Sales Funnel Blueprint

Step into the shoes of a sales funnel pro and learn everything you need for success. You’ll get step-by-step instructions about how to build your own personalized strategy, plus it doesn’t matter if this is your first time or not.

Sales Funnel Learning Roadmap

The One-Hour Webinar Training

Learn how to use the funnel to sell almost ANYTHING you can dream of online. Here’s the thing… this secret? It’s underground. And it’s BACKWARDS (you wouldn’t figure it out on your own).


Learn every concept about sales funnels and element that you need to know in order not only to survive but thrive at work. It covers the fundamental of each step, with examples and insights from actual companies who have successfully used it as well!

Sales Funnel Definition

What is a sales funnel? Why you should build it in your business?

AIDA Model

A traditional sales funnel, learn how to use it in marketing

Digital Marketing Funnel

The modern marketing funnel model that marketers use for digital marketing.

Content Marketing Funnel

Identify exactly what you should use in each stage of your funnel and how to optimize customers' journey for the experience.

Online Sales Funnel Stages

The simple process to get you on your way. Here are precisely the steps that we will learn in this Sales Funnel Blueprint.

Value Ladder

What is the value ladder, and why is it essential for any company at the start of their business?

Hook Story Offer

The three pillars of any conversion strategy. These foundational elements can help you convert visitors into the next steps of the funnel.

Sales Funnel Examples

A collection of real-life examples from top marketers who have been able to create successful sales funnels. You might want to take a look at these and see if they could work for your business too!


The way that you sell your product will depend on the goal and how much it costs. There are different funnels for each situation. Here are some funnels that you can use for your business online.

1. Lead Generation Funnel

The funnels help you collect potential customers' information and build your email list fast.

2. Buyer Funnel

The funnels help you sell your products or services in the middle of the value ladder.

3. High-Ticket Funnel

This funnel can help you sell your highest product or service price, which has over $500 in it. That is a fantastic opportunity for any company to take advantage of!


An in-depth guild teaches you to build your online sales funnel from start to finish.


Each industry will have different characteristics and challenges. Explore how to use the sales funnels for different types of business.


Sales Funnel Builder

The best tools help your work faster and easier. You don’t need to be a pro designer, coder, or world-class copywriter to create a high-converting sales funnel. Let the software help you!

Clickfunnels logo brand


With over 100,000 users, Clickfunnels is the most popular and powerful sales funnel software that trusted by many marketers and online entrepreneurs

Kartra logo 1


An all-in-one marketing automation software. This tool simply helps you do anything you need for your business, marketing funnel, and cut out hours of work.

systeme logo 1


Suppose you're beginners who have a low budget and can't afford Clickfunnels or Kartra. Systeme is the best solution. The features are similar but cheaper, and you can get started for free.

infusionsoft logo 1

Keap (Infusionsoft)

While most people are familiar with Keap as a CRM software, they are more potent than that. With Keap, you have a lead capture tool, CRM, automation, payment gateway, everything you can dream of in one place.

funnel scripts logo 1

Funnel Scripts

Stress on writing sales copy? Funnel Scripts can help you write all funnel copywriting scripts (that convert really well) within 10 minutes. So you can save your time and avoid hiring expensive copywriters.

jarvis logo 1


If you can't afford Funnel Scripts, Jasper is another option to help you write sales copy. Get your 10,000 FREE credit and see how AI can help you generate your content.

getresponse logo 1


The powerful email marketing software helps you connect with your subscribers to build a relationship and sell online.

leadpages logo 1


Not only a drag & drop landing page builder which helps you build your page fast and more effortlessly, but Leadpages also provide over 200 beautiful templates, real-time tracking, and run unlimited split tests.

elementor logo 1

Elementor Pro

If you're a big fan of wordpress and don't want to take risks with other 3rd parties, try Elementor. You could build the landing page on your host so that everything is under control!

106 PROVEN Lead Funnels Case Studies?

This swipe file is a gold mine for any marketer who wants to get leads, with tons of hook-worthy headlines and lead magnets!


Sales Funnel Management

Learn how to testing and optimize your sales funnel


Sales Funnel Books

Here are my favorite books about the sales funnel. Each of them contains essential skills that you should have for the long-term growth of your company. All of them are free, and you just pay a small cost for the shipping fee.

dotcom secrets book 1

Dotcom Secrets

The book is a framework that teaches you everything about funnel strategies, funnel frameworks, and scripts inside the funnel.

expert secrets book 1

Expert Secrets

The book helps you master the persuasion necessary to convert people at each stage of your funnel. This is the "air" behind successful sales funnels.

traffic secrets book 1

Traffic Secrets

The book teaches you how to attract and generate more traffic into your funnels. The strategies in this book are evergreen and never change.


Sales Funnel Training

If you want the training course that teaches you everything from A to Z. Here is my recommendation.

5 day lead challenge logo 1

5 Day Lead Challenge

This free training teaches you how to create a lead funnel and build your email list fast.

one funnel away challenge mockup 1

One Funnel Away Challenge

Learn how to build your funnels in any industry from start to finish in the next 30 days. Even you have no ideas, or just get started.

Clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp mockup 1

Affiliate Bootcamp

This free summit provides 16 case studies and a step-by-step plan of top Clickfunnels affiliate marketers who made over 1,000,000 from the Clickfunnels affiliate program. So, you can understand what's working right now and get more ideas for your next affiliate campaign.

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