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9 Best landing page software tools you should use in 2022

Best Landing Page Software Tools
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Landing page software is an essential tool for marketing campaigns like Google ads, lead generation, or building a sales funnel. It is also used in personal blogs to build websites better with pretty cool design and bring a great user experience.

The number of landing page software solutions has grown dramatically over the years. We have seen the emergence of new tools that help marketers and entrepreneurs create stunning pages in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

This post will review 9 different landing page software for you to consider when deciding on which one is best for your business needs. We’ll talk about:

  • Does it easy to use
  • Price
  • Best features

Note this: The numbers below are not for ranking purposes; it’s just a list.

1. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels home page

Clickfunnels has over 250,000 members in 2020.

They have an amazing community as well as support. Clickfunnels is known not only as a landing page software, but a sales funnel platform. This means that, whether you want to build a list, create sales pages, order pages, membership pages or affiliate systems, Clickfunnels can help you..

Clickfunnels premium template design

If only from the perspective of a landing page software, Clickfunnels is perfectly suitable for those who don’t know anything in code, with simple drag and drop features along with a large number of beautiful landing page templates and high conversion rates.

Clickfunnels software drag and drop
Simple builder drag & drop

Otherwise, Clickfunnels also provides a “Share funnel” feature that allows anyone to share and build a sales funnel with just one click. So, the community that builds Clickfunnels and Clickfunnels funnel marketplaces are growing rapidly, giving you more options.


The above is just a feature of the landing page. In addition, Clickfunnels also provides many other powerful features that improve user experience better in marketing, such as “one-click upsell” and “Follow up funnel”.

So, this is the reason why many marketer experts used Clickfunnels in their marketing campaign ( Peng Joon, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Grant Cardone, Sabri Suby, etc.)


Price plans: $97/month for the standard plan or $297 for Clickfunnels Platinum

Trial: 14 Days trial for free

3rd party reviews:

2. Leadpages


In terms of features on landing pages, Leadpages are really a strong competitor when compared to Clickfunnles. Leads page is one of the most popular and powerful landing page software. Besides the features like collecting emails like other software, in my personal opinion, the strength of Leadpages is the extremely diverse and beautiful landing page templates.

If you want to build an entire sales funnel, you should use Clickfunnels. However, if you just want a tool to build a landing page and collect email addresses at a better price, then Leadpages is the preferred choice with more advanced features.

Just like what Leadpages says on their homepage “all you need” is better than “all in one”



  • Standard: $37/month, or $27 / Month (billed annually)
  • Pro: $79/month, or $59/month (billed annually)
  • Advanced: $321/month or $239/month (billed annually)

Trial: 14 days free trial

Leadpages 3rd party review:

3. Instapages

YouTube video

Instapage has listed in the top 20 best landing page software (according to Capterra – rated by users) suitable for Enterprise Marketing Teams & Agencies. Not just a landing page builder, Instapage is also a leading tool in post-click automation. If you like A/B testing, optimizing advertising campaigns and personalized, then Instapage is a tool you should consider.

In addition, Instapage also has the Accelerate your page speed with AMP & the Thor Render Engine features to help you build lightning-fast landing pages, thereby contributing to higher conversion rates.

Instapage provides fantastic experiences from product quality and strong support systems such as Email/Help Desk, FAQs/forums, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, and 24/7 (Live Rep) Chat. Therefore, you never worry about technical problems arising during use.


Price: $99/month

Trial: 14 Days free trial

Instapage 3rd party review:

4. Keap (fka infusionsoft)

infusionsoft automation campaigns - sales funnel software

Keap is a web-based platform that was created by the company formerly known as Infusionsoft. While people know Keap as a CRM platform, they also provide a landing page builder feature.

It’s no wonder they would be one of the best landing page builders for marketers and entrepreneurs because it is a follow-up to their previous product, which was often ranked among the top tools on this list. Keap has all of its features in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop platform with templates suited specifically for eCommerce stores or online courses (among other purposes).

Another thing I really like about Keap is that you can see what your site will look like before publishing it live to make sure everything looks perfect!


