Webinar Funnel – The best way to convert warm traffic and making sales

Do you Know Webinar Funnel? Today is the second in a series of three where we actually spend time going through our funnel stacking. Which is our three core funnels (tripwire Funnel, Webinar Funnel, and High Ticket Funnel). So how they work together? Today what we spent time talking about is the webinar funnel.

The first one again if you’ve missed it was our tripwire funnel and encourage you to go ahead and take a look at that.

Get remember as far as a tripwire we typically end up doing that with the intention of being able to acquire a customer at zero cost.

So if we can break even on that, then what happens is we use our webinar funnel to make a ton of cash.

What I want to do is kind of show you exactly how all this works. And really more important that you understand all the steps to this.

[su_note note_color=”#FEE2B7″ text_color=”#000000″ radius=”4″]Wait a minute. Have a perfect webinar funnel is great. But if you don’t have traffic, you actually don’t make any money. So update my simple tactics to get tons of leads into webinar here[/su_note]

Creating A 7 Figure Business In The Next 12 Months with Webinar Funnel

Creating A 7 Figure Business In The Next 12 Months with Webinar Funnel

Most of our webinars on a Thursday, so we’ll use Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for our days and also Thursday morning if they were really typically promoting for that.

We’ll do Thursday as our actual webinar and then we’ll do replays Friday, Saturday, Sunday and during those replays, our intent is to basically double up on exactly whatever our sales we’re on Thursday we hope to double those again by Sunday.

Webinar funnel - funnel map

All this size in a whole bunch of urgency and scarcity and you’re gonna see that we’ve throughout this entire presentations but to go through this.

But a typical webinar funnel what you can find is you’re gonna have your registration pages, you’re gonna have confirmation page and then your sales page.

From there the other things you’re gonna end up having to be indoctrination pages and the other thing is obviously it’s going to be your replay page. So those will be some of the main key elements to it.

But what I want to talk to you guys about right now is how all this really ties together.

What is the webinar funnel?

The Webinar Funnel gives the entrepreneur more time to close potential customers at a higher price point Webinar Funnels are an “event” and are broken into two phases.

During the first phase, visitors register for a seat to attend and hear success stories to increase curiosity.

Unlike the Auto Webinar Funnel, this live version is usually hosted on a 3rd party software (Go-To-Webinar, Zoom, etc).

During the second phase, visitors attend the live webinar and watch replays while the window to buy begins to close, creating true scarcity and urgency.

webinar funnel map - sales funnel template

Why should you have a webinar funnel?

Most of the people that they think they don’t need the webinar because:

  • They sell things offline
  • I’m in the eCommerce space
  • I have a service-based business

Why should you have a webinar funnel_

If you’re selling eCommerce products this will work for you…

Many of our eCommerce sellers who have mastered the Perfect Webinar will bundle a bunch of their products together, make a kit, sell it on the webinar and make more money in a day than they typically make in an entire month.

Professional services?…

Do a webinar… at the end pitch, people your services and you’ll get clients at higher fees with a lot less drama…

Network Marketers:

The Perfect Webinar to date has helped people in your industry make well over $100 million (and that’s just what we can track…)

The Perfect Webinar works… it’s perfect… don’t screw it up… don’t deviate from it.

You can plug any product or service you want into this blueprint and it will sell it for you…

Don’t believe me?…

Give it a try…

How to use the webinar funnel in your business?

How to use Webinar Funnel In Your Business

What do I start with when making a webinar?

So realize that you know 90% of doing webinars and funnels is really mastering the script to that and Russell Brunson (CEO of Clickfunnels) done a phenomenal job on creating the perfect webinar script.

The idea here is to really make sure that you master the script, and how all that comes together. I’ll try to weave some of that into this.

So you guys understand the psychology behind it how we’re doing all this kind of stuff. But realize you’re gonna have an introduction, and from that introduction, you’re gonna have obviously your goal promised, kind of hook to the end you have to have a massive way of command.

And attention qualifying yourself, and then future pacing those are the five parts to the intro you then get into the content.

The content is going to be based on one thing.

What is the number one thing that you want everyone to basically understand?

And then you’re gonna have three secrets.

Realize you are not teaching on a webinar. If that’s what you came in here thinking you’re gonna do, then it’s completely wrong. Your whole idea here is to break and rebuild their belief patterns.

That’s what the three different secrets are gonna go through.

