What Is A Landing Page? Learn landing page in 5 minutes

what is a landing page

Whether you are an amateur or professional blogger, paid marketer, or social media marketer, a landing page should never be a strange name. To put it in simple terms, what is a landing page?

This excellent lead conversion tool can effectively drive traffic, improve SEO, and build your brand’s credibility and popularity! 

There is a wide range of landing page types, and we are sure that you have come across some when surfing the Internet. So how does a landing page work? Follow us to get a deeper insight into this wonderful marketing tool.

What is a landing page?

Before creating your landing page and increasing productivity, let’s break down its basics first!

landing page template lead pages

In general, a landing page is simply a web page that a consumer can accidentally land on. However, it is a standalone page serving a single and focused purpose in digital marketing.

This purpose usually comes in the form of a call to action (CTA), so a landing page is considered the next step to convert a visitor into a consumer. 

Normally, this marketing tool doesn’t include any distractions to let visitors concentrate on its main aim. Instead, it comes with a form that can capture a visitor’s contact information, and you need to give them the desired offer, special deal, or discount in return.

You can easily come across a landing page through a general search on the Internet or your company’s website. This easy access tends to increase the likelihood of a potential customer ending up with your brand.

How Does A Landing Page Work?

Here are some basic steps that a great landing page does its job:

  • First and foremost, landing pages will likely pop up when Internet users are about to redirect to their intended websites. When clicking it, they will end up in a form with a piece of brief information about a product and an appealing offer.
  • Here, visitors need to fill in this form with their contact information such as Google account, Facebook, or Instagram account. This step converts the visitors into the leads.
  • All the information is then updated and stored in the leads database but is highly protected from leakage and hacks to ensure visitors’ privacy. This data amount is exceptionally useful for any marketer, as it is a brilliant source of potential consumers to market newly launched products.
  • Finally, marketers directly contact those visitors, give them more information about products, and quickly make a deal.

This working process may sound biased towards those creating the landing page; however, it is a win-win situation. To put it simply, a visitor will only fill out the form if they trust the content on the landing page and believe that it will be valuable.

In return, a marketer is always willing to give the site visitors great deals and offers. He can also use the personal information the visitors provide in future marketing strategies.

Landing Page Vs. Website (Webpage) – What Are The Differences?

Looking nearly the same; so what are the basic differences between a landing page and a web page? How to distinguish these two? If you struggle to differentiate these two, you’ve reached the right place! Here are some basic features that you should know about them:

landing page vs web pages

Audience And Purpose

The first major difference between a landing page and a home page is the target audience. As its name suggests, a landing page is where someone lands after clicking on your ads to receive a special offer and a CTA. 

With paid search ads, the visitors of this marketing page are likely to show little interest in your products, service, and company. For instance, those searching for a Car Repair service in your country tend to click on your paid search results.

This means there are more chances of conversion than with someone happening upon your site organically. In general, landing pages offer you a great opportunity to target certain demographics with a higher conversion rate. 

To do this, your landing page should focus on this type of audience. Here, all you need to show is the information and content that potential customers want to have and convert.

On the other hand, the homepage serves different functions and purposes. Instead of concentrating on only one single aim and audience span, it is tailored with various targets in mind, including providing information, marketing, and offering CTAs.

While a land page should be concise in terms of design, structure, and show no distraction, a web page includes various standard links at the bottom of the page for Calls to action. Besides, along the side of the page, there are about services, company information, blog, and whatever belongs to your business.

Homepages can have various images, callouts, and links leading to other pages of the websites. With such a wide range of features, these pages are where visitors with little knowledge of the company or interest in your service will land on to find out more.


As mentioned above, landing pages have only one goal: converting traffic. So, besides the single link for callout, there should be no other one to avoid potential distractions. 

There are only three options on a typical landing page: convert, login, and leave the page. Try to be straight to the point, and you will be more likely to keep visitors’ feet here.

lead funnel: 99 instagram secrets
The landing page have only one goal

On the contrary, a homepage is designed with some navigation options on the bar near the top. This bar contains several more site links or other social media links. Visitors can easily get to where they need to interact with your site through these links.

funnel secrets web page
A web page has multi links with more distraction


Although landing pages and web pages tend to show the same information, there is also a specific distinction between their content. Unlike organic traffic to your web page, a landing page only includes content belonging to the offer, product, or promoting service. 

