What Is a Sales Funnel? The Complete Guild 2019

  • Hipcraft says:

    You simplify the explanation and now I fully understand it. But what if I can’t design or have a website? Is it still possible for me to have the “sales funnel” lead and conversion thru other means besides social media? “Whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins”- is that suppose to mean the cheaper the cost the less possible to acquire leads? Is that true to life?

    • Nc Key says:

      Hi, Hipcraft thank you for reading my blog.

      First, we need to understand what is cheap, and it depends on each specific business. We can’t compare the cost of getting a lead in real estate with selling books … Because it’s not the same. In my opinion, whether cheap or expensive, in the end, what important is profitable. If your ad is cheap but not profitable, it is useless.

      Also, the reality today is that the cost of ads continually increasing. So we should increase conversion rates or increase value per customer. That is the goal of the sales funnel

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