Dotcom Secrets Book Review -All Scripts For Sales Funnel

Dotcom Secrets Book Review -All Scripts For Sales Funnel
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Dotcom Secrets Book is the ultimate guide to help you create an online sales funnel.If you are one of those people searching for ways to increase traffic and conversion to your website, then the Dotcom Secrets book could have been tailored to your need. They share with you all scripts you need to create a sales funnel (email scripts, landing page scripts, OTO (one – time – offer) scripts,…)

However, before you rush to the nearest bookstore to get your copy of the book, there are two major things you need to note:

  • This book is not a guidebook on how to increase traffic to your website but you will be bringing in more traffic to your website after reading it.
  • This book will not teach you about conversion but it will bring you more sales after understanding the secrets revealed in this book.

So what’s in it? Watch the video intro below.



(DotComSecrets retails for $19.95, but he gives away it for you! You just pay your shipping/handling to receive it (just $7.95 US, $14.95 intl)

DotcomSecrets Book Review: Is It Scam?

Dotcom Secrets Book OverView

Dotcom secrets book review Russell Brunson

Summary Product Information

Product NameDotcom Secrets Book
AuthorRussell Brunson
Ratingdotcom secrets book rating
NicheInternet Marketing/Business/Book
LevelAll Level
PriceFREE – $7.95 For Shipping
RecommendHighly Recommend

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What is DotcomSecrets Book:

This is a must-have resource tool not only for every marketer but for every business entrepreneur trying to make a sale in online business.

You may have been selling online for years, receiving minimal gains or worst, losing – instead of earning something from it.

Second, you may have put most of your time and effort developing your web page or site just to attract viewers, but still, you got Less Traffic!

dotcom secrets - marketing book for beginners

And then, you may have a large crowd of the audience and had bombarded them with sales campaigns, offers, promotions – yet everything remains the same every time – No Conversion!

In cases like these, you need to learn business marketing strategies from Russell Brunson, the author of DotcomSecrets book.

So, how can an online business exist without you focusing on traffic and conversion?

Here are a few of marketing and business strategies significant to every online business that you need to learn from this book.    

Targeting Your Audience – Dream customer

dotcom secrets - the secrets formula

As one conducts a marketing campaign, offers are sent to every viewer who happens to visit your page or who is on your marketing list.

Doing this means maximum time and effort spent on something you aren’t sure to produce income.  What’s more is it drives the advertising cost high as you try to send to more number of people.

According to Russell Brunson, you need to filter your audience and capture only those leads that are relevant and significant to the product and services you are offering. 

Adapting your Language to Your Audience

Most people involved in marketing are quite immersed in the technology that they have forgotten that there are still some people out there who are not aware of the language used in the world of technology.

It’s best to know that these people are what comprise your audience.

They are not concerned with how you do things behind the scenes or how you communicate with people you share the same language.

What is important is that they are interested in what you are offering them because it caters to their needs. 


The first time I heard about the use of internet “traffic”, it really surprised me.  Who wouldn’t if you identify the word as an overly congested road filled with vehicles and impatient motorists?

The author pointed this out as a crucial factor in internet marketing.

Speak your audience language so they can understand you if you want them to interact with your product or services. 

There are more to these but the core of DotComSecrets about is about creating funnels that will captivate your audiences and bring them an enjoyable marketing journey experience through various processes until they finally buy something from you.

It doesn’t really matter if they buy what you initially or if they buy something afterward through down sells.

Creating your sales funnel – Marketing funnel strategies

Funnels are significant to entice the audience to navigate through your site or webpage and compel them to take specific action.

It starts with a Call to Action (CTA), driving potential customers to a series of channels until it ends up converting offers into sales.

sales funnel example - funnel secretsHere are some marketing secrets that will be provided to you for FREE!

  • How to beat any tweaks or split test to increase conversions?
  • The simple way to generate instant profits?
  • Use cold calling to generate Millions of Dollars?
  • How to sell products in billions using a small classified ad?
  • What are the 5 Old Media Transitions that produces quick results?
  • What the difference between a $10-K company and a $10-B company?
  • The Truth Behind the Value Ladder  and Sales Funnel Connection
  • PLUS many more!!!

About the Author (Russell Brunson)


Outside Silicon Valley – in a little town in Boise, Idaho – Russell Brunson, author of the book, DotComSecrets works single-handed on an innovative start-up that has been secretly revolutionizing the online marketing industry.

Unlike in Silicon Valley, no one has attempted to influence him while working on his platform.

