Expert Secrets Review (2nd Edition) by Russell Brunson

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Expert secrets review - Funnel Secrets

This my honest, in-depth Expert Secrets review by Russell Brunson (2nd edition).

In this review, I am going to share the following.

  • What I like and don’t like about this book.
  • A detailed breakdown of each chapter.
  • Background of the authors
  • Does Expert Secrets book really FREE?
  • And more…

My goal is to help you make an informed decision and determine if this book is right for you.

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Before we get into the expert secrets review, I will summarize the necessary information about the book.

Expert Secrets summary

Expert secretsbook by Russell Brunson
  • Author: Russell Brunson
  • Launched in 2017 (the 2nd Edition released May 2020)
  • Official page:
  • Price: Free + Shipping ($9,95 in the United States or $19.95 international anywhere in the world)
  • Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4019-6047-6
  • ebook ISBN: 978-1-4019-6061-2
  • Audio ISBN: 978-1-4019-6082-7
  • Number of pages: 359
  • Language: English

What is Expert Secrets?

Expert Secrets is the second book of The Secrets Trilogy – the best-selling book. (Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic secrets and Unlock Secrets)

The book has 359 pages long, more than 90,000 copies have been given away and has been rated 4.7 / 5 on Amazon at this time.

Why is this book so successful?

When I was holding the book in his hand, I see the foreword written by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

“Expert Secrets Is The Map That Will Allow You To Turn Your Specialized Knowledge, Talents, and Abilities Into A Business That Will Work For You! This Is One Of The Shortcuts of The New Rich.”

Expert secrets book review paperback e1583119681671

We often hear that “Money in the list.”, right? I do not refuse this. But the reality is still missing something.

I remember when I start building my business and make money online. I have tried to generate leads, collect emails, and create a list. I admit I didn’t do it in the right way.

As a beginner, I want to “get rich quick” I use the tool to collect email from Facebook and other websites. I generate 10k – 50k email contacts.

Then I start to email them and sell something. But guess what?

You’re right; I have no sales—nobody care. I can’t sell anything. They’re don’t know who I am. They see me as a spammer.

Why? Because they’re not my audience. I should build a relationship before I sell anything.

After that, I try again. I give away a free e-book to exchange emails, I create a blog to provide valuable content. My email list increases day by day. However, I still have no sales (or very little from email marketing). Now, I realize “The Marketing Message” is a matter.

If you want to make money online, you should have two things:

  1. Audience
  2. The Message

Would you like to have more audiences, more followers on social media? It would help if you had to share your message in the right way.

Do you want more leads and sales online? Your message is matters.

That is the reason why Expert Secrets coming and help you

  • Find your message
  • Build a tribe
  • And Change the world

The content inside this book is all about precisely what Clickfunnels does, from ZERO to a hundred million dollars in sales in just three years.

Before going into the book’s content, we need to clarify what an expert is.

Learn more about Clickfunnels Software and get 14 days trial for free.

What is An Expert?

According to Expert Secrets, something special inside you. Something you know, you can teach. You already an expert.

Most people think they are don’t have any skill; they haven’t good enough. Well, it’s true!

We’re all starting from ZERO and don’t know anything. However, something you experienced in your life started you on this path, which causes you to want to be more.

You start to read books, study, and experiment with the things you learned, and by doing so, you have become an EXPERT.

what is expert secrets

Information is really powerful. You can use it to attract interest, increase desire, demand attention, and sell. However, it’s not enough; you should learn how to apply the right information at the right time to succeed.

Inside Expert Secrets, Russell will teach you step by-step to be becoming though leader and building a following people who will pay for your information.

The concepts, the scripts, the technology – everything you need is cover in the book. Now I am going to review Expert Secrets content.

Take A look inside expert secrets book

I have read Expert secrets, so I can show you. Expert Secrets has five section, each section has 1 – 5 secrets. These secrets are connected and interrelated. It was like a piece of a puzzle in a big picture. Therefore you cannot separate and cannot skip any detail.

