Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar slides Review

Perfect Webinar Script Review: Is It Really Worth?

This post is my honest and in-depth Perfect Webinar Script review.

Russell Brunson created a script for a presentation to help you sell more online called Perfect Webinar. This script teaches you the secrets to create a successful webinar. Also, the air of persuasion, and knows how to convince people to buy your product online (even it’s a $500 or over $1000 product).

Following the review, I am going to explain:

  • What is the Perfect Webinar script?
  • Who should use it?
  • Is it work for your business?
  • Price and all upsell behind
  • My recommendation to help you save money by getting his valuable bonus

Now, Let get started!

Perfect Webinar Template Overview

Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar slides

  • Product Name: The Perfect Webinar Secrets
  • Sales
  • Price: Free + Shipping
  • Shipping cost: $4.95
  • Upsell: Yes
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee


11 May 2020: Now, you can get it’s for FREE (plus some bonus) when you buy Expert Secrets Book

11 Jan 2020: Russell Brunson is no longer developing this product. My recommendation is that you should buy the book instead of Perfect Webinar Script. You have not only get tutorials and value from Perfect Webinar Script inside this book, but you also get other scripts to help you sell better.

Why You Need To Have Webinar In your Business

Quick question: what if you can sell the high-ticket product that has $1000, $2000, or more? Now, You may think about standing on the stage and selling goods to hundreds of people or calling customers constantly, right?

Not difficult and expensive like a seminar, the webinar is a good platform for you – small business.

The webinar is an online seminar where you can make sales without selling hard, general leads, connect with hundreds of people from everywhere around the world, and build the relationship.

Read 10 reasons why you need to create a webinar on the blog of Wyatt Jozwowski

If you do it right, the webinar will help you Instantly add “High ticket sales” to your sales funnel without you personally talking to anyone on the phone ever…

Who is Russell Brunson? and What is The Perfect webinar?

Russell Brunson 10x Secrets

The Perfect Webinar script created by Russell Brunson(Co-founder & Ceo of Clickfunnels) after he failed over time and then sold over 6 figures high ticket products.

If you’ve read my blog before, I introduced him so many times. He sells a lot of high-ticket products through the webinar. After 10+ years selling on stage and webinar, he going to build the scripts to help you create a great presentation to sell your high-ticket product or professional service.

No matter your business is online or offline.

If you want to convince people to buy your product, you must have a great presentation right? So, a Perfect webinar script is key to help you do that.

Do you want to see the power of perfect webinar script?

Click the link below to see the presentation of Russell Brunson at the 10x conference and made $3,000,000 in sales in just 90 minutes.

After joining his training program, he will teach you to step by step how to do that. And you just use it (like copy and paste) in your business.

Do you know copy and paste?

The Benefits When You Have a good sales scripts

Imagine when you have this skill:

  1. You can make more in one-day by selling high ticket products than you can in A MONTH selling standard products.
  2. Don’t personally have to sell anything!
  3. Only need a little traffic to make this work (like 100 clicks per day)
  4. It can automate if you used Clickfunnels ( that I call auto webinar)

Let me explain it.

For example, you have a product that has $37 and you would like to make $5000/ month.

So you should be sold 135 products, right?

If your conversion is 3%. Then you need 4500 clicks to make it.

And it really hard

How to create the perfect webinar - perfect webinar formula

What if it’s a high price product like $1000?

You only have 5 sales to make $5000/month, and 167 people watch the webinar, or 418 clicks (if your opt-in rate 40%). It possible because your webinar is FREE to join.

Think about it!

The only time I’ve seen it not work is when people don’t follow the script the right way…

Every one of those pieces we put in there is from what Russell Brunson learned in his 10-year journey of speaking on stage after stage after stage…

10 years of presenting and failing… bruising his knees and bloodying his knuckles testing everything in front of live audiences until he knew exactly what worked and what didn’t work…

Some things might not make much sense at first… but trust me, they work!

It’s kind of like Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid…

Mr. Miyagi tells to paint the fence and wax the car…

At first, Daniel doesn’t understand…

He approaches Mr. Miyagi later in frustration and tells him, “I quit! I’m not here to do your chores… I’m here to do Karate…”

Then Mr. Miyagi throws a punch at Daniel and he instinctively waxes the car and blocks his punch. At that moment Daniel knew why Mr. Miyagi was having him do these weird things.

