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Webinar Funnel: The secret weapon of entrepreneurs

Creating A 7 Figure Business In The Next 12 Months with Webinar Funnel
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How many webinars have you attended in the last year? How many leads did they generate for you? Have you ever wondered how some of the top entrepreneurs are able to get so much out of their webinar marketing efforts? One secret weapon they use is a funnel.

A Webinar Funnel allows them to optimize and automate their lead generation process by inviting prospects into an opt-in page before sending them through to a form on your website.

These pre-qualified leads will then go straight into your list, generating more sales and profits for you!

Read this blog post to learn all about the power of Webinars, what makes them such effective lead generation tools, and also how using a Webinar Funnel can help boost your sales.

What Is Webinar Funnel?​

Webinar funnel is a type of High-ticket funnel, where you sell your product priced between $100 – $2000. As we keep moving up the value ladder, the price also goes up, which means you must spend more time convincing your customer to buy.

So, the long-form presentation (from 60 – 120 minutes) is the best solution.

Over time your webinar funnel will be optimized, you can automatically set it on the record page, and we call it an Automated Webinar funnel.

webinar funnel framework

A Webinar funnel usually has 4 landing pages:

  • Register Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Webinar room
  • Oder Page

Why the Webinar Funnel Important?​

Once people go through the lead funnel and buyer funnel, you’re actually making profits or at least break-even. Webinar funnel comes to help you make more money than you ever have seen before.

There are 2 most popular ways to drive traffic into the funnel:

  • Follow-up funnel in your email list
  • Use Facebook Ads

Imagine What if:

  • You spend $3 – $5 per webinar registrants.
  • 1000 people register cost you $3000 – $5000
  • 25% of them (250 people) attend the webinar.
  • 5-10 people buy your $1000 product, so you get $5000 – $10000 in sales.

Is it make sense and possible? What if your conversion rate is more than these numbers? This is the reason why you need to consider creating a Webinar Sales Funnel.

Bottom line:

  1. The number is for reference only.
  2. If the cost to require a lead higher than $5, which means: You should fix your landing page and change the hook; your message is not interesting, or you target the wrong people on Ads campaign. (Target market issue)

How The Webinar Funnel Work In Your Business?​

We recommend using these webinar funnel tips to create an immersive, powerful, and comprehensive webinar. 

It’s never easy to create a stellar webinar, especially if you are new to this. 

Remember, the focus is on helping people solve a need, and the entire webinar should try to offer solutions.

Of course, you want to sell the best solution in the end, and if you keep it affordable, many of your guests will buy it. Use all these ideas to create a powerful webinar funnel, and don’t hesitate to customize everything based on your needs!

How to use Webinar Funnel In Your Business

How To Create A Great Webinar Sales Funnel​?

This is the Funnel Hack webinar created by Russell Brunson. Now, we are going deep inside case studies to discover how he did it.

Official website: Funnelhackingsecrets.com

1. Generate Lead On Webinar Registrations Page​

The goal of the registration page is to get people to sign-up for a webinar. On this page, you no need to spend more time telling a story.

It would be best to build curiosity based on the headline and agitate a pressure point in your audience to get people to attend and show up for your presentation.

Here are 5 scripts we usually used:

  1. What if you could (Desire) without (Pain)
  2. What this FREE video to learn how (product/service name) gives you an unfair advantage with (main topic)
  3. Here’s a quick way to (big result) and avoid (pain)
  4. Don’t let (pain) stop you!
  5. Imagine (Desire) in just 30 minutes.

There are so many scripts you can use by using Funnel Scripts software. It will help you generate your headline in less than 5 minutes with hundred of ideas.

Funnel hacker Secrets webinar funnel registerpage

When they click on the button, a pop-up appears, so they can sign-up for the webinar. Then they will be added in an email follow-up to warm up them before the presentation began.

Make sure to remove all unnecessary fields such as a phone number because most people won’t be happy to share it.

The next is three core secrets.

use the three core secrets in webinar funnel webclass

Three core false beliefs come to the surface and keep someone buying, even if they believe the new opportunity is right for them. Show people three secrets is where you show them the content section of the webinar.

You will be breaking and rebuilding their false belief patterns.