4 section includes:

  1. Creating your mass movement.
  2. Creating belief
  3. 10X Secrets: One to many selling
  4. Becoming Your Dream Customer Guide

Section 1: Creating your mass movement

As I said before, there are so many expert on the world who have great advice and opinion but no one listening to them.

So, the first thing you need to start your business is to focus on building your audience. (It’s maybe offline, Facebook, blog, podcast, Youtube, Instagram…)

Russell found 3 things in common that helped people build a mass movement:

  1. They each had a charismatic leader or an attractive character.
  2. Each of them focused on a future-based cause that was bigger than themselves
  3. They each offered their audience a new opportunity

This section is all about HOW to create those “true fans”, how to target audienceA true fan is people who will purchase anything from you.

Whatever the field you might be in, health, real estate, etc., you need to be able to show your followers where they are headed and convince them it is a place worth going with you.  

He will teach you how to build your following, how to creating a culture of true fans from secrets #1 to secrets #6:

Become An Expert

Secrets #1: Finding your voice 

How to find your voice, and move away from just selling a product or service… and toward creating offers, and finally leading a movement that Changes The Lives of Your Customers!

Secrets #2: Teaching your frameworks 

The FRAMEWORK for teaching your frameworks…(the process for delivering your knowledge and skills in a way that helps your dream customers learn, and guides them STRAIGHT To The Result They Want!)

Secrets #3: The three core markets or desires. 

He going to teaches you how to create your own “Blue Ocean” In A “red market”, that sets you up ass The Category King Of Your Niche… And leave all your competitors fighting over the scraps in your category.

the new opportunity (your offer)

Secrets #4: The new opportunity

The only thing that causes your dream customers to move toward your offer (or not move at all)… Understand this one concept, and it will forever change how you communicate with your customers.

Secrets #5: More Money for the same framework.

How to re-package the same content you’ve been selling in a different way, that adds new value for your customer that they’re willing to pay a higher price for!

The future-Based Cause (Your Movement)

Secrets #6: The Future-based caused.

Give your followers hope of something better that’s coming… So they build excitement and anticipation for the change you’re about to offer them! (this is the third stage of becoming the expert).

Section 2: Creating Belief

After understanding who you must become and what must create to start building your mass movement, create the vehicle for change that you have offering to people (new opportunity) from the first section, we are going to create belief.

Why? Very simple, belief allow your follower to be more receptive to the opportunities you’re offering. In short:

  • Belief creates the customer.
  • Belief creates the results.
The Epiphany Bridge Script

You can do that by master the skill – Storytelling. Trust me, Russell is an expert on this skill.

In 2018, he made 3,000,000 million dollars in sales in just 90 minutes at 10X Growth Con. You can watch the video here to discover how he used Storytelling in his presentation.

Let’s go through all secrets inside:

Secrets #7: The Epiphany Bridge.

How to create a powerful “a ha” moment for your customers that gives them clarity on how to solve their problem… 

So that they’ve already pre-sold themselves on your solution before you’ve even made the offer!

Secrets #8: The Hero’s Two Journeys

The two-part “Journey” framework that simplifies story structuring and the key to making sure your message has a maximum emotional impact as a great storyteller!

Secrets #9: The Epiphany Bridge Script

The script that turns a quick engaging story or experience into a pivotal light-bulb moment for your dream customers that leaves them already sold on the solution you’re about to offer!

Secrets #10: The Four Core Stories

The 4 stories you can use together to rewrite the stories that are in your dream customer’s head that aren’t serving them or telling them they can’t…

Section 3: "10X Secrets": One to many selling

Now, you know how to create your own mass movement and how to build up your followers’ beliefs. So you can introduce them to new opportunities that can change their life.

Section 3 is talking about sales.

Russell takes over 10 years to create and master the scripts. You will learn it in the next 5 secrets.

Secrets #11: The Perfect Webinar Framework.

