What is a Lead Magnet? 11 High Effective Ideas & Examples

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Lead magnet ideas and examples

The post writes for people who are stressed for months & block you increase subscribers and make profits because of no ideas to create a lead magnet. Read 11 perfect Lead magnet ideas and examples so you can avoid wasting time for thinking and brainstorming, but not sure is it works for you or not!

My goal in this post is very simple.

  • Help you understand what does lead magnet means in your business.
  • Show you lead magnet ideas and examples that exist, which means you have learned and model from what already works from different types of business.
  • Show their website, so you can “Lead Magnet Hack,” which means you can opt-in, leave your email address, and discover what happened inside their funnel.
  • Which of these lead magnets mistakes will you make in each idea?

Now, let get started!

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a bribe offering specific solutions to create value, warm up potential customers in exchange for their contact information (name, email address, phone number,…). When people create lead magnets, they think about freebies, give away, lead generation, etc.

In fact, lead magnets is a quick and easy way to build your email list and increase subscribers. It’s usually put on the awareness stage of the marketing funnel. They are the perfect connection for prospective buyers who have never heard of your brand, products, and services.

Via entrepreneur.com

A good lead magnet can generate thousands of leads per month for your business.

In a nutshell, If you want to build an email list, create a lead funnel, or simply connect and nurture the relationship with your audience. A lead magnet is one of the digital marketing tactics you should consider to create. Because it’s easy to build, cheap, and get great results.

What are the qualities of a great lead magnet?

How to create a lead magnet that convert?

The first thing we should to clear what is a great lead magnet.

Most people say that your lead magnet must providing high value for potential customers. It’s sound true, but how do you know if your lead magnets provide value or useless for them?

The number never lie!

When you put your lead magnets in Lead Funnel, here are two numbers you should consider!

  • How many percent of people who visit your site and opt-in form?
  • What happens after they’re opt-in? Do you have any offer inside the lead magnet? How many percent of people convert from lead to buyer?

Frankly, the goal of everything is to make sales. You start your business online, start to build a list because most “Gurus” say money in the list, right? If you say, “I want to create value for people and don’t want anything back from them.” – You’re lying or you hate money.

Again, our goal to create a lead magnet that not only converts website visitors, but sales also matter. You’re building a business, not charity. Money is matters!

After they are opt-in, you should make profits from them in some way. At least, break-even for ads!

If you agree with me, then we continue.

What should lead magnets have to convert Site visitors to leads?

1. Solve specific problem of your audience

You don’t have to be create something lengthy, complex, or time-intensive.

No matter what you give away (one-page checklist, cheat sheet, video, ebook, training, …), how much money you invested, and how many hours you spent staying in the office and creating it. If your lead magnet doesn’t solve a specific problem with a specific solution for a specific audience, they’ll convert poorly

Make sure you define your target audience (customer avatar) and research their pain point before you create.

What the video of Eben Pagan, founder of the Altitude program below to discover “How to Create Your Customer Avatar”


Or you can download customer avatar worksheet from DigitalMarketer.com for FREE

2. Your Lead Magnets should be more curiosity

Face it, have a lead magnet is good. But if no one wants it, you actually make no money! Most people spend a lot of time to create a lead magnet. They’re confident their lead magnet is high value and best in the world.

But guess what! No one wants to get it, the conversion rate meager.

What’s wrong?

Once you’re serious about defining your target market and their problem that I mentioned above, then the issue usually comes from your headline on the landing page or the title of lead magnet!

In my experience, I’ve seen as much as a 20-30% improvement in my squeeze page just by changing a single headline.

Keep in mind: not writing a good headline or lead magnet title.

  • You get terrible results.
  • Waste a lot of time, energy and effort in creating a lead magnet that nobody care
  • You’re always at a disadvantage because enough of the right people never see your lead magnets

Remember this when you create your headline or title

  1. A great headline targets your audience: You don’t want people who aren’t in your target get your lead magnet
  2. There should be more Curiosity

Learn more about how to create a good headline and sales copy faster and easier – checkout the webinar training here for free.

What are lead magnets should have to convert from leads to buyers?

1 Your lead magnets should be useful and high-value

Now, you have their contact information. But the game not ending here!

Our goal is build a relationship and make profits from them right?

You do everything very well, promise great things inside, and then they realize that your lead magnet is worst (outdated content, no value, useless, …). They’re no longer trust you in the future.

The value means your lead magnet can provide a solution to help them solve their specific problem that you promised. If they think your lead magnet can’t – It’s useless

Ask yourself in the past, have you ever been through this as a customer? You provide an email address to receive something that looks very valuable and promising. But after receiving it, you feel it is terrible and quickly unsubscribe a few minutes later.

Think about it!

Your audience is people just like you, who stay behind the phone or computer and research something to get an answer. They have knowledge, emotion, and problem.

