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Expert Secrets Review: Everything You Need To Know

expert secrets review
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Expert Secrets book is a must-read for business owners (especially if you sell information products). The book teaches you how to build an online empire from scratch and get paid for your expertise.

This post is an in-depth Expert Secrets review, where you can find all the information about the book before you make a decision.

Do you want to get paid for your expertise, increase your reach, impact, and influence, and build a loyal following of fans and customers?

If the answer is yes, then Expert Secrets is a must-read!

Considered the next series of Dotcom Secrets book, and is seen by many as a must-read for entrepreneurs, the book is filled with actionable steps to help you communicate effectively with your audience, building a brand and loyal community.

As an entrepreneur, you know that the key to success is always to be learning and growing. One of the best ways to do this is to read books from experts in your field.

In this blog post, I’ll give you my honest book review. I’ll share what I thought were the standout sections and things I didn’t like.

So if you’re thinking of picking up a copy of the book or just want to know more about it, keep reading!

Why Is My Expert Secrets Review Different Than Others?

If you’ve been thinking about reading Expert Secrets, then you’ve probably seen some of the other reviews out there.

But what makes my review different?

First of all, I have actually read the book. That might seem like a given, but you’d be surprised at how many people write “reviews” without even finishing (or starting) the book.

I have over a decade of experience in online marketing, and I know what to look for when reading a book like this.

expert secrets receipt

Next, most of the reviews you’ve read are outdated. The book was first released in 2017, so a lot has changed in a few years since then.

His original edition was around 60K words or so…

But then he CUT OUT about 20K words!

And after months of working on it, he ended up with almost 90K words (that’s like 50K new words of content, more than half the book!)

expert secrets book 2nd edition

So it’s basically a whole new book!

And that’s why I wanted to write an updated review for you guys.

About Expert Secrets Author – Russell Brunson

russell brunson expert secrets

First, let me tell you a little bit about the author, Russell Brunson.

Russell Brunson is a successful businessman whose career began as a college student. The first marks in his career were recorded in 2003 when he sold ZipBrander software – a Marketing tool that helps drive traffic, increase profits automatically.

After the success of his first viral marketing tool, in 2005, Russell created and sold the DVD course “How To Create A Potato Gun.” A unique feature of this course is that Russell offers the option to purchase a Potato Gun kit – one of the prime examples of upselling techniques in the business.

From early successes, Russell has made great strides in the online marketing industry:

  • Reaching $1 million in revenue one year after graduating from college.
  • Being an expert in marketing.
  • Owning a training company and a company specialized in providing business solutions.

Russell Brunson is also the co-founder of Etison LLC, the parent company of ClickFunnels. According to Forbes, this company is currently at 360 million USD.

Many magical stories surround ClickFunnels – his company’s signature software. One of the most exciting things is that Russell Brunson has built an ecosystem with books and valuable information products that any entrepreneur should refer to.

Russell is also a New York Times Best Seller with his famous books, including:

  • Dotcom Secrets
  • Expert Secrets
  • and Traffic Secrets

In Expert Secrets, he draws on his experience to share expert-level tips and tactics on how to turn your knowledge into a paying career.

Brunson is also well-known for his down-to-earth, relatable style of writing. He doesn’t use fancy words or try to impress you with big concepts.

Instead, he writes like he’s having a conversation with you, which makes the book easy to read and digest.

Expert Secrets Summary

expert secrets book russell brunson

Expert Secrets is one of my favorite business books, first appeared in 2017 with 359 pages. Expert Secrets is the second book of the Secrets Trilogy.

The book is available in various formats, from paper books to e-books, and on many different platforms.

In particular, on the world’s most famous online sales site, Amazon, Expert Secret received a rating of 4.7/5 – an impressive number.

After 3 years of publication and receiving a warm reception, the 2nd Edition was published in May 2020 with some minor changes.

