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What Is A Bridge Page? 5 Best Practices & Ideas That You Want To Use

bridge page guide
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Bridge page is a familiar term in affiliate marketing and a category that not everyone can understand clearly. What do you think about the bridge page?

We will elaborate on this topic in detail to clear your doubts about the bridge page. This post will focus on analyzing the concept, reasons for choice, and requirements to build a bridge site.

We will also suggest some ideas to set up the sales pages to work effectively and bring many benefits to you. Enjoy the knowledge we have to offer below! 

Let’s refer to all the interesting info!

What Is A Bridge Page?

bridge page funnel

A Bridge Page is considered part of the funnel (Bridge Funnel), and it is also a type of landing page. When you have no control over what happens on the next page, such as a sales page, using Bridge pages is the optimal method.

In other words, bridge pages are a part of a definition employing affiliate marketing and sales funnels to redirect traffic to the source company by providing valuable information about the product they purchase.

The bridge site is a valuable transit method so that customers can fully grasp the vital information of the product and make a final decision for their usage needs. 

what is a bridge page

The bridge pages attract visitors and get them excited to convert, so the content must provide helpful value to visitors. It is a positive move to strengthen customers’ trust in the product.

Whatever content you put on your bridge page, make sure it has a catchy enough headline to grab the customer’s attention and compel them to interact.

The core value of the bridge page that brings you is helpful to purchase conversion. So, try to build a development roadmap and plan specifically for each article to achieve beautiful results with your online marketing efforts. 

If the landing page builder does not understand the role and benefits of the bridge site, continue to follow our information below. Surely, you will have a comprehensive look at this page.

Why Is Bridge Page Important?

the bridge page funnel

Before we cover the essential benefits of the bridge site, we have done quite a bit of research, research, and surveys on its practicality and effectiveness.

The result is surprising when more than 80% of businesses today agree that the bridge page practice is a useful supplementary tool.

They believe that customers can easily access official information and quickly make their final decision by using the bridge.

When you use the bridge site, you will receive many different benefits:

1. Attract Many Potential Customers

The bridge pages allow you to segment your customers effectively. From there, bring you many potential customers to contribute to the development of your business in the future.

However, you also need to develop your development strategy to turn them into your loyal customers soon. Only then can we ensure long-term growth.

2. Dramatically Improve Sales

The essence of a bridge page is to provide helpful information to customers and quickly convert it into a purchasing decision. When your information is unique and attractive, of course, sales will increase on a single-page website.

3. Increase engagement and click-through rates

Customers tend to use highly engaging content, so they will always support and interact with affiliate marketers. 

4. Build brand awareness

Operating effective bridge pages is an effective solution to help you successfully build brand awareness in customers’ eyes. From there, help your business take more essential steps shortly in the sales funnel.

What To Include On Your Bridge Page?

To successfully set up your bridge page, you need to consider core elements such as content, referrals, offers, and testimonials.

In this article, we will go into depth and analyze all these factors in detail for you. Hopefully, you can build effective bridge pages on your own sales funnel.

1. Content Review

We need to make sure the content we bring to our customers is simple, accurate, and easy to understand. 

Let’s get straight to the point and the benefits we bring to our customers through that content. In other words, the content we build needs to ensure balance, logic, and objectivity so that when customers read it, they can immediately understand the messages we want to convey in it.

We should limit rambling in each of our content to turn customers away from the product. They can click, but they’re not interacting with us, and of course, there won’t be any conversions. 

To create engaging and engaging content, try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to feel and evaluate. Maybe it’s a bit one-sided, but it’s useful for you to build quality content and match customer psychology.

2. Introduce yourself

During the creation of the bridge page, introduce yourself. That is the best way to create intimacy and closeness with your customers.

People need to know about you to have confidence in the products and services. Keep your introduction authentic with just enough word flow for customers to feel the value of your introduction.

If you can’t stretch this part, you can also supplement them with real-life stories.

Besides, keep in mind that we don’t use accounts for marketing purposes because this will make the customer feel unhappy and somewhat uncomfortable with a single web page.

The stories you tell can talk about your personal life to show them how sincere you are when you don’t hesitate to share your private life with them. 

Next will be what you did before buying the product or taking the opportunity.

It will create empathy for customers and make them feel confident about your stories. This way can help your business increase sales significantly on the sales page or affiliate page.

3. Offer Introduction

Whatever you’re offering to the end-user, mention that. Please provide users with some free services and products to attract users’ attention.

It allows customers to learn about your business and your products and services. Some of the suggestions affiliate marketers can make include:

  • Free training program
  • Free reports related to niches
  • Free products for customer support sales page
  • Free calls for 30 minutes before boarding.