2. Thank You Page​

The goal of thank you page is to build relationships and show-up time where and when the webinar begins.

Webinar funnel thank you page layout

Even we already build more curiosity on the register page. However, we should still explain why the webinar is important and their benefit to make sure they show up to the webinar.

It will help if you tell them to add the event to their calendar to avoid missing it.

funnel hacking secrets webinar funnel thank you page

Thank you page is also a great place to push people into your low-ticket offer ( tripwire funnel or free & shipping funnel) before the webinar.

The offer you show should be a necessary product or tool that better prepares for the webinar. The other thing about selling the low-ticket product is to help you cover your ad cost spent.

Bottom line: Make sure your offer on the Thank You page not duplicate or compete with the webinar offer. It will kill your sales. 

3. Create Presentation On Webinar Room​

A presentation webinar room will happen inside your webinar software like Gotowebinar or Zoom. If you create the auto webinar funnel, you can ember recorded video from Youtube, Vimeo, or the Wistia channel.


Before making your webinar automated in the auto webinar funnel, I highly recommend creating more live webinars first to master it.

If you want to learn the difference between a webinar that flops and a million-dollar webinar, you should read the Expert Secrets book to learn the “Perfect Webinar” script.

Click here to get the book for FREE.

4. Selling Product On Offer Page​

At the end of the presentation, you will call action to push people to the offer page. The CTA button should appear at the end of the presentation.

People’s biggest mistake on this page is selling it initially when people haven’t watched your webinar.

Because you already explain the offer in the presentation, so you recap the offer and let them purchase

Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass bonuses
Funnel Hacks secrets order page.

Webinar Funnel Best Practice​

If you’re looking to expand your brand and reach, then you should consider creating webinars. These are presented in a video format, making the entire presentation very personal for the audience.

On top of that, they get to connect with your business naturally, and you can easily use Webinar Funnel Tips to push your offer in front of them and make customers enjoy the process more than you might imagine.

1. Start With The Audience’s Pain​

When you create a webinar funnel, your primary concern has to be the audience’s pain. You want to know what issues your audience deals with right now, so you can provide a solution. 

In fact, the entire webinar should focus on talking about the issue itself and understanding the solution naturally.

2. Relatable​

A great webinar funnel will always allow you to feel relatable. The webinar itself needs to be personable, appealing, and interesting. 

You may go towards the formal or relatable approach based on your brand, but that’s up to you.

3. Storytelling + Scripts​

Share a story! The webinar funnel is ideal for talking about your brand, so use this as an advantage.

Of course, the webinar should always be free because people are more enticed to experience something if they don’t have to pay for it.

3. Add Email Follow-Up​

One of the main things to focus on with webinar sales funnels is the acquisition of email addresses. You want to build your contact list while also generating some sales.

It’s important to note that your webinar guests will sometimes start purchasing your product, but they don’t get past the “add to cart” page.

Sending them an email that offers them a link to go back can be a good idea.

If you can share a discount too, that will make things even sweeter. You can also include the contact information, so try to consider that.

4. Finish With Call To Action – CTA​

You should always finish with a call to action, encouraging people to visit your website or staying in touch with you for more information. 

Having a clear and compelling call to action at the end will increase the potential of generating more leads and customers in the long term.

5. Should You Offer Replays For Your Webinar​

Ideally, the main focus of your webinar funnel is to generate leads and customers on the spot. However, you can’t always do that. There are situations when you will be unable to do that, so having a replay for the webinar will come in handy.

We want to encourage people to go live,  so it’s ok to add the webinar later if you want. It can be available a week after the live webinar itself.

You still get to generate leads and customers this way, and the return on investment can be great in the end.

Best Resources

  • Perfect Webinar Training (Highly recommend): Step-by-step guide on how to build a webinar funnel from scratch and also the scripts to generate a great presentation.
  • Expert Secrets Book (Optional): Free book teaches you how to attract your target audience and build raving fans. Also, teaches you how to build a great presentation for webinars.
  • Jasper – Conversion.ai (Optional): Let the robot build your marketing message for you. It’ll save your time and energy when create sales copy, Facebook ads copy, headline, bullet points,etc that convert.
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