In Dotcom Secrets book, Russell Brunson helped marketers how to build a sales funnel to make more sales and generate income. A few of the core concepts in this book were:

  • The secrets of the value ladder
  • How to attract your dream customers
  • Sales funnel framework and sales scripts
  • And more

After reading Dotcom Secrets, many marketers start to build sales funnel for their business, but they didn’t understand how to communicate with the people who entered into their funnels.

So, Expert Secrets was born as a marketing resource that helps you create high converting marketing messages, master persuasion that converts targeted leads at each stage of your funnels.

Who Should Read This Book?

Expert Secrets is for anyone who wants to turn their knowledge and expertise into a paying career. This could be through coaching, consulting, speaking engagements, brick-and-mortar businesses, wedding photography services, real estate agents, or any other type of expert business.

The book is also great for entrepreneurs who want to get more out of their reach, impact, and influence. I’m being honest, I think this book is a must-read for anyone serious about their business or career.

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in your journey – if you want to get paid for your knowledge, then this book will show you how.

In-Depth Expert Secrets Book Review: What Does It’s Talk About?

expert secrets book

The book still retains the valuable lessons that created the brand in the second edition. At the same time, the author has also updated and changed some content to bring up-to-date and more applicable knowledge in the current business context.

So pick up the book and discover the secret an expert doesn’t want you to know:

Section 1: Creating Your Mass Movement

A loyal community is vital to your business. Without a dedicated community, the number of people willing to use your services and products may not be as impressive as you dreamed with the mass movement.

There are many experts in the world who have great advice and opinion but no one listening to them.

So, the first thing you need to start your business is to focus on building your audience. (It’s maybe offline, Facebook, blog, podcast, Youtube, Instagram…)

Russell found 3 things in common that helped people create a mass movement:

  1. They each had a charismatic leader or an attractive character.
  2. Each of them focused on a future-based cause that was bigger than themselves
  3. They each offered their audience a new opportunity
expert secrets create a mass movement

This section is all about HOW to create those “true fans”, how to target the audienceA true fan is people who will purchase anything from you.

Whatever the field you might be in, health, real estate, etc., you need to be able to show your followers where they are headed and convince them it is a place worth going with you.  

To achieve the above effect, the author has revealed 6 critical secrets:

Secrets #1: Finding your voice 

Find your voice and don’t grow with the mindset of someone selling products and services. Instead, you will be the one to make the offer, creating a mass movement where your fans and customers can get helpful advice and solutions that will change their lives.

Secrets #2: Teaching your frameworks 

The best way to provide knowledge and skills to clients, helping them achieve the results they want.

Secrets #3: The three core markets or desires. 

How to create your own “Blue Ocean” In A “red market”, that sets you up ass To become the king in your field and set yourself apart from your competitors.

expert secrets: the new opportunity

Secret #4: The new opportunity

The only thing that causes your customers to move closer or further away from offers is how you communicate with them.

Secrets #5: More Money for the same framework.

Refresh your content. This secret reveals how to sell the same content in a different way that will add more value for your customer, and how to get users to agree to pay higher prices.

Secrets #6: The Future-based caused.

Inspire excitement and anticipation for the changes you bring. A true pro must know this secret – how to give your followers hope for good things ahead.

Section 2: Creating Belief

After understanding who you must become and what must create to start building your mass movement, create the vehicle for change that you have offered to people (new opportunity) from the first section, we are going to create belief.

Why? Very simple, belief allows your follower to be more receptive to the opportunities you’re offering. In short:

  • Belief creates the customer.
  • Belief creates the results.

You can do that by mastering the skill – Storytelling. Trust me, Russell is an expert on this skill.

In 2018, he made 3,000,000 million dollars in sales in just 90 minutes at the 10X Growth Conference. You can watch the video here to discover how he used Storytelling in his presentation.

YouTube video

Let’s go through all secrets inside:

Secret #7: The Epiphany Bridge

Epiphany moments are sporadic. But once it happens, Epiphany can deliver explosive ideas that will change your career.

You’ll learn how to create “aha moments” – the time when your customers can understand the problem and find your solutions.