Remember, your lead magnet should be useful and high-value.

2. Relevant to your products or services.

Some people will gives you fake email or an email address that they never use. So, the question I always as myself is:

What happened after people received my lead magnet?

Here are what I usually do:

  1. Put a special offer introduce my product or service in the “Thank you page” where I put the link to download the lead magnet.
  2. If your lead magnet is an ebook, you can put your product link in the footer.
  3. The content inside the lead magnet is a bridge to introduce my products

So, with those simple tips, you can optimize, increase conversion rate, and maximize profit from your lead magnets!

Now, take a look at some useful lead magnet ideas and examples…

Lead Magnet Examples

1. Guides

This is an ebook (or PDF version) to help you educate your market, warm up, and build relationships very well. If you have a good ebook and demonstrate your expertise in the field. Your subscribers will trust you and easy to buy your products in the future.

Mistakes: Nowadays, most people are busy and lazy to read the ebook. If you can’t engage them in those first pages, the ebook cover has an ugly design or outdated content. It will be useless and convert poorly.

Pro tips:

  1. Research on Amazon and Quora to find out what people are asking and interested in.
  2. Search on Buzzsumo or Ubersuggest to find out the article that has more like and share.
  3. Take the ideas and combine them with your experience and knowledge into the ebook. (You can hire a copywriter to write the book for you instead)
  4. Create a table of content with more curiosity headline
  5. Hire a freelancer on Funnel Rolodex or Fiverr to create the book cover.

Take note: You can use the PRL (Private Label Rights) to give away. It is cheap and saves time. However, most PLRs are outdated these days. So make sure you read it first and combine all of them to create high-quality content.

let’s look examples below, you can see how they’re offering the ebook guide

Lead magnet examples: The Ultimate Email marketing metrics guide
The Ultimate Email Marketing Metrics Guide (& Tracking Sheet) – Digital Marketer
Lead Magnet Ideas: 7 Monstrous Ways to Improve Your AdWords Performance
7 Monstrous Ways to Improve Your AdWords Performance – Klientboost.com
lead magnet examples: Primer On Travel Hacking
Primer On Travel Hacking – Nomadicmatt.com
Lead magnet examples guide: BICEPS BLACK BOOK
BICEPS BLACK BOOK – Athleanx.com

2. Report

Free report work very well in B2B businesses, and any industry can build and collect data, statistics or research.

You can create a product catalog, collect the data yourself, or you can research and pull together data from different sources into one, combine them, then you have a comprehensive report.

Pro tip: Convert your data from numbers to infographics, diagrams, and charts for increased user experience.

Here are a couple examples of free report.

lead magnet ideas free report: state of local SEO industry report 2020
State Of Local SEO Industry Report 2020 – Moz
The Kiss Test – Doubleyourdating.com
Facebook Ads Evaluation – Stubgroup.com
Digital strategy data 2020 – Hootsuite.com

3. Checklist/Cheat sheet/Recipes

Checklists and Cheat Sheet are one of my favorite lead magnets because you can create so fast and easily consumed. A checklist only has one or two pages. For example, after you read my blog post “lead magnet examples,” I can offer you a checklist to create a lead magnet for FREE.

Similar with checklists is recipes.

Recipes usually use in the health and fitness industry. Where you can share with your audience cookbook, diet food recipes, Recipes for muscle building, etc.

Here are three examples of checklists you can take the ideas

Low Carb and Keto Food List – Wholesomeyum.com
99 Instagram Secrets – Funnelsecrets.us
137 Amazing Instagram Ads – Adespresso.com

4. Resources

The list of resource really value for your subscribers. They will save a lot of research time for them.

Your resource should be useful for your users. It’s maybe a list of templates, libraries, collections, mind maps, swipe files, etc. There are so many businesses out there using the resource to list building and generate a huge of leads (email subscribers) every single month for FREE.

So, why not collect items today and offer a free resource in exchange for an email address?

Resources list: sales-funnel-template-powerpoint
Inforgraphic Template in Powerpoint – Hubspot
Resources: Sales-Funnel-Excel-Template
Sales Funnel excel template – Funnelsecrets.us
Resources list: Facebook-Ads-for-churches
Facebook Ads for Churches – Parablegroup.com (not available now)

5. Video Training/Mini-course/ membership site

Video is a current trend of online marketing.

It’s more entertaining and helpful for users. It’s also educating your market better than the ebook guide. You can put yourself front camera or screen share and show your expertise to help you boost your brand very well.

Mistakes: Video is often more valuable than an audio version or text format. However, whether you are using slides, animations, screen sharing, etc. If you’re boring or using a robotic voice, it could break your video, and the conversion will drop, even though your content has more value to them.

