is both simple and secure.

Convenience on funnel mapping is truly undeniable.

Oh yes, you can make your funnels look very colorful while maintaining the details and words.

Pricing: $5/month

Official Website:



Like GERU and Funnelytics.io, you can use Funneltracker.io for mapping and optimize your sales funnel.

The features are almost the same.

However, the one thing that makes me like this tool and makes it different others is The Integration MAPPING + ANALYTICS.

They can track your ads, sales funnel and email conversion, then show it on the map in real-time.


It is not a number you set out like other tools.

In fact, Funneltracker.io gives you unique link codes to track data between all your marketing platforms.


  • Standard: $37/month
  • Pro: $79/month
  • Enterprise: $147/month

Official Website:



The always online Sketchfunnels software is made to help you create your funnels easily, and able to select from a wide variety of features and tools. 

It’s like the funnel mapping software that Russell Brunson used in his bookDotcom Secrets

You can even create templates now and re-use it later for further concepts.


There are also icons specified for traffic sources, webinar pages, sales pages, landing pages, and affiliate pages to name some.

Back to your sketches, you can share them with other users of Sketchfunnels.

Pricing: $9/month or $79 Years

Official Website:


Funnel Flows

If you want to make marketing funnels with a lot of detail, strong visual elements and at the same time ease of use, then Funnel Flows is recommended.

Funnel Flows allows users to manage entire funnel projects easily, make different kinds of funnels from scratch and more.

With this software, users can choose from several types of pages (examples: webinar pages, social media ads, product launch pages, order form pages, and sales pages to name some), icons, traffic sources and flowchart elements.

When it comes to templates for funnels, users will be happy to learn that a lot of them are available such as:

  • Sales Funnels
  • Webinar funnels
  • Lead capture funnels
  • Retargeting funnels
  • Free product funnels
  • Speaker funnels
  • Survey funnels
  • And the list goes on.
Funnel flow - funnel visually tool

Funnel Flows is undeniably very versatile and will prove to be highly helpful for whatever funnel concept you have.

Pricing: $19/month

Official Website:



Geru - a cloud-based has been created for funnel-planning, Profit-Prediction & Simulation.

No matter you are personal or agency. If you want to create a simulated model of products or services looks professional, you should use Geru.

What makes me like it:

  • One time payment - No monthly fees
  • Beautiful design
  • Drag & drop
  • Easy to setup
GERU sales funnel planing

Pricing: Standard: $67 and PRO: $164

Official Website:


Aww App

You want to make funnels and flowcharts with simplicity and efficiency? Try the AWW App.

The first thing users will notice is the presentation of a clean whiteboard which may look lifeless or too simple to the eyes.

However, the whiteboard has a lot of space and gives users the tools they need to establish their visual concepts.

Aww App

The app is touch-friendly, allows the uploading of images (plus PPT and PDF files), allows keyboard shortcuts, sharing works with team members and there is no registration required. 

AWW App will help you make your flowcharts and funnels easily and painlessly. ​What more can you ask for in relation to your plans and concepts?

Don’t let the simple-looking interface of AWW App fool you. It is more capable and user-friendly than meets the eye.

Pricing: FREE

Official Website:



Designed by digital marketers for their fellow digital marketers.

Funnelytics help you map funnels in a better way. Why would users love it? It’s got a vault containing.

lots of free templates, allows you to share your funnel to others (impress the clients and boost your chances of retention), and you can choose from many icons of traffic pages, online resources, and even offline channels.

funnelytics.io - funnel visuallize

Funnel mapping is also convenient to do by means of clicking the button and you also have lots of customization options to choose from.

If you want to map out your funnels efficiently and quality, Funnelytics is a solid option to take and the beauty of it is that it reduces the hassles that others encounter.


  1. Starter: FREE
  2. Pro: $74/month

Official Website:


Landing Page Software


Clickfunnels is the most popular and as far as I am concerned the best sales funnel software available out there. 

All the tools needed to promote your online business are available to you all on the platform. It offers services such as:

  • Web hosting, Landing pages
  • A/B testing, Membership websites
  • A lots of themes for website creation
  • Payment options
  • Training materials and more.

If you have an e-commerce store, an insurance business, real estate business, network marketing and really any business you need to sell online, then Clickfunnels of right for you.

Read my review to learn more about this tool

Best Features:

  • You have access to funnels and new ones can create instantly with the wonderful drag and drop option.
  • It provides A/B testing which helps with knowing which version creates more impact.
  • No technical or coding knowledge is necessary.
  • With the suite plan, you have unlimited funnels, can create affiliate programs that enable you to spread the word about your product thereby increasing sales.
  • It has automated email campaigns.
  • Tools such as Actionetics which help to understand your customers and provide targeted messages are available.
  • Access to Funnelflix for FREE Funnelflix for FREE  Funnelflix for FREE  where you can learn and study all their courses (One Funnel Away challenge, 10X secrets, Funnel Builder Secrets, Traffic secrets, Ad Skill, more and more). You should pay thousands of dollars to buy all those courses before.
  • 14-days trial for free and 30 days money-back guarantee. So you can try it up to 44 days

What I don't like:

  • Expensive for beginners
  • Not recommend for bloggers who are interested in SEO because the page loads slowly. Of course, it still works for your blog, but WordPress is better for me.


  1. Standard: $97/month
  2. Etison suite: $297/month

Official Website:


If you are wondering whether Clickfunnels work for your business or not. You can try it 14-days for FREE.


Leadpages (Cloud base platform) is basically an online tool that helps with gathering email subscribers. You can host webinars and generate landing pages. 