Secret #8: The Hero’s Two Journeys

This approach is directly related to your stories. How to create a connection between your customers and your brand, your brand’s story, how to keep your shares authentic and authentic. Become a powerful tool to support in creating your mass movement.

expert secrets: The epiphany bridge

Secret #9: The Epiphany Bridge Script

How to make the story, the simple experience above, become more impressive, meaningful, and outstanding than ever. This secret also shares how you can link your account to the product you offer.

In the Epiphany Bridge Script, Russell shows you how to make the most of every moment. In addition, in this section, you can also find tips on telling stories, inspiring emotionally, and attracting a large following.

Secret #10: The Four Core Stories

Here, Russell Brunson has shared four stories for you to refer to and write others that leave a lasting impression.

In addition to the above secrets, the author also outlines valuable methods you can apply to change your followers:

False Belief Patterns: Russell demonstrates ways to eliminate your client’s false beliefs and replace them with your new ones.

Section 3: 10X Secrets: One – To – Many Selling

Now, you know how to create your own mass movement and how to build up your followers’ beliefs. So you can introduce them to new opportunities that can change their life.

Russell takes over 10 years to create and master the scripts

In part 3, the author reveals a series of secrets below:

Secret #11: The Perfect Webinar Framework

Detailed steps for you to create value for customers. Successfully applying this secret, you will not have to make an actual sale. Besides, you also get the know-how to get customers to buy the product immediately. The tips above will come in handy every time you attend a face-to-face and online conference.

Secret #12: The Big Domino

Unravel the reason why the customer turned down your offer. Understanding the mistakes, you can know how to fix them to make irresistible offers in the mass movement.

Secret #13: The Three Secrets

Storytelling steps to get rid of customer misconceptions in the first place. In addition, the sharing from the experts themselves also tells you how to tell stories in an inspirational way, promote action, and change customers.

expert secrets: The stack and closes

Secret #14: The Stack and Closes

Detailed steps guide you forward from the body of what you shared before to creating the offer ending the sale.

Secret #15: Trial Closes

Mini fences you can use in your presentations. When the application is successful, you will be surprised at what Fence can bring to the number of offers you have.

After all…

The Perfect Webinar Framework is one of my favorite scripts that I’ve learned from him. don’t think this script only works for webinars. It’s still working for video sales letters, teleseminars, webinars, stage presentations, email sequences, and more…

It should probably be titled the “Perfect Presentation”

So many people in different markets become millionaires using these exact same scripts. Click here to watch the testimonial.

It’s worth mastering if you really want to get your message to your market.

Section 4: Becoming Your Dream Customer’s Guide

After attracting customers, you will join them on a new journey. And to be successful, you need to make sure that your dream client is comfortable, motivated, and excited to come to your Funnels.

In this part 4, Russell Brunson shares important secrets for you to become Your Dream Customers Guide.

Secret #16: Testing Your Presentation Live

Check your sales funnel every week. Here, the author has built for you a detailed tracking schedule so that you can check, refresh, and correct errors, if any. In addition, you also have the opportunity to join Two Comma Club.

Secret #17: The Perfect Webinar Shortcut

How to create the perfect webinar shortcut. This new secret is how you can build a limited-time presentation by answering a series of questions like What new opportunities do you offer, what special offers do you have? What is the Big Domino for this offer, what false beliefs are present, and how do you break them?

Secret #18: The 5 minute Perfect Webinar

How to create a 5-minute perfect webinar. Five minutes can be quite a modest amount of time. But with what’s in this secret, you can ultimately shorten the conference time but still not reduce the value you get.

Secret #19: Plugging “Expert Secrets” into Your Value Ladder

Here, the author shows how to combine all the knowledge from the story, operating system, script. You have learned to apply to your sales funnel. The combination will be presented in application levels, making it possible for you to guide any of your dream clients.

What’s Great About The Book?

  • Provides detailed knowledge: This book is perfect for beginners because the author has provided step-by-step instructions to get you from point A to point B.

Even if you don’t have much prior experience, the book is easy enough to understand that you have enough knowledge to build a good amount of money. A large number of followers and start to benefit from it.

