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Welcome to Application Funnels. This funnel helps you take sale and build the leads. In Application funnel, the potential client must ‘apply’ to become a client. It lets you qualify people to work with you and is used often in high ticket product, coaching and consulting.

So different with other lead funnels, Application funnel helps you connect with your client as well. And then “take away” sales. It’s not only low price product, it’s could help you sell the high-value product, expensive product,…And also it’s not only information product. You can sell the physical product with Application funnel easily through information your client gives you in an application form (Email, phone number,…)

Now, Let’s me show you how it works quickly.

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What is Application funnel? – Sales funnel strategies

This is a high ticket application funnel. Now, this funnel has basically four steps.

  • Reverse squeeze page: typically you might do a case study or something talk about what you do. And the end of it someone gives you their email address. They click on a button and a pop-up will appear, they put their name and email address in. And they’re you taking an application page.

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  • Application page: We can fill out a long form application, give you all the information about who they are and why they should work with you. Then you take them to the Thank You page.

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  • Thank You Page: We can thank them here, and now you’ve got an application lead. You can go and call and sell your products, and your services too.

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How to use Application Funnel in your business?

Author / speaker / coach / consultant… I’d use this funnel to sell high-ticket and high-touch coaching. I’d begin by placing a success story on the first page, then asking them to apply on the next page. This would be the default backend funnel after every mid-tier funnel.

E-commerce… I’d use the Application funnel to get people to purchase my more exclusive high-end products. I’d do a demo video of the new product, and then have them apply to get on a waiting list to have the ability to buy in the future.

Business-to-Business… I’d send potential sponsors to an Application Funnel which results in a phone call. The first Reverse Squeeze page would highlight the success of other companies we have gotten results for in the past.

Network or affiliate marketing… I’d use this funnel to make people apply to join my team. This would let them know how serious my team is, but also add exclusivity. The funnel would result in a phone call with the 4-Question Close.

Professional services… I’d use this funnel for existing customers to apply for special continuity based pricing. When they apply, we make it through the qualifications, and are added to continuity with my business, then they get special pricing and coupons.

Retail / Brick & Mortar Business… I’d use this funnel for new and existing customers to apply for high-discount holiday tickets. If they’re accepted, they’ll get huge discounts and offers during holiday shopping seasons delivered to their email or door.

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