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The 8 Core Funnel Pages: Your Easy Sales Roadmap

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I have had my own professional sales funnel for years now.

After attending conferences and summits, networking with other marketers, and looking at over 500+ sales funnels in different industries online, I realized you need to learn only 8 core funnel pages to build a winning sales funnel.

This guide will simplify your sales funnel strategy, maximizing results and eliminating distractions. You’ll learn how to tailor each page to your customer’s mindset at every stage of their journey.

Plus, you’ll gain data-driven insights to pinpoint underperforming pages, allowing you to quickly optimize your funnel for increased conversions.

1. Squeeze Page

squeeze page example
The squeeze page helps gather emails from your web visitors – Source:

A squeeze page is a simple website designed to get your email address. In exchange, you get something valuable for free, like a helpful guide, a discount code, or a sneak peek at something cool. It’s like a digital handshake – you give your contact info, and they give you a treat!

A squeeze page is a type of landing page that is simple and focused. It is the minimalist cousin of a landing page, running smoothly without any unnecessary clutter.

As a marketer, your ultimate goal is to guide visitors through your sales funnel, starting with the squeeze page and culminating in a purchase or a similar desired action. Therefore, crafting engaging, compelling squeeze pages that direct visitors toward your ultimate goal is paramount.

But it’s not as simple as it sounds. A well-designed squeeze page significantly contributes to a higher page conversion rate.

Think of it like speed dating! You get a cool gift, and the website sees if you might like other stuff they offer.  Want to make your own? Here’s what you need:

  • A super-tempting freebie (like a checklist or special video)
  • A headline that shouts about its value
  • Show a picture of your gift, or explain how awesome it is
  • Maybe add a short review from a happy user
  • Keep it short and sweet!

And if you’re wondering how to implement these best practices, my Squeeze Page guide outlines how to create one that converts.

2. Bridge Page

Bridge funnel - ofa
A bridge page connects two pages or stages – Source: Steve J Larsen affiliate funnel

A Bridge page guiding potential customers from one place to another online. These pages are particularly beneficial in affiliate marketing funnels, where they help warm up leads before sending them to an offer.

Think of it like this: A Bridge Page is like a little hallway online. It connects two places:

  1. Where you came from: Maybe you clicked an ad or a link on social media.
  2. Where you’re going: This could be a website with a special offer, a free download, or even a longer sales pitch.

Bridge pages can take various forms, from a blog post or article leading to an offer to a quiz that engages cold traffic effectively. The main goal is to provide an additional step in the sales funnel between a traffic source and the sales page, often using web pages as a medium.

However, it’s important to note that Google has strict requirements for ad destinations, and bridge pages with insufficient original content may face disapproval. Therefore, your bridge page should provide valuable and relevant information to enhance the visitor’s journey.

3. Sales Page​

Dotcom Secrets sales page
Your campaign generates sales on the sales page – Source: Dotcom Secrets

The Sales Page is where the magic happens. It’s a landing page that converts visitors into customers by demonstrating how your product or service solves their problem and showcasing its benefits.

While a sales page is a landing page, it differs from a homepage’s purpose and content. It’s designed specifically to drive conversions by presenting:

  • Great Headline: It should be attention-grabbing, align with your unique selling proposition, and invite readers to engage with your content.
  • Snappy Copy: Let’s have a clear and focused conversation. We’ll use bullet points, charts, and concise paragraphs to communicate our point.
  • Call-to-Action Button: Your CTA isn’t a timid “Maybe click here?” It’s the shining beacon on a hill, a contrasting pop of color, and an invitation that says, “Your next adventure begins here.” Sprinkling the magic buttons throughout leaps to purchase a delightful hop.
  • Testimonials and Logos: Nothing says “trustworthy,” like a parade of satisfied customers and revered logos. It’s social proof that your product isn’t just blowing its trumpet; others are conducting a symphony in its honor.
  • Multimedia Elements: A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a video could be your epic saga. Infusing your sales page with vibrant images and testimonials breathes life into your products or services and helps customers visualize their decisions.

Following these guidelines can create a sales page encouraging your audience to act.

4. Checkout Page

supplement sales funnel checkout step 2

An order page is where visitors turn into buyers. Think of it as your final handshake with the seller – you’re saying, “I’m in!” You choose what you want, be it a single digital download or a pile of physical goods.

The page makes your shopping official by documenting the transaction (like a shopping receipt on the web – but it does so much more.)

Here’s the simple recipe for a typical order page:

  • Your Info: You’ll want your goods marked for you, like jotting your name on your lunch bag. Pop in your details so they know who’s boss of your new treasures.
  • The Goods: Here’s where you list the number of chocolate bars – ahem, items – you’re eyeing. Just spins and quantities so nobody gets confused.
  • Pay Up: This bit’s as important as remembering your wallet. Securely enter your payment method because free lunches are rare, and free online goodies… even rarer.
  • Sign Here, Please: Digital John Hancock time. This is where you agree to the deal, no take-backs!