For example, if visitors are searching for a type of fruit that does wonders for their health, type the keyword “banana,” and they will be immediately redirected to a landing page with paid ads about bananas instead of a home page with a variety of fruits.

Why are bananas best for your health? What type of offer will you receive for banana sales specifically? Such questions will be answered on this landing page.

landing page content
Landing page content focus on the goal
web page content
Web page content

Call To Action

Action-oriented is one of the biggest differences between these two pages. A CTA can be anything like filling out a form, getting an email address, calling a phone number, or simply buying your service. Such things should always be straightforward and obvious enough to let visitors understand and follow easily.

Landing pages tend to focus on those types of CTA to encourage viewers to convert. Normally, a CTA is often associated with a special offer to further boost conversion. For instance, a “Call Us Today” CTA is less effective than a “Call Today For 10% Off” one.

Landing page CTA
Copywriting Secrets Book landing page CTA – Jim Edwards

The web page is, by contrast, not likely to have such a strong and prevalent CTA. This is mainly because it is more widely used as a resource instead of a converting tool. 

Jim Edward blog web page CTA
Jim Edward blog web page CTA

How Many Types Of Landing Page Are There?

To be honest, different types of landing pages surely drive you crazy to keep track of them all. Let’s learn more about them and see which one will make your campaign successful.

Squeeze Page


Most B2B (Business To Business) marketers have agreed that email is the most effective channel for customers’ demand. So not surprisingly, squeeze pages also rank the most crucial and useful landing pages out there.

A squeeze page is designed to capture the visitors’ email address. This information can allow you to nurture that lead with useful content.

The most common type of this landing page is gated content and a prompt, where visitors need to enter their email address to receive a newsletter, whitepaper, or other appealing offers.

When building a squeeze page, ensure to keep yours simple and include a tempting CTA. Without these features, there is less chance of visitors giving up their email address to click out the page and receive the offer.

Splash Page

Lead capture is not always the main goal of a splash landing page. This is the intermediary page where users will be redirected when clicking a social media or content link. Watch the video below to understand what is splash page:

A splash page may also let visitors choose their language preference and enter their age.

With this landing page, the publisher also further benefits by presenting an ad, promote a new offer, show a disclaimer or warning depending on your industry and niche.

Lead Capture Page

squeeze page with image backlinko
Backlinko homepage designed such as a lead capture page

While the lead capture page shows similar content and design as a squeeze page, it is likely to source more information. Besides email addresses, data like name, business name, job title, and industry are just a few things these pages seek for.

In general, the information you request tends to depend on the page’s goals, sales, marketing strategies, and customer demands. Therefore, if your customers visit your lead capture page after showing a real interest in your service, it’s time to ask for more information to qualify and direct them easily.

Click-Through Landing Page

Unlike other landing page types, this one doesn’t come with a Buy Now button. This page focuses on sharing the benefits and outstanding features of your service with a CTA button. 

Normally, the button encourages visitors to try a free trial by clicking on it.

active campaign get started landing page
Active campaign free trial

Right after that, they will be taken to another landing page showing pricing details and payment information to start the trial. 

active campaign pricing page

It may sound discouraging, but this landing page is super useful and effective. It is because the page provides all the necessary information to prime and educate the visitors.

Unsubscribe Landing Page

Clickfunnels unsubscribe page
Clickfunnels Unsubscription page

It’s important not to neglect your unsubscribe page, as this one offers users a chance to manage their preferences and adjust the cadence. Therefore, why not include some links to your website’s extra areas?

Once again, remember that users don’t want to receive your emails doesn’t necessarily mean that they have no interest in your site. Thus, add a “Second Chance” button that allows users to resubscribe.

Long-Form Sales Landing Page

Unlike other landing pages that require concise content, a long-form sale landing page cannot work well with brevity. Building one can be an uphill struggle as it requires you to think of every question your visitors may have for you.

Have second thoughts of every purchasing barrier and benefits customers can receive when they spend time scrolling down to the bottom. This type of landing page often comes with an informative video to explain why it is time to apply.

