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What Is A Squeeze Page? Best Practices, Template, and Examples

what is a squeeze page

Nowadays, approaching customers online has become more diverse with the development of the Internet and other forms of communication.

Therefore, businesses can create many pages to collect helpful information for their marketing strategies besides the main website.

Especially nowadays, many businesses prefer to choose squeeze page design to collect customer information. So, what is Squeeze Page? What salient features does it have? How to create a great squeeze page?

The following article will provide all the helpful information about the squeeze page to help you have an overview. Let’s scroll down to read more details!

99 instagram secrets opt in page
Squeeze page is a single page helps you capture email addresses

Squeeze Page (also known as lead capture page, lead generation pagelead page, or opt-in page ) is a simple web page that is designed to collect visitors’ email address or other contact information (such as name, email, phone number) for a specific goal.

Businesses need to offer a handy gift 🎁  called a “lead magnet” that is attractive enough to make squeeze page visitors want to provide information to exchange.

Some facilities that attract customers’ attention and stimulate them to leave their email addresses are:

  1. Free ebooks
  2. Free guide
  3. Training program
  4. Video content
  5. Downloadable content
  6. Templates
  7. Checklists
  8. Coupons.

In fact, its primary purpose is to collect customer information to then use for communication or sales processes to increase conversion rates.

When customers agree to provide information about specific form fields, it is like a tool to help collect customer information into the sales funnel, such as:

  • Squeeze page funnel
  • Reverse Squeeze Page funnel
  • Lead funnel
  • and Bridge funnel

In short, the Squeeze page helps you build and grow the email list for your online business. So, it’s essential for almost every company.

Splash Page vs Pop-Up Squeeze Page

First, let’s distinguish the most basic Splash Page vs. Pop-Up squeeze page examples and features.

Splash Page is the first website displayed before you start visiting the business’s main website. Its content provides information about companies, products, services, and promotions. 

For example, the website that appears after you log in to a wifi system is a Splash page.

starbuck wifi splash page
Starbuck free wifi splash page

A Pop-Up squeeze page is a small window that will appear when browsing a website. 

Businesses and marketers can use Pop-Ups to develop their brands, products or promotions, discounts, etc. to stimulate them to leave information, Email, phone, etc.

pop up squeeze page
Pop-up squeeze page

Squeeze Page vs Landing Page

Next, many people often confuse both squeeze page and landing page.

Unlike the Squeeze Page, the landing page has quite detailed content. This page can be available to instruct how to use the product.

In short, the Squeeze page is a type of landing page. Take a look at the table below; some background information can help you differentiate these two-page options.

Squeeze Page Landing Page
A conversion goal (collect email addresses) Multiple conversion goals.
Mostly a short form page Long-form or short-form, depending on the offer
Use a simple, concise lead generation form. Detailed forms may be available if the product or service is complex.
Not have to be a standalone site (may appear on the homepage) Always a standalone site
Use welcome and thank you Emails The welcome Email is not always included directly.

Squeeze Page vs Sales Page

Finally, let’s distinguish the difference between a Squeeze Page vs. Sales Page.

The squeeze page example provides information about unique gifts to attract attention and receive news from customers for other communication campaigns.

This gift is free or with special incentives.

Whereas, Sales Page is a single website used to sell your products or services.

Therefore, there is complete, valuable, and attractive content to convince readers to purchase.

What Make A Good Squeeze Page?

Squeeze Page is a solution that businesses are interested in and quite popularly use. However, not all can be optimized and achieve the goal when deciding to use these sites.

So, examining and determining the factors influencing customer behavior is the key to a quality Squeeze Page. Many businesses already know about this site type but do not know precisely how to optimize and build it effectively.

Some essential factors have a direct impact on efficiency that you need to keep in mind to create a high converting squeeze page, such as:

  • Target
  • Simple and beautiful design
  • A strong, attention-grabbing title
  • Great free service
  • Clear registration form and button

To make your squeeze page engaging, you have to give people compelling offers. With a beautiful and persuasive request, hitting psychology and insight, people can’t help but leave Email address information.