The detailed step-by-step framework that builds massive value for your customers, pre-sells them on your offer (so you don’t have to do any actual selling), and motivates them to buy right now! (Russell uses this every single time I go on stage (or a webinar) to deliver a presentation where i make an offer.)

Secrets #12: The Big Domino

How To Knock Down Your Customer’s MAIN False Belief That Is Keeping Your Customer From Saying “YES!” To Your Offer… (Once This Happens, All Of Their Other False Beliefs Will Come Crashing Down!)

Secrets #13: The 3 Secrets

Use This 3-Part Story-Selling Framework To Squash Your Customers’ False Beliefs BEFORE They Even Have A Chance To Think Of Them… And Rebuild Belief Patterns That Inspires Them To Take ACTION And Change Their Lives!

Secrets #14: The Stack and Close

The Exact Script To Use To Easily Transition You From The “Content” Part Of Your Presentation, To Making An “Offer” And Closing The Sale (Here’s A Detailed Break-Down Of What To Say Slide-By-Slide!)

Secrets #15: Trial Closes

Inside Secrets #15 you can get  16  Mini-Closes That You Can Layer And Plug Into Your Presentation To Help Persuade Customers to Buy Your Offer (Russell combine these closes almost anytime he’s going to ask somebody to make an investment with him!).

After all…

The Perfect Webinar Framework is one of my favorite scripts that I’ve learned from him. don’t think this script only works for webinars. It’s still working for video sales letters, teleseminars, webinars, stage presentations, email sequences, and more…

It should probably be titled the “Perfect Presentation”

perfect webinar script
The Perfect Webinar Script in 1st Edition

So many people in different markets become millionaires using these exact same scripts. Click here to watch the testimonial.

It’s worth mastering if you really want to get your message to your market.

Section 4: Becoming Your Dream Customer's Guide

Secrets #16: Testing Your Presentation live

The 7-Day schedule you should follow EVERY week for an entire year to “test and tweak” your presentation…or until you hit the Two Comma Club (whichever comes sooner!)

Secrets #17: The Perfect Webinar Shortcut

Use This Perfect Webinar SHORTCUT, And Get Your FULL Presentation Created In Just 10-15 Minutes… (This Works GREAT For When You Need To Get An Offer Out To Your Audience FAST And Don’t Have Weeks Or Days To Plan Out A Traditional Perfect Webinar!)

Secrets #18: The 5-Minute Perfect Webinar

This Script Chops Your Perfect Webinar Down To Just 5 Minutes… without cutting the value of your offer! (Use This For FB Lives, Sales Pages, And When The Product You’re Selling Is Under $100!)

Secrets #19: Plugging “Expert Secrets” into Value Ladder

AND, How To Weave ALL Of These Stories, Scripts, And Frameworks Inside This Book Into Different LEVELS In Your Funnel (And Even Outside Your Funnel), So You Can Guide Your Dream Customers Straight Toward The Result They Really Want!

Section 4: The Funnel (Removed)

This time to getting the right people to come into a selling environment where you can deliver your message and encourage people follow you in to your opportunity.

If you use Clickfunnels, it really easy to create your funnel with zero technical or design skills. They have 22 different funnels with over 100 funnel templates design, you can get it in just a few clicks.

If you don’t have a Click Funnel account, you can click here to trial 14 days for free.

sales funnel template

In fact, this section is not talk about technical to create funnel. He will teach you the strategy, plan, how to testing, email follow-up and tactics to close people who visit your funnel.

All about that will explain through 5 secrets.

  • Secrets #17: The Perfect Webinar Model
  • Secrets #18: The 4 Question Close (For high-ticket offers)
  • Secrets #19: The Perfect Webinar Hack
  • Secrets #20: Email Epiphany Funnels
  • Secrets #21: Enpiphany Product Launch Funnels

Section 5: What Next? (removed)

90% of people fail because they don’t know how to drive traffic into your their funnel. Traffic is very important for me, for you and others business.

No traffic, no money.

