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What Is A Sales Page? The Definitive Guide

what is a sales page
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The sales page is a specialized tool in enhancing the power and growth potential of the landing page. The primary purpose of a sales page is to turn ad clicks into a customer’s purchase and payment action.

Of course, you need to have a perfect sales page with an impressive structure to convert into a profit.

In this article, we’ll tell you what makes a great sales landing page and how to build an effective, high-conversion sales page.

Besides, we’ll also give you tips for setting up and preparing your site for growth. Now, let’s refer to all the interesting info below!

What Is A Sales Page?

The sales page is the ultimate goal for any company. It’s where you can really make your product shine and convince people that they need what it is before even entering into an actual transaction with them!

YouTube video

Depending on the product or service you’re selling and price, we divide it into two types:

  • Long-form sales page
  • Short-form sales page

The sales page is crucial in funnel building. It’s usually used after people go through the lead funnel and start to go deep into your sales process.

sales page in the funnel

The sales page will still quickly help you reach your target audience regardless of what field or category your products and services are in.

No matter what field or category your products and services are in, the sales page will still easily help you reach your target audience.

Compared to online stores, sales pages allow for better conversions in terms of volume and revenue. It can generate many more conversions than visitors and significantly increase average customer spend.

This parameter may not have peaked, but it helps demonstrate the strong development of the sales page in today’s modern-day.

In other words, choosing a sale page is that you are mining the right prestigious geological mine. 

Like other landing pages, sales pages are with conversions in mind.

 But, when it comes to the sales page design, the goal is not just about conversions but also practicality so that the visitor makes an actual purchase.

Increasing the quality of products or services of selected items will help you maintain the success of your site.

Going deeper into the sale pages features, we found its flexibility compared to traditional product pages.

On standard product pages, customers only see the featured product information, which does not generate revenue for you.

Meanwhile, your product or service pages provide essential information and meaningful conversion navigation, thereby bringing you many potential customers.

Two Type Of Sales Page

Sale pages come in two different formats: Short form and long-form. Both of these types of pages have the same design.

They all contain specialized advertising that attracts customers’ attention to the product.

Through those ads, customers will make the final decision to buy or not. To learn more about them, check out our information section below!

Short-form sales page

Short-form sales page

Conducting surveys on about 200 subjects, we were surprised by the concept of short-form sales pages in them.

Up to 85% of them think that the shortness here is related to the length of the page. We have a long page if we scroll too much and don’t finish the site.

This concept is wrong because short here refers to copy length, not a sales page.

Therefore, if your site is substantial in size but doesn’t have a lot of copy on it, it’s still considered a short-form sales page.

Expanding on the concept of short-form pages, it is as if sales pages do not have many copies. Products listed for sale on your site rarely appear on other sites.

Thereby, it can help you maximize your competition, limiting the amount of budget you have to pay for advertising. However, the number of customers who know it will usually be lower.

An excellent example of a short-form sales page example is Ramit Sethi’s “Find Your Dream Job” how-to ad.

This advertisement describes the complete structure of a full-page that you should refer to. 

  • The subject line explains why you need to follow and download “Dream Job Secrets.”
  • Image showing cover and title of all tutorials
  • 7 bullet points stating what you’ll get when you convert on the form
  • Next, on the left side of the advertisement site is his statement “$10,000 in 10 minutes”. Appearing below is his resume.
  • Redirect you to CTA buttons and images.
  • Form to collect customer information through your email and name

Long-form sales page

Contrary to a short sales page, a long sales page example has many copies. They often come with high-priced products.

The more valuable the product, the more copies it will have, explicitly created for long examples. The most typical products can be online courses, live shows, and important events.

Today, many long-form sales pages do not attract interested customers despite their vast scale. So, where does the cause come from? It stems from the following reasons:

  • Sophisticated design
  • Limit customer readability

Copies with exaggerated content, mechanical, lack of flexibility and sophistication

The overall reputation of the long-selling site is poor due to the frequent appearance of fraudulent products and services.

Analyzing the limitations of the long sale site in more detail, we give an example of a Pythagorean plan page. It is a site with a strange design with misleading content, not suitable for the page’s purpose.

The design of the red font and the image representing the theme is not compatible. It just makes customers feel like the site is scamming them.

The ads coming from Amazon on the left side of the site distract from the page’s value.

This element shows a lack of professionalism in the website’s style, quickly losing customers’ trust.

The subsequent weakness of this template is the addition of redundant links, leading customers to switch off the site quickly. We need to limit it because it reduces customer interaction on your web.

We’ve put the flaws from previous sale pages as a wake-up call so you can avoid them. To successfully build a long sales page, you need to accumulate a lot of necessary knowledge and experience. Above all, put yourself in the customer’s shoes to feel what they want and do not want.