Select target audience

First, you can’t build a squeeze page based on multiple audiences. Focus on a target audience that understands their frustrations, wants, and needs, and this squeeze pages design addresses these factors.

In each campaign, you need to identify the target customer group in advance, then research and give impressive and attractive information, targeting the proper insight to stimulate them to leave information. 

Each group will have a few key differences in behavior, so this is extremely important.

Simple and beautiful design

squeeze page design

Next, a high-quality squeeze page design with a high conversion rate and a large number of customers leaving information is a site with an impressive, easy-to-see, and beautiful design. This factor is significant because it directly affects how customers feel when accessing.

You should not design information and images that are too cluttered to distract the user and away from the predetermined end goals.

It would help not to let your squeeze page examples become dull and unattractive.

Please make sure you use eye-catching colors, beautiful graphics and always create something new that makes customers feel attracted and impressed every time they visit.

A strong, attention-grabbing title

Another issue that everyone needs to pay attention to is the 3-second rule. No matter what article, video or squeeze pages, the title plays a vital role and directly affects whether they continue the buying journey.

When it comes to headlines, this is probably the most critical aspect because most people will just read the title and decide. Your title should answer the question of what your guests will get if they leave information in squeeze page templates.

In addition, try to create a concise but impressive title and substantially impact the psychology and behavior of target customers.

Compelling Offer

squeeze page offer
Image Source:

And most especially not to mention the offer (lead magnet), the gift that customers receive when they leave information.

If they provide email, it means they expect a lot from you because they receive thousands of spam messages sent to their email every day.

It would help to give them something precious like a short eBook, PDF report, or video training.

Your lead magnet must be attractive enough, target the right need and make them feel they need to provide information to own it.

Minimal form fields and Clear CTA button

hubspot squeeze page
Image Source:

Go for minimal form fields. It would be best if your opt-in forms only had two pieces of information, such as name and email. (It’s may more than two if necessary, but make sure you minimize it as possible.)

It’s better to be informative and have a prominent button to make it easy for people to sign up.

To make the subscribe button stand out, you could use bright colors like the green cta button or another like read, yellow, blue,etc. 

It would help avoid bland phrases like “sign up” and replace them with words like “Free instant access” or “give me your XYZ now.”

Those are the essential factors you need to pay attention to in designing and building these squeeze pages with the best quality. Effectiveness is reflected in the number of users who care and leave information.

At the same time, you can also check the traffic statistics reports to determine the number of customers and the issues they are interested in. 

In addition, this data also helps businesses find why these websites are not effective; customers often leave for any reason to make money in the following campaigns.

How To Create A Squeeze Page That Converts?

The problem you are most interested in is probably how to build quality, effective squeeze pages with reasonable interaction rates. 

So, we have compiled the important content you need to create a high converting squeeze page.

Step #1: Make a Lead Magnet (free gift)

keto squeeze page lead magnet
(Click to zoom the image) - Source:

The promotional bonus or the main content on the page is what your customers care about most. 

They want to know what they’ll get when they sign up, so if your “gift” isn’t appealing enough, they’ll ditch the squeeze page design.

Gifts for customers when they leave an Email address are usually ebooks, coupons when they buy from you, free courses, valuable information, or videos that solve problems they are facing.

You must do your research to understand what your customers need and what rewards will attract them. At the same time, please add rarity and limit on time and quantity to stimulate customers to fill out information immediately if they want to receive rewards.

Step #2: Choose a page builder software

As is known, users can now design these types of pages straightforwardly and professionally through the page builder.

However, each of these software will suit one or a separate group, product, or service in form fields to create landing pages.

You should also choose for yourself the most suitable application. It would help if you cared about some conditions such as cost, graphics, applicability, and other support functions.

