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Shopify Sales Funnel: How To Create & 5-Step Optimization Process

shopify sales funnel

Along with the fast development of online shopping, the e-commerce sales funnel is getting more and more attention, developing and gradually becoming the key to attracting new customers.

However, to achieve all of the above benefits, it takes sellers many weeks to implement and optimize the process of turning leads into loyal customers.

From these difficulties, the Shopify sales funnel was born, helping any seller start their online business. If you share the same interest, do not miss any important information below.

What Is The Shopify Sales Funnel?

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The Shopify Sales Funnel

Shopify is a content management system (CMS). This system integrates payment solutions, goods management, social network connection, and a shipping gateway.

Shopify sales funnel is a type of marketing funnel consisting of experiences a customer must go through before moving from a lead to a loyal customer. In other words, it’s specific about the customer’s journey to your store.

How To Create A Sales Funnel On Shopify?

Creating a sales funnel on Shopify is a lot simpler to convert potential customers into loyal customers than you might think. Specifically, with the following three steps, you can apply Shopify to your work:

Have a product that people want

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Have products on Shopify

Instead of selling what you want, sell what the user needs. The above tip sounds simple, but not all sellers can grasp this secret.

To avoid making the above mistake, before proceeding to establish a Shopify sales funnel, you need to answer a series of following questions.

What is your target audience? What problem are they having? Is the product or service you provide the best solution to that problem?

Here is a simple example that you can consider. Your target audience is young people who regularly participate in sports activities. You notice that this subject often carries a water bottle with him to refresh after any training session.

However, sometimes they encounter broken bottle caps or water leaks. And you came up with an idea to provide high-quality, durable, and fancy bottle caps. 

Besides, you also equip the product with some technologies such as electronic clocks and pedometers with sales funnels.

As can be seen, the above idea is quite creative and brings many benefits. However, the problem is that the price of this smart bottle cap is relatively high.

Will your target audience agree to buy a product that costs many times more than usual to get more features that a watch also has with the eCommerce sales funnel?

In addition, you also need to research and ask questions about your competitors. 

Some questions you should ask include what are your competitors doing well? What can you learn from them? Can you do better than them?

Build Product Pages and Conversion Facades

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Build Product Pages

After you have asked yourself and answered questions related to the customers and products you will sell, it is time for you to start your online business from the first step: Build Product Pages and Conversion Facades.

You need to invest in your converting product page for online sales because your potential customers will access the product through the information you present on the website.

Any mistake in your presentation and your wording can cause people who intend to buy to misunderstand your products and services, causing a significant reduction in the conversion rate.

To spot an anomaly in your even custom sales pages, you can compare the average conversion rate for an eCommerce store of 2%. Lower than this number, you need to take timely optimization measures.

You can ultimately increase your conversion rate to 10% with the proper measures. So, the question is, how can you optimize your website? The detailed answer will be in the latter part of this article. 

The core secret to building an attractive product page is to make it possible for users to understand the use of the product.

You do not need to use color images to introduce your products. All you need to focus on is a clear product presentation. 

A little tip for you: using videos to introduce products and use them is a good idea to impress existing customers with sales funnels.

In building Product Pages and Conversion Facades, you need to add contextual images and not forget to emphasize the advantages only in your product and use social proof.

Build your traffic engine

Once you’ve completed the Build Product Pages and Conversion Facades step, you should be able to drive traffic to your Shopify sales funnel apps. Some of the most popular sources of traffic that you can refer to include:

Facebook Ads

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Facebook ads

Facebook is one of the largest social networks globally, offering advertising services so you can effectively attract new customers. 

However, you are not merely buying cold traffic when using this service. Instead, you need to leverage the remarketing capabilities of your traffic.

To achieve the above effect, in addition to relying on Facebook’s advertising service, you need to optimize your product page so that your potential customers can return to your website more than once, from there to increase sales opportunities with sales funnels.

Advertising on YouTube

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Advertising on YouTube

Similar to Facebook, Youtube is also a social network with many users. You can take advantage of this great advantage to promote your products.

The difference and more optimal of YouTube than Facebook are that you can create your content and build a following. 

At the same time, having a YouTube account is also a way for you to build your brand and attract many potential customers.


shopify sales funnel graphic 6
Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is an effective tool for brand development. With this platform, you can tag products on Shopify’s Shoppable, then sell them directly via Instagram.

Your customers won’t need to leave the app but can still proceed with the entire buying process. The above great convenience and speed are why you should prioritize integrating your Instagram account with your brand account.

Organic traffic

Blogging is the popular idea of ​​attracting organic traffic today with sales funnels.

Building a blog’s content may not immediately bring unexpected results compared to the methods above. However, in reality, this method can help you go a lot further than you ever imagined.

Shopify Sales Funnel: 5-Step Optimization Process That Works

This article talked a lot about optimization. By now, you’re probably excited to know all these work-related tips that can lead to excellent conversions.

Without making you wait any longer, here are all the things you shouldn’t miss.

Cognitive stage

Awareness is the stage where customer traffic on the sales funnel is at its highest. You need to emphasize your existence and build a first impression with them to exploit this opportunity.

You can use Facebook ads, Google ads, and ideally, use both to build a presence.

Specifically, use Facebook ads to target audiences. Facebook can recommend your ads to customers who need the service or product you provide with separate algorithms.

