Ultimate Guide To Build Your First Shopify Sales Funnel

The trending of a Shopify store is relatively new. This article gives some advice and tips on making your Shopify business successful.

Having a profiting Shopify store is excellent, but having a successful one is even better.

If your current sales funnel helps you generate sales every time you carry out marketing work, but once the advertising stops, the sales do too, then that is not healthy.

Discover Why Every Shopify Store Needs A Marketing & Sales Funnel

A successful Shopify sales funnel not only have great conversation rate but also automatically and systematically does so.

This article focuses on things that can help you achieve just that.

Sales Funnel For Shopify Store

This is the third time I have to go through this. I almost wanted to just skip right ahead but thinking about my beloved readers who aren’t going to have the faintest idea reading the next parts; I just have to.

There are typically different stages for sales funnel processes, and in each of these stages, various things are happening and need different kinds of marketing strategies.

I have written this in some other articles on a similar topic with better details, so for readers who have read the other posts, feel free to skip ahead.

Here is a quick recap 3 step that I used to build my sales funnel for readers who have not:

Step 1: Determine The Goal Of The Sales Funnel

Step 2: Draw Customer Journeys And Stages

  • Awareness: Causing the attention of potential customers
  • Interest: Create excitement
  • Decision: Customers start thinking and deciding whether or not to act.
  • Action: Call to Action (leave email, register for the webinar, purchase, ..)

Step 3: Use the tool to show those stages on the website

Please do note that businesses differ in many ways and may have different sales funnel that apply to them; as well as various sales funnel based on what others perceive as relevant.

Determine The Goal Of The Shopify Sales Funnel

If you are starting, you might not even have the slightest idea of what the main goals are. Below is my opinion on what we should aim to achieve in the long run:

1. Sales Leads

Successfully piquing the interest of potential customers is hard, bringing them to your store is even harder, that’s why it is vital that you can at least bring them to the decision stage where they consider purchasing your goods or services.

Your sales funnel should also take into consideration this factor to improve targeting.

In other words, you have to make sure even if they do not end up purchasing your goods, they can be turned into some of the leads that direct other potential customers to your direction; as well as turning into a customer at some points in the future.

2. Long-term relationship

It is a misconception that a Shopify store is also like an actual store on the street; people pass by, purchase your goods, and never see you again.

Trust and relationship between an e-commerce store or your Shopify store and customers are more important than anything else. Marketing works are essential, but with enough trust, they would not even care how you present your business, simply because they trust that you will deliver their goods.

Your sales funnel should also take into consideration this factor to improve targeting. 

In other words, you have to make sure even if they do not end up purchasing your goods, they can be turned into some of the leads that direct other potential customers to your direction; as well as turning into a customer at some points in the future.

3. Being ahead of your competitors

Being able to generate sales at the time is not the only thing you should focus on entirely. Once your system is stable and working, it is also crucial that you have some sorting mechanism built in to make sure you stay ahead of your average competitors.

Regardless of how well you are running your Shopify store at the time, there will always be someone who suddenly has some sort of brilliant ideas and suddenly pulls ahead of you.

As a result, even the mediocre competitors would begin pulling ahead of the unawares too, just by imitating what the leaders within the community do.

Side note: this is called the bandwagon effect.

Thus you should aim to build up a sales funnel that is also capable of capturing newly established trending and allows you to be up-to-date with it.

Now, onto the juicy stuff about making a successful Shopify sales funnel

Shopify sales funnel map

When we clear about the goal, now we must talk about customers journey.

This is sales funnel map I often used.

sales funnel mapping
Sales Funnel Mapping

Free PDF offering information

There may have been some sort of trending that happened, thus leading to the opportunity of your Shopify store. Examples include:

  • Trending of being a Youtubers – selling equipment for video recordings
  • Fashion trending – makeup kits for that specific trending
  • Profession gamer setting – gamer gears

Anything of the sort would require people to purchase related goods and also know how to use them. You are not giving away your kinds of stuff for free, but what you do give out as complementary is a free PDF file offering information that they need.

My advice is that you should use great offer to give away- Great offer sound like Done With You (DWY) or Done For You (DFY)

fashion funnel
fashion funnel – Cre : sewguide.com

Sumo – a small box app, can help you do just that. This neat little guy will slide up from the bottom right corner when your Shopify store is visited, offering the free material you have provided.

A quick note to readers who are not familiar with Adobe reader or PDF, using Print Friendly extension on Google Chrome and your material will be made quickly.

Tripwire Offer

ecommerce sales funnel
Fiber Fix Funnel Now not available. They change to https://www.jbweld.com/

Besides using free content, tripwire offers are also popular choices. If the customer has already paid you once, chances are they will spend more money on you many times.

Most businesses admit that making customers buy for the first time is the most difficult and most expensive.

So, in this case, instead of giving away free content, you will use a low-price product.

Note: Depending on each niche market and product, the definition of low prices will vary. But most beginners will choose tripwire products priced from $ 7- $ 27.

You maybe spend more money to get a lead than using free content. However, what you gain is a list of qualified buyers.

It is much more valuable.

Upsell by Offer the whole set

Remember how I mentioned the trending up there? That is also relevant down here. Usually, for this trending to work, having only one piece of equipment would not be enough.