To do this, the video must include the names of companies or pictures of users benefiting from the course. Along with them are some quotes with links to join mailing lists and testimonials. 

There is usually a CTA button, and program dates at the page’s bottom to encourage users to apply immediately. 

Paid Advertising Landing Page

If you fail to redirect customers who click on your paid ads to the right landing page, you run the risk of wasting a large amount of money. Remember that a paid advertising landing page is suitable for generating leads instead of sales.

404 Landing Page

404 is always the signal of error and forces users to direct back to your homepage and other neutral landing pages. But now get creative with 404, and you will see its effects! 

funnel secrets 404 page
Funnel Secrets 404 landing page

Use the 404 landing page as a lead generation tool and provide users with three options: visit the blog, learn about the company’s software, and sign up for a free demo! 

This landing page will be easily mistaken for errors or other discouraging pages. Therefore, it is vital to make clear signals and appealing offers to attract readers’ attention and keep them staying on your landing pages.

“About Us” Landing Page

Once again, make this dead-end into a lead generation page by filling it with plenty of history, vision, and mission. It will give your audience a better understanding of your company and what it has to offer.

Also, don’t forget to let readers know how to move forward. The bottom page should offer a reminder and direct links to shop, follow, or join the company and leave an email subscription.

“Coming Soon” Page

Coming soon landing page
Image source: Multia.in

Your company is going to release a new product but not ready to reveal the full offer? “Coming Soon” page will be your brilliant choice! 

It’s time to give your offer, provide a launch date, and add a CTA asking for an email address so that visitors can receive an email notification when the product is released.

Pricing Page

For new pricing or product tiers, you need to consider directing your customers to your pricing landing page. Undoubtedly, the pricing page is among the ones that should receive the heaviest optimization.

There are two main boxes placed on this page between a list of important features and a carousel of testimonials. These two represent special callouts for potential customers who fail to fall for one of the three boilerplate pricing templates.

If such additional calls to action cannot convey your needs, here, at the bottom, there is one that enables visitors to pick “Choose your own adventure.”

“Thank You” Landing Page

Instagram Secrets ebook thank you page

A “thank you” landing page is undoubtedly likely to serve no selling or promoting purpose. On the other hand, it notifies you of what you have already known, “You have successfully downloaded the greatest whitepaper! Access it here!”.

Include additional offers and gifts on your “Thank You” page, and it will be a great opportunity to provide more value to highly motivated and potential customers. Your likelihood for conversion is added here.

What Makes A Good Landing Page?

Building a landing page maybe a piece of the pie; however, designing an effective one that can drive SEO optimization and boost conversions is not always straightforward. Various factors are contributing to a good landing page that you should know:

1. A Killer Headline

Killer headline landing page
Image Source: Diabetes Freedom

Without a shade of doubt, a headline is the very first thing visitors notice when coming across any page. This is where interest, attention, and understanding begin. Only a killer headline can compel any visitor to stay and learn more about your offers.

Therefore, your headline should be attractive enough to grab the reader’s attention. Plus, concise and simple as it is, the headline should tell the visitors what your service and product are about. 

A headline is usually ten to 20 characters long, so it would be best to let the paper’s clean design emphasize the headline.

2. Persuasive Subheads

mastermind Landing page sub-headline
Image Source: Mastermind.com

The next element you should pay attention to when creating an effective landing page is the subheadline. If the headline draws visitors’ eyes and helps the page gain more viewers, the subheadline will make them stay. These two pieces contribute to the one-two punch of a page’s overall power.

A persuasive subheadline is often placed directly underneath the main headline to emphasize it and gives an instant and clear explanation for the headline. 

Furthermore, yours should have added persuasiveness to strengthen visitors’ trust and increase the chance of a conversion. It’s okay to include more depth and detail in the subheadline so that the visitors can have a deeper understanding of your headline and service. 

3. Eye-Catching And Relevant Pictures 

The brain tends to process images 60000 times faster than text. For this reason, visual content is more likely to linger on visitors’ memory than others, so it is an essential part of a landing paper.

When choosing pictures for your landing page, don’t forget to pick large ones to capture readers’ attention immediately. More importantly, the pictures should not show any distraction and be relevant to your service or product.