Where to start pricing on a webinar?

The actual numbers that we are looking at here from a webinar are most the time we’re trying to get about $3.

You know anywhere from $3 – $5 per webinar registrants. If the cost gets above that then what you’re gonna find is:

  • That your landing page isn’t right.
  • Your message isn’t interesting.
  • Or you’re targeting just the wrong people.
  • Something else is wrong.

Because if your costs get in that $7 to $8 range it just becomes super hard to become profitable on the front end.

So we try to be in the three to five dollars per registrant with the intent of getting about a thousand registrations per week.

  • If we can get $3.00 per registrant than 1000 per week we’ve had about a $3000 ad spend. What you’ll find is about 25% of those people actually show up.
  • So out of that 250 people are registered I’ve got about 250 people after gonna attend the webinar.
  • And if you’re looking to get 10% closed rate at a 997 product, you’re looking there at 25 sales.

That’s a $25000 webinar.

It’s fantastic and that’s really kind of this the numbers we typically take a look at.

We’ll go through a couple of numbers a little bit later as well. But I want to make sure that you understand it doesn’t end right there. Because the idea is you’re gonna double your sales from your follow-up.

So you’re gonna get $25000 when you do the webinar, and then ideally over that follow-up sequence.

Again that Friday, Saturday, Sunday you’re gonna find you typically get another doubling in that.

So you’ve got about:

  • $3000 in ad spends
  • 50000 in sales.
  • And you’ve added about 1000 peoples to your list.

That’s why we do webinars and I really want to make sure you guys understand that the opportunity you have here is huge inside of working within the webinar.

And again, I cannot stress the importance you have to make sure you’ve got the perfect webinar secrets.

How to Create Webinar Funnel?

Registration page

Now I want to talk about the mechanics of the actual registration page itself. So realize that the key to high converting webinar registration page, the entire key there is based upon curiosity. And that’s it – The Big secrets.

This example take from Russell Brunson webinar – So you can click here to visit that page

funnel hacker webinar - Funnel secrets

So some of the major secrets you’re looking at obviously is going to be the curiosity another thing. I tell you is make sure that you don’t have any video on the registration page.

We’ve tested this so many different times and it just a curiosity image always over converts on having any video there.

So, let me kind of spend a little bit of time you’re kind of talking in more detail about this and why it works this way.

First of all, again make sure the picture just makes no sense.

It’s basically a picture of Russell with his hands. One hands up and he looks like he’s holding in another something else in his hand.

And behind him are a couple of different boards and then what it basically says is “My weird niche funnel that’s currently making me $17,947 per day”.

webinar funnel - squeeze page

And how to ethically knock it off in less than 10 minutes register for my seat. Below plus get a free two-week trial two click funnels just for registering for the web class today.

That’s what you see on the registration page. So again the key here is to stay away from video on your registration page and second make that headline is so important.

Because that curiosity is what’s gonna really make a person go, you know what I think you’re gonna figure out more about, what they’re talking about.

So I can tell you right here weird niche funnel that’s currently making me $17,947 per day. This headline just gives you a hint about what it’s about. But it leaves a ton of questions unanswered.

You have to understand that without curiosity the person’s just gonna think what I got it.

  • I understand what they’re talking about
  • I don’t need to attend the other thing is that you can find that adds a whole bunch of urgency and scarcity.

That nothing gets people to action, register and just show up faster than urgency and scarcity.

So those are some of the main secrets we have in there. One of the things you can see at the bottom here is it’s very limited spots register now.

Those are some of the things we typically will try to add to make sure people understand the importance of getting very limited seating is actually.

What to do with the thank you page?

Now on your thank-you page what you’re gonna find this is where we typically are going to put the video at this point.

And the idea here is I want to make sure that they’re starting to bond with me, they’re starting to connect with me.

Sales funnel example - thankyou page

On the registration page it’s all about curiosity, on the Thank You page it’s about your passion.

It’s about your excitement for the webinar now.

One of the biggest secrets on this Thank You page is that you can and you should actually sell people. You need to be selling them something here.

This is what we refer to as a Self-Liquidating Offer (SLO) and there are a few reasons for it.

The self-liquidating offer means that it liquidates your ad cost.

So if you didn’t have a tripwire in the front and you’re actually driving Facebook ads traffic directly to this. You guys find some way of offsetting that cost.

