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How to build an Application Funnel (Step-by-step)

How To Build An Application Funnel
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After customers purchase from you, they will continue to climb the value ladder and eventually to the highest-priced product or service. If you are in real estate, consulting, dental, lawyer, or coaching (the price maybe $2000, $5000, or up to $50000), then having a quality list is really important.

Instead of making a cold call or calling everyone who bought from you, we only focus and call people who are interested in your product or service and applied to work with you.

So you can save your money, time and close the deal easier.

That’s when you need the application funnel.

What Is Application Funnel?​

Application Funnel is a type of high-ticket sales funnel which helps you easily convert leads to customers. The funnel usually uses for high price products or services (above $2000).

You could remove all leads through the application that may not match the particular products or services you sell.

The Application Funnel basically has 3 steps:

Application funnel framework

Reverse squeeze page: typically, you might do a case study or something about what you do. And the end of it, someone gives you their email address. They click on a button, and a pop-up will appear; they put their name and email address in. And they’re you making an application page.

application funnel step 1

Application page: We can fill out a long-form application, give you all the information about who they are and why they should work with you. Then you take them to the Thank You page.

Application Funnel: application page

The Thank You Page: We can thank them here, and now you’ve got an application lead. You can go and call and sell your products and your services too.

application funnel thank you page

Why Application Funnel Important?​

When your product price is high, it’s not easy to persuade people to buy online. We should changing the selling environment. This means we take people offline and into a more intimate setting where you have full control over the sell process.

Before we go deep into benefits of the Application Funnel, let’s face with the traditional way most company do that isn’t effect.

Try To Selling By Using Cold Call Technical​

Nowadays, many companies still maintain a telesales team to sell their products and services. They buy a huge list of potential leads from data collection services online and hope to convert.

Even it still works on this day and brings a lot of profitable for them.

But face it! 

People hate a cold call.

Even though you have the best team with the best salesperson globally, they can’t convert people who don’t have demand or don’t care about your company and what you are selling.

The mistake of cold calling

Via Keap – CRM Company, one of the biggest mistakes salespeople have is talking with the wrong people. Wrong people means:

  • They aren’t interested in purchasing your product.
  • People don’t have problems that you solve.
  • They don’t have money.

Mostly, people don’t give you a phone number, which means you don’t have permission to call them.

The Benefits Of Application Funnel​

If you want to convert leads to customers, you should have:

  • A list of potential customers
  • Ready to work with you

Application funnel can help you do that. Instead of cold calling, you will create a reverse squeeze page to hook your potential customers to the application page.

Once people fill the form, which means:

  • They’re interested in your product or service.
  • Get ready to take your calls or meet at coffee.
  • By reading their application form, you can better understand your potential customers (their goal, finance, knowledge, the problem they face, etc.)

How Application Funnel Work In Your Business?​

author icon

Author/ Speaker/Coach/Consultant.​

Use this funnel to sell your coaching program. Placing a success story on the first page, then asking them to apply on the next page. This would be the default backend funnel after every mid-tier funnel.​

affiliate marketing icon

Network Marketing / Affiliate

Make people apply to join your team. This would let them know how serious your team is but also add exclusivity. The funnel would result in a phone call with a few questions Close.​

B2B business to business icon

B2B (Business To Business)

End potential sponsors to an Application Funnel, which results in a phone call. The first Reverse Squeeze page would highlight other companies’ success we have gotten results for in the past.​

professional service icon

Professional Service​

Use for existing customers to apply for special continuity-based pricing. When they apply, we make it through the qualifications and are added to continuity with my business. Then they get special pricing and coupons.

real estate icon

Retail / Brick & Mortar Business​

Use this funnel for new and existing customers to apply for high-discount holiday tickets. If they’re accepted, they’ll get huge discounts and offers during holiday shopping seasons delivered to their email or door.​

eCommerce icon


Use the Application funnel to get people to purchase my more exclusive high-end products. Do a demo video of the new product, and then have them apply to get on a waiting list to have the ability to buy in the future.

Application Funnel Best Practice​

Follow these step to understand how to create an Application Funnel faster:

Inside Clickfunnels dashboard, click on build a funnel.

create new application funnel inside clickfunnels

Select Application Funnel in Funnel Cookbook

create application funnel cookbook

Pick application funnel template you liked

pick application funnel template you liked

1. Reverse Squeeze Page

Reverse squeeze page application funnel

The three goals on your first page are:

  • Hook potential customers watch your success story, case study, strategy, or tactics that visualize them what they can achieve by working with you.
  • Let them take action to apply if they want to achieve the same results.
  • Get an email to follow up if they don’t finish the application.

In reverse squeeze page, you will want to setup 2 step opt-in because it is an easy way to make people leave their email address rather than immediately asking for an email address.

 Read 2 Step opt-ins  guide from Optin Monster to understand why it’s work

2. Application Page​

The goal on the application page is to convince potential customers to fill the form. So your salesperson can contact them and selling your high ticket product or service.

Because you already collected their email address on the first page. So even they do not fill out the application form, you have the ability to follow-up them until they complete.


It will help if you have a video explaining what happens when they work with you.

  • The benefits
  • Testimonial
  • Could you answer the question they are thinking?
  • Give them social proof.
  • Etc

Now, let talk about the application form.

how to create Application form inside clickfunnels

In Clickfunnels, you easily add new form elements like:

  • Select box
  • Text area
  • Checkbox
  • SMS
  • Survey

Depending on your business model, so your question will be different. But you must make sure 2 things:

  • They have money to afford your service.
  • People know exactly what they want, what does success look like for them

You can’t come out and ask them if they can afford it. Instead, we disguise this question in something that gives you the answer.

  • How much money do you spend on your marketing each month?
  • Do you try to solve the problem before? How much money did you spend in the past?

Remember, the more information you get,  your salesperson understands them better, and the conversion rate increase.

3. Thank You page

On the thank you page, you try to build a connection.

  • Let them know when you will call and what they should prepare before we discuss it.
  • You could put a video about why you passionate about helping them.
  • Reinforced their belief that this is the right choice.
  • Give them homework or explain anything they should know. (Like what we do in Bridge funnel)

So, we have done it!

The application funnel is simple to create, and it can qualify and warm up leads faster than anything you have ever seen. What makes your funnel successful is your hook on the first page to convince people to leave their email address, and the question you add on the application page.

Once you do it well, your salesperson will close the deal easier.

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