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The Hook Story Offer Framework

what is the hook story offer framework
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Hook, Story, Offer framework are familiar terms used in sales marketing. The role of these terms is to make the products and services more accessible to customers. It’s essential in online marketing to help your campaign be more advantageous and successful.

Besides, the framework is also critical when you build your sales funnels. If your landing pages, ads, or opt-in rate are low conversion, the first thing you must look at are:

  • Hook
  • Story
  • and Offer

Currently, there are still many marketers who have not yet realized their existence. It is a disadvantage and directly affects the ability to develop businesses or individuals.

In this article, we will break down the Hook Story Offer headings and go through each of them. Doing so will help you have a more comprehensive and accurate overview of their great uses and advantages in marketing.

What Is The Hook, Story, Offer Framework?

hook story offer Russell Brunson
Hook Story Offer Russell Brunson

Hook, Story, and Offer is a framework for selling and making business more efficient. With these stages, we can completely turn potential customers into loyal customers. The more loyal customers we have, the bigger our business will be.

I first became familiar with this concept from Russell Brunson when he explained it in his best-selling book called Dotcom Secrets – the best book to help small business owners build an online sales machine. The concept of the Hook, Story, Offer framework really easy to understand.

Watch the video below; Russell will explain everything about that and teach you how to create the right hook to sell more products or services online.

YouTube video

Every business needs to apply this framework to enhance its growth and compete with its opponents. Hook Story Offer allows for more benefits than you can imagine. Specifically:

  • Education: This framework helps educate customers about your product or service. Motivate them to make the final purchase decision quickly.
  • Flexible: Hook Story Offer can use many different advertising channels: Google, Facebook to enhance consumer-friendliness.
  • Message: It gives you an excellent framework for structuring sales letters marketing messages for better results.

They are a process and must be done in sequence for best results. If one of the three elements of the framework is missing, chances are your marketing plan won’t succeed.

The Hook

what is the hook in marketing
The Hook

What is The Hook?

A Hook is a piece of metal used to catch things. When you go fishing, you put your bait on a hook. After all, if you were to throw a bunch of bait in the water, it would be very difficult to catch any fish right?

But when you combine bait with the hook, the fish is naturally attracted to the bait, and the hook is what stops them from swimming in the direction they were going, and instead, takes them into the other direction (aka your boat).

In marketing, the Hook is everything that grabs potential customers’ attention and makes them stop and start to read your story. It’s maybe a title, headline, image on your ads, video, engaging question, etc. It will shorten the customer’s learning time about your product/service and make a final judgment quickly.

In other words, it is a convincing conversation starter to capture the customer’s interest and want them to do more.

There are several steps to creating an account and researching from there. Ensure that you have completed all the procedures to understand your customers, why they are interested in your product, and what actions you want them to take.

This first step is significant for you to correctly shape your direction for a certain period. Or it is also considered as the goal that your business aims to be able to develop the most comprehensively.

Why Is The Hook Important?

Hooks are a part of everything you do online. Every email, advertisement, landing page, sales page, or webinar needs to lead with a hook or people won’t pay any attention to you

In general, when we create an ad, landing page, or email campaign, suppose we have a problem with conversion rate (link click, email open rate, opt-in, etc.). The first thing we need to look at is the hook, which means we should change the headline, title, image, or video.

I’ve seen my opt-in rates on the squeeze page increase by more than 40% just by changing one small thing – the headline!

How To Find A Good Hook?

I’m convinced one of the reasons why people skip over this is because it’s hard. It’s honestly one of the most complex parts of the whole selling process. But once you have a great hook, everything becomes infinitely easier.

Here are four ways to look for a good hook:

  1. Look in your past or childhood. Is there anything that happened that would make a good story? Pick the juiciest part of the story and lead with that as the hook.
  2. Look at your struggles or obstacles. Is there something that you’ve done or had done to you that will make a good story? Pick the juiciest part of the story and lead with that as the hook.
  3. Try to create a story by doing something cool or crazy. If you don’t have anything in your past or with your struggles, could you do something to make an amazing story? If so, what’s the one line you can pull out that would act as your hook?
  4. Look at the “common” wisdom and throw rocks at it. What are people currently thinking, doing, talking about, with regards to the common wisdom of the day? Can you poke holes in it? If so, what would be that one line that would act as your hook?

