What is a value ladder? How to create one that maximizes profitable

What is a value ladder

The constant competition between businesses and organizations is an inevitable condition forcing forms of division between them to be born. They play an essential role in demonstrating growth and superiority in all aspects between different businesses and organizations.

At the same time, it also helps to reduce fierce competition, bringing the market to an inevitable balance and only competition between objects of the same level.

Value Ladder is a typical example, and it is a necessary tool to create specific values and attract potential customers.

When you successfully use it, you will be the winner.

  • So exactly what is a value ladder?
  • Why it’s necessary when you build a sales funnel?
  • How to create a value ladder for your business?

Let’s find out in detail through the article below!

What is a value ladder?

what is a value ladder

Value Ladder (or sales ladder) is a tactic businesses can use to create plans or map out ways to provide increased value to their customers at different price points. You can understand it as a tool that helps us bring our customers to your right offer. To attract and build trust with customers, value ladders often start with small, easy-to-sell products, such as free offers or services.

On the other hand, it also plays a crucial role in attracting many potential customers to join and use our premium services and products for a long time.

So what is the mechanism of the own value ladder template that converts potential customers into long-term loyal customers?

As customers move up to the next level, they will see more of the benefits they expect from your offers and referrals.

The more attractive the proposal allows, the more value to increase, and you will quickly receive approval for the final offer.

Therefore, you can understand that you are the key figure in the operation and success of the value ladder model.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that the value of the original products or services must be reasonable. Otherwise, you will not attract potential customers for your campaign.

Why The Value Ladder Important?

Your value ladder is your business plan. It shows how to acquire your customers to make money and the result you will help customers achieve. Every sales team should have at least a structured process of the customer journey.

Watch the video below to see Russell Brunson – CEO of Clickfunnels, explain why businesses must have it.

When someone purchases from you, they’re exponentially much likelier to buy some other product from you again. Even if it is your highest and most expensive ticket offer.

Through the value ladder, you can ultimately create different values ​​​​for your products or services, thereby helping to attract customers to participate in the experience and use of products and services.

Creating value is the foundation and decisive factor to the success of any service-based business. They are the factors that help you set yourself apart from your competition, attract potential customers, and give your brand compelling meaning.

If you do not create unique value for your product or service, your business will surely not develop because it does not generate novelty in users’ eyes.

So, your unique products will only be treated as ordinary products in the market.

Moreover, the value ladder also helps you to reach potential customers and turn them into loyal customers accurately.

Suppose, when you provide a service, a valuable product, there will be two target customers for your product: potential and trusted customers.

Both of these objects can turn them into long-term customers with attractive offers and offers.

What are the benefits and uses of a Value Ladder?

To further confirm the correctness of the previous statements, we have studied and systematically built the primary benefits from using the value ladder for business.

The benefits they bring are enormous, having a significant influence on the present and the future.

All of the following benefits build directly on the achievements of businesses using the value ladder. Therefore, you can rest assured to refer!

1. Customer psychology and retention

Customer psychology and retention

The first benefit of the value ladder that we want to mention is customer psychology and retention. Customer trust is something that can only be formed after they buy and use our products or services.

And of course, to create trust in them, you need to attract their attention by launching preferential-priced products.

If you tend to offer them high-priced products or services right from the start, you’re missing out on an opportunity to build trust with your customers.

On the other hand, customer retention is also a special meaning that the value ladder provides. Retaining loyal customers is less expensive than new customers with sales funnels.

Moreover, the fact that you create a value ladder product with many other accompanying services is also an ideal suggestion for the value ladder to promote the meaning of customer retention with value ladders.

Premium offering only a particular product or service will often bring boredom and limitation to customers who want to participate in more than one service.

2. Provide resale service and discount

resale service and discount

When you have clearly defined each step in the value ladder, you will have the opportunity to sell more products or services to potential customers.

For example, with more attractive offers, you will be able to sell more products, and you can introduce your potential customers spreading products of great value to a wide range of users or are not. It will help you reach more customers at the same time.

However, carefully consider the entire cost of these attractive offers. You just need to use them in moderate amounts, not necessarily to build and turn them into large scales.

In addition, you should consider expanding more related products or services so that customers have access to a variety of products that are suitable for their available money.

3. Earn the trust of hesitant customers

trust of hesitant customers

Using a value ladder helps you accurately classify your customers and helps build trust with many hesitant customers. Hesitant customers are those who intend to use the product but are still afraid of product quality.