  • Provides strategies, scripts, and many valuable lessons to help you build a professional business from scratch.

In particular, the author’s recommendations can be available to many other types of companies and each other, including new businesses.

  • Get results fast: The secrets Russell shares in Expert Secrets work. You can apply almost every secret in the book to your business case.

It can be that, compared to many effective online marketing strategies based on current theory, the book has a much more positive impact.

  • Extremely effective for online marketers: Through a series of illustrations, sharing, and secrets, those working in the online business field will be the beneficiaries of the book the most because of its ease of understanding, efficiency, ease of practice.
  • Low cost: Russell has spent ten years of his career researching, testing, and evaluating to extract these valuable secrets. With an Expert Secrets book review, you don’t have to spend tens of years or thousands of dollars to get access to the experience of a successful professional.

All you need is to pay a few bucks for shipping to get the knowledge that is as useful as the paid business courses of the top experts.

What’s Not Great About The Book?

Although providing quite valuable knowledge, the book still has some shortcomings such as:

  • As one of the products in the ClickFunnels ecosystem that Russell built, you need to learn more and prepare yourself to practice upselling skills.
  • Although the shipping fee is not too high compared to what you get in return, if you are overseas, you may face some difficulties owning the product, such as higher costs and long waiting times.
  • Secrets are only valuable when you understand and apply them to your business. And to achieve results, in addition to the secrets, you also have to put in the effort.
  • No secret can be so magical that you don’t have to put in the time and effort to succeed. So, you have to try to get the most out of the book.

Is Expert Secrets Book Still Relevant In 2024?

Yes, The concept, ideas, and skills you learn in the Expert Secrets book are grounded more than a decade ago, yet they remain as relevant today—and will be for years to come. They’re rooted more heavily in human psychology than technology

The human psychology of building brands and loyal communities is rooted deep within us: it’s something we can’t escape no matter how much technology changes around us or what new tools emerge over time!

How Can You Benefit From The Expert Secrets Book?

In the previous section, you already know that you are among the people who can exploit the value of this book. The knowledge and effectiveness that Expert Secrets brings are as magical as what you would expect from a book from an expert with more than 10 years of experience like Russell Brunson?

This book gives you the following 7 benefits:

  • Provides all the knowledge and skills that an entrepreneur needs to know and master. For example, from the minor things like choosing products and photographers selling services worth selling to more significant issues like improving business performance.
  • Provides an effective strategy for those who are not yet entrepreneurs but have a sales strategy. The secrets and instructions in the book are effective enough to turn your ideas into reality.
  • Bring in more customers: the book has pages just for you if you’re having trouble attracting customers. Here, you can find detailed step-by-step instructions to attract the right target audience and increase customers.
  • The book offers some pointers on niches and how to pursue the right ones. The same business niche market provides many more opportunities because of low competition and high development potential.
  • The book can also give you helpful marketing advice if you’re looking for ways to deal with sales failures. Make sure that you apply the right tactics and personal business experience to increase your business revenue significantly.
  • Leaders also benefit from this book. Because you can have valuable lessons on handling difficult situations, hone your executive ability.
  • With unquestionable effectiveness, Russell’s book will make a significant impact on your new career advancement.

Expert Secrets Vs Dotcom Secrets Vs Traffic Secrets: The Difference?

The Secrets trilogy box set
  • Dotcom Secrets book helps marketers to build their sales funnels online – the key to the initial growth of Russell’s company
  • Expert Secrets book helps marketers master the air of converting leads, helping people to move through your sales funnels and become your customers.
  • Traffic Secrets book helps marketers learn the evergreen strategies to drive consistent traffic to their funnels.

Each book covers a different topic and is written as a stand-alone. However, mastering the skills from all those books is essential to help you build a successful business and for the long-term growth of your company.

Expert Secrets Pricing

Like other books in the secrets trilogy box set by Russell Brunson, Expert Secret costs you $0.00. However, you need to spend about $9.95 for shipping if you live in the US or $19.95 international.