Best Practice

There are many ways to make the sales structure better. We did a little research and compiled the following tips to help make your sales hook that’ll be optimal.

1. Track Customer Touch Points

It would be best to keep the customer touchpoints in mind to develop the perfect sales hook. Where do your customers live? What sales funnel pages do they often visit? Do your sales hooks uphold the interests of the buyer?

Above all, each sale hook you build must do the following tasks, which is common in many secrets book:

  • Solve customer problems
  • Save them money

Make them feel secure when deciding to choose your product/service.

All of the above is a must-have when tracking customer touchpoints. Creating a specific roadmap based on those characteristics will help you successfully build the perfect sales funnel hook that delivers high value.

So how to be able to touch what customers want to learn. It’s straightforward; try to accomplish the following:

  • Get their attention
  • Accuracy
  • Communication

In doing so, you will reach an individual audience and a whole group of customers. And, of course, this will bring quick success to your good hook.

2. Make a Memory with Your Hook

In the Book of Mormon Challenge podcast, Russell Brunson claims that creating valuable memories for your great hook is the key to success that few people know.

With this title, you can understand how we develop meaningful messages to attract customers and give them certain impressions of our brand.

There are a few techniques to help build unique and attractive messages:

  • Rhyme
  • Alliteration magic
  • Repetition
  • Reverse

To demonstrate how this works, Ries used examples of how they work in advertising slogans. For instance, with the best-selling coffee brand Folgers: “The best part about waking up is having Folger in your cup.”

Try working with the techniques above and create unique, new advertising slogans. If you are happy about them, you will attract potential customers to the sales page with the same process for more money.

3. Ask Plenty of Questions

According to many experts in funnel hacking live forums, Asking many questions is an essential trick to help you accurately exploit the information and needs of customers.

From there, increase the number of potential customers for you. At the same time, make your brand more user-friendly in the eyes of consumers.

There needs to be a detailed plan of those questions’ meaning and intended use. You can mine questions based on customer pain points such as:

  • Save money
  • Improve their profits
  • Looking for more customers
  • Retaining consumers

4. Create an Engaging Email Subject Line

Create compelling subject lines and see them as the most effective method for creating great sales funnel hooks. We need to set it up based on the customer’s emotions and psychology on the sales page. 

Don’t hesitate to give them sweet compliments. Not only will they appreciate this, but when they let them feel your closeness and connection to them. These are pretty simple tips and will bring you particular success, so don’t miss them!

5. Tell a good Story

Heartfelt stories will be the link between you guys and your potential customers. They will form their belief and desire to accompany you through those stories.

Then, exactly your story has worked and given them specific perceived value. The story you tell must be neat and authentic so that the customer does not feel bored and desperate.

6. Make a Promise in the sales funnel

Along with creating a good story, promise rewards. It is the driving force that helps attract potential customers. Or, you can use a sweet and simple message.

The Story

what is the story
The Story

What is the story?

The story gives the context of the hook. It also serves to bond the seller to the customer. You have captured the attention of potential customers and aroused their curiosity by the stories you tell. Your stories will strengthen the relationship between you and them. It will leave your customers’ hearts with a meaningful and valuable sentiment.

Have you ever seen a movie where you don’t even care what happens to the main character? That’s because the producers and writers didn’t tell the right story. They didn’t create enough context or meaning to give you an emotional attachment to the character. The selling process is an emotional one, so we all need to get really good at telling stories.

Every story you bring needs to have a certain authenticity. Only then will your potential customers feel right when choosing your product/service.

To emphasize again the importance of the story told in marketing. We want to share with you some of the following benefits:

  • Enhance the attractiveness of your own product/service
  • Attract a large number of potential customers interested in the brand
  • Changing customer perception
  • Motivate them to make the final decision quickly.

The structure of a great story

To have a great story, we need to have creativity and situational skills.

To do it well, I advise you to read the Expert Secrets book which helps you to have some story attracting them, create interesting greetings and increase the converting proportion.