For makeup trending, you need the whole kit from Eyeliner, mascara. For the gamer set, you need the gamer keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.

The point is, sometimes, there are the consumers who do not have the whole set yet and seeing a box popping up saying they can purchase the entire set at a reduced price? That is a blessing from God.

shopify store upsell
Upsell in Shopify

However, I do have to emphasize on your honesty in making a deal like that. If the offer says a reduced price, please do have them sold at a reduced price. Tricking the customers into thinking they have a good deal, just to, later on, find out they have been had, is a sure-fire way to destroy your sales funnel.

Whatever else you do to improve the other sales funnel would crumble.

Follow-up emails

A lot of people seem to think that once your potential customer clicks away, it means game over. If you are also one of them, I have to say you could not even be more wrong. Customers click away is where the game begins.

It is great and all if your customers complete the whole sequence of click, see and purchase in one swoop. Those are the angels from the lords, and you should give them a huge discount.

Sadly, we do not deal with the angels, we deal with humans, and humans always have their circumstances.

That customer who clicks away may not have done so because he or she was not interested in your goods. Perhaps the financial situation was not right, a family member or a friend asks to borrow the device, or maybe there was an electricity outage.

Whatever the case is, you have to make sure that you cling onto to those customers whose circumstances were not of disinterest in your goods.

Do so by using follow-up emails sequence that automatically sends an email after a specified amount of time with different materials and offers?

Doing so achieves many benefits for your sale funnel including and not limited to the following:

  • A reminder of the recent interest in purchasing
  • Useful information and offer to act as a rapport
  • Advertise new product of a similar category
  • Introduce new trending

Depending on the nature of goods being sold in your Shopify stores  you may want to select the most relevant aspects to be included in your emails and achieve the benefits mentioned above.

ClickFunnels integration

By far, this is one of the most impressive funnels I have come to known. Grab some popcorns and drink, because you are getting ready for some intense instruction, well not really, just a bit more lengthy.

ClickFunnels offer the ability to monitor every aspect of your all marketing platforms and campaign in your ClickFunnels account. They have many different offers on the sort of account you would like to use, but for the sake of this article, I will just assume that you have fully embraced the Gung Ho aspect of life and go for the Full ClickFunnel Suite, which basically means you have access to every feature they have to offer.

Try 14-days Clickfunnels for FREE!

Individual SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) identification number

Some technicality before we get down to the juicy stuff. To start the integration process, your Shopify products or services must be assigned a different SKU number  Otherwise, it would not work correctly.


clickfunnels integration with shopify
Clickfunnels integration with shopify

Head to your browser and access your Shopify store, copy the URL of the store to your clipboard, and open up another browser and access the ClickFunnels website while leaving your Shopify store opened.

In the ClickFunnel website, select integration in Account Menu. Select Add New Integration then Shopify and paste the URL of your Shopify store and finally Connect Integration. Choose the Install Unlisted App as it pops up next.

Marketing campaign

Once you have decided which of your Shopify product or service you would like to create a campaign for, time to boil that designer’s blood hidden within you.

Start by adding the selected Shopify product or service to the ClickFunnels Products. ClickFunnels should then walk you through the designing process of your campaign, to integrate it, remember to select the book or the ring. After you have a quench designer’s thirst, select your desired order form.

  • You should be prompted by selecting the ring or book for the product now.
  • Next is to add the payment method offered by Shopify.
  • Then head to Shipping Tab in Products setting, add the app for Shopify here, click Integration and choose your Shopify store. Key in the SKU numbers and finally Create Product.

Name your campaign

Phew, that was quite a lot of steps, wasn’t it? It would be worth it trust me. Once you have done designing every part of your funnel, it is time to give its the appropriate name.

Colors, frame, size, and all are great, but ultimately, it is the words you put on your funnel that offer the necessary information or interesting hooks.

Think about what drives people to purchase your goods such as trending, related celebrity, new functionality, and so on, and put down an iconic name for that campaign.

Another naming that needs to be done is giving it a title in the database as it might be used again in the future. Though this time, you do not have to sweat your brains out for the naming, just whatever it is that you think would be easier to remember what the campaign was for.


If you have not realized the benefits of ClickFunnels for your Shopify store, please allow me to clarify that.

Traditionally, you have to create each campaign for different marketing platforms or social media. That is not only time consuming but also mentally exhausting too.

ClickFunnels template solves that issue by allowing your one campaign to traverse any platform you desire. Essentially, it is a marketing strategy worthy of the name “one stone all birds,” if I may say so myself.


Shopify store indeed is new trending e-commerce that has enabled a lot of individuals to thrive, but do not let that get over your head.

Do remember that only people who do it properly actually rise above everyone else and let you see it. The rest which goes in blindly wasting their money always end up sinking to the bottle of the ocean, and therefore you do not see their corpses, figuratively.

The above are my tips and advice on the Shopify store. It is a sub-category of e-commerce, so if it is not exactly what you are looking for, remember to check out my other articles on sales funnel for e-commerce business which is a bit broader; and also sales funnel for service business.

I wish you all some good luck, my online entrepreneur readers.

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