The same thing will happen to you when you do your first Perfect Webinar and follow the script and your sales start coming in…

You’ll feel your heart beating faster and faster when you realize that this is it… this is the key to your future…

That’s what I want you to understand.

So even though some parts don’t make sense right now… trust me, they work. “Wax the car” and “paint the fence” with me for a little bit and prove me wrong… 🙂

Worst case scenario, you’re right…

Best case scenario, you make a whole bunch of money…

The perfect webinar scripts russell brunson

How much traffic do you need?

Example if you selling $1000 product

  • 1 out of 10 who apply will sign up for $1000 product
  • Next 1 out of 10 who visit application page will apply
  • 100 Clicks = 10 application = 1 buyer = $1k
  • Imagine if you’re selling $10k, $25k,… or you have a good presentation to help you increase conversion?

Do the Perfect Webinar script work for?

To be honest, even though the Perfect Webinar doesn’t work for every business. However, if you think it only works for people who sell on webinars, you’re wrong.

The difference between the Perfect Webinar script and other sales scripts you’ve learned before is that you can use it in different places. if you follow him for a period of time, you can see he used it on:

  • Teleseminars
  • Presentation on the stage
  • Video sales letters
  • Facebook live presentation
  • Instagram stories highlight
  • Facebook live presentations
  • Also in his sales funnel

The script work in almost any market you can dream of:

  • Information product (online course, e-book, software, etc)
  • Coach
  • Ecommerce business owner who wants to sell on the stages
  • Service business selling on the phone.
  • Affiliate marketers/ bloggers want to increase the conversion rate by using this framework on their sites.
  • Agency and freelancer.
  • For people who want a good presentation to sell their products/services

The script been nicknamed “The Perfect Webinar”, but in reality it’s more than that, it’s the perfect sales presentation. And it’s worth mastering if you want to get your message to your market.

Now, Let me show you what inside the perfect webinar script!

What You Will Get Inside Perfect Webinar Script?

There are four part of the perfect webinar script:

  1. Intro and Rapport
  2. The one thing (or the big Domino)
  3. The three secrets
  4. Stack and closes

1. Intro and Rapport

Like other presentations, we have an opening to welcome your audience, build rapport, attract their attention, and get them excited.
This is very important in an online environment; if you can’t get your audience interested, they’ll leave.

This is also the time to convince your customers. Blair Warren – author of The One-Sentence Persuasion course: 27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding (Top #23 in sales and selling on Amazon); he highlights 5 main elements to persuade your audience:

People will do anything for those who…

1. Encourage their dreams

2. Justify their failures

3. Allay their fears

4. Confirm their suspicions

5. Help them throw rocks at their enemies.

This persuasion does not start at the end of a presentation; it begins at the first minute.

2. The one thing (big domino)

The second part of the Perfect Webinar script is the “one thing”. You will try to get their attention and make them curious. You also identify a big domino and you will tell your first epiphany bridge story.

One of the biggest things to understand is that the presentation is not getting your audience to believe a lot of things. The entire presentation is designed to get them to believe just one thing. He explained it very detailed in the EPS book and why it’s is the key to help your presentation succeed.

He also teaches you how to identify your Big Domino and how to create the Epiphany Bridge.

Here are steps Perfect Webinar Script covers in this section:

  1. Title Slide
  2. Intro/ Rapport
  3. The Ruler: Goal #1 – The New Opportunity
  4. The Ruler: Goal #2 – The Big Domino
  5. Qualify Yourself
  6. Epiphany Bridge Story #1
  7. Liken Your Story to Them
  8. Case Study/ Proof
  9. Transition to the 3 Secrets

3. The Three Secrets

During the three secrets, you will teach the framework that you share to the audience to break a specific false belief pattern and rewrite the true story in your listener’s minds.