Russell is a storytelling expert, and he will teach you the Epiphany Bridge script in his book. The structure looks like this:

  • Backstory: This section mainly directs you to questions like: Why are you doing this? What happened in the past that led you to this point? Why are you looking for a solution?
  • Desire: What do you desire? Where do you want to end?
  • Wall: What’s stopping you, and what’s stopping you from being successful? Can you do something else?
  • Epiphany: What was that dramatic moment for you? What made you realize there was another method?
  • Plan: What did you do to make the change?
  • Conflict: What challenges have you encountered along the way, and how did you overcome them?
  • Achievement: What have you achieved? What does that level of success mean to you?
  • Transformation: What did this do for you? How do you feel, and what does it lead to?

When you tell a story in this structure, it helps build desire in your prospect and get them to have the same results. Conversely, when you make an offer about something that has resulted in your story, your potential customers will be more likely to buy.

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Best Practice

This section will give you some tips for creating a better sales story. Scroll slowly so as not to miss any useful information.

1. Learn the basics of your storytelling

Most stories have a clear beginning, body, and end. This structure makes each story unique, more receptive.

In addition, your story also needs to focus on the prospect’s journey. Enhance lead generation by asking the following questions:

  • Who is the main character?
  • What challenges does the character face?
  • How will the character overcome the challenge?

That’s exactly what you need to have for each of your stories to make a mark that sets itself apart from other ordinary stories.

2. Determine Takeaway

Knowing your game will help your story more efficiently.

For example, with some questions like “What is the most important thing you want to hear at the end of the story?” Or “why should you take care of the customer?” allows you to direct your playstyle.

An impressive answer after each article will make customers sympathize with your feelings and behavior in each story. From there, change their perception of the quality of your product/service and your service. At the same time, push them to make a final judgment quickly.

3. Capture the attention of potential customers

Your stories must contain specific meanings and carry a lot of helpful information. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes to get the best feel for what you’re looking for, and perhaps consider the practicality of those stories.

It would help if you used concise, easy-to-understand language that is not too sublime so that listeners have the most comfortable mood for your stories.

On the other hand, you also need to keep in mind that you need to remove complexity and barriers to your customers when working on your stories.

4. Personalize your sales story

Personalize your sales story by embodying a specific, typical character. That way, your story will be more detailed and specific.

The fact that you build general overview stories does not work for customers. Because what they most want is a particular image to accurately and thoroughly consider before making a final decision for their choice.

5. Practice your stories out loud

Whether you send an email or make a cold call, you must read your story aloud and make it real. At the same time, you also need to ensure the naturalness of the story you build to bring the most random feeling to customers.

Practice it as if you were talking to your prospect. That way, it can help you pinpoint your flaws and make your pitches better.

The Offer

How To Create An Irresistible Offer
The offer

What is the offer?

The offer is EVERYTHING. It will make your business so much easier. Offer is considered your suggestion to potential customers about your product/service. It would help if you tried to build valuable offers and have a significant impact on the psychology of customers. Those suggestions must make them change their actions.

Reality has also proven that many businesses go up thanks to the effectiveness of sincere offers.

However, it would help if you did the above processes like creating a good hook or developing stories to have authentic offers. They are an essential foundation for the effectiveness of your offers. 

So how do you have unique and practical offers? What follows are some crucial steps to creating the perfect proposal.

How To Create An Irresistible Offer?

We bring you the following six steps to creating an attractive and valuable focused marketing offer to give you a detailed look at the offer.

These steps are built on survey practices and experience from those in the industry themselves, so you can rest assured to refer to this information!

1. Get to know your audience

To make the right offer to your target audience, you need to know them and understand yourself.

You need to know exactly what annoys them the most, what problems you can solve for them, how they live, and who influences their lives.

To fully answer the above questions, you need to conduct short surveys to understand your audience. Once you’ve done this, plan accordingly to make offers to those audiences.

  • The person who you selling to
  • What are their pains and passions?
  • What problems do they want to solve?
  • Understand the financial of them.
  • What do they desire?
  • What questions do they need answering?
  • The keyword that they search for online, what they thinking about?
  • Where do they look for more information?
  • What word and phrases do they search for?.
  • What problem they have and what DRIVES them.
  • Relational status.

