About Nc Key


Hi, I’m Nc Key and welcome to Funnel Secrets.

I’m an internet entrepreneur

At 19 years old, I began my self-development journey and have since been obsessed with learning and growing in business online.

I started Funnel Secrets in 2016 talks about marketing funnel, sales funnel – One of my favorite method I love and used until now.

The mission of Funnel Secrets is to help others increase traffic, lead and sales online. 

All of this is not my own. 

I’ve been blessed to have learned and achieved a lot in my young life. My business life has truly changed, and I would like to give back and serve others beyond myself.


Funnel Secrets is designed as a personal blog

On this website, I will openly and passionately share all of the very best concepts, strategies, tools, and resources that I continue to discover that have made a difference results and change business life for you as well.

I believe that in order to make a change and sustainable growth for businesses, most businesses encounter the following three main problem: Traffic, leads and conversion.

If you neglect one of these three things for too long, it will start to affect your business and results negatively. However, if you can refine and optimize continuously. Surely the result will be satisfied that we all want.

Funnel secrets blueprint

The image about is  the Funnel Secrets Blueprint I created to demonstrate the three core elements of online business in order of importance that I believe make up an extraordinary business. These include Traffic, Leads, conversion. And that’s what sales funnels cover.

I invite you to funnel secrets blog to discover what sales funnel is.

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