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I’m a creator of Funnel Secrets, blogger, sales funnel architect and affiliate marketer.

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My Story

Early Life

I’m the youngest of two, born in Viet Nam. 

I grew up with my mother and sister in a low-income family that barely made enough to live on (less than $250/month). My father died when I was 11 years old, leaving us some debt we could never pay off.

Throughout my early adult life, I found solace in studying at school. 

My grades were good enough for me to get into the university (Post and Telecommunication Institute Technology).

Every time an exam or assignment was due, I would stay up all night working on it instead of spending time with friends or girls. This caused I’m not to have any social skills or even know how to talk about things other than schoolwork, so no one wanted anything from me anymore except study partners, which did.

My family was impoverished, so I want to change that. 

During my time at school, I studied hard every day to make more money in the future to help provide food and shelter for my family. But eventually, I realized that what I learned in school couldn’t help my do that.

I remembered in 2018 when I was lying on my bed and wondering if I made the right decision. I knew that dropping out of university at age 22 wouldn’t be easy, but it seemed like the only choice for me to make.


In 2015, I created my first affiliate blog (when I was still a Sophomore at university) to promote weight loss products on Clickbank

At this time, I had no experience with marketing, but I still wanted to sell some products to make money. I’ve Tries to:

  • Spamming on Facebook
  • Re-uploaded videos onto Youtube 
  • Sent out direct mail spam. 

Unfortunately for me, my Youtube channel was blocked after 3 days (of course, I didn’t make any sales). 

Eventually, I closed down my site after 6 months.

One day, he read a book called “Inbound Marketing” by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah – cofounders of Hubspot.

It introduced me to the world of digital marketing – specifically SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing. So I started reading, learning, testing anything that would help me improve my skill set in this area. 

You need to learn so many things about SEO, but it’s not too complicated once you get the hang of it! 

Ultimately, I made my first sales after nearly 2 years of learning and testing(from the beginning of 2015 until the end of 2016).

I thought everything was going well, but my traffic suddenly dropped by almost half overnight when Google updated its algorithm

Now, I realize that making money on the internet is really not easy. If I depend on Google and Facebook, I have to compete with many people, not to mention that after every Google update, I might lose everything. 

At that time, I had two things to do: find a way to restore traffic and increase conversion rates. I read Russell Brunson’s Dotcom Secrets book about the sales funnel, and it changed my business forever.

  • I learned how to build lists.
  • Attract potential customers and create sales funnels. 

It gave me an increase in conversion rates despite lower traffic than before! 

This new knowledge of SEO combined with a sales funnel strategy has been extremely effective for me. I’ve paid off all debts, including having enough money saved so the family can live comfortably.

My journey is still going on. I’m not a millionaire yet. But that’s okay because I’m living the life of freedom that many people dream of. Currently, I own many blogs in almost every field (health, dog training, internet marketing,…), and Funnel Secrets is one of them.

Funnel Secrets 3D

About Funnel Secrets

Funnel Secrets is a sales funnel blog created in 2017 as a side project.In 2020, I decided to focus more on this one after success on my other projects.


Funnel Secrets  created to helps small business owners, freelancers, and affiliate marketers learn everything about sales funnels fundamentals so they can generate leads and grow the company online faster.

How do we help?

On Funnel Secrets, I will openly and passionately share all of the very best concepts, strategies, tools, and resources on Funnel Secrets Blog that have made a difference in results and change business life for you as well. To make a change and sustainable growth for businesses, most businesses encounter three main problems: 

  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • and conversion.
lead traffic conversion
If you neglect one of these three things for too long, it will start to affect your business and results negatively. However, if you can refine and optimize continuously. Surely the result will be the satisfaction that we all want.


In reading this site, you can expect to find information that will inspire and motivate! There is no commitment or responsibility for the results of your efforts. Take what works with each person differently based on their knowledge level as well.

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