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The 25 Best Lead Magnet Ideas To Grow Your Email List

best lead magnet ideas
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Lead magnets are something free you give your prospects to get their contacts and turn them into your potential customers.

The magnets are available in many forms. So which is the best for your business?

There are tons of lead magnet ideas, each serving a different purpose. You should consider how they can attract your target audience.

Today, we recommend the 25 effective lead magnet ideas and examples to boost your sales and business growth in this blog post.

Let’s scroll down to find the most suitable option for your campaign!

The List Of 25 Effective Lead Magnet Ideas

A lead magnet is a marketing technique that gives a website visitor something valuable in return for their contact details. A visitor becomes a lead when they show their interest by giving you contact information.

Lead magnets are available in many types and sizes, giving plenty of potential for creativity. You’ll discover more details about the benefits of lead magnets and 25 fantastic ideas you should add to your site directly in the sections below.

1. Checklists

Checklists are high-converting tools
1. Checklists are high-converting tools (Source)

Checklists appear to be the highest-converting lead magnets since your web visitors find them easy to digest. They gather all the information a user needs into a single list.

Furthermore, making a checklist is not too complex. For example, you may simplify a blog post into a list. Then use it in conjunction with an option form to get email addresses.

You can combine checklists with the following:

  • Recipes
  • How-to blogs
  • and instructional videos, among other stuff.

The potential of this lead magnet idea is almost unlimited.

2. Webinars

Funnelscripts webinar demo
2. Webinars can be a fantastic lead magnet idea – Image Source

Webinars are live events that increase your lead magnets’ attractiveness. They include a theoretical section and offer participants immediate actionable hints.

With these lead magnet ideas, you may allow your audience to explore relevant video content and engage in a Q&A session.

Webinars can generate leads for weeks, months, or years if you provide them on-demand after your first live event. Make sure to ask your audience the questions they would like to answer during the webinar if you are hosting one. That way, you get more engagement and data from your leads.

3. E-books

99 instagram secrets opt in page
3. Valuable lead magnets work

E-books may be the common type of content lead magnet. They provide free instruction on tricky, professional subjects that are difficult to find elsewhere.

This type of lead magnet can advertise many types of goods and services.

For example, if you work as a financial counselor, you might provide an e-book on “7 Best Ways To Save Money.”

The secret to converting an e-book into a powerful lead magnet is to pack it with valuable, practical guidance. Also, the information should be easy to digest and give readers what they need to achieve their goals.

You don’t need to write your e-book from scratch. Instead, consider your popular posts and add an introduction and conclusion to give them a new layout.

The size of the e-book will matter in this case. Very few people would enjoy reading 400 pages of material in PDF format.

There will be a higher chance of lead generation if you give your audience a short, well-written, and easy-to-read lead magnet.

4. Templates

Templates simplify many processes
4. Templates simplify many processes (Source)

Templates are also among the best lead magnet ideas. It can serve as a beginning point or framework for anything, with the user filling in the blanks.

Nobody likes to deal with time-consuming tasks. Your customers will appreciate your lead magnet if you give them downloadable templates to simplify their jobs.

The key is finding out what your audience wants most and supplying the right lead magnet for them. The templates for them can be about:

  • Emails
  • Spreadsheets
  • Social media
  • Graphic designs

There are many lead magnet examples for the templates. For instance, if your service is about building websites, you can provide your audience with free templates. All users need to do is drag and edit the figures to design eye-catching landing pages.

5. Cheatsheets

Cheatsheets help readers summarize the information
5. Cheatsheets help readers summarize the information (Source)

Offer your web visitors a one-page cheat sheet they may return to whenever they need to reinforce their knowledge if your blog post tackles a complex subject. It can be an overview of some important ideas or a glossary of jargon.

Cheatsheets are pretty similar to checklists. However, they differ because they provide users with clear instructions for readers to follow.

This kind of download-and-keep lead magnet relieves readers of the burden of memorizing or applying your approach quickly. But, it does encourage users to sign up for your mailing list, which is the ultimate objective.

6. Toolkits

The toolkit can boost your revenue
6. The toolkit can boost your revenue (Source)

Creating a toolkit may generate leads and establish authority in your niche.

This lead magnet is a collection of templates, e-books, checklists, and other resources that can be beneficial when carrying out a particular task.

Toolkits are great lead magnets since they contain all the necessary practical materials on a particular topic.

The use of toolkits can help website owners bring in revenue. Nowadays, most products include affiliate networks, so you can work with the affiliate links in the lead magnet to increase your earnings.

7. Whitepapers

Whitepapers are suitable for B2B marketing
7. Whitepapers are suitable for B2B marketing (Source)

A whitepaper is a comprehensive leadership document that offers your audience specific data, analysis, or guidelines. This lead magnet aids your readers in understanding a complicated issue and the particular steps to solve it.

Whitepapers are very helpful in B2B marketing, where customers frequently have a longer sales cycle and require a significant deal more information before buying.

You might have shared your insights in your previous webinar or blog post. You can use that content to create a thorough report.

This idea will establish you as an authority figure in your area and move your market segment closer to becoming clients.