The templates that can use to make sales pages and host videos. It integrates with WordPress sites and is used mainly for small businesses.

If you wondering Leadpages and Clickfunnels Which is better, you can read the comparison from Stephen Esketzis

Best features:

  • Create high-converting websites & landing pages
  • Analytics dashboard
  • A/B testing
  • Leadpages doesn’t charge more for the number of leads you collect or pages you publish.
  • 14-days free trial

What I don't like:

  • If you want to get all the features you should use advanced plan, and it’s cost you up to $321 / Month
lead page - sales funnel builder


Monthly Plans

  1. Standard: $37 / Month
  2. Pro: $79 / Month
  3. Advanced: $321 / Month

Annual Plans

  1. Standard: $25 / Month
  2. Pro: $48 / Month
  3. Advanced: $199 / Month

Official Website:



Unbounce is a landing page platform that helps over 15000 brands from 2009.

With Unbounce, you can create and optimize beautiful landing pages. It works as well for SaaS, Agencies, and E-Commerce.

What if Unbounce compare with others? Let check Unbounce vs Lead Pages and Instapage here

Best features:

  • Drag and drop editor
  • 100+ templates
  • Unlike other builders with blocks, they don’t set boundaries.
  • Real-Time Editing
  • SEO & Mobile friendly
  • Responsive

What I don't like:

  • The number of landing pages is limited.
  • Pop-up and Sticky bar is limited
unbounce - sales funnel software


Monthly plans:

  1. Essential: $99 USD / month
  2. Premium: $199 USD / month
  3. Enterprise: $499+ USD / month

Annual Plans (Save 20%):

  1. Essential: $79 USD / month
  2. Premium: $159 USD / month
  3. Enterprise: $399+ USD / month

Official Website:



Kartra is one of the best all in one platform that helps you create amazing landing pages, generate leads, build membership, sales funnel and checkout system (help your customers pay your product/services through Credit card or PayPal)

Best features

  • 14-days trial Kartra for $1
  • Great page builder
  • Email automation
  • 1 Click upsells / downsells
  • Can set up recurring payment subscriptions
  • Create your Affiliate program and setup commission
  • Kartra automatically calculates and adds the sales tax or VAT to your checkout process.

What I don’t like: 

  • The number of pages is limited in the starter plan.(50 pages)
  • Product sell limited (5 Products)
  • The cost is expensive
kartra review


Monthly Plans:

  1. Starter: $99/ month - 2.500 Leads, 1 custom domain, 15,000 emails /mo, 50 GB bandwidth, host 50 pages, sell 5 products, build 1 membership site, add 1 additional team member and Connect 1 helpdesk.
  2. Silver: $199 / month - 12.500 Leads, 3 custom domain, 125.000 emails /mo, 125 GB bandwidth, Unlimited pages, products, membership site, additional team member and helpdesk.
  3. Gold: $299 / month - 25.000 Leads, 5 custom domain, 250.000 emails /mo, 250 GB bandwidth + all silver features
  4. Platinum: $499/ month - 50.000 Leads, 10 custom domain, 500.000 emails /mo, 400 GB bandwidth + all gold features

Annual plans ( Discount 25%):

  1. Starter: $79/ month 
  2. Silver: $149 / month
  3. Gold: $229 / month
Platinum: $379/ month

Official Website:



The next one is Landingi. This is a cloud-based platform help you create a high-converting landing page without code skill.

On the official page, you can see Neil Patel  - One of the top 10 marketers and Entrepreneur Magazine talks about this tool.

See top 10 marketers from Forbes


Best features:

  • Drag and drop to change, customize and add anything you need
  • Design for devices
  • Over 200+ templates
  • Anti-spam security to help you get only high-quality leads
  • A/B split test
  • 14-days trial for free

What I didn’t like:

  • Sometimes, page load too slow to update
  • Payments and other data gathering is not doable here
  • Can’t create the upsell/ downsell page.


Business Plans (Save 25% for annual billing)

  1. Basic: $15/month
  2. Core: $39/month
  3. Create: $59/month
  4. Automate: $79/month

Agency Plans: (Save 25% for annual billing)

  1. Consultant: $189/month
  2. Agency: $199/month
  3. Agency Pro: $329/month

Official Website:



Shopify is a powerful software for E-commerce. In fact, they help over 1M store worldwide.

Yes, you can build your store, set-up payment, create a sales funnel without coding or technical skill.

If you would like to create your shop online. Sign-up to Shopify. Why not?

shopify store

Best features:

  • Friendly for beginners
  • Manager everything
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 14-days free trial without entering your credit card

What I didn’t like:

  • Professional reports not available on basic Shopify plan
  • When you change themes, the content doesn’t automatically reformat
  • Some features are not available, you need to add addon. Some of which will charge


  1. Basic Shopify: $29/month
  2. Shopify: $79/month
  3. Advanced Shopify: $299/month

Official Website:


Thrive Architect

It can be said that this is the most famous landing page building plugin for wordpress at the moment.

This is one of my favorite plugins because it helps people create a High-Converting landing page faster, beautifully and easily.

Best features:

  • Drag & drop editor
  • More template design
  • Plugin for WordPress
  • Mobile friendly
  • Good Price
  • Friendly for beginners

What I don't like:

  • Sometimes there is a conflict with the plugin you are using.
  • Tips: Only use for the landing page. If you use Thrive Architect for your blog, your page will load slower than the default WordPress editor
how to use thrive architect to build sales funnel


  1. Single License: $67
  2. 5 License Pack: $97
Thrive Membership: $19/month (Access all plugins and themes and install up to 25 websites)

Official Website:


Elementor Pro

Most people said that Elementor and Thrive Architect have many similarities, and it is difficult to compare which tool is better. Most people will rely on the price list.

