Funnel Scripts Free Trial: Step-By-Step Guide To Try It Before You Buy

funnel scripts free trial

There’s no double that Funnel Scripts is a powerful copywriting software. As anyone who has looked into purchasing Funnel Scripts knows, the initial cost can be pretty high – up to $797.

For many people, this is simply not a budget they are willing to invest in, even though the software seems affordable in the long term. ( with no monthly payment required).

However, the high upfront cost can be a tough pill to swallow for many people.

So, this is why you should try funnel scripts before making a decision. First, you’ll be able to see if it’s a good fit for your needs. Second, you’ll experience the quality of the copy generated by the tool.

This complete guide teaches you how to get Funnel Scripts free with all available methods.

  1. Test Amazing Headline Generator tool
  2. Get Funnel Scripts lite version account

Each method will have its own pros and cons, but they’re all free. Follow the instruction below and test it for yourself.

Now, let’s get started!

1. Funnel Scripts Free Headline Generator

Funnel Scripts free trial version that helps you create a killer headline for free

Headline Script Generator is a feature of Funnel Scripts that you can try for free. The headline is essential for your business, it’s available anywhere.

  • Ad copy
  • Squeeze page
  • Sales page
  • OTO page
  • etc

Headlines are important because they’re the first thing your audience sees when browsing around on their computer, phone, or another device. A good headline will make them stop scrolling and give you time to explain why reading is so great before moving on to what makes our product stand out from all others!

The headline is also a Hook – one of three elements that determine whether your sales funnel will be successful or not.

Read more: Hook, Story, Offer: The 3 critical elements for marketing success

With Funnel Scripts, you quickly:

Create dozens of attention-grabbing, money-sucking headlines that stop people in their tracks! Use them everywhere!

1.1 – Pros

  • No credit card or email details are required.
  • Get access amazing headline script generator to try it faster.

1.2 – Cons

  • Fewer features
  • Limited results

Killer Headline Scripts example

Using the Headline Generator is not a challenge. Just answer a few questions about your offer and what you want your headline to achieve, and Funnel Scripts will do the rest.

When you’re unsure what to input on a form, the best thing you can do is look at the examples provided and adjust them to fit your offer. This way, you’ll be able to provide the information that’s required without having to guess or making any mistakes.

funnel scripts free headline generator

Now, I’m going to demo how it works and demonstrate the quality that Funnel Scripts delivers.

Form input:

Niche audience (singular):

  • Explain what to fill out the form: My target audience is a / an ____
  • My input: Beginner investor

Your #1 main keyword topic:

  • Explain what to fill out the form: My main topic is ____
  • My input: Stock investing

Your #2 main keyword topic:

  • Explain what to fill out the form: My other main topic is ____
  • My input: Pick winning stocks

What is the #1 BIG Result they want? (Starts with VERB):

  • Explain what to fill out the form: My audience really wants to _____ (VERB)
  • My input: Pick more money-making stocks

What is the #2 BIG Result they want? (Starts with VERB):

  • Explain what to fill out the form: My audience really wants to _____ (VERB)
  • My input: Earn a double-digit return on your stock investments

What is a Pain they want to avoid in this area?:

  • Explain what to fill out the form: My audience really wants to avoid ______ (VERB ending in “ing”)
  • My input: Losing money on stocks, trying to write it all yourself

What is a Roadblock they see as holding them back from their goal?

  • Explain what to fill out the form: Completes statement “Even if ______.”
  • My input: You have never invested in stocks before now

In what timeframe can you deliver results?

  • Explain what to fill out the form: You’ll see results in _____
  • My input: 60 Days

After completing the form, here are the results I get:

How To Earn A Double-digit Return On Your Stock Investments Without Losing Money On Stocks, Trying To Write It All Yourself

funnel scripts demo headline results

You can click here to try it for yourself. The free version only gives you 4 results.

Want to get more?

The Funnel Scripts full version will give you over 243 custom core headlines.

funnel scripts free trial results

The best part is that you also can get it with the Funnel Scripts free version.

Now, let me show you how to create your account for free!

2. Funnel Scripts Free Access Version

I truly understand that only 4 results will not be enough for you to see how Funnel Scripts is powerful. That’s why the Funnel Scripts Free Version comes with more features.

funnel scripts free version

The lite version gives you everything the sales scripts you will need for the “5 Day Lead Challenge” program, including:

  1. Product Specific Avatar: Create an avatar profile, so you can get a clear picture of your ideal customer
  2. Core Headline Scripts: Create headlines for virtually any purpose to promote just about anything
  3. Core Title Scripts: Create laser-focused, profitable titles for your one-pagers, products, services, webinars, blog posts, articles, and more!
  4. Content Idea Script: Generate awesome ideas you can use to create amazing, magnetic content.
  5. Conversation Starter Script: Generate conversation starters you can use to create amazing, magnetic content that really engages your audience and gets the FB algorithm to give you the attention you deserve!
  6. Conversion Ad Script: Create your first ads to sell your product
  7. Email Copy Generator: Create email sequences to warm up your audience
  8. Lead Capture Script: Create the sales copy you need to create amazing lead generation pages for your funnels.
  9. Niche and Offer Detective Wizard: Research your niche and brainstorm your offer components

2.1 – Pros

  • Get access to more Funnel Scripts features (Up to 9 copywriting scripts)
  • Free access to 5 Day Lead Challenge to understand how to use these scripts to generate more leads online
  • Lifetime access
  • Full sales copy results

2.2 – Cons

  • Email address required

2.3 – How To Get Funnel Scripts For Free?