Landing page relevant pictures
Image Source: 28dayketo.com

A big picture of it would be a brilliant idea for a physical product, while an attention-grabbing and relevant image should be added to the landing page.

No matter which types of image you are picking, they must be of the highest quality so that your page looks attractive and professional. As most readers use pictures to differentiate different companies and products, yours should leave a striking and reliable impression to increase conversion.

4. Explanation

Undeniably, your landing page should always be clear of what you are offering. Hence, a straightforward explanation is of utmost importance to enable readers to better understand your product and service.

There are various approaches for your explanation; however, here are some tips that you need to keep in mind:

  • Integrate your explanation with your headline or separate two parts completely for clarity.
  • Although explanations are functional and useful, you should keep functionality titled in favor of users. This means an explanation should be benefit-oriented.

It would be best to keep your explanation as clear as possible by using understandable and simple words and characters. Besides, relevant images that are connected with the headline are also useful and make your explanation more attention-grabbing and comprehensible.

5. Something About Pain

This notion seems vague and intentional; using this one can leave a great deal of room for interpretation. Humans are wired to avoid pain, and most products and services are designed to alleviate pain in some ways.

Here are some ways to accomplish that idea on your landing page:

  • Besides what people gain, mention what they will lose if missing out on your offer. The theory of loss aversion assumes that humans are more likely to anticipate the pain of losing than feeling the pleasure of gaining something with equal value. Therefore, mentioning this can increase conversion.
  • Implement pain references as your testimonials: Pain is a powerful human part, which real human testimonials can further implement. Therefore, this method can be effective at conveying pain trustworthiness.
  • Make sure to relieve the pain: Never present a problem without showing a solution! Therefore, after mentioning the pain, let’s use your product and service as an antidote to this problem.

6. Something About Pleasure

Landing page pleasure
Image Source: Expertsecrets.com

Besides pain-avoiding machines, we are pleasure-seekers who are motivated by the desire to gain something. There are two ways to incorporate this into your landing page:

  • Show how your product or service can bring a by-product of pleasure.
  • Show how your product can offer an emotional need beyond its functionality.

7. Contact Method

landing page contact method
Image Source: Realtor.com

The key to gaining visitors’ trust and conversion is to make it clear that your business is legit. Most persuasive landing pages often include multiple contact methods like a phone number, physical address, email address, and a contact form.

Some are even designed to have pop-ups where a customer support representative is present to give visitors help and advice. When adding such contact information to your landing page, keep the following things in mind:

  • Assure that you are a real company with a physical address and a phone number.
  • Live chat may be controversial sometimes, so have second thoughts before deciding to have one.

8. Guarantee

landing page guarantee
Image Source: VertShock.com

Guarantees are a great way to make people feel reassured when staying on your landing page. They come in various forms, so spend time choosing one type that works best for your business.

It would help if you placed your guarantee statement near the CTA to give potential customers a final bit of assurance to get ready for converting. 

9. Call To Action

CTA is the most crucial element of a high converting landing page. Thus, the bigger your CTA appears, the better it is. Make yours compelling, explosive, and persuasive in a contrasting color. 

An outstanding color on the overall theme can attract the eye and compel the visitors to click the button. Incorporating graphics to draw more attention is also a great idea to provide a seamless and logical flow.

Driving Traffic To Landing Pages

Now you have created some excellent landing pages that are ready to effectively generate leads and boost conversion. However, how can viewers get to come across and visit them? What are the best marketing channels to drive the traffic you want for your landing page? 

Undeniably, a comprehensive content marketing strategy often comes with paid, earned, or owned media which are combined to become the digital marketing trifecta. Let’s explore some common options of traffic to your landing pages:

Paid Search Traffic

If you are a professional online marketer, paid search traffic should be your best friend! Most search engines now include paid advertising, which tends to appear on the top of the search result page.

Unlike other results on this page, paid search advertising is prepared and paid a fee for each click by marketers. You can design your pay-per-click ads to reach wider customers broad-based on their search terms, interests in their browsing history, and demographic data.

When creating an ad, you can redirect your potential customers to your homepage. But we highly recommend you link your ads to a standalone landing page to perfectly match your ad copy and offer a clear CTA.