Both are powerful tools for wordpress.

Best features:

  • No Coding
  • Start for FREE
  • Easy to customize
  • Mobile friendly
  • More 3rd Party Addons
  • Get the shortcode for any template and embed it anywhere you like.
elementor sales page - clickfunnels vs elementor

What I don't like:

  • Page load slowly
  • 3rd Party Addons Commonly Cause Issues
  • Sometimes, you may have “Elementor Not Loading Error” - I hate that.
  • Limited integration with email marketing service (only integration with Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Drip, Getresponse, and Convertkit)


  1. Standard: FREE
Elementor Pro: $49/Year for 1 site, $99/Year for 3 sites and $199/Year for 1000 sites

Official Website:


Zipify Pages

Now, this time to talks about landing page builder for E-commerce. Zipify was launched in 2016 and this is an addon of Shopify.

The tools help you Launch better campaigns more quickly for more profit. 

Best features:

  • Template from 8-figures E-commerce store
  • 1 Click upsell
  • Mobile optimize
  • A/b testing
  • Drag & drop page editor
  • Integration with your Shopify store

What I didn’t like:

In fact,  Zipify Pages is the best for your e-commerce. There is nothing for me to dislike their features.

However, Zipify Pages is an addon of Shopify. That means you should pay for both Zipify Pages and your Shopify Store.



  1. Basic Monthly: $67/month
  2. Plus Monthly: $97/month

Save 14% for annual billing

Official Website:



The website builder platform helps you create, design and develop your web easily. 

Wix is often used as an alternative to wordpress to build websites. You can use it to create a landing page with a drag and drop editor.

But in this case, based on the effectiveness of creating a sales funnel, I don’t recommend Wix.

Because it’s not powerful like Clickfunnels, Thrive Architect or LeadPages… - This is just in my personal experience, and you? 

Best Features

  • 500 template design
  • Multiple languages version (English, Nederlands, Italiano,...)
  • Friendly for beginners
  • Beautiful design
  • No coding
  • Drag & drop
  • Over 100 fonts

What I don't like:

  • Can’t switch templates after your website goes live
  • When I have a different screen size, so maybe a bigger a smaller screen. It doesn't respond


Website plans:

  1. Basic: $4.5/month (1GB bandwidth, 500MB Storage, connect your domain)
  2. Combo: $8.5/month (2GB bandwidth, 3GB Storage, connect your domain + free 1 domain for 1 year)
  3. Unlimited: $12.5/month (Unlimited bandwidth, 10GB Storage, connect your domain + free 1 domain for 1 year + Bonus)
  4. Vip: $24.5/month (Unlimited bandwidth, 20 GB Storage, connect your domain + free 1 domain for 1 year + Bonus)

Business & eCommerce plans

  1. Business Basic: $17/month - 20GB Storage
  2. Business Unlimited: $25/month - 35GB Storage
  3. Business VIP: $35/month - 50GB Storage

Official Website:


Do you use Wix to build a website or Create a sales funnel? Comment below what you like and don't like.


Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that helps you create online courses, grow your business, create a landing page, generate leads and marketing automation.

Best features:

  1. Make your audience have a good experience and understand them through Quiz and survey.
  2. Build a landing page from scratch easily with drag and drop editor, or choose templates from the library.
  3. Create your email marketing campaign, personal, add tags and analytics your email.

What I don't like:

  • Costly, not suitable for personal or small businesses.
  • Limitation product, pipeline, and sales funnel.
  • Limitation contacts and active members


Monthly plans:

  1. Basic: $149/month ( 3 products, 3 pipelines, 10.000 contacts, 1.000 Active Members)
  2. Growth: $199/month ( 15 products, 15 pipelines, 25.000 contacts, 10.000 Active Members)
  3. Pro: $399/month ( 100 products, 100 pipelines, 100.000 contacts, 20.000 Active Members)

Annual Plans (Save 20%)

  1. Basic: $119/month 
  2. Growth: $159/month
Pro: $319/month

Official Website:



Builderall is a digital marketing platform that helps you market, automation and sell more products/services online.

What this essentially means is that it provides all the tools necessary for online marketing right there on the platform.

You could use it to create websites for your business, build sales funnel, create animated videos for business promotion, and so much more.

It can be used by new entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, marketing agencies, and really anyone who wants to make more sell online.

builder all - sales funnel software

Best features:

  • Landing Page Builder with drag and drop editor
  • Manager lead’s journey through your funnel
  • Create your own affiliate program
  • Unlimited Email Marketing and CRM Applications
  • Site load faster

What I don't like:

  • Same as Wix when I have a different screen size, It doesn't respond
  • The interface inconsistent throughout the platform


  • Essential: $29.9/month
  • Premium: $69.9/month

Official Website:



Instapage is an online tool that helps with creating Landing Page that personalized, mobile-responsive, and conversion-optimized.

instapage - landing page tools

Best features:

  • Drag and drop page builder
  • 200+ customizable templates
  • Conversion Analytics
  • A/B testing
  • 14-days free trial
  • AMP support
  • Mobile friendly

What I don’t like:

  • Third-party applications are a must as it is not an all in one platform so you need to pay and use other platforms to get all you need.
  • The cost is expensive than other tools
  • AMP page not available in the basic plan
  • Only Integration with few tools
  • Doesn’t have many options on customizable plan


  1. Business: $199/month or $149/month (Annual)
  2. Enterprise: Customized for your unique needs

Official Website:



Convertri is one of the great choices for you if you’re selling products/services for B2B, Agency, Local business,... Or even you have no product like Affiliate and network marketing.

