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Hi, My Name Is NC Key

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Who Is Admin Of Funnel Secrets?

Hi, My name is NC Key

I was born in a poor family

My Father was died when I very child and my mother must work hard every single days to takes care me and my sister with less than $200 per month.

Yes!!! It less than $200 per month.

It gives me high motivation to make money and change my life.

I never forgot a quotes that I've learned when I studied at the University.

Nc Key - about me

NC Key - Sales Funnel Architect & Advanced Affiliate Marketer

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it's not true or false - Nc Key

It's not True Or False

Somebody may be thinking this quote is lie. But I'm Not!!!

I believe in I can control of my life and make it better.

So, I focused on the opportunity and solutions more than complaint.

What Did I Do?

When I was studied at University, I tried to selling everything as I can.

From Popcorn, Candies, handmade,.. to the FREE English course ticket.

(If people buy the course after they learned at demo class then I have the money)

In 2015, I started learn and make money online.

I bought the ebook, the course,...I learned SEO, Copywriting, Facebook marketing,... And more.

Affiliate marketing is the way that I've to do to make money.

I tried to sell everything on internet and made money from different platform like: Clickbank, Jvzoo, Hosting, Software, ... This is an interesting games.

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I Failed...

Make money online is not easy than I ever think. It was like a war.

If you're NO CHANGE, you're LOSE

The game is not easy and it will be hard every single day. If I previously just ran the ads like Facebook or Google then made the profit. Now, I can't do it, because of so many competitors out there and the war is getting more blood.

The cost of Advertising is highly and my profit decreased and started to lose money.

I was stressed. I realize I near bankrupt.

No! I can't give up. I went to everywhere to learn a new thing. Then I discovered the Sales Funnel Concept.

dotcom secrets book

Dotcom Secrets Book

Dotcom Secrets Book by Russell Brunson that teaches you all you need to know about sales funnel builder.

The first thing I read this book, I so excited. Because it solve all my problems.

I realize I can't change the budget that I pay for Ad. But I can increase conversion and made more sales online by Sales Funnel.

The book saved my life, I can't show with you all of the value inside the book. I think you need to get it to have the best experience​


in 2017, I launched Funnelsecrets.us

As I said above, I fall in love with the funnel builder. So I learned and built it every single day and see what works and don't.

I use the sales funnel in my business and it works as well. Then I create funnel secrets blog to share everything that I learned for peoples like me (who want to bring their business to the next level and make  profitable)


There Is No Catch!

I know there are a lot of website out there give you something very cool FREE, but then stick you into some course or another program that changes your card everymonth.

Nc Key - admin funnelsecrets.us

Don't ask me what is my product or course on this website. Because I don't have.

Why I'm Do This? - Few Reason

1. I'm not a "Guru's" I don't make all my money by teaching others how to make money. And I don't have any course for you.

2. I also an affiliate marketer of Clickfunnels. I already to buy and use it before I sharing with you. So when you see it awesome it is and excited to buy it. You can buy it from me.

It does not bring extra cost for you. But it helps me keep my website work and invest to the best content.

3. I'm not going to lie. As you can see I don't show you any proof. Because it's not bring value to you.

My results is my money and this is mine, not you!!!

I sick of people that they throwing conversion numbers and I think they start without any real proof.

4. You're an entrepreneurs, business owner, CEO,... So I think you're smart enough to know what is real and not. I hope my blog can give you some ideas to help your business move forward.

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