10X Secrets Presentation – Secretfunnelstrategy.com
Affiliate Video Training
Affiliate video series training – Affiliateoutrage.com

6. Newsletter

Newsletters are powerful type of lead magnet for bloggers. It’s usually put on the home page and the end of the blog post. There are millions of blog posts published every day, pick 3-5 best websites to read is necessary. The best part of the newsletter is people always ready to receive new posts from you than other lead magnets and more comfortable with that.

Backlinko newsletter lead magnet – Backlinko.com
Hubspot newsletter – https://blog.hubspot.com/

7. Software/ Free Trial

Software lead magnet is suitable for apps, SAAS, and traditional software companies.

Most of the large company call to action to sign-up 7 -14 days trial their product or request a demo for free before purchase. Don’t misunderstand that other business can not use software or app to generate lead online.

For example, the supplement industry: You can create an app that teaches people to do exercises or Gym at home then offer your supplement for them.

Pro tips: No credit card required can help increase conversion rates.

Free software: The Secrets Super App – Thesecret.tv
Diet Doctor Plus Free Trial – Dietdoctor.com

8. Service Schedule

Use service schedule when you sell high-ticket services, B2B or Agency. People visit your landing page, leave their contact information and make a phone call.

The result of this lead magnet depended on salesperson or expert, who interacts with your consumer and close.

Neil Patel consulting – Neilpatel.com/consulting
Plumber Schedule Online – Rotorooter.com/sanramonca/

9. Free + Shipping/ free shipping

Free & shipping lead magnet is a hot trend these days for authors. They usually give away the book for free and request a small cost for shipping.
In fact, profits do not come from the book; it’s from upselling.

Different from free & shipping, free shipping is people make a purchase first, then you shipping product for them for free. This is one of those things that many people want when shopping online. It’s work in e-commerce and physical products.

Traffic Secrets Book funnel – Trafficsecrets.com
Underdog Advantage Book Free & Shipping – Dgachieve.com

10. Webinar

People love video. So webinar is also a great way to capture new leads.

Different from video training, webinar combines video and seminar and available in specific times and may have only a limited run. So it’s focusing on “fear of missing out”.

Use can use webinars when launching new products, educate your market, or sell/upsell an information product from a $300 – $1997 price.

Spencer Mecham Affiliate case study webinar – Buildapreneur.com
Knowledge Business Blueprint Webinar
Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi Knowledge Broker Blueprint – Deanandtonylive.com
Funnel Scripts Webinar Demo – Funnelscripts.com

Be careful: Don’t use webinar lead magnets if you’re lack of confidence or never create any video before. I admit you can make tons of money if you do the right way. However, create a webinar presentation of over 30 mins is hard.

Pro tips: Create multiple video training before being confident and control your voice first, then you can try the webinar later. Make sure to read the Expert Secrets book ($9.95) first to discover how to build powerful scripts for your presentation.

11. Coupons/Discount Codes

Coupons are an old-school lead magnet for eCommerce stores. The benefit to this type of lead magnet is it does not only help you build a list but also a “smart list.” (people who ready to buy)

Via Convince & Convert 93% of Shoppers Use a Coupon or Discount Code Throughout the Year. This means customers are always looking for a good deal before purchase.

Pro tips: Only offer coupons during specific periods and limited to quantity or periods.

Discount 10% offer – www.luckybrand.com


This is 11 lead magnet ideas you can use in your business. I know there are so many types of lead magnets out there. However, I only share lead magnet that accessible and easy to create.

You don’t need to use all of them, just pick 3-5 types of lead magnets and put it in your blog posts or create a lead funnel. Split testing then finds out which works for you.

Remember, without the ability to capture email addresses, your lead magnets fail even it has massive value.

Now, I want to hear from you.

What types of lead magnets have you used in your business? Do you have any questions?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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1 year ago

These are some great tips and I like how you’ve included a lot of real life examples. I always seem to learn more when I see examples of what others are doing. And it’s nice to see different lead magnets from different niches. It really helps me realize what would work well in certain areas and what should be avoided. Just by seeing the screenshots you have taken I was inspired and came up with a few ideas for my own niche.

1 year ago

It’s all about helping people. It’s always about that, no matter what you do. If you manage to do that, everyone will want to buy from you. A great lead magnet addresses people’s problems and helps solve them or part of them. This builds trust with the audience. I always try to put myself in my visitor’s shoes. What questions do I have? What problems do I need solving? Is this solution an effective one? Would I want to buy something next? Is the price the right one?

Jasmine Hewitt
Jasmine Hewitt
1 year ago

Super helpful, I struggle with lead magnets myself

1 year ago

Many people think that a lead magnet needs to be complex and lengthy and has to take a lot of time to create. The truth is that in most cases, a good lead magnet is short because in most niches a shorter one will do the trick. A longer one may scare people away or they may get bored and just move on. You need to test things out for your own niche but usually, you’ll do better with a shorter lead magnet.

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