He self-funded the entire using his one-million mailing list, which had grown bigger and stronger since then.dotcomsecrets book russell brunson

The core of his success was the ClickFunnels software that sent enticing sale copy to over one million individuals on the mailing list to join him in his venture and has since then continues building up his mailing list.

Brunson was able to establish his solid marketing space on the internet through his ability to produce high-converting sales copy as he confined his life to exploring internet movements and analytics, capturing leads with enticing CTAs, and picking apart reluctant traffic until he was able to create ClickFunnels – his legendary cash machine.

Why People Need to Read this Book


Online Businessmen face some real challenge once they begin marketing their products and service.

When their business is not going anywhere, they instantly assume it’s all about issues of traffic and conversion.

This could be partly true, but the author of the book, DotCom Secrets is telling us that there’s more to that.  Uncover the secrets behind online marketing challenges if you intend to be successful. 

Dotcom Secrets Price

The DotComSecrets book is being sold on Amazon for a price of $19.95 plus shipping.

However, Russel Brunson is giving away this book for FREE! You pay only for the shipping and will it will be delivered right to your doorsteps.

To avail, simply visit this page here and fill up the form.

Dotcom Secrets pdf

At this time, there is no available pdf downloadable copy of the book.  DotCom Secrets books are only available on Amazon in paper and audio form as well as in Kindle format.

People talking about Dotcom Secrets

DotComSecrets was huge for me to create the funnels I currently use to generate over $250k in revenue every single month… John Lee Dumas

This book takes you from getting started to emails to funnels to closing the sale… – Ben Settle


I can’t believe how much content you put into every page… Dave Woodward


I’ve been around a long time, and this was truly eye opening to me. It’s one of the few books I’ve ever read that actually taught me new stuff Jim Edwards



Amazon review

This is some review about dotcom secrets book on Amazon

dotcom secrets review on amazon

Dotcom Secrets book review on Amazon

dotcomsecrets customer amazon review - Russell Brunson net worth

Dotcom Secrets vs. Expert Secrets

dotcom secrets vs expert secrets

Dotcom Secrets tackles how to go about with your marketing campaign strategies which can have a direct effect on your traffic and conversion.

It provides you with a guide on how to develop tools that can help you get successful in your online business.

Expert Secrets on the other hands focus on developing leaders aiming to have their voices heard, the brand recognized, and turning them into powerful, influencing agents in the business industry where they belong. 

With these two potent resource tools in running and marketing, there’s no way for your business to go but grow, develop, and expand. 

Note: You can read Expert Secrets book review here

Funnel Hacker Black Box

Another great deal is the ClickFunnels Hacker Black Box which is not available to everyone.

But offered as an upsell once you purchase the DotComSecrets or Expert Secrets books for $37 plus $7,95 for shipping ( $7.95 US or $12.95 international anywhere in the world).Funnel hacker blackbox - funnel secrets  To avail, upgrade and get access to the following

  • DotCom Secrets
  • Expert Secrets
  • Secrets Sketches
  • Click Funnels Secrets
  • Fill your Funnel Secrets
  • Actionetics Secrets
  • PLUS a lot more of the funnel hacker stuff!


The Black Box package contains the following

  • The Funnel Hacker Quick Start Guide
  • Expert Secrets Book by Russell Brunson
  • A Funnel Consulting ticket
  • A Funnel Script ticket
  • A free ticket to the Russell Brunson Webinar – Free funnel training class
  • “I” am funnel hacker sticker
  • Funnel hacker manifesto
  • “I build funnels” sticker
  • Click Funnels Secrets Booklet
  • Actionetic Secret Booklet
  • Russell Brunson Secret Sketches
  • DotCom Secrets Book

Get your Funnel Hacker Black box here


In a world of competitive industries, knowledge and resources tools are the best weapons you can have to succeed.

When the time has become a valuable commodity, a shortcut is the best option for your journey.

The best way to cut short the time needed to learn everything that you need to know in a competitive world where only the best survive is to learn from the experts themselves.

They are the people who have been there ahead of you, who have spent much time, effort and money to face all the challenges and came out of it alive.

They are your best choice for the source of this knowledge.

One of these experts is Russell Brunson and in his effort to help others reached what he had achieved. He authored the DotCom Secrets book that contained solutions to possible issues relative to online marketing.

The book is a knowledgeable guide to learning the ins and outs of the online business.

And a compact solution to technical issues relative to business marketing. 

Russell Brunson can be considered an internet business strategist and with him to mentor you using proven effective ways via his book, you’re a far way ahead of other in reaching success!

dotcom secrets book

Get your Free copy of dotcom secrets book

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