Best features:

  • Advanced Video Page Builder: free-form editing, Photoshop-style layers and a huge range of elements
  • Mobile creator
  • Page load faster
  • Integrated shopping cart
  • A/b split test
  • 14-Days free trial

What I didn’t like:

  • The form builder and the events builder are a little complicated to set up.
  • They use the panel instead of sections. So it’s hard to design and you will take more time.
  • Limit in traffic, funnels, and pages
  • Can’t create members area and the affiliate platform
  • Expensive
  • They don’t have monthly billing (only annual)

Pricing (all plans are annual billing)

  1. Standard: $53/month
  2. Pro: $58/month
  3. Agency: $166/month


OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin that helps you create landing pages, opt-in form simply.

Different from Thrive Architect and Elementor. OptimizePress also integrates with the shopping cart you are using.

(ThriveCart, SamCart, PayKickstart, CartFlows, WP Simple Pay)

optimizepress - sales funnel software

Best features:

  • Work with your wordpress
  • Build landing pages on WordPress that load faster.
  • Mobile responsive
  • SEO friendly
  • 100+ template
  • Monthly coach webinar

What I don't like:

There is nothing I don’t like at the moment. If you find OptimizePress has any disadvantages, please comment below, I will update it on the post


  1. Essential: $99/ year - 1 site
  2. Business: $149/ year - 5 sites
Suite: $199/ year - 20 sites


Instabuilder is a landing page builder that has been around for a long time.

This is a WordPress plugin that helps you build landing pages and sales funnels quickly and simply.

As far as I know, you can download this tool on the internet for free. 

But be careful because these are crack / Null versions. There are many hidden dangers. Therefore you should consider carefully before using it.

If your website is newly, you can download and learn how to build a landing page before thinking about paying or buying other tools like Thrive Architect or Elementor.

instabuilder 2.0

Best features:

  • Drag-n-Drop Page Builder
  • WordPress plugin, so you can add it to your website easily.
  • 100+ page template
  • Split testing
  • Import/export page template

What I don’t like:

  • Page design is outdated
  • Not responsive
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • Fewer elements than other software
  • Only use HTML code for integration with email marketing service.


  1. 3 license: $77
  2. Unlimited license: $97
  3. Developer license: $197 (Install unlimited for your domain and client website)

Official Website:


Landing Lion

Landing Lion (Makeshift) found in 2015. This is the fastest way for marketing teams to build custom web content.


Best features:

  • Free trial no credit card
  • No coding 
  • Auto responsive on mobile
  • Designed for teams
  • Lightning-fast load speed

What I didn’t like:

  • Integration list not that long.
  • Because of free no credit card forever. So I don’t think it’s good too much than others.


You should request access and join the waiting list

Lead Generation Tools

Thrive Leads

Another plugin created and developed by Thrivetheme. In fact, if you have a membership account, you'll find they also provide other powerful tools to help your site grow.

With Thrive Leads, this is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create forms to collect email via 

  • Popup lightbox
  •  "Sticky" Ribbon
  • 2-Step Opt-In Form
  • Opt-In Widget
  • Screen Filler Overlay
  • And more
thrive leads


  • 1 License: $67
  • 5 License: $97
  • 15 License: $147
  • Thrive Membership: $19/month (get all Thrive products like Thrive Architect,...)


UpViral is a cloud-based Software help you create a promotional campaign that will bring you massive numbers of qualified leads.

What makes UpViral differentiate is viral and sharing from visitors. In other words, visitors to your website will promote you.

So, it will be viral and help you save on advertising costs and earn high-quality leads

upviral - generate leads software


  1. Starter: $49/month ($39/month billed annual)
  2. Business: $79/month ($59/month billed annual)
  3. Premium: $199/month ($149/month billed annual)

Official Website:


Hello Bar

Alternative Thrive Leads, Hello Bar can help you generate leads via a pop-up, sticky ribbon, screen Filler Overlay…

With Hello Bar, you will not create on WordPress you will create your "bar"  in their member area.

Then upload it to your website via WordPress plugin or add code to your website.

That’s mean you can use Hello Bar even you don't use WordPress (Wix or website that you develope).

hello bar dashboard

Pricing: (FREE 2 months for the yearly plan)

  1. Starter: FREE
  2. Growth: $29/month
  3. Elite: $99/month

Official Website:



Sumo is one of the famous wordpress plugins and it starts for FREE.

Here’s what Sumo can do for you:

  • Grow your email list
  • Schedule one-off marketing emails or email drips to communicate with your subscribers
  • Ecommerce integrations and features to win back customers who abandon their cart and increase average order value
  • See the ROI from every email subscriber and sale you make

For bloggers, you can use Sumo to create a scroll share button on your website easily.

sumo - wordpress plugin


  • Starter: FREE
  • Pro: $49/month ($39/month for annual billing)

Official Website:



Not stop in websites, now almost businesses are building their community on Facebook. So, have you ever thought about how you can generate leads from Facebook?

Yes, this is what FunnelDash can help.

  • Capture leads quickly with Facebook Messenger
  • Convert Leads Into High-Value Clients
  • Qualify Leads Instantly
  • Keep Clients Longer
funnel dash

Pricing: $75.00/year/user

Official Website:


Optin Monster

Optin Monster launched in 2013 and help over 700.000 sites generate leads and increase conversion.