8. Product Trial

clickfunnels 2.0 homepage
8. Your leads appreciate free trials (Source)

Trials are pretty effective in SaaS, particularly for companies that sell sophisticated services. The users can check their accounts, try the product, and familiarize themselves with its features.

If this lead magnet works, the business will get loyal clients.

Clickfunnels is one of the most effective lead magnet examples in this regard. The Clickfunnels official page presents a lead magnet with a free trial.

The pricing problem doesn’t prevent users from signing up, testing the product, and canceling at any moment.

Product trials are typically active for a brief period, which is typically sufficient to convert a lead into a paying customer. Companies often conduct an email campaign in addition to a free trial to generate leads.

9. Discount Codes

People search for discounts
9. People search for discounts (Source)

A discount lead magnet is a good way to encourage visitors toward the bottom of your sales funnel. You can deliver your discounts or coupons via a pop-up window when a web visitor accesses your site.

Given that most consumers compare prices, your discount may be just what they’re searching for, encouraging them to pick you over your competitors.

A discount and a coupon give prospective customers a profitable bargain, making them popular among B2C companies, especially e-commerce enterprises.

10. Newsletter Sign Up

backlinko newsletter lead magnet
Backlinko newsletter lead magnet

A newsletter is a report covering the most recent company news and developments in the industry. This lead magnet can also be a digital letter sent to subscribers about a particular topic.

Some newsletters serve as a starting point for lead nurturing strategies. In between the daily headlines, it’s not uncommon to see businesses promoting their goods or exclusive offers.

However, educational material should dominate your newsletters, along with advertising elements. If you fill your lead magnet with brand promotions that you can also post somewhere, there is no reason to invest in it.

11. Infographics

Infographics are easy to digest
11. Infographics are easy to digest (Source)

Research has found that we can only remember about 20% of what we have read, but up to 80% of what we do and see. It also claimed that infographics have a 40% greater impact on our brains than plain old texts.

An infographic might be the perfect tool for attracting leads with visual content.

This lead magnet simplifies the understanding of data on a particular subject via arrangement.

Take food pyramids and workouts as infographic lead magnet examples if you operate a health company. If you are running a restaurant, consider an ingredient infographic.

Canva is a fantastic tool for creating infographics; with the accessibility of dozens of designs and stock photos, you can design something eye-catching quickly.

12. Free Consultation

Most effective lead magnets for coaches
12. Most effective lead magnet ideas for coaches (Source)

You already own a good lead magnet if you are a coach or provide any other form of service. It will benefit your customers if they only want to try your services first, giving you two a win-win situation.

This lead magnet is effective for B2B and legal services. Law firms often greet their web visitors with a free consultation as a lead magnet. It’s a perfect free sample that encourages your audience to submit their contacts.

13. Live Chat

Assist your customers anytime
13. Assist your customers anytime (Source)

Many businesses enhance customer care by offering live chat features as their lead magnets. HostPapa is a good example of this method.

The company can deliver up to 11,000 messages monthly and convert about 30% of these visitors. You can set up a pop-up live chat on your web page. Your web visitors will be eager to try your service before becoming your customers.

14. File Swiping

Lead funnels book tripwire
14. A swipe file is suitable for many forms of business (Source)

A swipe file is a group of materials that include ideas about a specific topic. This great lead magnet idea is perfect for copywriters. They often keep this file for headlines, content promotion strategies, article topics, etc.

Swipe files can pop everywhere. The best part about this type of lead magnet is that you can use and apply them for any business and in any industry.

Keeping it educational for your clients is the only criterion you want to follow when creating a lead magnet. Always present a solution to whatever issue they may be facing.

15. Additional Content

Make your leads curious about your content
15. Make your leads curious about your content (Source)

It could be difficult to attract leads by charging for the additional content. However, if the content’s intro piqued readers’ interest, you might need them to submit a sign-up form to access the extra information.

Suppose your article is about “The 5 Pieces of Equipment That Every Gardener Needs,” for instance. In that case, your lead magnet can be an exclusive PDF that lists a few additional items that may have entered the market since you published the original post.

16. Case Studies

Serious people like case studies
16. Serious people like case studies (Source)

In recent years, case studies have gotten more and more popular. They can be a great lead magnet for your customers, depending on your business’s expertise.

A case study is a detailed investigation of a specific situation, such as a commercial partnership. This lead magnet should offer a strong value proposition, much like an e-book, guidebook, or magazine.

A case study is an effective lead magnet and also a terrific marketing resource. Your campaign can boost your reputation as a qualified brand when done well.

17. Quizzes

Quizzes are interesting to all people
17. Quizzes are interesting to all people (Source)

According to 87% of professional marketers, quizzes and other interactive content are more attention-grabbing than static information.

Quizzes may be a terrific lead magnet to learn more about your customers and grow your mailing list, whether you’re a marketer or an eCommerce company owner.

Quizzes can help classify new subscribers for more effective communications. They are also viral and high-converting. Keep interacting with your subscribers when the quiz is over. Follow up with valuable content that aids readers in achieving a goal.