Applying free incentive programs is low value and top quality products as leverage to motivate them to use your product or service.

Just a one-time product experience will help them feel more confident and secure about the brand’s product quality. 

In the not too distant future, if this target group is cared for carefully and meticulously, it will become to potential customers.

And with value ladders, maybe some of them will become loyal customers and contribute to the long-term development of the business.

With this meaning, you can thoroughly apply it in many different specific ways depending on your goals. And sure, if you take it seriously, you will succeed.

4. The value ladder extends the long-term value of customers

benefits of value ladder

The deeper meaning of the value ladder is to extend the long-term value of the customer. It has a remarkable influence on the growth of the business, even related to the survival of the brand.

You can imagine if we cannot expand lifetime customer value, where will we source customers to increase profits and reach? In the not-so-distant fiction, that might hurt the system and the business size.

Therefore, we recommend choosing and using a value ladder. Use it as a support tool to optimize your business and contribute to promoting online business development.

However, always remember that your product or service must be reasonable and of good quality, then applying the value ladder is effective.

How To Create A Value Ladder?

Understanding the value ladder’s meanings has not helped you capture the entire market and potential customers. It would help if you had a deeper understanding of how to build a value ladder.

how to create a value ladder

Start with a FREE offer

The purpose of creating a free offer or product with an impressive budget is to create a strong bond between the customer and the brand.

lead funnel: 99 instagram secrets

Your free offer (or lead magnet) will help you build trust with them to prove you are dependable and a specialist at answering this issue.

Just because it’s doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be valuable; quite the opposite, such as

  • Blog posts,
  • Free sample e-book
  • How-to videos
  • Audio exercises
  • A free introductory course
  • Webinar
  • etc.

This is how you’re going to get somebody to your website, but keep in mind that as people are going within their decision-making manner and concluding out whether you’re the one to believe, it may take associating with your brand more times before they’re enthusiastic about committing.

Having free content as an inspiration to interact with you isn’t a miraculous sales bullet. It’s used to construct trust.

Make it relevant and focus on solving their problems, and when they’re ready to engage with money, you’ll be the one they aid.

This is termed reciprocity.

The belief is that when you’re contributing value for free, your public will begin to feel obliged for your help and even liable to you. When deciding who to accept, they’ll be much more likely to go with you because you’ve previously advised them to solve their query part of the process for free.

Tripwire offers

Once you have the email addresses of prospects, you will want to introduce your tripwire offer to them and make money.

Tripwire offer items (or low ticket items) are low-cost offers that can quickly increase your customer’s reach and become a best friend. As the customer-product interaction establishes, the relationship between value and buyer changes. 

what is a tripwire

Specifically, when customers already believe in your product and you have the right to change the value of the product, of course, they will still support you.

From the above meaning, many experts believe that Tripwire offers a great resource that the value ladder can exploit and promote many of its core features. 

If the value ladder is simply a model that welcomes customers and directs them to the quality of the product across many different audiences. When combined with Tripwire offers, this is expressed and complemented by buyer action and judgment by low-priced products.

When they visit your store for the first time, it will be difficult for them to decide what to buy. 

At this stage, what makes them feel secure and ready to focus on are specific and detailed posts and products. 

With each post bringing a certain value and meaning to them, they can willingly leave information to receive about such a product. And these values ​​can only be met by Tripwire offers. 

Tripwire offers make customers more confident about your product and partly boost their judgment on the product.

Core Offer

The main goal of the core offering in the value ladder is to solve the biggest problem for the customer. 

In other words, it is related to the value of the main product. Essentially, the core offer isn’t much different from the others, but it requires a larger financial commitment than the potential customer offer but provides even greater value.

On the other hand, given the nature of the core offer and its value, only a small number of customers will reach the value ladder in this category. 

It’s inevitable and you have to accept it. The majority of your revenue will come from free offers and potential customer recommendations.

Good examples of this step include e-books, seminars, or courses. They are the most effective means of conveying product information.

Higher Price Offer

You need a mid-range offer with higher-priced products. All offers with prices below the set limit are acceptable. A higher Price Offer is the place to solve all the problems faced by customers. 

Moreover, it is also an impressive proposition for those who have not yet applied the strategy effectively and need support.

Incentives for high-priced products must really mean something for valuable products. It helps to make a lot of impressions for customers. 