There are various places to implement paid search advertising, but the most popular ones are Google Ads. Google Ads are scalable, allowing marketers to increase their pay-per-click budget, leads, and overall profits.

Besides, it will be much more straightforward to see key information about visitors to your page through Google Ads, including cost-per-conversion, conversion rates, and click-through rates. 

Paid Social Traffic

Once again, social media are the best platforms to reach more audiences, as Internet users are likely to spend most of their surfing time on them. While it is okay to use social media to introduce your landing pages without any charges, investing in them would be a better kickass way to target people and communities.

All you have to do is to add your product or service to your list of interests in your Facebook profile. The beauty of this method is that you can create a more intimate connection with customers before they look for your products. 

Besides offering advanced targeting features, without a shade of doubt, each social channel comes with its unique characteristics and works suitably for different products and services.

For example, Instagram is ideal for physical products and lifestyle brands thanks to its strong visual appeal. On the other hand, the LinkedIn platform will work best to reach professionals in specific industries. 

Therefore, depending on your promoted products, services, and business types, you should choose the right social platform to effectively increase conversion.

Email Campaigns

If you frequently check your email box, you may have once felt irritated whenever you receive a marketing email in the main box or junk. But don’t underestimate email power in driving traffic! Most marketers are still employing email platforms to spread their message and have a segmented audience reach, as it still works!

Compared to other popular free social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, email marketing is proven to be 40 times more effective in acquiring new clients. Plus, the email also has the highest conversion rate and direct mail purchase, so don’t hesitate to send that weekly email blast.

There are countless online resources showing data on the best sending days and times. However, each industry, customer base, and time zone differences suggest different suitable email sending times. 

Therefore, the best method to pick the right time is to send your email in batches. Then, this tactic will show you the moment which produces the most opens, post-click landing page views, and conversions.

Overall, don’t feel surprised by a combo of emails and landing pages regarding nurturing existing relationships with customers and establishing new ones. This combination works like this:

  • Spend time building a list of contacts by tracking those frequently visiting your websites or searching for similar products or services on the Google search results.
  • Design an email carefully with short and simple words to catch readers’ eye. It would help if you avoided overstuffing readers with a long and full-of-word piece of email. Don’t forget to include your offer in the email.
  • After flicking through the offer, potential customers will likely click on the included links to land on your landing page. Here, they will be given the offer details, which drive visitors toward a call to action.

One email tactic that marketers tend to ignore but prove to be very effective is to use email signature. Including a link in the email, the signature can offer a huge return on your zero investment. All you need to do is insert a link under your email signature and let it work as a great anchor text.

Organic Search Traffic (SEO)

Every marketer wants their websites and landing pages to have more organic traffic, increasing the number of orders, turnover, and revenue.

Organic traffic refers to visitors coming from an unpaid source like the bottom half of Google search results. This means as long as you create compelling and legitimately useful content on your landing pages, there is a high likelihood that your business will appear more frequently in related searches.

There are various methods to increase organic traffic and thereby boost the popularity of your landing pages. One of the best ways is to use SEO which offers permanent results. SEO allows you to search for keywords in search volume, so as long as you maintain a balance between high-search and low-competition words, you will be more likely to grow in search results organically.

Furthermore, social media are great platforms to increase organic traffic. Most social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are 100% free, so why not take advantage of these free marketing tools to boost conversion?

Thus, try to mention your landing pages on other websites and social media as publishing your post on those platforms will send Google signals that can help get better rankings.

One more important thing is SEO Optimized images. Have you ever purchased something without seeing its e-commerce images? The answer to this question will explain why you need to use images to increase organic traffic.

Most e-commerce sites tend to use the same photos from the suppliers, so it would be better to invest in more professional pictures. Besides, don’t forget to set proper ALT text and URL to images. The text should include the main keywords to add to a well-optimized website.


So what is a landing page? How to increase your conversion to boost productivity? Long story short, after flicking through our article, we bet that you have got the answers to most questions about boosting conversion. 

In general, choosing the best landing page for advertising channels is not always an uphill struggle. However, please don’t choose the best one; let’s pick the one that your audience often visits your landing page.

When considering a landing page, the utmost importance is the audience. Such factors as budget, time, and team bandwidth should not greatly affect your choice.

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