18. Surveys and Polls

Surveys and polls are interactive
18. Surveys and polls are interactive (Source)

Surveys or polls ask your readers for their opinions on a specific topic. You can convert these materials into lead magnets by asking people for their email addresses to try or view the results.

Because they are easy to build and can be customizable to your industry, surveys and polls are popular lead magnets. You can use them to inform customers about common opinions and cutting-edge trends in your industry.

19. Podcasts

The percentage of Americans who love podcasts now exceeds 55%, and it will rise sharply. You can listen to audio content wherever you are using any kind of audio recording.

Start a podcast if you want to build a closer relationship with your followers and promote your brand. Podcasts can be a great lead magnet because they can satisfy the needs of an audience that is always on the go.

20. Free shipping

Customers are more likely to purchase from you if you offer free shipping.

Moreover, people prefer buying a product for $5 with free delivery to paying $2.50 for items plus $2.50 for shipping.

If you run an online store, consider how your target audience would react to this lead magnet. Generally, providing free delivery to clients in the decision stage of your sales funnel could be an effective move.

21. Reports

Reports bring high-value content
21. Reports bring high-value content (Source)

Reports with all the statistics and information are pretty fascinating in the business and marketing sector, especially if you work in the B2B segment.

A report is a written document that overviews a specific subject. This lead magnet often includes facts and figures to verify the assertions made, as many case studies do.

If you use your reports as lead magnets, you might acquire leads and increase brand awareness. Besides, serious people tend to pay more attention to serious information. If these people take up a large proportion of your audience, consider industry reports to attract them.

22. Calculators

Offer effective calculators for specific jobs
22. Offer effective calculators for specific jobs (Link)

We’re referring to calculators designed to solve a particular problem, such as ROI calculators, statistical significance calculators, financial calculators, and so forth.

Calculators are an efficient approach to engaging B2B prospects because many business choices need accurate estimates. However, they can also be suitable for B2C, such as mortgage calculators.

Although it’s unnecessary, you should tie a lead magnet calculator to your product. It may be on a topic that interests your audience.

23. Free Stock Images

Businesses need images for their websites
23. Businesses need images for their websites (Source)

Online stock photo markets are increasingly growing everywhere. They have gained enormous popularity, largely because business owners don’t like to use the same pictures as everyone else.

Most stock photo websites offer subscriptions or allow users to purchase photos directly from the site. Also, most of these sites are the product of business owners. They use free stock images as their lead magnets.

24. Access to a Private Group

Another method to convert website visitors into leads is to form a members-only LinkedIn community on a specific topic. You will need to invite website visitors to the network and stay engaged on LinkedIn.

This lead magnet can create a community and position yourself as a real leader in your domain. Moreover, you’ll get to speak with potential customers.

Besides, there is no doubt that Facebook groups are quite popular right now, and new ones are constantly emerging.

If you don’t already have one, start one on Facebook and try to populate it with prospective consumers or your ideal client. Setting up your lead magnet to be an offer to your Facebook group will be simple.

25. Printables

Physical objects are still valuable
25. Physical objects are still valuable (Source)

Printables have grown very popular on Pinterest, along with a digital offer that business owners are selling on Etsy or their own sites.

For example, if you work in the DIY or home décor sectors, generating printables that customers can print out and display in frames has become a prevalent trend.

People still love physical items. Libraries remain as a result, although we are both aware that any book imaginable has an online edition or an audiobook copy.

How To Find Topics For Your Lead Magnets?

What should the topic of your lead magnets be? The following tips will help you identify it.

Do keyword research

Knowing the language your target clients use to find your products, services, and material is the keyword research process. The next step includes evaluating, comparing, and ranking the top keyword prospects for your website.

Taking a look at your current, best-performing content is one way to discover your seed keywords. SEO can work nicely for this purpose.

SEO refers to the method of making a website more search engine friendly so that users can find the most relevant information. It raises a website’s or blog post’s Google ranking.

You may develop lead magnets focused on those topics after you know what content is likely to drive engagement and organic traffic.

This video will reveal pro tips for SEO:

YouTube video

Analyze competitors

You might browse through the websites of your competitors to find lead magnet ideas for your topics. Some of them may work on your website.

You can first find out who produces material that is similar to yours. Next, look for reports that may reveal the top content available on those websites.

Using the reports, you may find pages based on how much organic traffic they create. Even better, you may filter those findings by linkbait categories.

Study your niche

Following what other people are discussing in contexts where your target market or members of your sector gather is another tried-and-true method.

Consider magazines, forums, social media groups, and blogs or personal websites as must-try lead magnet ideas.

By doing so, you can identify topics that have a lot of involvement or are widely trendy. Afterward, you’ll be able to respond to changes quicker than your competitors.


There are many lead magnet ideas to try, but only a few can maximize your lead generation. Invest time studying your target audience to avoid wasting your effort on creating lead magnets that don’t work. Then, you will know what they expect and satisfy their needs.

A perfect lead magnet will draw more leads. As long as you offer them a valuable resource, they will be willing to give you their contact information.

You can hopefully create the best lead magnets to help your business grow.

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