You can get the lite version of Funnel Scripts for free by following the instruction below.

Step #1: Visit

5 day lead challenge home page

Step #2: Click the button and sign-up for the training for free

5 day lead challenge opt in

Step #3: Click on Day #3 video on the top navigation, scroll down and click on the “Get your Onepager” button

5 day lead challenge day 3

Step #4: Inside the Onepager homework assignment, click on the Funnel Scripts image to create your free Funnel Scripts lite account

how to get funnel scripts for free 3
Click on Funnel Scripts image to create your account
create account funnel scripts for free
Watch the video quick start guide and create your free account

Step #5: Fill out the form to register. (Don’t forget to save or bookmark the URL so you can log in the next time)

funnel scripts login page

2.4 – Best Practices and examples

Now, I’m going to show you how to use Funnel Scripts free version and some examples that the tool generated. Inside the Funnel Scripts app, you easily choose “Funnels Scripts” from the library.

In this case, I’ll choose the Conversion Ad Scripts.

Look inside the Funnel Scripts workspace, there are three main sections that you need to pay attention to.

  1. Video quick start guide
  2. Direction & example
  3. Form filled

In the “Video Quick StartGuide” section, you’ll find an overview of how the Funnel Scripts platform works. Be sure to watch the video before getting started so you know what to expect.

funnel scripts video section

In the “Direction & Example” section, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for each stage of the process.

funnel scripts directions

The highlight keywords button is a great way to quickly get an idea of what you’re working with and how it should look. Your “example project” will auto load and fill into the form, so you can easy to look at and edit them.

how does funnel scripts work

Now, let’s see a demo of how the Conversion Ad Script generator works.

Form input:

What is your avatar’s current identity? (PLURAL):

  • Explain what to fill out the form: _____ are my ideal customers.
  • My input: Beginner investors

What is your avatar’s #1 most important area of focus? (2-3 word keyword phrase):

  • Explain what to fill out the form: My ideal customer’s #1 area of focus is _____.
  • My input: Stock market research

What is your avatar’s #1 long-term desire? (VERB):

  • Explain what to fill out the form: My ideal customer really wants to _____. (Starts with VERB)
  • My input: Find great deals consistently

What is the #1 immediate result your avatar wants right now?:

  • Explain what to fill out the form: Right now, my ideal customer really wants to _____.
  • My input: Find a good deal

What is the #1 problem your avatar needs to solve?:

  • Explain what to fill out the form: My ideal customer really needs to figure out how to _____
  • My input: Find deals with low risk

When all is said and done, what is the #1 thing your avatar wants to be able to do?:

  • Explain what to fill out the form: In a perfect world, my ideal customer wants to be able to _____
  • My input: Reach financial freedom through investments

What is the Title or Name of the product, service, or software you can offer your ideal customer here?:

  • Explain what to fill out the form: Completes the phrase: “I’d like to invite you to check out _____.”
  • My input: Sixty-Second Investor

What exactly are you selling?:

  • Explain what to fill out the form: Completes the phrase: “I am selling a / an _____.”
  • My input: Webinar

What is the #1 Result your avatar gets from your offer? (Starts with a VERB):

  • Explain what to fill out the form: The #1 outrageously amazing result you get from this is that you can now _____.
  • My input: Create bullet-proof financial and personal wealth

What is the #1 Pain your avatar can avoid with what you offer? (Verb ending in ING):

  • Explain what to fill out the form: You can have it all without _____.” (Verb ending in ING)
  • My input: Making high-risk investments that rarely pay off

Here’s the result!

funnel scripts demo ad result

Beginner investors are losing sleep (in a good way) over this excellent new stock market research webinar… WHY??

Because it makes it a cakewalk to find deals with low risk!

Sixty Second Investor gives you the steps to create bullet-proof financial and personal wealth without making high-risk investments that rarely pay off.

Learn more here >>> LINK

Funnel Scripts Demo (Free Webinar)

funnel scripts webinar registion

If you’re still unsure how to apply Funnel Scripts for your online business, then I invite you to watch the webinar demo for free. Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards will show you exactly how the tool works.

Plus, you’ll find a super helpful way to get all of your sales copies written…without hiring an expensive copywriter!

Whether you want to write:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Webinar scripts
  • Social Media Posts and Ads
  • Video Sales Letters scripts
  • 5-Minute Scripts
  • etc


I hope you enjoy the Funnel Scripts free trial guide.

In short, If you want to create high-converting sales copies that are specially designed for your funnel (and who doesn’t?), Funnel Scripts is the tool for you.

If you haven’t already, go ahead with the second method. Once you create your Funnel Scripts account lite version so you can access and experiment with more features for free.

Finally, don’t forget to watch the webinar demo video where Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards show you how to be able to use Funnel Scripts in your business. Once you understand how it works, upgrade to the paid version and start writing the copy that sells!

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