In general, the features of Optin Monster are quite similar to Thrive Leads and Hello Bar.

But, what makes Optin Monster different is Geo-Location Targeting.

This feature helps content publishers show relevant campaigns based on users’ locations. Then increase opt-in conversion!

Optin Monster can be used in WordPress. So if you are building a website on this platform and want to increase your leads, Optin Monster is one of the great options for you.

optin monster

Pricing: (Annual Billing)

  1. Basic: $9/month
  2. Plus: $19/month
  3. Pro: $29/month
  4. Growth: $49/month

Official Website:


Survey Monkey


Personalization is increasingly emphasizing. Increasing leads is hard, but how to convert into customers is what we want.

A simple but highly effective way is to classify lists. Surveys are a great way to help you. Then, there will be different scenarios suitable for different visitors.

In other cases, Survey Monster will help you gain customer feedback, thereby increasing the quality of products and services.


Personal Plans:

  1. Basic: FREE
  2. Standard: $35/month
  3. Advantage: $34/month
  4. Premier: $99/month

Business Plans:

  1. Team Advantage: $25/User/month
  2. Team Premier: $75/User/month
  3. Enterprise: Contact

Email Marketing Software

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is email marketing software, Automation, and CRM for small businesses. This tool helps you nurture potential customers and convert them into customers.

Activecampaign is not only an automated email. The advantage of helping Active Campaign over that opponent is "personalization."

They can track your site, depend on what people action, then you follow up what precisely what they're looking for.

active campaign

Pricing: (500 contact & monthly payment)

  1. Lite: $15/month
  2. Plus: $70/month
  3. Professional: $159/month
  4. Enterprise: $279/month


Another email marketing software. With Getresponse you, not only set up email marketing automation, A/B test, Click & open follow-ups,... but also create a landing page to generate leads.

Compared to its competitors, the Getresponse price is relatively cheaper and also has many functions.

Therefore it is also a good option to consider for beginners and little money.


Pricing: (1000 contact)

  1. Basic: $15/month
  2. Plus: $49/month
  3. Professional: $99/month
  4. Enterprise: $1199/month


Another email marketing option. Unlike other email marketing software to have better features, you need to upgrade to more advanced packages.

But, Aweber is not.

Features of all plans are the same. What makes different is the number of subscribers.

aweber - email marketing software

Pricing: (subscribers)

  • 0-500: $19/month
  • 501-2.500: $29/month
  • 2.501-5.000: $49/month
  • 5.001-10.000: $69/month
  • 10.001-25.000: $149/month
  • +25.000: Contact

Official Website:



When using any software, there are two things I need to care about: 

  1. The features
  2. Support team

Convertkit is one of the few companies whose CEOs and their team are a developer. Therefore, they always put the quality of products and services first.

In fact, they have +22,000 active customers in 2019.


Pricing: (subscribers)

  • 0-1k: $29/month
  • 1k-3k: $49/month
  • 3k-5k: $79/month
  • +5k: Contact

Official Website:


Constant Contact

Constant Contact provides email marketing solutions that help nurture and build customer relationships.

This software provides many useful features and simple usage. Especially suitable for small businesses.

constant contact


  1. Email: $20/month
  2. Email Plus: $45/month



Popular software for bloggers and e-commerce, getting started is completely free for up to 2000 contacts.

The paid version is also relatively cheap.

If you are a beginner and want to send many emails at a low cost, MailChimp is a great choice.


  1. Start for FREE
  2. Essentials: $9.99/month
  3. Standard: 14.99/month
  4. Premium: $299/month

49. Market Hero

Marketing Hero is an autoresponder software and email service. 

More than an email service, Market Hero can integrate with Facebook Messenger and Shopify, along with tracking to help people review the campaign effectiveness and improve conversion rates.

Pricing: $19/month (1k contact)

Official Website:



Maropost offers a wide range of solutions related to marketing automation, web, email, social media and Commerce.

With Maropost you easily build customer journey. So, you can build email scripts, SMS, coupon codes, mobile notifications for every stage customers go through.

Maropost has a great design for email, help increases open rates and click-thru.

Pricing: Not provided, you should fill out the form to connect with one of their representatives

Official Website:



Ontraport (No. 71 on its list of "America's Most Promising Companies." by Forbes) is a Saas and unified platform that allow you to complete your campaigns with all your promotional pieces.

  • CRM
  • Emails
  • SMS Texts
  • Landing Pages
  • Forms


  1. Basic: $79/month
  2. Plus: $147/month
  3. Pro: $297/month
  4. Enterprise: $497/month

Official Website:



Automation marketing software created for B2B, content creator and E-commerce.

The interface of Sendlane is pretty intuitive, and making landing pages was pretty. 

They also help your campaign effectively by sending targeted messages to each unique contact based on their action (Purchase history or website click)

Pricing: (Start with 5000 contacts)

  1. Growth: $79/month
  2. Marketing Automation Pro: $125/month
  3. Enterprise / Agency: Contact

Official Website:


GVO Pure Leverage

GVO is a MLM company that provides web presence, site lead capture a system autoresponder.

Price: $24.97/month

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is an email marketing service focus on “simple”. If you are new you need simple and easy to set up campaigns.

There are not many features compared to other software, but Mad Mimi gives you an unlimited number of emails sent.