Price: Start at $79/month for 500 contacts

Trial: 14 Days free trial

Keap 3rd party review:

5. Thrive Architect

how to use thrive architect to build sales funnel

Thrive Architect is a landing page builder plugin for WordPress that has a drag-and-drop interface and beautiful templates.

One of the coolest features is their template library, which you can customize or build your own by combining existing templates with different colors or fonts to suit what you need it for!

Thrive Architect provides more features to help you create a beautiful landing page and optimize conversion. This is the best landing page software for Wordpress that allows you to create a sales funnel for generating leads and sales online.

It makes your blog profitable. Learn more about it below:


Price: $19/month or $228/year

Trial: No

Thrive Architect 3rd party review:

6. Elementor Pro

elementor sales page - clickfunnels vs elementor

Elementor Pro is a drag and drops software with an intuitive interface. It has the features of a modern website builder, but it’s specifically designed for building landing pages.

It offers unlimited design layouts, templates, and elements to create your page from scratch or use one of their pre-built designs.

You can also import any web design you want into Elementor Pro using its Web Designer feature.

Elementor Pro is best suited for small businesses that don’t have much time on their hands due to its drag and drop nature and easy setup process.


Price for Elementor Pro: Start for $49/year (1 website)

Trial: You can download Elementor plugin for FREE (forever)

Elementor Pro 3rd party review:

7. Builderall

builderall landing page software

Builderall is an all-in-one platform created in 2016. They provide everything you need on the website. They provided so many landing page templates with high conversion and beauty.

Builderall also give you everything you need to build a sales funnel online (sales page, opt-in page, email marketing, CRM, Booking calendar, chatbot, etc)

If you use Builderall to build your blog, it’s amicable for SEO with a high page speed score.

Builderall page speed score


Price: Start for $69.9/month

Trial: Start trial for $1

Builderall 3rd party review:

8. Unbounce

unbounce - sales funnel software

Unbounce offers conversion optimization services like split testing, where visitors can be shown different versions of a page to increase conversions.

It also has landing page templates that work for different industries, including travel, real estate, and more, and it’s easy to create your own template using their drag-and-drop builder or just by uploading an HTML file if you’re already familiar with creating professional looking websites.

You can use Unbounce both as a paid subscriber or on a freemium plan where you get access to limited features unless there is enough space on your server.


Price: Start for $80/month

Trial: 14 Days trial for free

Unbounce 3rd party review:

9. Hubspot

Hubspot home page

Hubspot landing page builder is a popular option for marketers and entrepreneurs because of its easy-to-use interface. It has drag and drop tools that make it simple to create landing pages quickly with just one click, which is perfect if you don’t have much time or are new to creating these types of web pages.

Additionally, Hubspot offers templates for email marketing campaigns and other social media campaigns, so you can plan ahead before sending those emails out.

What’s nice about HubSpot is that the free version includes unlimited access to their library of templates, so you’re not locked into only being able to do what they offer in the paid versions unless there isn’t enough space on your server. You can use this software without opting for a monthly subscription at all.


Price: Start at $50/month or $540/year

Trial: 14 Days free trial – learn more here

Hubspot 3rd party review:


With many landing page software to choose from, it can be hard to identify the best solution for your business.

So, we’ve put together this list of 9 different types of landing page software and why they might be perfect for you. Take a look at these solutions and see which one is right for you!

Comment below with any questions or feedback on what type of landing pages work best in your experience so far. We want to hear about how our readers are using their current tools to build better landing pages that convert better than ever before!

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What is a landing page software?

Landing page software is a tool that helps you build a high-convert landing page for websites without any technical knowledge. A landing page software can help you save hours, save money for hire a developer and avoid more effort.

What make a good landing page software?

The good landing page software should be easy to use, more landing page template design, integrate with more 3rd party, has video tutorials, guides, reasonable price, and amazing support.

How to create a landing page for free?

If you want to create a landing page for free, so you should you Elementor. Because they provide a free version plugin for Wordpress.

What are best landing page software for wordpress?

My recommendation is Thrive Architect or Elementor Pro to build the landing page in Wordpress. If you don’t like Elementor pro, you can use Divi or Oxygen.

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