There are two option you can follow:

Option 1: Create squeeze page for WordPress:

Option 2: Use the landing page builder:

Both of them give you great results. If you want to control everything and save a bit of money, then option 1 using the WordPress plugin is suitable for you. 

The difference between them is the landing page builder provides a lot of function, professional design and integrate with different content management systems

Step #3: Design the theme

The design of the squeeze pages transaction plays a significant role. Besides choosing impressive messages, engaging content, and new images, you need to adjust and design them to be harmonious and easy to see.

Build an impressive and unique interface that always makes customers feel comfortable and stimulates them to pay attention to the content you show.

Watch the video below to see how Stefan James build squeeze page from start to finish.

Step #4: Write the headline

keto squeeze page headline
(Click to zoom the image) - Source:

Want to know how you can create a powerful Squeeze Page headline?

Well, it’s super simple.

All you need are clear outcomes for people who sign up!

Here is some of the headline formula that you can use to grab visitor’s attention:

How To [problem your avatar needs to solve] without/so you can avoid [Pain your avatar can avoid with what you offer]

Ex: How To Find Great Deals Consistently Without Making High-risk Investments That Rarely Pay Off

X Fast/quick and easy ways to [avatar’s long term desire] in [timeframe]

Ex: 13 Fast Ways To Make More Book Sales In 30 days

The TRUTH about How Every [niche audience] Can [ avatar’s long term desire] and avoid [Pain your avatar can avoid with what you offer]

Ex: The TRUTH about How Every Real Estate Agent Can Make Six Figures A Year and avoid Wasting Money On Ads That Don’t Work

Pro tip: if you’re struggling to write your copy on the squeeze page, include a headline, sub-headline, sales copy, bullet points, etc. 

Funnel Scripts can help you write anything you need in your sales funnel in less than 10 minutes. Click here to learn more about how it’s work

Step #5: Build impressive messages

keto squeeze page content
(Click to zoom the image)

The content you ask your readers to make must be of high value to them. It could be an Email course, templates, a webinar, or a free ebook.

Create impressive messages, target the right customers, and satisfy their desires. 

You can also target the problem they face and then provide support solutions to stimulate the need to leave information.

Step #6: Stimulating Call to Action (CTA)

keto squeeze page cta
(Click to zoom the image)

You should only have one CTA on the squeeze page design to call customers to enter Email addresses. Your CTA button should clearly state the action and the result to the user.

For example, the “Register Placeholder” button requires effort and tells users that they will be signing up for a course or webinar.

CTA needs to be short, encouraging, and powerful actionable.

Besides, to increase the persuasion, you can also add more information about social policies, authentic evidence to build trust for customers.

In particular, creating a successful squeeze page example does not always happen on the first attempt. Try A/B testing to see which variation your audience likes best to optimize squeeze pages so that you can improve conversions. 

You can check the title, CTA button, form position, background image, or form fields copy.

Best Squeeze Page Examples

To help you better visualize and understand the squeeze page example and use it optimally, we have compiled some of the best examples. 

You can immediately refer to the following popular models:


drip email marketing

Email automation platform Drip also makes a difference to their squeeze page, instead of calling attention to the solution, they reverse the script and call attention to the target:

  • Better Email Delivery (Solution)
  • Make more money (Goal)

Drip creates a dream in the early stages of reaching potential customers by placing a goal at the end for emphasis. Later in the site, they introduce themselves and what they do to make that dream come true. 

Marie Forleo's

Marie Forleo, an online digital entrepreneur, has a live squeeze page example displayed on her website. 

Marie bargain uses “Free Training” in the navigation feature as a squeeze page.

These best squeeze pages offer a free audio training course in exchange for the user’s Email address. In particular, in terms of design, the landing page has excellent images, copy, and clear CTA.

Below the form fields, Marie tells users what they’ll get by providing their Email addresses and letting them know they can unsubscribe. 

It is a great approach to help users reduce worries about spam on any other landing page.


best squeeze page

barefootWriter is a website that dramatically shares skills needed to improve their lifestyle as a writer.