  1. Basic: $10/month
  2. Pro: $42/month
  3. Silver: $199/month
  4. Gold: $1049/month

Official Website:


SMS & Message


Twilio is a cloud communication platform help you nurturing customer relationships through:

  • Programmable Voice
  • Programmable SMS
  • Twilio SendGrid Email API
  • Twilio API for WhatsApp
  • Programmable Chat
  • And more

Pricing: Only pay for the feature that you use.

Official Website:


VWO (PushCrew)

Do you want to engage with your customers, get their attention, and put them in the sales funnel?

Yes, VWO (Or PushCrew) can help.

You can integration PushCrew with your sales funnel and setup:

  • Web push notifications
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Cart abandonment campaign


  1. Conversion Optimization Essentials: $368/month
  2. Experience Optimization Essentials: $467/month

Official Website:



Slybroadcast helps you record the message and send them to your customer’s voice mailbox.

So, why you should use it? what does it mean for you?

I know, each funnel is different.

Some mobile communication can help you increase conversion. If you would like to learn more about what Slybroadcast can help your sales funnel, you can read the post here.


Pay As You Go Plan:

  • 100 deliveries for $10 
  • 500 deliveries for $40 
  • 1,000 deliveries for $60 
  • 5,000 deliveries for $225 
  • 10,000 deliveries for $400

Monthly Delivery Plan

  • 100 deliveries for $8/month
  • 300 deliveries for $25/month
  • 2,000 deliveries for $100/month
  • 6,000 deliveries for $250/month
  • 13,000 deliveries for $500/month

Copywriting Tools

Funnel Scripts

What if you can create all sales scripts in just a few minutes (just fill a blank)?

Funnel Scripts is the best tool to help you write a sales page, opt-in page, video sales scripts, OTO page, webinar and more.

This takes all the power of “Copywriting Secrets”...the strategies, techniques, and insider formulas... and literally, creates ALL your sales copy FOR YOU

Funnel scripts review - funnel secrets

Best features:

  • Downloadable Wizards
  • DotCom Secrets Script 
  • Expert Secrets Scripts
  • OFA Scripts
  • Case Studies / Testimonial Scripts
  • Bullet Scripts
  • Advertising Scripts
  • Content Creation Scripts
  • Email Scripts
  • Titles, Headlines, Subject Lines
  • Sales Letter Scripts
  • Amazon / Ecom Script
  • Funnel Script Blueprints
  • LIVE Monthly Group Coaching With Jim
  • Copywriting Secrets Master Class

Pricing: $797 (One Time Payment)

Sales Story Secrets

After you buy Copywriting Secrets book from Jim Edwards, he will upsell you the sales story secrets masterclass. Inside the membership, you will receive the training about copywriting for your sales funnel and 3 tools to help you build your scripts less than 5 minutes

sales story secrets masterclass

Sales Story Secrets Masterclass

Hero's Journey Wizard: 

Create the perfect outline for a Hero's Journey story! 

Use these stories for just about anything, including webinars, FB lives, articles, podcasts and more!

Origin Story Wizard: Use this wizard to create your sales story to help sell anything. 

Whether it's for an opt-in, physical product, coaching or whatever... now it's super easy to come up great sales stories that rock!!!  

Everyone wants to know the story behind what you're selling and this wizard makes it easy to do.

Video Story Idea Brainstorming Wizard: Input a few variables and pop out dozens of story ideas you can use to create videos that engage viewers, make your point quickly, pull readers to you, and make more sales!

Pricing: $97 (Story Secrets masterclass + 3 Wizard tools)

Expert Interview Wizard

Interview with experts in your niche is one of the fastest ways to get build your brand. 

You can connect with the audience easily and cheaply. But how to make the interview not be boring and bring more value to customers?

Expert Interview Wizard can help

Pricing: $497

Easy Sales Copy Wizard

If you want to increase your order, you must have a sales page with a high conversion rate. 

But copywriting is quite boring and time-consuming

Easy Sales Copy Wizard help you STOP wasting time trying to write your sales copy from "scratch" or using outdated formulas…

Get great sale copy FAST and stress-free.

Pricing: $497

Podcast Interview Wizard

Another software created by Jim Edwards - Amazon Best Selling Author

Do you use podcasts to reach potential customers?

Do you feel that creating each podcast episode is extremely difficult (if you do it alone)?

If you want to shorten the time shorter but more effective Podcast Interview Wizard can help.

Pricing: $497

Funnel Tracking Link Software

Tracking link software to help you know where traffic comes from.

Let check the list below


Funnelflux helps you tracking your traffic to discover profitable traffic segments and non-profitable ones quickly.

Best features:

  • Traffic Filtering (bot & custom)
  • Tracking CNAMEs in your domain
  • Link & Referrer Cloaking
  • Open stats
  • And more


Managed hosting

  1. Micro: $197/month
  2. Starter: $249/month
  3. Flux Pro: $449/month
  4. Managed LP Server: $30/month

Self- hosted: $99/license/month


Generate leads is not enough. The ultimate goal is still to convert potential customers into paying customers, right?

Leadboxer can help you track activities, what pages a lead visited, when and how they visit your page.

They can also help track email open, click and form submissions.


  1. Starter: $79/month
  2. Business: $199/month
  3. Corporate: $399/moth



Clickmagick is link tracking tools to help identify where traffic comes from (country, device, browser,..) with a bot filtering and share stats to others.

I usually use Clickmagick for my Solo ads or retargeting campaign.

What about you? Do you use Clickmagick?

Comment below.

Pricing: (include 14 days free trial)

  1. Starter Plan: $27/month
  2. Standard Plan: $67/month
  3. Pro Plan: $97/month

Official Website:



Another link tracking tool at a lower price than Clickmagick is Qliker. You can even start completely free with 500 clicks/month.