Section 5 only have one secrets “Fill Your Funnel”. Expert secrets teach you “Dream 100” concept very helpful to generate traffic to your website and your funnel.

The Dream 100

He will show the secrets behind to fill your funnels and mention some other things you can do to jump-start your success as an expert.

Do you want to discover the secrets?

Pro & Cons of the expert secrets


Detailed. This is one of the top two books I’ve ever been through. It’s extremely thorough in that it gives you everything you need to build followers and make money from them. 

Understand what building an expert business requires. Russell has left nothing out. He provides all the strategy, mindsets, scripts, and plan to crush it.

Low cost: The method he teaches is simply genius, and meager price (just only $7,95 for shipping in the US or 14.95 Int). Russell took 10 years to create and test it. However, you can learn it with a few dollars.

Quick to get results: Compare to another strategy on the internet, Expert Secrets is much faster in terms of seeing results. Because what you should do right now is answer the question in each secret, “fill the blank” and apply it to your business.


Take a long time to wait: To be clear, if you’re not in the US, you should wait at least 7 – 14 days or more than that depend on your country you live to receive the book.

who is expert secrets create for?

  • Anyone one to grow their online business (Physical products, info product, course, ebook, …) .
  • Anyone want to learn more about digital marketing strategy
  • People who figure out the scripts to build a “high convert presentation” to sell their high-tickets product.
  • Beginners want to make money online. Or already have a business and want to switch to online to sell more gradually.
  • Someone that has a message to share or wants to use their skills make a different world and help people.

who expert secrets is not for?

  • People looking for get rich quick
  • Lazy people that don’t want to put in any work.
  • People who always jump from one new opportunity to the next.
  • Don’t have a few dollars to pay the shipping cost
  • Those that don’t have Visa or Mastercard.

Expert secrets pricing

At this time of writing, Expert secrets cost you $9,95 for shipping in the US (United States) or $19,95 Int if you buy from the official site:

Also, you can buy Expert Secrets on Amazon with $24,29 for Hardcover or 12.99 for Kindle version

Expert secrets Amazon Kindle $20.99

The Expert Secrets Funnel (Upsell)

Does the book really free?

Yes and No.

In fact, They give it for free, and you only need to pay some money for shipping. Some people think $ 9.95 for shipping may be a bit high. 

However, it would help if you thought about printing and advertising costs for the book to reach you. 

Suppose we ignore printing costs. If they want to make a profit, then the cost of advertising must be less than $ 9.95 for a person in the US and $ 19.95 Int. It’s really hard.

You get the book for FREE.

The question is why they do that? They actually lose money.

If you have read the Dotcom Secrets book, you’ll know this is a FREE + shipping funnel. Profit does not come from the book he gives away; it’s come from up-sell.

To be clear, I will show you what happens after you get the book. Let’s see Expert Secrets book funnel below

Expert Secrets Funnel Old Version
Expert Secrets Funnel New Version

Order Bump #1: AudioBook


After sign-up, in step 2, he is going to offer you the Audiobook + 4 More Exclusive Products!

Price: $37

Here are what you will get inside:

  • The Audio Book that has been read by Russell Brunson
  • Identity Shift by Kaelin Poulin
  • Power of Vulnerability by Natalie Hodson
  • Challenge Funnels by Natasha Hazlett & Cristy “Code Red” Nickel
  • Summit Funnels by Bailey Richert.

Order Bump #2: Expert Secrets Live Presentation

Expert Secrets Live Presentation

Price: $97

This is a video recording Expert Secrets Live training, where people pay $100,000 to be there and  that not offer other time or place. 

Yes, you can read the book and learn everything inside.

However, what if you can SEEING it and EXPERIENCING with Russell teaching it? It takes your understanding to a whole new level.