Then, your audience’s desire for “the how” is the reason they’re going to give you money at the end of your presentation. Russell Brunson encourages create false beliefs around the following:

  • The vehicle (new opportunity)
  • Their ability to use the vehicle (internal beliefs)
  • The number one thing they believe is keeping them from getting started ( external beliefs)

There are 8 steps in Perfect Webinar script that help you present the three secrets:

  1. State the Secret
  2. Share Your Epiphany Bridge
  3. Show Other People’s Results
  4. Break the Related Beliefs
  5. Restate the New Belief as an Undeniable Truth
  6. Rinse and Repeat for Secrets #2 and #3
  7. The Transition to Selling
  8. The Question

4. The Stack and closes

Here is where you move from teaching to the sales portion of the presentation. Russell Brunson will gives you a precise format that he calls the stack. The Stack and closes will help you persuade people to act on you offer.

After mastering it, you’ll be able to create presentations easily anywhere. You will know how to add value to your products or services to make your customers easy to accept the price you offer and feel it more reasonable.

There are so many steps you will go through in The Stack section:

  • The Transition to Selling Slide
  • The Question Slide
  • What You’re Gonna Get Slide (The Core Product)
  • You’ll Be Able to…/You’ll Be Able to Get Rid of…Slides
  • The Problem This Product Solved For Your Slide
  • How Much Time/Money This Product will Save Them Slide
  • Break Related Beliefs About The Product Slides

The Stack Slide #1

  • Introduce Element #2 (The Frameworks)
  • Quick High-Level Recap Of Deliverables
  • Case-Studies
  • Who This Works For (All-Inclusive)
  • Destroy The #1 Reason People Don’t Get Started

The Stack Slide #2

  • Repeat This Process For All Other Elements Of Your Offer

The Stack Slide #3

The Big Stack Slide

  • If All Statements
  • I Had Two Choices
  • What Would The End Result Be Worth Slide
  • Price Drop
  • Price Reveal
  • Price Justification
  • You’ve Got Two Choices
  • Guarantee
  • The Real Question Is this…

Last Stack

  • Urgency/Scarcity Bonus
  • Closing Call To Action/Q&A Slide

How to get The Perfect Webinar Script?

Updated May, 2020: Now you can watch video for FREE when you purchase Expert Secrets Book.

1. Expert Secrets Book Membership (Recommend)

Step 1: Visit and get the book

Step 2: Sign-up your Trilogy Secrets account on the thank you page

The Secrets Trilogy member signup page

Step 3: Login your account on

Step 4: The Perfect Webinar Secrets training is available inside The Secrets Trilogy member’s area

Perfect Webinar Secrets Training available in the membership area

2. The Perfect Webinar Official Site

Step #1: Visit the website Then click the button.

Step #2: Fill out your information (like name, email address,…) and get it. Done

the perfect webinar review

Bottom line: I highly recommend you should get it by buying the book than the official site (although the cost is the same). Because, the book explains more in detail than just the perfect webinar framework but also how to pick your market, create a movement, one to sell many, and his over $600 value resources.

Why it’s FREE? Do they have any upsell?

In fact, this is a free + shipping funnel. Their goal is to try to make the profit by upselling products and general leads.

So what exactly do they offer?

The perfect webinar script (FREE): First you can make the slides (or script) for FREE with less than $5 for shipping everywhere in the world. And you also get the DVD to explain entirely the script to help you learn how to create the perfect webinar. You have a FREE copy (with an opportunity to change your business) and they have a lead. Is it fair? 

Powerpoint slides and keynotes file (One Time Offer – $47): This is the PowerPoint slides and keynotes that Russell Brunson used to make the perfect webinar. It’s proven to work and all you have to do is add the information about your product or services.

perfect webinar powerpoint slides and keynotes

The perfect webinar training($297): The training courses help you create a successful webinar and all of the secrets behind it that help Russell make 6 figures high-ticket products. Then he grows his company from ZERO to millionaires.


I hope you enjoy with perfect webinar script review. Now, I highly recommend buying the Expert Secrets book for two reasons:

  • You get the video training for FREE instead of $297 on the Perfect Webinar upsell page
  • The book (new version) updated his current tactics and more tips for persuasion
  • And +$600 bonus value

Imagine when you own this skill

  • Creating a successful webinar which means you can increase your business profitable
  • Give you the kick in the Butt to finally get you moving
  • And give you 2 – 3 HIGH TICKET clients per month

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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