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Funnel Pages​: Top 7 Type Of Sales Funnel Landing Pages

types of funnel pages

Each sales funnel has a series of pages put in a strategic order. The number and type of pages inside your funnel depending on your goal.

This Funnel Pages section will share the best guide and practices to create every page in your funnel that converts well.

The 7 Type Of Pages In Sales Funnel

  1. Squeeze page
  2. Bridge Page
  3. Sales Page
  4. Checkout Page
  5. One Time Offer Page (OTO page)
  6. Thank You page
  7. Membership Page

What Is a Funnel Page?

A sales funnel page is a separate page that promotes a particular activity, such as signing up for a demo, downloading ebooks, or buying a product.

A conversion funnel allows you to build multiple types of funnel pages. Each page requires different elements to run and works for a particular purpose.

1. Squeeze Page

squeeze page example
The squeeze page helps gather emails from your web visitors – Source: Empoweredbusiness.co

A squeeze page’s objective is to gather visitors’ email addresses by providing them with something beneficial in exchange.

To acquire further details about the service or product promoted on the main squeeze page, you invite your web visitors to opt-in to a mailing list or membership list.

What services does your squeeze page offer? Digital assets are the most common choices. They can be ebooks, newsletters, videos, whitepapers, podcasts, free reports, or slide decks.

Bridge Page

Bridge funnel - ofa
A bridge page connects two pages or stages – Source: Steve J Larsen affiliate funnel

A Bridge page is a page that directs someone to the next page or funnel. Sometimes, web visitors don’t know some things they should understand before making a purchase. The bridge page comes into play in this case.

This type of funnel page is prevalent in affiliate marketing. You may explain key ideas or information that potential consumers should be aware of before moving on to the following page with the bridge page.

3. Sales Page​

Dotcom Secrets sales page
Your campaign generates sales on the sales page – Source: Dotcom Secrets

A sales page is a separate page made with the exclusive goal of generating sales for your product or service. The sale page is another form of a post-click landing page.

It comes in two types:

  • Long-form
  • and short-form sales pages.

Both kinds of sales pages include a summary of your product that visitors may read before deciding whether or not to press the CTA. The only difference between the pages is how long they.

4. Checkout Page

supplement sales funnel checkout step 2

A checkout page is where your customer finishes their purchase. It might be a single page or several displays. One-page checkouts are common since many companies want their clients to complete their transactions as quickly as possible.

Customers may submit their information once and then confirm their purchase without needing to access numerous windows.

On the other hand, customers must browse through many screens on a multi-page checkout to finish their purchase. Yet, data collection is simpler for a business with multiple steps.

5. One-Time Offer (OTO Page)

The One-Time Offer (or OTO) page is the page that offers an upsell or sometimes a down-sell. Following a customer’s payment for their front-end product encourages users to buy another product.

One-time offers are a clever marketing strategy used to improve turnover. Businesses provide customers reasons for spending more money on a different good that is similar to or serves the same purpose as the goods and services they have already bought. 

6. Thank-You Page

hubspot thank you page
Hub Spot Thank You Page

A thank-you page is a page that website visitors, prospects, and customers see after subscribing to your email list, completing a form, or confirming a purchase.

A thank-you page expresses your appreciation to the user and tells them what to do next. This page may occasionally provide further information on what the customer can expect from your service and product. 

Besides, the thank-you page may also contain a soft CTA for subsequent purchases in other situations.

7. Membership Pages

membership site example
Peng Joon’s membership page example

A membership page is a website that only allows members access to restricted material and exclusive features. These benefits may include free delivery, free webinars, online courses, event invitations, and special mailings.

You may earn monthly income from membership fees by setting up a membership website. Besides, the page also aims to cement the relationship between your business and customers.

Wrap It Up

There are numerous types of funnel pages. Not any of them outweigh the others as they aim for different objectives. 

As a business owner and marketer, you need to know the purpose of each funnel page. Then, you can plan how to bring out the best of it to improve your business.

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