OTO #1: The Secrets Trilogy Box set

The Secrets Trilogy box set
The Secrets Trilogy Boxset - Source: Clickfunnels Fanpage

The Secrets Trilogy Box Set cost you $97 and it’s included:

  1. Dotcom Secrets Book: Helps marketers build sales funnel online
  2. Expert Secrets Book: Master the art of converting leads into dream customers
  3. Traffic Secrets Book: Strategies to drive consistent traffic to their funnels
  4. Unlock Secrets book: The workbook that you should have to master each skill inside all of the books above. You can’t buy it in another place.

Each book was written as a stand-alone playbook, but mastering the skills from all three books ins essential for the long-term growth of your company.

OTO #2: Funnelytics

Price: $397

Funnelytics is a funnel mapping & analytics software. It helps you calculate the stats of your funnel without spreadsheets.

funnelytics funnel mapping tool
Funnel Mapping and analytics tool

If you buy it from the official website, it’s normally cost you at least $470/year. You can check on Funnelytics Pricing page here

funnelytics pricing page
Funnelytics pricing page

However, when you buy from Russell Brunson, it’s only $397 (one-time for life). Again, the offer not available anytime, anywhere.


The Funnel Hacker Blackbox (removed)

You cannot purchase Funnel Hacker Black box directly; it only appears after you order the book

Here is what Funnel Hacker Black Box include:

  • Dotcom Secrets Book 
  • Expert Secrets Book
  • Funnel Hacker Black Box Quick Start Guide 
  • Funnel Consulting ticket
  • I am a Funnel Hacker Sticker
  • Funnel Script ticket
  • Free ticket to webinar
  • Funnel Hacker Manifesto
  • I build funnels sticker
  • ClickFunnels Secrets Booklet
  • Fill your Funnels Secrets Booklet
  • Actionetics Secrets Booklet
  • Secret Sketches
Funnel hacker black box expert secrets

Refund & Guarantee Policy

So, the question is, what if you don’t like the book?

Expert Secrets come with 30 days money-back guarantee. If you don’t love the book – He’ll even refund your shipping costs (and you don’t have to ship the book back). Your risk is ZERO, so that is the reason why you should take the time to read the Expert Secrets book.

Is it fair enough?

Who is Russell Brunson


Russell Brunson is a co-founder and CEO of Clickfunnels, a hundred million dollars company. 

Clickfunnels is a powerful software; in 2019, they have 90,000+ active members. I use it every day at Funnel Secrets and other sites. It allows me to build a high converting landing page and funnel quickly.

He is a top of the online marketers, mentored by Dan Kennedy. Over the past 10 years, Russell has built his online business, following of over a million entrepreneurs. He sold everything from shakes and supplements, to coaching, books, consulting, coupons, t-shirts, technology services, information products, and software.

Russell also helped Tony Robbins launch his book “Money Master The Game”


Now, I want to hear from you. What do you think about my Expert Secrets review? My goal is to help you understand everything before you buy this book.

Whether you’re selling physical products or info products. Expert Secrets still work for you. If you have any questions or opinions, either way, let me know and leave a comment below.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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Key Nguyen

Key is the guy behind Funnel Secrets blog, where he shares his passion for sales funnel, lead generation, digital marketing, and what he learned to help people avoid mistakes he made to save money.

13 thoughts on “Expert Secrets Review (2nd Edition) by Russell Brunson”

  1. Can’t believe I haven’t heard of Russell Brunson. And it’s awesome he helped Tony Robbins write his book! He must know his stuff.

    Thanks for your review of the book Expert Secrets.

  2. Excellent point about people needing to build their audience first so they get their trust before sending out emails. I somehow get on random email lists and get so annoyed by them. Such a turn off when people (especially strangers) add you to their list without asking!

  3. I liked your review. $7.95 is a decent price. Just one question though, is it filled with Upsell links in every chapter? I got a “free” ebook like this once and it was nothing but “make sure you go to this site..” on every other page. I felt like the book itself was one giant sales funnel and it could have been half the size and still relayed the same information.

    1. Yes, he goes to sell something after you buy the book (You can read my review to see). However, the book has no links inside each chapter.

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