Here are some ways to get inside the mind of your most ideal client and customer:

  1. First, target a group, people
  2. Second, target just ONE of those people in that group
  3. Third Understand their Journey.

What happens if you realize there are two groups?

That ultimately means 2 funnels. So pick one to start, and go with it! You can come back to the next group later. Now. this time to understand the traffic temperature.

traffic temprature - create an offer

There are 3  types of traffic:

  • Hot traffic is you aware. They know the problem, the solution, and about you (the person with the keys to the solution). They just haven’t purchased yet
  • Warm traffic is solution aware. They know their problem and they know the solution
  • Cold Traffic is only problem aware. They don’t know anything other than the problem or pain they face.

Now let see this example:

HOT MARKET: Affiliate marketing

SUB HOT MARKET: Sales Funnel.

NICHE: Use a sales funnel for affiliate marketing.

  • COLD TRAFFIC: People who want to make money online with affiliate marketing. But they don’t really know how to start.
  • WARM TRAFFIC: They see their problem and sales funnel is an answer. Of course, they don’t know you, or how to do it. But they see your ads in their news feed and some testimonial on social. Then they want to try it.
  • HOT TRAFFIC: They see their problem and they want to start building sales funnel to make money with affiliate marketing.  In fact, They saw your ad for your course and just haven’t purchased yet.

Remember, your funnel should educate before converting. If you’re thinking about your customer at these three points in time, the front end of your funnel will look different

2. Clarify your marketing offer

Your offer needs to be clear so that the customer can grasp it and make a final decision. 

  • What do you want them to buy from you? 
  • What offer are you offering your customers? 
  • How does your offer make a difference in their lives? 

Is it easy to understand? You must answer all these questions before you bring those offers to customers.

Clarifying them is vital to your sales strategy. Transparency and detail will be the key to your success in business and beyond.

3. Make your offer easily accessible to your audience

You need to fully capture the psychology of customers to make the offers more friendly and easy to reach. That approach aims to speed up the consumer decision-making process. When they trust you, it is natural for them to choose your product/service.

4. Have a compelling call to action

With the dizzying rise of social media and video, the market is becoming more saturated and complex for everyone.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your business can hear and see a clear call to action amidst the market’s noise.

It is a crucial point to help highlight the difficulties customers are facing and expect our attention.

5. Collecting Your Offer Assets

Collecting your offer assets and presentation of your offer is KEY to staying on track. This is the hard prep work that makes funnel building FLY by.

Want to unlock your Funnel Building skills? Learn more about the One Funnel Away Challenge training here.

These are the things we have to collect:

  • Names: Without sexy and catchy names, your offer will die in the closet. There’s a reason the word “secrets” is attached to everything Russell Does.
  • Branding: We could spend a whole year on branding, but I want to talk specifically about BRANDING as it relates to your funnel and offer.
    We want to make sure we have LOGOS (for products or a course), a color palette, and standard typography.
    Resource for branding logo: 99 designsFiverrUpwork,…
  • Typography:  My recommendation is to pick Sans-serif or Serif font.
  • Photos: If your product is attached to you in any way ( definitely if you’re an expert-based business), you need photos.
  • Outlines: You’ll be tempted to go build or create your offer (it’s normal). Don’t. You need to focus on building the funnel for the offer, not the offer itself. Once you have money, THEN you build the offer.

This is not slimy. This is just like college. To make yourself feel more prepared, create an outline

6. What is your plan to build your know, like, and trust factor?

Customers will choose products from people they know or people they trust.

Starting from that concept, you need to have a reasonable offer plan. You can go through people they know or trust to bring them to a final decision quickly.

This method is envisioned as the process of indirectly influencing those close to your potential customers.


With the information about Hook Story Offer we give above, we hope to provide you with a multi-dimensional and in-depth view of this marketing process.

Hook Story Offer plays an essential role in your business strategy. If you have any questions about the above information, please leave a comment below, and our experts will respond quickly.

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