Optimizing cumbersome and complex details and optimizing customer readability will help you have a perfect and practical sales page.

Sales Pages Vs Landing Pages or Your Homepage

Is the sales page a landing page or a homepage?

Based on our practical knowledge, we can confirm and assure you that the sales page is a landing page, but it is different from the homepage.

Learn more about what is a landing page here

Sales pages or landing pages are to encourage customers to convert.

These days, most landing pages have a similar structure to short-form sales pages, while long-form sales pages tend to be more detailed than regular landing pages. Elements you’ll see after clicking on a landing one include:

  • Title
  • Copy
  • CTA button
  • The content captures potential customers
  • Graphics
  • Factors that increase trust include testimonials, customer feedback, business branding, etc.

The landing page and sales page one are the same, while the home page and sales page are two completely different extremes.

sales page vs landing page

The homepage discusses all the information related to your business’s products and services.

At the same time, the sales page only deals with the request and entices customers to take action with the proposal.

The purpose of the two pages is different because they are for additional features.

The reason homepages can’t act as conversions is because they attract a larger audience with multiple navigational tabs and common languages, and they’re not suitable for converting specific customers.

In general, both web pages, sale pages, and landing pages have their strengths. Each one is to perform a specific function.

Therefore, it is unreasonable to put them out for a balanced assessment based on relevant aspects. However, if you want to convert to profit, the successful sales page is the perfect proposition.

How To Create A Sales Page?

We can easily convert traffic through email, social media, or web advertising to create a compelling page. But for this, you need to make yourself a landing page to host your sale pages. So what to do? Check out our overview below to better understand what you have to do to have complete pages!


instapage - landing page tools

To create a landing page for setting up a page, you need supporting software.

And Instapage is an excellent recommendation for you, and it is a unique software for those who are weak in design.

It owns more than 200 beautiful templates for you to choose from.

Moreover, it also supports you in analyzing and selecting templates to suit trends and customers to create exclusive sales pages.

The biggest drawback of this software is that it doesn’t allow any a/b tests. On the other hand, its cost is also relatively high. Therefore, Instapage is for large businesses or advanced, high-end marketing networks.

CLICK HERE to try Instapage 14 days for free


unbounce - sales funnel software

If you are concerned about the cost of Instapage, you can switch to using Unbounce. It saves you about $80 per month compared to using Instapage.

The mission of this software is to provide you with automated testing support for all your development plans.

On the other hand, it also gives you accurate data analysis and more than 200 different designs that you can customize to your liking.

The weakness of this software is the limitation of published works simultaneously. In other words, you won’t sync multiple of your designs in Unbounce with an online course.

Moreover, the quality of the results after successful export is not as clear and beautiful as in Instapage. So, if you want to build professional sales page examples, consider them.

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Leadpages free trial

Not all sales pages were born to overcome the disadvantages of the previous two software. It offers a user-friendly drag and drops editor. In particular, it does not limit the number, traffic of visitors, or potential customers. 

Leadpages also provide several additional utilities, typically Lead links, which allow people to register to create sales pages right in their inbox. Yet, the Leadpages side has some significant weaknesses, limiting the user experience.

Their editors are often buggy, and this frustrates users. But if you have enough funds to use the membership plans of about $25 per month, this situation will be less stable for you.

CLICK HERE to try Leadpages 14 days for free

7 Key Elements Of A Sales Page

To better understand how your sales pages works, grasping its key elements is something you need to hone in on. Below will be our detailed analysis.

1. Headline

The title is an essential aspect of sale pages. If your headline is strong enough to attract customers, your sale pages will be successful.

Of course, when your site has a headline that is not strong enough, then the components also become meaningless. The key to building solid headlines successfully is relevancy to your readers’ main points of view.

For example, when you want to mention health training programs, the subject line “Therapeutic for good health” will only have a small impact on the customer’s awareness and understanding.

But if you replace it with your own experiences, customers’ opinions will leave a strong impression on customers.

For example, the subject in question here is Marth, and he has a hot body with good health thanks to this workout.

If you can associate your title with people who have the more influence it has, the more impressive it is to customers.

You can turn your previously bland headline into “How to be as healthy as Marth? Treatment A is the fulcrum for you.”

If you write so, customers will immediately create curiosity and do not hesitate to click on your specific landing page to find out information.

Moreover, to have headlines that hit the customer’s mind, don’t hesitate to conduct a customer survey. It’s the key to capturing the customer’s thoughts on the actual items on your sale pages design with a value proposition.

2. Sales Copy

Copy is the central theme deployed on most long-form pages. If your copy is not correct, of course, the sale version building should stop.

With long sale landing pages, you should break up your copy to enhance readability for your customers.