It is also the only way to make customers believe in the quality of your product or service. Above all, you also need to be careful not to reveal the true value of the product or service. Because, when they know that the value can be exchanged, they will immediately turn to your product.

On the other hand, for customers who do not have access to this offer, you can completely create an offer at a lower price. 

This job of yours does not make you much profit, but it has the effect of attracting and keeping a large number of potential customers.

High-ticket offer

The High Ticket items are the bottom rung of your value ladder. It is the highest-priced product and of course, only applies to some customers who can afford them. 

The audience that can use this type of incentive is people who already know that when they invest here they will know for sure what they are getting and possibly more of what they want.

To increase interaction between groups of users who use this premium offer, you can completely set up a general community for them. 

Their close connection will surely bring you various benefits. You can open some chats on social networking sites or private groups so they can work things out more easily. 

Additional course templates are also a good idea for this category that you should keep in mind.

Value Ladder Vs sales Funnel

Because we have different offers on each tier of the value ladder, so we design different types of sales funnel to sell each type of offer.

The value ladder offers multiple value tiers at various price points and moves up from low to high-priced products. In the sales funnel blueprint, we discuss 3 types of the funnel: Lead Funnel, Buyer Funnel, and High-tickets Funnel

You can see how to use it in the value ladder below.

value ladder and sales funnel
Because the price of each step of the value ladder is different, so you need to use different types of sales funnel in each value tier.

Look at the image below to understand the bridge between a value ladder and a sales funnel. The funnel in each step of the value ladder is a “mini-funnel” of the big sales funnel.

The value ladder vs sales funnel

Create a value ladder to help you figure out what products and services you need to add so that your target audiences move from bait to your high-end product or service.

The cloud above the sales funnel is Traffic (People who visit your funnel). From there you will want to attract them by giving them free stuff or low-cost product. After your potential customers get it, they will receive the value from you.

Next, move deeper into the funnel and introduce the next product or service on your value ladder. Not everyone gets your free stuff, or “bait” will buy your front-end product. But a percentage of them will.

The process keeps going until they reach your back-end offer, which helps you increase the average cart value per customer.

This is a difference between people who have sales funnel and sell the product only:

  • People who sell products and don’t have sales processes use ads to promote your products or services. If the cost for ads increases (it always happen), they get less money, break-even, and finally lose.
  • If you have a sales funnel, you only use ads to attract people to your bait to get their information. Then introduce them to other products or services, almost free using email marketing, chatbot, SMS, etc.
the difference of people who sell product and have a value ladder with powerful sales process
Customers spending power is maximized while your budget is not change

Once you have a sales process, you should focus ads on your front-end offer. Then you can promote your core, middle, and back-end offers by using a follow-up funnel. You also increase your profits and outbid your competitors.

When your ads stop working for your core offers, you can start to build new front-end offers to get new people into your sales process and ascend them to the offers you’ve created.

Best Value Ladder Examples

We believe that reading information about value ladders is not enough for you to understand them well. Therefore, we have listed some of best value ladders below to analyze and demonstrate the information released earlier deeply.

Clickfunnels Value Ladder

Clickfunnels Value Ladder
Clickfunnels Value Ladder – Russell Brunson

Clickfunnels Value Lader is the best example for SAAS business. Look at the ladder you can see they will drive people to go through 4 stages:

The ladder is arranged following the psychology of most customers today.

Marketing Service Value Ladder

Marketing Service Value ladder example
Example for Marketing Service

Coaching Value Ladder

Value Ladder example for Author, Speaker and Coach
Value Ladder coaching, speaker, and author

Coaching valuable ladder can be exclusively applied to today’s online courses. It is a unique product that brings impressive supplier profits as well as a large number of students. The ladder will go through 4 different stages: Books, online courses, online events/conferences, and finally, 1-on-1 coaching.

You can understand simply Coaching Value Ladder acts as customer orientation and provides experience to them before deciding whether to use the course or not. And of course, when they join the 1-1 course, it will bring you a more stable and reasonable profit.

Dentist Value Ladder

Dentist Value Ladder example
Value Lader Dentist: Start with teeth cleaning for FREE

The value ladder is also widely applied in the medical field, specifically the Dentist Value Ladder. Specifically, by making judgments about the quality of your customers’ teeth, directing them on how to make their teeth white and strong, and ultimately directing them to your oral care products.

