Top 14 Funnel Mapping Software To Help You Draw Your Sales Funnel

Funnel mapping is the first thing what we need to do to build the sales funnel. I have received a lot of email from my readers, they asked me:

  • How to draw sales funnel?
  • Which software that I used to funnel mapping?
  • Does it FREE?

I usually use Funnel Graffiti (Not a software) to do it. And this is my favorite stuff to help me building a sales funnel.

Today, Funnel secrets will share with you top Funnel mapping software to help you draw your sales funnel.

Top 14 Funnel Mapping Software To Help You Draw Your Sales Funnel

How to draw sales funnel with funnel mapping software

In this modern age of the digital lifestyle, funnel mapping or drawing a funnel is being done by computer users and business people. In fact, the funnel in digital form has a renewed purpose that goes way beyond what the physical funnel could do. Here we take a look at what funnel mapping is about and how to draw a funnel digitally.

We start with the software needed to map a funnel (with comprehensive data used) or draw funnel for presentation purposes.

Before we go deep into, let me show you what is the sales funnel?

What are Sales Funnel?

A funnel is a pipe or a tube that has a wide top and a narrow bottom. From a distance, it resembles a spinning top and the way it is designed it allows for the guiding of liquid or powder into the small opening.

The funnel in its physical form can be found at construction sites, schools, laboratories and homes to name some. It has been used many times by people for domestic purposes. Culturally the funnel, when inverted, emphasizes madness or humor and there are already paintings that visualized it.

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1. Funnel Graffiti (Recommend)

Funnel graffiti - funnel mapping

Funnel Graffiti is not a software. This is a sticker help you funnel mapping everywhere that you want:

  • Kitchen
  • In your car
  • Bathroom
  • On the whiteboard

The reason why I recommend it because of Funnel Graffiti really useful and convenient. In fact, Funnel graffiti is FREE. But you need to pay a small cost for printing and shipping

To help you learn more about Funnel Graffiti. Watching a funny video below:

Yes, I Want Some FREE Funnel Graffiti Now

2. Visio

funnel mapping - visio microsoft

Microsoft’s key software Visio is designed to create diagrams, maps, organizational charts, workflows and more. It has the templates and tools users need to make their visual concepts and this includes drawing the funnel.

To draw a funnel using the software, take note that Visio does not have an integrated funnel option but it allows the user to recreate one by drawing lines and then adjusting them to resemble a funnel.

Once the digital funnel has been realized, the user can save it as document stencil for future use.

It gets easier afterward to draw a funnel.

Visio 2016 can be ordered at in the standard edition for $250.

3. Tableau

funnel mapping - Tableau

Another software can draw a funnel is Tableau. It has the tools and the means to help users realize
their funnel concepts.

Tableau has three formats to choose from and each one can be helpful depending on the user’s needs.

Imagine with Tableau, you can make a very basic funnel shape without having to use “bars” on top of each other.

Next, you can make a funnel that has layers or sections differentiated by color. Finally, you can make a funnel that is both filled and segmented with color.

Tableau Software specializes in data visualization products so it is no surprise that its software allows the user to draw a funnel and more. This funnel software shows an evolution of design as well as user-friendliness.

Visit now.

4. Creately

If you are looking for a nice alternative to Microsoft’s Visio, then Creately can fit in nicely for you. For its general use, it comes with

  • Customized themes and colors.
  • Thousands of templates
  • Recorded view of all changes or modifications made an offline work option.
  • And most notably it allows users to draw shapes and connect lines in an efficient and convenient manner.

When it comes to funnels related to analyzing sales backed with flowcharts.

Creately uses diagrams for funnels to understand the flow of a user through its website followed by data sent to the application and more.

Their system identifies political customers who learn about Creately, determine their motivations and identify pages they land on. Creately is no slouch when it comes to funnel mapping.

Visit now.

5. Cacoo

Cacoo is another free application that can help you map funnels and more.

To say the very least, it comes with so many templates it is very unlikely for a user to fail to create sales funnels. Its features include:

  • Making diagrams online (create, save and share them with your clients or team members).
  • View the history of revision.
  • Notifications about activities can be checked easily.
  • Leave comments and has several colors, lines, and shapes to choose from.

On creating a sales funnel, it is powered by the cloud and documenting the details is often easy to do. When it comes to organizing stuff, the file management is both simple and secure.

Convenience on funnel mapping is truly undeniable.

Oh yes, you can make your funnels looks very colorful while maintaining the details and words.


6. AWW App

You want to make funnels and flowcharts with simplicity and efficiency? Try the AWW App.

The first thing users will notice is the presentation of a clean whiteboard which may look lifeless or too simple to the eyes.

However, the whiteboard has a lot of space and gives users the tools they need to establish their visual concepts.

how to draw sales funnel with awwapp

The app is touch-friendly, allows the uploading of images (plus PPT and PDF files), allows keyboard shortcuts, sharing works with team members and there is no registration required. AWW App will help you make your flowcharts and funnels easily and painlessly.

What more can you ask for in relation to your plans and concepts?

Don’t let the simple looking interface of AWW App fool you. It is more capable and user-friendly than meets the eye.


7. Funnel Flows

If you want to make marketing funnels with a lot of detail, strong visual elements and at the same time ease of use, then Funnel Flows is recommended.

Funnel Flows allows users to manage entire funnel projects easily, make different kinds of funnels from scratch and more.