ClickMagic actually has more features. However, if you simply want to track links and bot filters, you can choose Qliker.


  1. FREE trial (500 clicks/month)
  2. Starter: $12/month/10.000 Clicks
  3. Advanced: $35/month/100.000 Clicks
  4. Professional: $70/month/1.500.000 Clicks

Official Website:



If you are looking for a free tracking link software you might consider using bit.ly

Although bit.ly has a feature to help you with tracking link clicks, location, device... But it can’t help you filter the bot.

In fact, most people only use Bit.ly to shortening the link.


  1. FREE
  2. Basic: $35/month
  3. Customize: Contact

Official Website:



If you create an affiliate marketing funnel. This tool is for you.

Voluum is a cloud-based platform that provides affiliate tracker and optimization.

Best features:

  • Track all your advertising campaigns 
  • Analyze data for actionable insights 
  • Optimize ad performance 
  • Scale your affiliate marketing business


  1. Discover: $69/month
  2. Profit: $149/month
  3. Grow: $449/month
  4. Agency: $999/month

Official Website:



Improvely is a cloud-based solution for tracking. The features of Improvely a lot like Clickmagick.

The tool also integrates with affiliate networks (Clickbank, LinkShare, Commission Junction,...)  to help you tracking pixels or sub id parameters.


  1. Freelancer: $29/month
  2. Start-up: $79/month
  3. Small Agency: $149/month
  4. Large Agency: $299+/month


ClickMetter is one of ClickMagick's biggest competitors. Every plan of ClickMetter comes with more than 100+ features.

Are you using Clickmeter or ClickMagick? What features do you like?

Please comment below to let me know.


  1. Medium: $29/month
  2. Large: $99/month
  3. X-large: $349/month

Official Website:



The next is Trck.me - is a web-based service for Brand, Track & Optimize solution.

Currently, trck.me has helped over 40,000 businesses & entrepreneurs with real-time analytics, advanced filter and auto-tagging for your links to help you manage your data easily.

The question is you are next?


  1. Standard: $39/month
  2. Enterprise: $99/month

Official Website:



Now, we go dive into LinkTrackr. Very simple, LinkTrackr is a web service that helps you:

  • Link cloaking
  • Ad Tracking
  • PPC Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Pixel Tracking
  • A/B test
  • and so much more

Different other tools, LinkTrackr only approved payment through PayPal. So if you’re in some of the countries that PayPal not supported.

You can’t buy it.


  1. Extreme: $77/month
  2. Hyper: $47/month
  3. Pro: $27/month
  4. Basic: $17/month


Redtrack is a cloud-based ad tracker for affiliate marketers. The tool easy to use and focuses on constant improvement and innovation.

So, if you’re affiliate marketers or media buyers, Redtrack.io is also an interesting option.


  1. Basic: $49/month
  2. Pro: $99/month
  3. Business: $399/month

Official Website:




Excel is a tool has been developed by Microsoft and it’s already available on your computer.

Excel or Google sheet is the best way for people who have a low budget.

You can easily create your funnel chart or sheet to manage and analyze your sales funnel to see is it work or not.


  1. Office 365 Home: $99.99/ Year
  2. Office 365 Personal: $69.99 / year
  3. Office Home & Student 2019: $149.99 (one-time-payment)
Note: You can download Excel for free somewhere on the internet. Although I do not recommend it because it looks a lot of virus risks, depending on your situation you can make your own choice.


Another product of Neil Patel (Hello Bar, Kissmetric and Crazyegg)

Not simply email marketing service.

Kissmetric is a powerful web analytics solution - Tracking analytics platform through going dive insight, analyze your audience and engage them with automated, behavior-driven email campaigns.

Pricing:  Not provided on the sales page. But it’s around $500 - $1,000+/month depending on your business and features.


Mixpanel is a web analysis service that helps you analyze engagement, user behavioral with quickly segment and visualize your data.

The tool also helps you send target messages, A/B tests to the user based on their activities in real-time.

Especially, you can start for FREE.


  1. Starter: FREE
  2. Growth: $89/month
  3. Enterprise: Custom

Official Website:



Hotjar is one of the best tools to help you know your users faster and visual.

More than 350,000 businesses in 184 different countries trust the tool. Hotjar also helps you track your conversion funnel then you can optimize it.

Not only that, you can collect feedback from people to help improve user’s experience better.

And you can start with Hotjar for FREE.



  • Basic: FREE
  • Plus: $29


  • 20,000 pageviews /day: $89/month
  • 50,000 pageviews /day: $189/month
  • 120,000 pageviews / day: $289/month
  • 400,000 pageviews / day: $589/month

Agency: Contact

Official Website:



Bizible is cloud-based platform provide for marketers full funnel and revenue reporting.

With paid media, Bizible helps you confident to scale your campaign.

Pricing: Not provided by the vendor

Official Website:



Keap (Infusionsoft)

Keap (Infusionsoft)  is a CRM software to help you build a relationship with your customers. With CRM you could:

  • Easy to promote your products or services
  • Email follow-up automation
  • General leads Useful for sales, eCommerce, and marketing

Not only CRM, but this is also a great Marketing Automation System that acts based on behaviors of prospective clients or customers.

Keap also offers E-Commerce so your goods can be bought from the platform and detailed sales reports are generated for you to track your progress.

keap - infusionsoft


  1. Grow: $15/month
  2. Pro: $44/month
  3. Infusionsoft: $59/month

Official Website:



Different from Keap, Drip only focuses on CRM for E-Commerce help you know customer stories better.

