Funnel Hacking for beginners – The Ultimate Guide

how to funnel hacking

Funnel Hacking is a new concept that I learn from Dotcom Secrets book by Russell Brunson.

It helps marketer and business owner grow their business by creating the landing page and sales funnel in their niche faster, save times and money.

So what is “Funnel Hacking”?

Now, I’m going to share with you all definition, tactic whatever you need to know about this to help you grow your business better.

You can say that like “Growth hacking”

Funnel Hacking tutorial – All you need to know

Funnel Hacking Meaning

Most of marketers, startup and business owner “stress” with their business every day with a hundred or thousand variable to check.

It’s maybe like:

  • The price
  • Copy, scripts
  • Landing Page
  • Headline
  • Up-sell
  • Videos
  • The message you’re share
  • Traffic source
  • The sales funnel
  • And more

Normally, with each variable what we can do are:

Have a new Idea > Trying > Testing > and repeat until you have the best result.

So, it wastes your time, your money, energy…And the result is not always as your expected.

Luckily, “Funnel Hacking” will help you solve that problem.

If You Want To Achieve Success, All You Need To Do Is
Find A Way Model Those Who Have Already Succeeded

– Tony Robbins –

Can I ask you a question?

Do you have any competitors in your niche?

“Yes, I have a lot of competitors and they are successful than me” – this is the answer I always get.

That’s great.

Funnel hacking is the activity that you will go deep into your competitor’s sales funnel and see what happen inside it.

  • The landing page design
  • Front-end and back-end funnel
  • What message they share
  • The Copy
  • What are videos talking about?
  • How many upsell or down-sell are there inside the funnel?
  • Email sequence
  • The list goes on.

So, buy the product of your competitors and see what they do. Then model it, use it and testing with your own business, your sales process.

Remember, Screen capture all of it. (Ads, Landing page, Email,…)

And the people who do the activity as I talk above. They usually called “Funnel Hacker”

Why Should You Know And Learn About Funnel Hack?

Remember this:

“What your audience says and what they do are sometimes entirely different”

You know this, right?

Sometimes you ask people if they will buy XYZ and they all YES! But then you release it and…Crickets.

I mean what you think, what people say, what you learn sometimes different from the results you get.

  • The CTA (call to action) button has a redblue or green is better?
  • Which is the headline that great in your landing page?

=> Let Testing

You think it’s great does not mean it will work

What you can do is the only test.

And this is the reason why you need Funnel Hacking.

  • Save your time
  • Your Money
  • Energy
  • More

Because, your competitor who is successful in your niche, they have tested it for you.

Their Funnel is working and make profitable.

And the question is:” Why you’re not learning from them?”

What exactly I need to do when Funnel Hacking?

Now, we going to exactly what we need to do when Funnel Hacking.

This is not true or wrong, depend on each of people then we have another tactic and strategy.

With me, the first thing I need to do is set up the goal:

  1. The Landing page design
  2. Script (image, text, video, headline, email sequence)
  3. Traffic source

That is our goal, right?

So, how can we do it?

This is a checklist when I Funnel Hack:

  1. Research competitors who have a good funnel. (If you already have, skip)
  2. Buy the product
  3. Screen capture all landing page, upsell page (or down-sell), email sequence, the script inside the page, Url video,…
  4. Funnel Clone
  5. Research traffic source (The traffic coming from Facebook, Pinterest, Direct, SEO, Email, or Banner?)
  6. Do they have to retarget on google or Facebook? (if yes, screen capture it)
  7. The Ads script (what the Ad talk about? It has an image or video? The image look like or video talk about?)
  8. Clone it.

Remember, we’re not copy anything, what we do right now is we should model it, write a similar content, image, video, landing page,… with your own.

Now, I want to introduce to you Russell Brunson – the man who taught me Funnel Hacking concept.

And he is an author of the best selling book that calls Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets. Now, you can watch the video below to understand what I say above and get more detail about Funnel Hack.

Funnel hacking Russell Brunson

Watch The Video Now And Get Your FREE Funnel

Funnel Hacking Step by step From A-Z

In this time, you have to know the definition and what we need to do when Funnel hack, right?

Now, I going to deep into the checklist that I talk about step by step.

How To Find A Good Funnel

If you already have the competitor that they have a good funnel.

So you can skip this step.

But, I don’t think most of the people have it.

Then, the question is:” Where do I find a good funnel?” and “How do I know it works and making money?”

You can find them on Facebook, Google search, Instagram, TV,…

In this case, I’ll show you how can I do it.

The first thing what I do is going to This is a big company with a thousand successful funnel.

Then, I click on the marketplace.

Clickbank marketplace - Funnel Hacking
Clickbank Marketplace

From here, you can pick the niche that you want like business/ invest, education, weight loss, yoga, sport…whatever you want.

For example, I go to “health and fitness” and I click on Diet and Weight loss.

Clickbank Diet and weight loss products

Now, this is a top of weight loss and diet niche. And they make thousand dollars per day.

It’s working

You can see the Grav: 241 or 79.09. This product so hot and many people promote.

That means they have a good funnel and make a lot of money, right?.

Buy the product and Screenshot everything

When you have a good funnel, what you should do right now is buy the product to see behind the sense what’s going on.

I ever hacking the funnel Of Russell Brunson. That is the Expert Secrets book funnel.