Meanwhile, Google is the first address that users go to when buying any product. And this time, if you use advertising services, your Shopify store will probably appear first on the search results page.

In addition, if you want to limit the cost of advertising, you can use an SEO strategy to increase keyword visibility every time a customer searches with eCommerce sales funnels.

In the end, when you combine the two advertising methods, you can get better results than expected.

Specifically, when target customers have an impression of your brand, they will likely look up more information on Google eCommerce stores.

When you have an advertising campaign on this largest search site, potential customers will remember your selling message. They can also use the above information to continue to care to consider next time before deciding to buy.

Consideration phase

shopify sales funnel graphic 7
Consideration phase

At this stage, your potential customers will compare the products or services you offer with quite a few other competitors. The characteristics that buyers most often compare can be are price, common sales funnel features, reviews of previous users.

If you want to optimize this step, your main task is to show the customer that your product wins all the comparisons with other competing options.

The theory is quite simple, but how can you highlight the unique points of the products and services you provide in practice? 

Here are some methods you can refer to:

  • Focus on writing product description: the main task of the product description is to present all the advantages and benefits that the product can bring to the customer. It would help if you kept in mind that all information in the description needs to focus on the customer’s needs, affecting the buyer’s emotions.
  • According to some studies, brand image: 67% of shoppers say product images influence them. Therefore, do not pass up this excellent opportunity to make an impression.
  • Introducing positive customer reviews: Trust is the foundation of all long-term cooperation. Therefore, to increase the bond between you and potential customers who are just coming in for the first time, nothing is more important than building trust.

The best way to build trust is to let your potential customers see the good points about the product through reviews of people who have used it before.

Conversion period

shopify sales funnel graphic 8
Conversion period

This stage is quite important for the result – sales. “Conversion” here means that the customer agrees to choose to buy and use your product or service, turning from a potential customer to an actual customer.

To be able to accelerate the above process, you have quite a bit of work to do:

Build the conversions of your sales funnel:

Here, you use a Call to Action (CTA) to influence the thinking of potential buyers. In addition to the user-generated content that sparks interest, the CTA needs to appear in a unique position.

Subject lines on hot colored buttons with urgency effects are good places to increase the appeal of your offer.

Take care of your Shopify store design.

shopify sales funnel graphic 9

Don’t fill your online Shopify store with pop-ups, cluttered layouts, and too much unnecessary information because not many customers have the patience to search for products on such a messy website.

Therefore, you should ideally prefer simple, easy-to-navigate designs. To increase your success rate, you can buy a paid theme and invest more time in personalizing it.

In addition to aesthetics, you should also focus on the uniqueness and individuality of your brand. The message needs to be unified from colors to presentation so that customers have a strong impression of your brand.

Always available for your customers

Not being able to provide customer support at the right time can cause you to miss out on many great opportunities. 

Therefore, if you want to grow on a large scale, you need to have at least one professional customer service team to answer customers’ questions through all means of communication.

Customer support

Not every customer who adds a product to the cart continues their shopping process. There are quite a few reasons they won’t become your actual customers.

If you want to optimize your sales funnel, one of your tasks is to find out why customers do not continue to convert. Or you can also send push notifications as a way to remind them to complete the purchase.

Loyalty stage

Your sales goal is more than just converting customers from potential buyers into actual buyers.

An even more important goal is to turn people who have used your products or services at least once into loyal buyers who can return to your Shopify store at any time.

Compared to attracting new customers, retaining customers costs much less. Instead of conducting large-scale advertising campaigns, you can refer to the following simple but effective methods to retain customers:

Offer surprise deals

Unexpected offers always receive the love and warm reception of customers.

To create these offers, first, analyze the customer’s purchase history. From your information, come up with great deals related to that product.

For example, before your customers buy smartphones, you can send them exclusive discounts on related accessories such as power banks or smartwatches.

The products and offers you offer must be to the customer’s preferences instead of simply selling more products.

Prove the importance of customers

You can send your customers a thank you letter or a survey about the product or service in this step.

Buyers will greatly appreciate customer service even at the end of the transaction. Because when asked for advice, they will feel the impact on your business, thereby being able to stick with the products you provide longer.

Use social media wisely.

Most sellers today use social networks for advertising products and services. In reality, however, you can do more than that.

Specifically, instead of just posting images and advertising information, why don’t you build a community, including people who love the brand and are interested in the field you pursue?

Besides, you can also encourage your followers to tag your Shopify store on posts sharing about the products and services you offer. You can even create a trend that attracts many participants by creating hashtags.

Don’t just limit yourself to spending money on expensive advertising campaigns.

Instead, you have no shortage of ways to build your brand and increase your social media traffic. And those ways are, fortunately, sometimes a lot more economical than you ever thought possible.

Movement phase

You will want to get all your customers to this stage – the stage where they are satisfied with your product and happy to share it with their friends and family.

Sadly, this stage is the narrowest part of the sales funnel, meaning quite a few happy customers are doing all of the above.

However, you can still improve the number of people leaving positive reviews with customer service, gifts, discount codes for product referrals, etc.


Of course, most potential customers will not buy from your sales funnel at first sight when they know you. However, if you know how to nurture leads, the likelihood of making a purchase can be 47% greater.

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