But beware, my friend. Order pages can be tricksters. A misplaced digit here or an incorrect quantity there can lead to a frowny face at the mailbox.

So double-check or even triple-check before you let that order fly.

Designing an order page is an art form that requires striking a balance between adding enough detail and keeping things simple. Limiting the number of fields on the page is important to ensure that you don’t lose potential buyers.

Thankfully, digital tools are available to help streamline the juggling act of handling orders. Remember, you’re just one click away from completing the process!

5. One-Time Offer (OTO Page)

Sell Like Crazy OTO form
Sell Like Crazy Book Funnel: One-Time Offer Box

Have you ever seen an exciting offer at the right time and thought, “I want that now!”?

That’s what a One Time Offer (OTO) page does. It’s a powerful tool in digital marketing that can increase sales funnel performance when used effectively.

An OTO page presents an exclusive deal only available for a limited time, creating a sense of urgency that your customers won’t want to miss.

The key to this strategy is the combination of a compelling offer and the fear of missing out (FOMO).

For example, imagine you’re selling lipsticks and offering a matching blush at checkout at half price. The catch is that it’s only available right then and there. This works because the offer is tempting and relevant, complementing the customer’s existing purchase.

Quantity discounts, like offering more for less if bought in bulk, can turn a small sale into something much bigger. Fancy a 10-pack of chocolates at 10% off? Who could resist such an appetizing offer?

Upselling to a higher-value product is another smart play. Imagine a world where swapping a basic smartwatch for a premium one saves you big bucks. Now that’s a win-win!

Remember the power of exclusive email campaigns. A well-timed email with an OTO for something they’ve been eyeing can spark joy and conversions. A successful OTO page should clearly highlight the value and exclusivity of the offer.

It’s all about hitting that sweet spot – the right offer, time, and customer.

6. Upsell Page

sales story secrets masterclass
Copywriting Secrets book upsell page – Source

An upsell page is another powerful tool in the sales funnel designed to maximize revenue. It’s presented to the customer after their initial purchase, offering additional products, upgrades, or add-ons to increase the total purchase amount. By using a well-crafted funnel template, you can ensure a smooth and effective process with upsell pages.

Upselling is a valuable method to increase the value of each customer for a business. It can be more accessible and less expensive since there are no acquisition costs, trust is already established, and past customers are more likely to buy again. To choose the right upsell, consider what would be the next logical step for the customer to purchase and how you can help them reach their goal faster.

Imagine if 35% of your revenue came from giving your customers these premium choices. That’s what happens at Amazon, and it’s a huge chunk of their profits! And when 32% of customers will buy again within a year, that’s a chance I wouldn’t want to miss.

Considering an upsell is like saying yes to more business success.

7. Downsell Page

Sell Like Crazy book Downsell 1

Downselling is a strategy that can help you close a sale by offering your customers a more affordable but still valuable option. It’s like a safety net that catches those about to walk away. This technique can increase the chances of completing a purchase, especially if you offer easier payment options like monthly installments.

Downsells are different from upsells, which come after the purchase.

Think of upsells as the cherry on top after a sale and downsells as a comfortable backup plan if the cherry isn’t tempting enough. Ideally, they’re besties working together to ensure customers leave happy and your wallet feels heavier.

Imagine this: My digital store just sold you a gadget. Right after you buy it, a page pops up with the gadget’s superior sibling, and you think, “Why not?” But if you decide not to bite, then comes a downsell – the same gadget but paid monthly. Great for your budget and my sales record!

8. Thank-You Page

hubspot thank you page
Hub Spot Thank You Page

The final step in the customer journey is the Thank You Page. The primary purpose of a thank you page is to acknowledge the website visitor’s action, whether it’s a purchase, a sign-up, or a request for information.

Imagine your “Thank You” page as a surprise party! It’s not just about thanking customers for buying something or signing up—it’s a chance to keep the fun going!

You can show them other cool stuff they might like, like saying, “Hey, check this out, too!” You can even give them a special deal!

This makes the “Thank You” page way more exciting and keeps them interested in your offer.


Mastering funnel pages is a game-changer in achieving optimal sales performance.

  • From the initial interaction on the squeeze page.
  • Guide the visitor through bridge pages.
  • Make the sale on the sales page.
  • And enhance the sales process with OTO, upsell, and downsell pages.

Every step is an opportunity to engage, convert, and build a lasting relationship with the customer.

Remember, your funnel pages are not just standalone web pages. They’re interconnected steps in a journey that starts with a visitor and ends with a satisfied customer.

So, take the time to understand, plan, and optimize each step in your sales funnel, and you’ll be on your way to unlocking unrivaled sales performance.

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