The book really cool and I love it. So you can get the book here for FREE.

Expert Secrets Book Funnel - Funnel Hacking

Now, this is the screenshot of their Funnel.

Now, if you ready for Funnel Hacking. Find your credit card and buy the product of your competitor now.

Make sure to screenshot everything.

The first thing, you need to take is screenshot tools. I usually use Snagit which allows me to easily screenshot website page. Then I can Save it on my computer.

You also use other tools like Google Chrome extension or Greenshot.

So, install the tool that you like and become Funnel Hacker now.

Funnel cloning

After Funnel Hack, we going to create our own funnel. In this video below, Russell Brunson teaches you how to build the funnel less than 10 minutes. 

Watch Full Video Series Funnel Hack Now!

What you need to do here is not make an idea. You just only model the funnel that you Hack.

It’s may include:

  • Type of copywriting (they use an image or video, Sell the product or give something free,…)
  • What colors did they use?
  • Mobile friendly
  • The headline
  • Did they have social proof?
  • The home page short or long?
  • Did they have the pop-up or exit pop-up
  • And more

Note everything you can see in Word or Notepad.

Then you can use it in your Funnel, for your products,

For example, I introduce to you a man his name is Peng Joon.

When he releases his new book that calls Platform Closing, he models the funnel similar Expert Secrets Book Funnel Of Russell Brunson.

So You can see it here:

The First is Expert Secrets Book sales page

expert secrets book sales page review
Expert Secrets book sales page

And here is Platform Closing sales page

peng joon platform closing - Funnel Hacking

It similar and work really well.

Traffic Hack

Now, you already have an awesome funnel, right?

In fact, have a good funnel is great. But if you don’t have traffic, you actually can’t make any money.

Traffic and conversion are very important for marketers.

Now, I will show you, how can I know the traffic of my competitors come from.

So, what I want to know are:

  • The traffic comes from?
  • Do they use Facebook ads or banner? The Ad talking about?
  • what types of content? Do they use image or video?
  • Do they have re-targeting?

Traffic source

I usually use SEMRush and Similar Web to research their traffic source.

In this case, I going to use the Similar web to research where traffic comes from.

Step #1: Visit

In the dashboard, I put the URL of competitor funnel

put url on similar web dashboard - Funnel Hacking

Scroll down to the traffic sources.

As you can see, the most of traffic come from Social media.

funnel hacking live traffic source

Traffic comes from 3 channel:



And WhatsApp

Funnel hacking russell brunson - how to drive traffic

The most of traffic coming from Facebook.

So, I think they ran the Facebook Ad campaign.

What I do right now is go to the facebook page, click “Info and Ads” button and see their Ads

peng joon platform closing - facebook ads

This is the Ad that they ran. And so many ads in there.

Now, you have to know the traffic source, the Ads (what are they talk about, the images,…)

Especially, The interesting is when I leave their website, I saw re-target Ad on Facebook.

platform closing retargeting facebook

Now, you have a good funnel and know how to drive traffic, how to create the Ads, the copy,… Everything you need to build a successful funnel.

Is it great?

You don’t need to waste your time on testing, do not lose your money, energy, overload, stress,…

FREE Funnel template

Do you need a sales funnel to help sell your products or services?

If so – then I’ve got something really cool for you.

After you watch the video that Russell teach how Funnel Hack before. You can download the funnel template for free.

Russell giving you 3 super profitable funnels built for you…
  • Funnel #1 – The supplement funnel that let them start making over $20,000 A DAY right off the bat.
  • Funnel #2 – The “High Ticket Funnel” that he used to completely fill his $25,000 a year mastermind. (Yes, $25,000 up-front… no payment plans allowed… and it’s worked just the same for my clients too)
  • Funnel #3 – The Bestselling Book Funnel… ever wanted to be a best-selling author? A REAL best-selling author and not one of those “Amazon bestsellers”?? Well, then you’ll want this funnel that let them sell 26,187 copies of his book in under 30 days…

All you have to do is plug in your own products, turn on the traffic and then invite me to your first yacht party.

funnel cloning by russell brunson

Watch The Training And FREE Trial Now!

Funnel Hacking Master Class & 6-month Clickfunnels FREE

Funnel Hacking Master Class - Funnel Secrets

Funnel hacks Masterclass is a training program that gives you every tool, everything you need to be successful.

  • The funnel
  • Generate traffic
  • The copy, email sequences
  • And so much more

After sign-up Funnel Hacks Master CLass, you also have 6-month using Clickfunnels for FREE (full suite).

Now, you can create the opt-in page, webinar, membership site, Affiliate program,… easily.

As you can see Clickfunnels full suite has $297 per month.

Clickfunnels pricing

But when you join Funnel Hack Master Class, you will get it for Free 6-month and also include so many tools and resources.

And you just pay only $997


Funnel Haking is really powerful for entrepreneurs, start-up, business owner,… who looking to market their product or service. And also want to increase sales and profitable without spending a lot of money on trying and testing.

It has 3 step:

  1. Find the successful funnel
  2. Buy the product, screenshot everything from the page design to email sequence and Ads content
  3. Cloning

Again, if you want to get the top 3 sales funnels of Russell Brunson for free and watch the video how to Funnel Hacking step by step you just only click here and get it all

Before you leave, If you want to learn more detail about the sales funnel.

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