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Funnel Secrets’ Review Guidelines

How Do We Review Products?

What’s up, everybody? It’s Key here!

Funnel Secrets is a go-to hub for comprehensive guides,  reviews, and insider tips to help you learn, build, and launch your ultimate sales funnel effortlessly.

Choosing the right tool can help your work more easily. If don’t, you overpay and waste a lot of money.

Funnel Secrets makes your life easier by providing honest, non-biased product reviews that help you decide better what products and services are right for you!

We take our recommendations seriously and want to give you a peek into how we choose and review the products. Our standards are sky-high, and we’re excited to share our process in this guide.

How We Select Products?

Unlike other review websites that will review just about anything under the sun! It can be frustrating, to say the least.

That’s why we decided to do things a little differently.

Funnel Secrets ONLY REVIEWS products that are a perfect fit for building funnels. We’re talking about:

It’s our area of strength and expertise, after all.

By doing this, we give our audience the best information possible, so they can get closer to achieving their goals.

We Do:

Here is everything we look for before we feature a sales funnel product on our pages.


It’s a no-brainer! 

Buying or trialing products before writing a review allows us to have first-hand experience with the product. That way, we can give you a real lowdown and avoid fake news. 

We know that accuracy is key when it comes to product reviews. You need someone who can give you the real deal, and that’s where we step in. We take our job of providing reliable feedback seriously, so we invest our time and money in properly assessing a product before giving it our stamp of approval.

Big bucks or other incentives can sway some reviews. But not us! We keep it real and keep it honest.

Testing a product can be a bit of an investment, but it’s totally worth it!

Once, we wanted to review a funnel builder software, so we signed up for it ourselves. By doing this, we were able to give you accurate and valuable insights into the product.

Similarly, when we review a course training or book, rather than relying solely on the information on the sale page, we go through it and test it. This gave us a more thorough and honest assessment of the program’s value and effectiveness.

Explain the benefits and drawbacks.

We don’t believe in the “Perfect.”

It’s important to give a simple product overview, dig deep, and explain the benefits and drawbacks. This helps you make informed decisions about whether or not the product is right for you.

benefits and drawbacks example
Benefits And Drawbacks Example

When we talk about the benefits of a product, we’re essentially highlighting what makes it stand out from the rest and why someone should consider using it.

It could be a unique feature that other similar products don’t offer or how it can make a particular task easier or more efficient. By explaining the benefits, we help you understand if the product aligns with your needs.

However, it’s equally important to discuss any drawbacks of a product too.

After all, NO PRODUCT IS PERFECT, and by discussing the limitations, we can present a more balanced view.

Lastly, not every product fits every person or situation, so we help guide you toward the products best suited for your needs. This empowers them to make an informed decision and feel confident about their purchase.

Explain what sets the product apart from its competitors.

Have you ever read a product review like, “Oh yeah, this product is just like all the others out there, but it’s pretty good, I guess”?

Yeah, me neither.
That’s why we always go the extra mile with product reviews and explain what sets it apart.
We want to ensure you get the best bang for your buck, which means finding products with that wow factor.

Extensively scouring positive and negative reviews.

At Funnel Secrets, we believe in “the wisdom of the people.” That’s why we rely on their feedback to determine the quality of a product.

When researching products, we leave no stone unturned – scouring hundreds of positive and negative reviews online. Sometimes, we contact these customers directly to understand their experiences better.

This allows us to create content that reflects their honest feedback and provides our readers with trustworthy and informed recommendations.

positive review example
Positive Review Example
negative review example
Negative Review Example

Understand Product’s Pricing and Positioning

We can give you the inside scoop on whether a product is worth your time and money by considering pricing and positioning.

We try to cover everything around the product and its alternatives. At least you’ll always find a budget, value, or premium option.

We Don’t:

Here’s what we always avoid (NEVER DO) in our reviews.

Post without researching

We never just “wing it” when writing a review.

Oh no, we dive deep into the product’s features, benefits, and even the not-so-great parts. We also check out what other customers and experts have to say. It’s like detective work, but for products!

Everything is the “Best”

You know how some folks claim everything they try is “the best thing ever”?

Well, that’s NOT US.

We keep it real by pointing out the good and the bad, so you can decide what’s truly the best for you. After all, one person’s treasure might be another’s trash.

Negatively About or Disparage Product’s Competitors

We maintain a professional and impartial tone in our reviews by refraining from making negative comments or disparaging remarks about a product’s competitors.

Our goal is to provide unbiased information that enables our readers to make informed choices.

To achieve this, we focus on evaluating the product at hand, rather than engaging in unfair comparisons or mudslinging tactics. This ensures that our reviews remain fair, balanced, and trustworthy in the eyes of our readers.

How We Difference From Others?

You see, instead of playing the comparison game, we’re busy focusing on being the best version of ourselves. It’s like that old saying, “You do you!”

We’re not here to outshine or outdo anyone else.

Nope! Our mission is to create top-notch review articles that give you the necessary insights and information. We put all our energy into making our content the best it can be, so you can trust us to deliver the goods every time.

So, while we can’t give you a play-by-play of how we differ from others, know this: We’re dedicated to crafting exceptional reviews just for you.

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