You can arrange them into small paragraphs or replace them with bullet points to make the content attractive and cool.

However, you should pay attention to the content you build, ensuring complete logic. The former and the latter need to be correlated so that your customers don’t feel down while reading.

3. CTA Button

It would help if you integrated multiple CTA buttons for your sales page. Thus, it will be more flexible for the customer’s interest without scrolling too long to find the CTA button.

CTA button colors need to be prominent so that customers can quickly identify. You can choose tones that contrast with the color shades of the whole article to show their uniqueness clearly.

4. About Us

Equally important on your site is your introduction. In this category, you need to introduce the product or service you are providing in detail.

Then there is the message and commitment so that customers can capture all the information on your site. The more professional About Us is, the more customers will be to your site and vice versa.

5. Testimonials

sales page testimonials

Testimonials should also be on your long-form sales page. It helps to show your credibility to new customers and makes them feel secure if they choose your product or service.

On the other hand, it also helps to denote your business brand.

6. Video

Selecting and highlighting the introductory video is something you should do to increase the professionalism of your sales page design.

Placing videos on the site allows customers to understand your product better and quickly convert it into a purchase action.

Need to remove navigational links from your page. They can distract customers from the products or services you offer. Through navigational links, customers can leave your site and will be unlikely to return.

Tip to Create Sales Pages that Convert

We recommend the following tips to help you on creating pages that convert.

Define your target audience

Determining the right audience to reach will help you increase your conversion rate.

That way, it’s easier to set up and plan your content, and your customers will feel taken care of. And of course, then they will want to support you.

Add several CTAs 

Add a CTA button to your long long-form sales page, and it will bring you huge conversions.

Don’t keep your customers searching for the CTA button for too long for their final verdict because it’s easy to change their minds.

You should also not arrange too many buttons for your site because that will confuse the readers’ eyes. A quad 50 button CTA is not for standard long own sales pages.

Consider design variations

The design has always been an essential and decisive item on a sales page. Your composition needs to be relevant to your pre-researched audience.

Everything needs to be elaborated as much as possible from color and content. To succeed, you need to test them before using them for your long-form sales page.

Make your sales page simple.

simple sales page
simple sales page – Source: Dribbble

Your long-form sale page content needs to be as simple as possible so that customers can easily read and understand them.

If not necessary, remove the cumbersome details on the site, replace them with helpful information, and follow the content you present.

Add bulleted text to describe your product’s benefits. Turn your content into concise text or use checkmarks to separate each content idea.

They will make the content you present easier to breathe and bring emotions to the reader. For example, when you want to give the benefits of a problem, you can outline each point separately:

  • Benefit 1: Include a short description
  • Benefit 2: Have a brief description
  • Benefit 3: Get a short description

Make sure that your sale pages are mobile-friendly

Each design for your site needs to be mobile-friendly to adapt to the customer’s purchasing conditions and circumstances. Customers will quickly leave if your website does not possess this element.

Add photos, videos, and illustrations

add photos videos
Add photos, videos

Graphics, images, or videos allow for quick information to your customers. In particular, they help convert more customers.

Add social proof, case studies, and testimonials. Giving proof of authenticity is intended to demonstrate to customers the quality and satisfaction of the previous customers with your product or service.

At the same time, it also helps to signify your business brand successfully.

Offer a guarantee

landing page guarantee
Sales page guarantee

Offering consistent assurance is essential for customers to convert with peace of mind. Many customers will see it as a commitment to product or service quality, and from there, they will not need to think about their judgment.

Incorporate social media share buttons

You should add sharing buttons so that your customers can share helpful information from your site with friends and relatives.

From there, help increase the number of potential customers for your excellent sales page examples.

Add a sense of urgency

Adding deadlines to your offers is an excellent strategy for your best sales page examples.

If you want to find more conversions within 2 hours with your healthcare products, you can come up with action sentences like “Hurry! Hurry up!

This offer is valid for 2 hours only. By doing so, your customers will reach a final judgment faster if your product is important enough and affects you.

Add live chat

You can open live chats to increase interaction between the two parties. It will help customers feel comfortable with their questions and not hesitate to make the final decision.

Create a FAQ section

sales page FAQ section

Building a FAQ section will help you disseminate information to customers quickly without wasting their time. Or this is also a place where you can respond to potential objections.

Try exit-intent popups

You can use pop-ups to offer exclusive offers or attractive discounts to confirm your visitors want to leave.


The information about the long form-sales page above, hopefully, will help you have a thorough look at its role and goals.

The sales page is a potential business tool that you cannot ignore in the new age.

If your sales page is powerful and influential enough, it gives you huge conversions. Enjoy our information, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

Your feedback is a significant force for us to work every day in providing helpful information to you. Thank you for reading!

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