One-Time-Offer (OTO Page): The Best Way To Boost Your Sales

The OTO (One-Time-Offer Page)_ The Best Sales Funnel Builder

Today, I’ll talk about Order Forms and OTOs (One-time-offer page). There are only a couple places where you can adjust the little hinges that swing the doors to make your funnels work really well. These pages are where that can happen if you build them right.

If you don’t build them right, you’re in trouble.

Unfortunately, most people just throw up a quick order page without much thought and then wonder why they’re not making any money.

What is One-Time-Offer?

The one-time offer is a smart marketing technique used to increase turnover by offering some reasons to buyers that have just bought a particular product, to spend more money on a different product that is similar or does the same function (usually related) product and service that’s given one-time only.

It can also be described as marketing strategies to increase product turnover by putting a value stress on the potential customer in other to buy the product instantly.

The most important part of a One-Time-Offer is that the customer or potential buyer is been told that he or she has only one chance to buy the product and the purchase must be instant.

And if he or she could not make a decision instantly, he will not get another one-time offer chance again.

Sales funnel software that I used to create The One-Time-Offer page

Landing Page Software

The right landing page software helps sellers to make marketing process automated.

It is very beneficial for Entrepreneurs to implement highly technical and complex systems for tracking and analyzing any of their activities to reach customers prospects and convert those leads into sales.

Building out a sales funnel without the right piece of landing software is a long and expensive process with.

It can take you weeks to months to do.

Benefits of Clickfunnels:

Clickfunnels benefits - sales funnel software

1. Build email lists

The landing page help to increase email list and creates exponential result when you have the right formula to set it up, although expensive landing pages with a sizzling copy can help you grow your list.

But building and launching those pages is not an easy task because it requires bringing together a variety of disciplines and integrations, with that your email list will blossom and grow by leaps and bounds.

2. Increase customer conversions

This allows you to keep updated with your customer conversions.

Also, it’s possible to make tweaks to increase your conversion when a certain page of your sales funnel is underperforming, you can adjust the copy, images, color or the button.

In ClickFunnels, you have access to all last detail of the purchase process and see things like:

  • Earnings Per Click (EPC)
  • Gross Sales
  • Average Cart Value
  • Page Views
  • Opt-Ins
  • Sales
  • Earnings Per Pageview

3. Best ways to save time

Proper sales funnels take time to be created, you can save the hassle of wasting precious time and resources on varieties of procedures to build a sales funnel, instead use landing page software to make life easier.

If you’re not a developer, its hard to do the coding and integrating all the parts and components, then you have to get the proper team to do this.

4. best money saving

It saves money by getting a fully-featured piece of software that will assist you in building and scaling the entire funnel.

Building sales funnels without a proper landing page software will never help you achieve that goal. And it will be more expensive because you will have to spend on copywriter, designers and some variety of areas.

5. Automate sales process

The old methods for physically satisfying requests are finished.

Today, sales funnel are intense computerization tools.

Not exclusively do they offer an extraordinary method to enable you to change over prospects into leads into clients and raving fans, yet they likewise enable you to perform mind-boggling capacities.

You can fragment records.

Offer varying email groupings. Also, coordinate the automation in a variety of avenues based on the consumer’s interaction. All consequently

6. Reduces your overall expenses and overhead

Without the need for a development team, you can definitely decrease on-going costs and overhead when propelling or keeping up a sales funnel.

The best part? You can launch them rapidly and productively.

Without the need to pay costly or on-going expenses for having workers on staff to enable you to deal with the whole procedure.

You can do everything all alone with the correct suite of marketing tools.

7. Build a sales funnel without knowing how to code

Platforms like ClickFunnels and other Landing page software enable you to create a funnel without knowing how to code.

In ClickFunnels, for instance, you can relocate components and rapidly sort out a funnel in hours and days instead of weeks or months.

It’s basic, clear and simple to utilize.

8. Improve your engagement

The best possible funnel worked by the correct bit of landing page software can radically enhance your general commitment.