And so we actually liquidate that those costs are by putting an offer on thank-you page. I see a lot of people who basically just go to their thank-you page and that’s it.

I want to make sure that when they land on thank-you page a couple things are taking place.

  • First of all that they’re bonding with me, they’re seeing my passion, their excitement about it.
  • Second of all, I want to make sure that I’m getting some money back from these guys.

So the whole idea here is, I’m trying to find some way of getting them to take an action, and as soon as they take an action. When they’re a buyer now, my relationship with them has changed.

 Now they’re much more willing to spend more money with me.

The indoctrination page.

Next, I want to talk about the indoctrination pages. These are the pages that actually take place between the time that they register and the actual webinar.

Again, our registration emails are going out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Our webinars on Thursday.

So whatever day they came in, they’re gonna be receiving indoctrination pages. All the way up to and if they come in late the through the webinar I’ll talk about that in just a minute.

The key here is to understand the importance of having these ad oxidation pages. One of the very first things we end up doing is a quick thank you.

Basically, that says your video number one is inside and we typically do most of our indoctrination pages with videos.

The indoctrination page - funnel giveaway

click here to join funnel giveaway page

Click Here To visit Funnel Hacking Page

What to do when the webinar comes?

Now let’s talk about the actual live event. The live event is the webinar itself and we call this a live event. I can’t stress you the importance you’ve got to do a lot of these things live before you go record.

I got a lot of people always want to jump to the auto webinar super fast and that just doesn’t work for you guys.

You have to understand we learn.

So much as we’re going through these things doing them live. Russell recommendation is you do it live for a year, every single week, either for a year or until you make a million bucks whichever one comes first.

So you do it live every single week for a year then you can go automated or you do it live every single week until you make a million bucks. And then you can make it automated

So the whole idea here is I want to make sure during this live event that you understand a lot of the things that take place.

This is Perfect Webinar

perfect webinar script - webinar funnel

What you’re going to see here is the introduction. Again five things to the intro the bold promise a hook to the end.

Why again you got command attention you have to qualify yourself and you have to future pace? I’m not going to go through all that detail right now.

Those are the five elements to the intro:

  1. Bold promise
  2. Hook to end
  3. Command attention
  4. Qualify yourself
  5. Future pace

The next thing as far as the content is the one thing.

What is the number one thing that you’re going to be conveyed through the course of this whole 90 minutes that you’re with them?

And again realize most of our webinars are just that they’re about 90 minutes.

Underneath the one thing is three secrets: secret number one, secret number two and secret number three those secrets are what you’re going to break and rebuild their belief patterns with.

And once you get through that, you’re about ready to transition into the pitch, what we referred to as the stack.

The quite we typically the transition there is a real quick state as far as” let me ask you a question”

And then it goes into as far as how the stack works, and everything else you’re asking permission at that point to offer them the opportunity of doing more work with you.

Then we go through the stack, and then we’ve got all sorts of different closes.

  • Money is good.
  • Information alone question.
  • Us vs them
  • Only excuses.

Perfect Webinar Scripts and training

Now, you have a foundation about webinar funnel. My goal here is to help you create a successful webinar faster.

So I think you need to have a script on your desk.

My friend Russell is giving away the webinar script he uses to promote anything.

I thought it would help you in your business. I have it and use it in my business. You can get it for free he just asks you to pay the shipping. It’s less than $5.

Just thought you might like it.



This is a webinar registration funnel. Now the one thing about webinar registration funnel is it

this typically is working with some type of third-party services like GoToWebinar, webinar jam, or zoom.

What happens as they come to the first page they register for the webinar when they do that click photos actually push that registration into the webinar service that you use from there you’re taken to a webinar.

The next is the confirmation page, we thank them for registering for the webinar use some another product or service if you wanted to.

And that’s kind of the basics of the funnel after that we need to send out at least three different indoctrination emails. Then document them on why they should use your product or your service, why they should be on the webinar.

Usually, the email goes out and pushes them to a page. This page will have a video on there that are training them and indoctrinate them out on you and your product, or service so user day one look at this one day, two days three. Then if you want after you do the live webinar on GoToWebinar, or webinar jam or wherever you do it.

You can take that video presentation and put it into a replay room. And then the sequence you can tell people to go watch the replay here in the replay room.

And this is how a webinar registration funnel works. If you want to learn more about the strategy behind this. Now you can use inside of your business be sure to check out the Expert Secrets book.

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