The price above applies when you buy from the author’s website at Expertsecrets.com

You also buy the book on different websites such as AmazonHayhouse, or Audible.

expert secrets amazon

The price may change from time to time, however, it costs you around $15 – $20 for the physical book. (it’s not include shipping fee)

So, I highly recommend you should get Expert Secrets from Russell Brunson’s official site here for the lowest price and get his bonuses for free.

What Do You Get When You Own The Book ($609.95 Value Bonuses)

expert secrets bonuses

If you buy the book from Russell, you not only get Expert Secrets free book but also get instant access to his bonuses packages up to $609.95 value for free.

  1. Expert Evolution – Russell’s presentation at Funnel Hacking Live
  2. Hook, Story, Offer video training
  3. The 5-Minute Perfect Webinar
  4. The Perfect Webinar Slides
  5. 30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge
  6. Expert Secrets Resources

Is Expert Secrets Scam Or Legit?

Expert Secrets is not a scam!

Known as a valuable product with over 10 years of experience leading a few marketing resources, mind Russell Brunson, you do not have to pay for the book’s value. This discrepancy raises the question of whether the book is a scam.

The truth is that the expert secrets funnel and the other books in the series are not scams, and Russell Brunson has a good reason not to charge for his readers.

  • Firstly, Expert Secrets, as mentioned, belong to the ClickFunnel ecosystem, which is part of Russell’s long-term marketing strategy.
  • Instead of selling the book and making a profit, he chose a free way to get more people interested in ClickFunnels – an effective tool for practicing what you have learned.

At the same time, Expert Secrets also has its own funnel, which makes them make some money for each book given away for free. The goal of the Expert Secrets funnel is not to profit but break even.

Everything About Expert Secrets Upsells

“But what about these upsells?” you might ask – don’t worry!

They’re completely optional, but it would be best if you buy them with the book so you can turn all your ideas, strategies, and skills you learn in Expert Secrets into your online business faster and easier.

expert secrets funnel

So, discover all items below to prepare for upsells

  • Order Bump #1: Expert Secrets Audiobook – $37
  • Order bump #2: Expert Secrets Live Event Videos – $97
  • One Time Offer #1: Funnel University – $197
  • One Time Offer #2: Funnel Accelerator Action Pack – $297
  • One Time Offer #3: Ultimate Video Marketing Toolkit – $197

The Funnel Accelerator Action Pack include:

  • The One Funnel Away Challenge training
  • Funnelology Masterclass
  • The Secrets Trilogy box set – Upgrade version of the funnel hacker black box with exclusive Unlock Secrets book

Read the One Funnel Away Challenge review here

Expert Secrets Reviews: Positive And Negative

Valuating a book’s effectiveness is not easy, but you can start by looking at the reviews to get an idea.

The expert secrets have both positive and negative feedback from users.

The most common problem people have with the book is that they find it too long-winded and could have been shorter.

Some people also felt that the expert secrets were over-hyped and didn’t live up to the expectations.

However, many people have found the book helpful and insightful.

Some of the positive expert secrets reviews mention that it’s an easy read with actionable tips, while others appreciate the author’s transparency in sharing his own journey.

Expert Secrets PDF Free Download

The Expert Secrets book pdf download is not available for free because it’s against the law and goes against the terms set by Russell Brunson. If you want to get the book, you need to spend a few dollars to buy it from Amazon Kindle or another platform such as Hudson Book Sellers, or NOOK.

You can find the expert secrets pdf on websites that illegally provide copyrighted material. However, I do not recommend this way because it’s against the law.

expert secrets pdf free download

The other thing is most of them provide the old version of Expert Secrets. This means if you read from these sites, it does not bring any value to you.


With the Expert Secrets review, you probably know that Russell’s book is one of the few works worth pondering over and over again.

In general, Expert Secrets helps an expert business owner learn how to create your movement, teach your frameworks, and utilize the 3 core markets or desires to attract your dream customers.

Whether you are a leader, an influencer who wants to share knowledge with those who need it, or a businessman who wants to improve sales, Expert Secrets is sure to be the bedside book that always brings surprises and is enjoyable to re-read.

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