Even the design of squeeze page basics but really effective. Because of they have:

  • A compelling headline
  • Simple form field
  • and impressive messages with social proof (Join our community of 250,000+ aspiring writers)

7 Best Squeeze Page Builder

Nowadays, there are many different ways you can create quality pop-up squeeze pages to encourage visitors. First, you can design it yourself if you are a professional designer, knowledgeable about images, shaping, shaping the layout. However, you have to prepare to create impressive products with reasonable conversion rates.

Besides, hiring professional design units to implement is also a good solution. However, it is often suitable for large businesses with huge budgets.

If you are not a professional designer and do not have a large budget to pay for other units, the best solution is to use the supporting software.

Some browsers that help you create these impressive professional landing pages yourself at a reasonable cost and primarily support statistical data features that you cannot ignore are:

1. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels homepage

First, you can sign up for an account and design squeeze pages for your media campaigns on Clickfunnels. This software helps you create and manage a sales funnel to increase and sell more items.

The software allows you to create squeeze pages and combine these landing pages into a complete sales funnel.

The cost to register an account and use this software ranges from $97 to $297 a month. You may feel that this fee is a bit high, but once you experience its features, you will feel the investment is entirely worth it.

Besides supporting impressive and effective squeeze page design, this software also helps users aggregate sales funnels and customer behavior information and compare with competitors.

2. LeadPages

Leadpages free trial

Leadpages is an easy-to-use squeeze page example creation tool with many sample landing pages to choose from that not only solves problems but opens up even more significant opportunities in creating impressive products.

This tool helps users see more clearly the target market and details they are interested in the products and services of the business. 

The number of followers increases and the number of genuine buyers are also higher.

3. Kartra

kartra review

Katra is an application that allows you to drag and drop images/videos to create impressive, professional Squeeze Pages.

Not only that, but it also supports statistics and data aggregation as well as building sales funnels automatically.

Maybe it, Katra as a unique tool to help business activities and online communication more effectively.

Read my in-depth Kartra review to learn more about this tool!

4. Unbounce

unbounce - sales funnel software

Unbounce is one of the tools to build squeeze page examples that is quite familiar with marketing communicators.

This tool provides a page builder that is standard and eye-catching, suitable for companies and businesses looking to get ahead in the market.

The software allows users to test and evaluate the impressive versions of the site and design the pages professionally without depending on the IT Department.

Using Unbounce, you can drag and drop efficiently and: drag images, text, videos, and even maps onto your squeeze page and then rearrange them.

5. Systeme

systeme home

Another site-building software that you can also refer to is Systeme.

The software makes it easy to control the visual appearance of your website.

It has many useful features like a drop editor, which helps you create the complete structure of an online course. It also allows you to add payment processors and landing pages for customers.

At the same time, it also allows users to sell products and services online. Using a course builder that creates and displays online courses under different domains does this.

6. Elementor Pro

elementor sales page

Elementor Pro is a premium version of the Page builder platform that’s strong on speed. 

So that you will find it high-speed processing all requests, this plugin builds landing pages directly Front-En, which means it will edit landing pages with a visual editor to make it easy for you to see.

It has widgets from text, images to the testimonials display area, customer reviews, sliders, icons, Tabs, social media, etc. Each device will have a way of setting it up separately.

However, they are easy to use.

7. Divi

divi builder home

Finally, you can use Divi, a popular WordPress site builder plugin from the Elegant Themes team.

It comes as a theme with site builder support, and you can also use it as a standalone site builder.


The squeeze page effectively collects customer information to use that data source for marketing programs. Besides, this website also helps businesses build sales funnels and better understand their behavior.

You can use a lot of support software to design a simple squeeze page but complete a professional product. I hope you can create success, but this website is impressive, attractive with a high conversion rate.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Our team of experts will try to answer fully and promptly.

Last but not least, don’t forget to share this article with your colleagues or friends if it is helpful. Chances are they are interested in optimizing this tool.

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