Depending on their activity on the store, Drip may add a tag that identifies every action. So you can optimize and help the experience of your customers on your site better.

Pricing: Start with $49/month/2500 people in your account

Official Website:



Would you like to use CRM software at a low cost?

Zoho is a CRM software that comes from Indian. They already help over 150,000 business in 180 countries. In general, features like other CRM tools.

However, usingConversational AI for smarter selling” is one of their strengths.


  • Starter: $8/month/user
  • Standard: $12/month/user
  • Professional: $20/month/user
  • Enterprise: $35/month/user

Official Website:



No need to argue, SalesForce is one of the famous CRM companies worth billions of dollars.

No matter your company size, SalesForce already helps over 150,000 big & small companies get more leads, sales, increase revenue and growth their business.

salesforce crm

Pricing: (Billed annually)

  1. Essentials: $25/month
  2. Professional: $75/month
  3. Enterprise: $150/month
  4. Unlimited: $300/month

Hubspot CRM

Not only SalesForce and Keap, but Hubspot is also one of the best CRM software companies on the market.

hubspot crm free

Guess what, how much is it? 

“HubSpot CRM is 100% free. Forever…”

You can add 1,000,000 contacts, unlimited users, and your free access to the CRM has no time limit.


Next is Clinchpad - CRM for small teams and businesses. Clinchpad starts at $9/month only.

So, if you have a low budget, you can use Clinchpad to check your leads.

clinchpad benefit


  1. Bronze: $9/month
  2. Silver: $19/month
  3. Gold: $49/month
  4. Platinum: $99/month

Official Website:


Funnel CRM

The tool created for sale funnel. If you just only want to use CRM for your sales funnel, no need more features and want to make everything simple.

Funnel CRM is also not a bad option.

Most people don't think it's good for a long time. After all, it is your choice and each person's experience.


  1. Standard: $10/month
  2. Pro: $39/month

Official Website:



spiro benefit

Spiro is Proactive Relationship Management, founded in 2014.The tool helps you save your time to organize leads, track the progressions and activity.

spiro is suitable for many different businesses such as real estate, finance, B2B, software, non-profit …

​ Start at $10,000/year

Official Website:




Samcart allows your customers to enter billing and payment information directly on the landing page.

After customers pay, you can transfer customers to the OTO page (one-time offer). In this case, with the traditional method, the customer has to enter the information again. 

It will significantly reduce your conversion rate. 

But with Samcart with “1-click upsell” feature, customers don’t need to enter the information again. So it helps you increase conversion and get more sales.



  1. Launch: $49/month
  2. Grow: $99/month
  3. Scale: $199/month

Official Website:



Stripe provides you everything you need to manage payments. 

Unlike Samcart, you have to pay a fixed monthly fee. With Stripe, you pay a small percentage based on the price of the product you sell ( pay-as-you-go)


Pricing: 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge

Depending on the payment method will have a different price. Learn more Stripe pricing here

Official Website:



Deadline Funnel & Thrive Ultimatum

Both software provides "Limited Time Offer Marketing" solutions. Run a limited time offer, sale or promotion.

Deadline Funnel is a hosted solution & Thrive Ultimatum is a WordPress plugin

They give each new prospect their own PERSONALIZED deadline.

Thrive Ultimatum vs deadline funnel

Deadline Funnel Pricing:

  • Starter: $37/month
  • Pro: $67/motnh
  • Agency: $97/month

Thrive Ultimatum Pricing:(Lifetime + unlimited FREE updates)

  • 1 License: $97
  • 5 License: $147
  • 15 License: $399

Webinar Platform

For high-ticket products that cannot be sold in the usual way. Webinar Funnel is currently the most effective method in the online environment.

Below are the most popular tools that help you create the  webinar at this time

  • Goto Webinar
  • Ever Webinar
  • Webinar Jam
  • Zoom


Goto Webinar:

  • Starter: $109/month
  • Pro: $249/month
  • Plus: $499/month

Ever Webinar: $497/year

Webinar Jam: $39.99/month (paid annual)


  • Basic: FREE
  • Pro: $14.99/month/host
  • Business: $19.99/month/host ( Minimum of 10 hosts)
  • Enterprise: $19.99/month/host  (Minimum of 50 hosts)


Dialsource is a solution for teams using Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The tools easy to use and can help your team increase sales conversations, gain predictive insights and coach reps to success faster than ever before.

If you looking for the tool help you better sales execution from lead to close.

Dialsource is for you

Pricing: Not provide by vendor

Official Website:


99. Funnel.io

Funnel.io is the tool that helps you collect data from the data source (like Google Ads, Clickads, facebook, Instagram,...). Then transfer data to Funnel’s data mapping.
In the end, import it to any marketing tool you like.


  • Standard: $499​​
  • Business: $799
  • Professional: $999
  • Enterprise & Agency: Contact

  • Official Website:



    Zendesk provides services to help you support customers quickly with a simple and easy to use interface.

    Products and services require a customer support center. For large businesses, they have many requests to support, complaints, Q&A,... per day.

    Zendesk can help you easily manage.



    1. Essential: $5/month/agent
    2. Team: $19/month/agent
    3. Professional: $49/month/agent
    4. Enterprise: $99/month/agent
    5. Elite: $199/month/agent

    Official Website:


    What Do You Think?

    I hope you like the list software for the sales funnel.

    Now, I want to hear from you. What tools do you like and use, or I missed your favorite software/tools?

    Let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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