You can use the opportunity to tweak components and include videos and other interactivity that will enable you to convey the desired message quickly.

Furthermore, you can change them quickly.

Without resorting to costly coders or groups of developers that regularly take a long time to execute or modify the parts and component of the funnel.

9. It qualifies your audience

By executing the correct funnel, you can undoubtedly qualify your audience.

For instance, lead magnets are extraordinary, yet when you work out a free-plus-shipping (FPS) offer, you can recognize your buyer quickly.

FPS funnels work incredibly. Be that as it may, building them without the right landing page is regularly taken as expensive.

10. Increase average shopping cart value

Average cart value (ACV) is an important metric. Comprehending what the average cart value is and really attempting to increase it is vital in any funnel.

The marketing automation tools can help you in doing that. You can make changes and include distinctive offers and components, quickly change duplicate, and track your outcomes.

11. Allows you to implement up-sells and down-sells

Up-sells and down-sells are significant parts of funnels that are profitable.

Actually, one up-sell can take a funnel from losing cash to being productive. By utilizing marketing automation tools like simple to-utilize Landing page software, you can include and alter up-sells and down-sells.

You can without stress include payments designs and make changes on the fly, quickly and effortlessly. You won’t require an expensive developer to help you around it.

12. Good sales funnel software allows you to maximize return on ad spends

Ads are costly. Frequently, the majority don’t have numerous odds to hit the nail on the head.

On the off chance that you can’t tweak and revise your funnel on the fly, you could end up losing thousands, to several thousands, of dollars on ad spend.

With the correct marketing automation software, you can maximize your profits on ad spends. You are able to track and examine your conversions, yet you can likewise guarantee that your funnel is productive.

13. I build brand awareness and connect with your dream customer

Design and update your landing pages with software that gives you a chance to drop graphical components in easily.

You can build brands awareness by including logos, colors, slogans and different components that are related to your brand.

You don’t have to comprehend website design or know anything about HTML or CSS code before you can effectively control the components on your funnel or Landing pages.

14. Easy Split testing

Split-testing is a standout amongst the most vital parts of building and scaling out a funnel. Effortlessly you can split-test copy, headlines, colors, button text, graphics, VSLs and more with the right landing page software.

ClickFunnels helps you do this easily. You can also test for winners and add the best converting elements. It’s simple as pushing only a few buttons.

How to create the landing page with Clickfunnels software

In this video below introduce the demo how to create a landing page

YouTube video

Now, We’re starting to create OTO Page

The following steps illustrate how to create a one-time-offer

  • Step #1: Add an Upsell / Down sell Page to Your Funnel and select add the new step as illustrated below

Set Up Your New Funnel Step following the following steps

  • Change name of funnel step
  • set up the page path
  • Turn on Show In Funnel button to “Yes”
  • Start Creating

Step #2 + #3: Do you want to create Upsell page or Downsell page?

Now, you have 2 choices because we have two types of OTO (One-time-offer page) templates:

  • One Click Upsell (OTO) Page
  • One Click Downsell Page

Step #4: Pick Your Template

  • Choose the style of page design that you like the best

Step #5: Add the Page to the Funnel Flow

  • Place Upsell or Downsell after your order page
  • They will not function unless they are placed after an order page in the funnel flow

**You can add multiple One Click Upsell Pages to your funnel and multiple One-Click Downsell pages to your funnel. Also, you can have multiple OTO pages one after another:

how to create sales funnel - internet marketing

Optimize One-Time-Offer Page through A/B testing

YouTube video

Like split test with the opt-in page. You can be testing the One-time-offer page with 3 steps. And I will show you how to test the landing page below (whether it’s an OTO page or a squeeze page or anything)

Read the full article How to set up a split test in ClickFunnels

Step 1: In Clickfunnels, create Split Test Variation

Step 2: Edit Split Test Variation

  • Edit the page as desired.
  • Adjust the slider to add weight (traffic) to either page variation.
  • Click on Apply Changes.

Step 3: Declare Winner

  • Hover your mouse over each split test variation.
  • Click on Declare as Winner for your winning page.

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