Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar slides Review 2018 – Get It FREE

Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar slides Review 2018 – Get It FREE
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Perfect Webinar slides will help you promote anything product in your business. I usually use it to sell my high ticket product, masterclass, coaching,…

Russell has pretty much-shown everything about perfect webinar in Expert Secrets book.

And I also talk about it on the perfect webinar script or get your own copy at

It’s perfect and you should just use it – it works.

And now, I go deep into review The Perfect Webinar Secrets

Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar slides Review 2018 - Get It FREE

How to create the perfect webinar – the formula that you can get for FREE


Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar slides

Product Name: The Perfect Webinar Secrets

Sales Page:

Price: Free + Shipping

Shipping cost: $4.95

Why You Need To Have Webinar In your Business

Quick question: what if can sell the high-ticket product that has $1000, $2000 or more?

Not difficult and expensive like a seminar, the webinar is a good platform for you – small business.

This is where you can make sales without selling hard, general leads, connect with hundreds of people from everywhere around the world and build the relationship.

You can read 10 reasons why you need to create a webinar on the blog of Wyatt Jozwowski

If you do it right, the webinar will help you Instantly add “High ticket sales” to your sales funnel without you personally talking to anyone on the phone ever…

Who is Russell Brunson?

If you’ve read my blog before, I introduced him so many time. He is:

  • The king of high-ticket sales
  • Did backend sales for Dan Kennedy/ Bill Glazier, Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern and plus most of other a list marketers…
  • Over 8 figures Of High ticket sales

After doing this for 10+ years and done a lot of things wrong

  • Hidden business inside of your existing business…
  • 2 simple pages that you can add to any sales funnel
  • Sell high ticket stuff WITHOUT feeling like a used car salesman
  • You can plug it into almost any business

Russell brunson perfect ưebinar

Russell Discover This hard Way

(You get to cheat and get the easy way…)

The hard way:

  • Called people,…(most people hate it and me too)
  • Outsourced to a call center (Within 2 days had offended 5 customers)
  • Built his own(60 sales guys and 20,000 SQ FT Building… Ug)

Do you want the easy way that does NOT require you to pick up a phone?

The Perfect webinar helps you do it.

What is The Perfect webinar?

Really simple it is a perfect webinar script created by Russell (Ceo clickfunnels) after he failed over time and then sold over 6 figures high ticket products.

If you join his training program, he will teach you to step by step how to do that. And you just use it (like copy and paste) in your business.

Do you know copy and paste?

The benefit

Imagine when you have this skill:

  1. You can make more in one-day selling high ticket products then you can in A MONTH selling normal products…
  2. Don’t personally have to sell anything!
  3. Only need a little traffic to make this work (like 100 clicks per day)
  4. It can automate if you used clickfunnels ( that I call auto webinar)

Let me explain it.

For example, you have a product that has $37 and you would like to make $5000/ month.

So you should be sold 135 products, right?

If your conversion is 3%. Then you need 4500 clicks to make it.

And it really hard

How to create the perfect webinar - perfect webinar formula

What if it’s high ticket product like $1000?

You just only have 5 sales to make $5000/month and 167 peoples watch the webinar, or 418 clicks (if your opt-in rate 40%)

It possible because your webinar is FREE to join.

Think about it!

The perfect webinar scripts russell brunson


How much traffic do you need?

Example if you selling $5000 product

  • 1 out of 10 who apply will sign up for $5000 product
  • Next 1 out of 10 who visit application page will apply
  • 100 Clicks = 10 application = 1 buyer = $5k
  • (imagine if you’re selling $10k, $25k,…)

The Perfect Webinar slides work for?

Yes, I know it doesn’t work for all of you.

It only works for people who have own products or services and want to make your business profitable and get 2 -3 high ticket clients per month (or more)

And also if you are:

  • A person can’t do phone sales
  • waste a lot of money and spent a long time of trial and still failed

Why it’s FREE? Do they have any upsell?

In fact, this is a free + shipping funnel.

Our goal is to try to make the profit by upselling product and general leads.

So what exactly what do they offer?

The perfect webinar script (FREE): The first you can make the slides (or script) for FREE with less than $5 for shipping everywhere on the world. And you also get the DVD to explain entirely the script to help you learn how to create the perfect webinar. You have a FREE copy (with an opportunity to change your business) and they have a lead. Is it fair? 

Powerpoint slides and keynotes file ($47): This is the powerpoint slides and keynotes that Russell used to make the perfect webinar. It’s proven to work and all you have to do is add the information about your product or services.

perfect webinar powerpoint slides and keynotes

The perfect webinar training($297): The training courses help you create a successful webinar and all of the secrets behind it that help Russell make 6 figures high-ticket product. Then grow his company from ZERO to millionaires.

How to get it?

the perfect webinar review

Step #1: Visit the website Then Click the button.

Step #2: Fill out your information and get it. Done


I recommend buying the upsell for two reasons:

_ First, I make money, which is pretty cool.

_ Second, in the upsell videos Russell go beyond the script and show you how to pitch on the webinar – very important.

Imagine when you own this skill

  • Finally, make your business profitable….would it be worth?
  • Give you the kick in the Butt to finally get you moving… would it be worth?
  • And give you 2 – 3 HIGH TICKET clients per month… would it be worth?

Perfect webinar script - dotcom secrets book


Now you have 2 choices:

  • Invest a little money and start the training then start making money in the next 2 weeks or 3 weeks
  • Go to bed tonight, you can sit around  and tomorrow wake up and use the exact same thing you do right now

If you don’t have enough money for the training ($297) you also get expert secrets book. It’s not good than this training but you also have the concept, foundation to build a successful webinar.

And the last question is:

Is It OK If People Dip Into Savings Or Leverage Credits And Spend $ They Don’t Have To Buy Your Product Today?

Think about it

Thank you.

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