landing page creation 2018 – 3 types of high converting landing page

As you know, landing pages are the perfect tool for getting a targeted audience to focus on one action. That is why dedicated types of landing pages are important. They offer your visitors a customized next step that will keep them engaged with your business.

Today, we going to talking about what is landing page, types of the landing page. And also how to create successful landing page…

Keep reading and I will show you how to make a deal with it.

Landing page marketing – All You Need To Know

What is landing page?

Funnel hacker cookbook landing page design
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A landing page is a standalone web page that a visitor arrives on after clicking an ad, promotion or search result.

It can capture a visitors information through a template, in which they input their contact info into what’s called a lead form.

It can ask the user to register for:

  • Your webinar download
  • An e-book or tip sheet
  • Sign up for your website
  • And more…

Landing pages don’t replace your website’s homepage.

Nor are they just another page on your website.

Websites or home pages are more of a robust home base where users can find a variety of information about your company or accomplish tasks.

Landing pages, in contrast, are tightly focused and typically don’t have the same elements as your homepage.

As you know, Landing pages are important because they increase your conversion rates in the most powerful or optimized way possible.

A superior landing page is designed to optimize your marketing through message matching.

Has one clickable element usually a call to action or CTA button per goal to create a one-to-one conversion ratio and a/b testing

This is an easy way to compare two versions of your landing page to see which one performs better.

A heightened attention to conversion optimization is what makes landing pages one of the most important marketing tools your business can utilize.

And I believe should accompany every promotion or campaign.

3 types of high converting landing page

Click-through page

The first type of landing page is one of the simplest and known as a Click-through page.

The entire purpose of a click-through landing page is to get your visitor to warm up to your product by informing them about your offer.

Then, quickly directing them to click through to your specific product or service via your CTA or call-to-action button.

Although the click-through page typically bypasses using a lead form.

These pages generally utilized benefit-oriented copy or words and simple CTA to encourage your visitors to buy or use your product.

Lead capture pages

Next, we have what are known as lead capture pages.

These landing pages are more in depth then click through pages because their intent is to gather personal information like a name and email address.

lead captures page - landing page templates
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The contact forms on lead capture pages are carefully designed and worded to encourage the visitor to click the CTA button and provide their contact information.

The contact form is the call to action and the heart of the lead capture page.

See how can I create a lead capture pages and design Lead Funnel

Squeeze page

The third type of landing page is a squeeze page.

A squeeze page is specifically designed for a visitor to submit their email address in order to proceed further into the page.

lead captures page - best landing pages
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This squeeze strategy is an effective way for marketers to grow their email list and efficiently guide visitors further down the marketing funnel.

Download the variety of sales funnel templates I use in my business.

There you’ll also find specific industry related templates that further target your chosen demographic.

How to create a successful landing page – Best landing page builder

The primary component of a successful landing page starts with the understanding that a landing page is not the same thing as your website’s homepage.

The differences between a landing page and a home page among others are a landing page is a standalone web page that a visitor arrives on after clicking and add promotion or search result.

Typically, there won’t be any navigation links and there will be only one. Maybe two very specific calls to action or CTAs.

A great landing page will naturally include relevant images and/or videos and a killer primary headline.

Always located above the fold or positioned in the upper half of your landing page.

So it’s visible without scrolling down the page.

Always keep in mind.

That an intriguing headline plays a key role in convincing your visitors to read and engage with the rest of your landing page.

So make that headline attention grabbing!

Another commonality that great landing pages share is a company’s unique value proposition.

Yours should make up the majority of copy or the words on your landing page and answer this question:

“Great landing pages use trust indicators.”

Trust indicators establish your credibility with your users.

Some indicators could be statistical evidence.

The logos of notable companies that are your clients (sometimes called customer badges) glowing and detailed customer testimonials a solid privacy policy & or third-party trust seals.

Our next to the last component is one of the most important elements of a successful landing page.

It’s called a CTA button.

That is appropriately named.

Because it encourages the user to take the action you intend on your landing page.

This is the click that delivers conversions and captures the information the visitor provides through the lead form.

Remember, the most important component of a landing page is the lead capture form.

According to the marketing automation experts at HubSpot lead capture forms should ask questions that bucket your contacts into buyer personal.

This allows you to target those personas and provide relevant content to their specific needs.


A landing page is a web page with a single focused call to action either a sign-up form or a button. Contests and coupons are also great types of the landing pages.

Visitors to these pages generally arrive there after clicking on Google or Facebook ad.

Or in a link to a Google search results page and one of the most important aspects of a landing page is that has no top bar navigation links.

Meant to limit the options available to your visitors and help them guide them towards the intended call-to-action.


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