For the dentist value ladder, you need to use your expertise to change their minds and make a quick final judgment on your product.

How Do You Create Value For Clients?

Creating high value for your customers is a critical requirement to enable your brand’s profitability, reputation, and long-term success.

It can also help bring in many potential and convert them into a paying customer that contribute a lot to the importance and development of your product or service.

Realizing the importance of creating value, we have constantly researched and compiled some valuable tips for creating value below. These tips are in the spirit of objectivity and fairness, and you can be assured of their feasibility.

1. Improve the purchasing process

The cumbersome sales process is sometimes a barrier that prevents consumers from accessing products or services. Therefore, optimizing the sales process will bring you a large number of potential customers.

You might want to consider setting up an online shopping option to make it easier for your customers to select and track the quality of their orders.

Besides, creating specific incentives, promotions, or free shipping programs also attracts consumers’ attention.

At the same time, try to build a team of professional consultants to create a separate trust in customers when choosing any product or service.

2. Focus on brand awareness

Customers tend to choose brands represented by famous and influential people themselves. They think that this will make them more secure about the quality and relatively low production cost.

Starting from that concept, you need to focus on building your brand. You can directly invite celebrities to represent your business if you have enough money, or if not, you can use some other way to highlight the image, such as participating in charity or sponsoring a program.

It would help if you kept in mind that the brand position in the hearts of consumers is something fundamental; it is a springboard to help you have specific successes in the future.

3. Get customer feedback

Customer feedback is vital to the growth of your brand, so you can maximize your strengths and overcome any remaining weaknesses. Consider creating surveys that can deeply analyze customer needs to make it easier to reach customers.

Or you can organize several small surveys on a large scale at a particular location to listen directly to consumers’ feedback. However, for the study to run smoothly and successfully, please bring them meaningful gratitude gifts from your brand.

4. Create a unique product

By creating a unique product, with super quality will help your brand resonate in the consumer market. And of course, those products will give customers a friendly and positive view of your products or services.

However, you also need to consider the cost of that unique product carefully. It must have an impressive budget to enter the market and make an impact on user psychology.

5. Provide a positive experience

Improving customer experience is one of the essential criteria for forming the quality and success of the brand.

You can enhance the user experience by sending them small gifts or meaningful thank you notes. Even though it’s so tiny, it makes the user’s psychology comfortable, excited and wants to return to use your product or service.

That way is a solution to help direct customers to their brand.

6. Prioritize quality over price

The everyday psychology of most customers today is looking for quality products at super low cost.

Therefore, the fact that you bring superior products or services with a competitive budget will be a prerequisite to help your brand achieve the desired sales and soon have a certain foothold in the market.

7. Identify your strengths

Leveraging the brand’s strengths allows for outstanding growth and spreads the brand to a broader audience. You can fully realize your strengths through feedback and reviews from consumers. Or you can also know what is right in the development goal of the business model.

8. Adjust your marketing strategy

Marketing strategy has a significant influence on the scale of development and consumer access to your brand.

It is an important milestone marking a specific position in the market and the hearts of consumers. You can build a marketing strategy by creating meaningful messages or quality promotional videos.

In addition, carefully consider the audience of the marketing strategy to achieve greater efficiency! Reaching the right audience will save you time and effort and have a good effect on the development of your brand.

9. Customer education

Make sure your customers correctly identify the value and quality of the product. So, you must be the one who needs to be serious about building and directing them to the right brand concepts. You can give them accurate dashboards with minimal yet complete content.

10. Define your target audience

Categorizing the target audience is necessary to accurately identify the group of potential customers to implement a unique marketing strategy.

It would help if you spent a little bit of the budget to create more product impressions with this same customer group. Because, in the not too distant future, they will be your companions on the whole customer journey of success.

With lower potential customer groups, it is possible to take care of them with a simple regimen, but do not forget to create excitement. Because maybe one of them might become loyal customers.


With the above information about Value Ladder, we hope it can help you better understand what it means and how it works. Creating a value ladder is at the core of your brand’s long-term success.

In short, the value ladder is a structure for you to strengthen your brand. It’s crucial, especially for digital and service-based businesses.

The most crucial step is to make a sales funnel and to stand by that in your process.

By formulating complex levels of value-based offers matching to where your customers are in the decision-making process, you’re not only adequately positioned to get and manage consumers but to maximize earnings and record customer value as well.

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