Also, please add some comments for this job. Thereby, customers can feel more secure about this free and feel your enthusiasm in creating services and products for them to experience. There is no need for too many reviews, simply a few thoughtful and authentic reviews.

4. More Attractive Testimonials

Testimonials are another good thing to add to your bridge page. Customers will have more confidence in your product or service through valuable testimonials.

So, how many testimonials is enough? Your customers see testimonials as referrals from friends. It will certainly work for them if a product is significant enough for many people, whom the potential customer knows nothing about. 

If the people with whom the potential customer is close, they may perceive it as a fantasy and do not believe in the quality of those products or services.

Whatever affiliate marketers can use to convince visitors to turn into leads or buy products, they’re all great things to do.

Above all, build meaningful stories to introduce yourself and create intimacy with customers. Plus, focus on testimonials to help boost their trust and turn them into customers fast with a sales page.

How To Create A Bridge Page To Increase Your Sale?

Watch the video below; Russell and Jim Edwards share with you how to create a bridge page from scratch. It is a best practice for beginners who have never built a page or funnel before.

The best part is you’ll learn exactly what a bridge page needs to have and great tips to make it convert well.

YouTube video

5 Best Bridge Page Ideas That You’ll Want To Use

Our ideas below are compiled from the feedback of our customers. Scroll through this piece of information, so you don’t miss out on important information for building an effective bridge page.

1. Quiz/Survey

Funnel secrets survey funnel

You can use quizzes to learn more about your potential customers or as a way for them to get to know themselves better.

The quizzes you use need to be simple, easy to understand, directly related to the message you want to target so that customers can access it quickly.

Do not use challenging, out-of-focus, lengthy, endless quizzes because that can be the factor that makes your bridge pages fail.

Or you can also use humorous quizzes to make the customer’s mood more comfortable. From there, increase the effectiveness of information about products and services on your bridge page.

2. Lead Magnet

lead magnet example: Digital marketer

Tutorials, eBooks, checklists, or anything for free are all good and helpful ideas for your bridge site. By successfully building an audience, you will attract many customers to visit your site. 

Right here, if the content you create about these programs is easy to understand and straight into their psychology, you will have their interaction.

And from there, helping the campaigns to promote products and services on the bridge page succeed brilliantly.

To get the right free programs, do a careful investigation based on the needs and wants of the customer. If you create useless, unauthenticated freebies, customers won’t be interested in your site, and you’ll fail.

3. Calculator

Similar to a quiz, the Calculator will add a personal touch to your marketing campaign and customize the message to match the content you build. They work well in the areas of finance or home improvement. 

It could be an idea that will follow you through your journey to building a bridge that works because it adapts flexibly to many customers and is suitable for many social conditions.

4. A blog post or advertisement

blog post as a bridge page

Advertisements or blogs are the most common solution for creating a bridge page. For this idea to work effectively, it needs to match the previous traffic source. People who click on ads tend to be more interested in the content and stories on the page. 

And, of course, you need to satisfy those two things before you expect someone to care about you. 

Pay special attention and build quality content and authentic stories to attract more potential customers.

5. Video Pre-sale

Video is a fantastic complement to other content. It is an idea to quickly help customers visualize the issue you cover and promote their purchase.

Your videos need to have authentic and engaging content. The video length is not too long, just enough traffic for their customers to feel the message and core values; you have succeeded.

Video topics also need to be carefully selected, in line with the customer’s desire to learn. Don’t hesitate to conduct your surveys of user content selection trends.

Bridge Page Vs Landing Page: Is It Different?

bridge page vs landing page

In short, Bridge Page is a type of landing page, but a landing page is not a bridge page.

Landing pages or bridge pages are two completely different things, and they work in the form of complementing each other.

However, today, many people are still mistaken about the role of a landing page or a bridge page. They consider them one, and there are many misconceptions about these two common aspects.

The main difference between a bridge and a landing page is how it works. As its name suggests, a bridge page connects your potential customers to redirect to other landing pages.

It works to direct users to more perfect interests elsewhere. Meanwhile, the landing page is merely the first page when the customer clicks on the ad, and it’s maybe a lead generation page, sales page, or click-through page.

offrs real estate lead generation companies
Example of landing page – lead generation
Bridge funnel - ofa
Example of bridge page – Steve Larsen One Funnel Away Affiliate Funnel

With this distinctive feature, affiliate and network marketers often use the bridge site. They are much more specific than regular landing pages, useful in business, and essential in modern society.


With the information about Bridge Page above, we hope to help affiliate marketers understand the characteristics of a next web page more deeply and know how to build pages that work.

The ideas we suggest above are the first life lessons for finding a new direction for your work. Please experience the above information, and don’t forget to leave us feedback.

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