With this software, users can choose from several types of pages (examples: webinar pages, social media ads, product launch pages, order form pages, and sales pages to name some), icons, traffic sources and flowchart elements.

mapping your sales funnel with funnel flow

When it comes to templates for funnels, users will be happy to learn that a lot of them are available such as:

  • Sales Funnels
  • Webinar funnels
  • Lead capture funnels
  • Retargeting funnels
  • Free product funnels
  • Speaker funnels
  • Survey funnels
  • And the list goes on.

Funnel Flows is available in the free version but if you want the complete package and real long-term results, you are better off with paying $15 monthly for it.

Funnel Flows is undeniably very versatile and will prove to be highly helpful for whatever funnel concept you have.

Visit now.

8. Lucidchart

Are you using funnel mapping for marketing purposes?

Lucidchart is designed to help you achieve your goals and to say the least it offers you labels, shapes, and lines to start with.

Lucidchart - funnel mapping software
Lucid Chart is very easy to mapping a sales funnel by drag and drop


Lucidcharts was made to be collaborative (ideal for your networking needs), protects diagrams by using a password system, check any errors made on spelling, exporting sales funnels and adding links to key sections.

With regards to making a sales funnel, this software will help you learn about the key elements (set by stage) such as awareness, interest, decision, action and more.

Creating a sales funnel related to the industry you are part of (including the products and services provided) will help you attract a base of customers by means of visualizing your concepts.

Visit funnel mapping software and sign up for free.

9. Sketchfunnels

The always online Sketchfunnels software is made to help you create your funnels easily, and able to select from wide variety of features and tools. 

It’s like the funnel mapping software that Russell Brunson used in his book “Dotcom Secrets

top sales funnel mapping - sketchfunnels

You can even create templates now and re-use it later for further concepts. There are also icons specified for traffic sources, webinar pages, sales pages, landing pages, and affiliate pages to name some.

Back to your sketches, you can share them with other users of Sketchfunnels.

To avail of this visit now.

10. Clickfunnels

CickFunnels Free Trial 14 Days For FREE

Another tool for making funnels is Clickfunnels which has attracted several positive reviews from business-minded users.

By visiting, you can check the site out and by registering for a free account, you will have access to dozens of types of funnels that you can use to turn your website visitors into paying customers.

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Technically it has:

  • A simple drag-and-drop web page editor.
  • Automation on email
  • Facebook marketing
  • A dashboard with a system that really has everything organized.

Clickfunnels software free trial 14 days and funnel mapping

After realizing your funnel concepts, you can use them to make your digital marketing goals come true.

Clickfunnels is sophisticated, it allows users (especially entrepreneurs) to make good use of the varied options to make funnels quickly and make solid results on generating leads, sales and more.

Trial 14-days for FREE now.

11. Google Drawings


how to draw your sales funnel with google drawing
 Funnel Mapping with Google Drive. Why Not?

Google Drawings can help you make your sales funnel complete with options that you will love like:

  • Sharing the funnel with the audience
  • Uploading images you prepared
  • Collaborating with team members
  • And posting links to supplement sections with data.

You can also add text, select shapes, and colors for funnels. It may not be very popular for funnel makers but Google Drawings has the means to realize those funnels.

To avail of Google Drawings, which is free, create yourself a Google account and once you’re up and running you can find the tool in Google Drive.

12. Funnelytics

Designed by digital marketers for their fellow digital marketers.

Funnelytics help you map funnels in a better way. Why would users love it? It’s got a vault containing
lots of free templates, allows you to share your funnel to others (impress the clients and boost your chances of retention), and you can choose from many icons of traffic pages, online resources, and even offline channels.

funnelytics - map better funnel

Funnel mapping is also convenient to do by means of clicking the button and you also have lots of customization options to choose from.

If you want to map out your funnels efficiently and quality, Funnelytics is a solid option to take and the beauty of it is that it reduces the hassles that others encounter.

Visit now and start making a difference.

13. Wishpond

Remember back in the old days when it takes several hours to create a funnel?

Online resource Wishpond has the tools and options users can utilize for marketing and the nice thing about it is that making a complete funnel is relatively stress-free, efficient and convenient to do.

You won’t be wasting time anymore on mapping a funnel or further funnels because the tools are very user-friendly and the interface is just as efficient.

Already many professionals used Wishpond to make the funnels they need to achieve their marketing goals and targets for sales.

Wishpond’s four most notable features are landing page building, contest and promo assistance, forms and pop-up generators and marketing automation.

Wishpond also is proven to be very effective to help Facebook page owners attract more likes and engagement from users.

It is no surprise that Wishpond is a favorite online resource for mapping funnels.

Visit now, open an account and start working your way to funnel making and success.

14. MindMeister

This mapping tool was made to help users create mind maps out of the blue and this means helping users organize their ideas to make their marketing funnels more effective.

  • Team collaboration?
  • Sharing the sales funnel to social platforms
  • Wide options of colors, shapes, and fonts?
  • Being able to create a new sales funnel from nothing?
  • Being able to upload images of your own liking?

Mapping Your Funnel with mindmeister

MindMeister is highly efficient when it comes to making funnels that will help you achieve marketing success.

The good news about it is that it is free and you can start making a positive impact with it by visiting right now.


Those are the applications and online resources that will help users create funnels whether they do it for simply visualizing purposes or for business presentation purposes.

Whether you pay for the software or avail of the free software online, drawing or mapping funnels is more doable than ever before.

  • It really comes down to what you need
  • how much resources you have
  • And if you have short-term or long-term goals to fulfill involving funnels.

Also, You can use it on your computer, tablets and even smartphones making it even more convenient for users.

To find the right software for your funnel project. You just search online or follow the above recommendations we made for you.

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Top 14 Funnel Mapping Software To Help You Draw Your Sales Funnel
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