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Thank You Page Definitive Guide: Best Practices and Examples

thank you page guide
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The Thank You page is a dedicated page for e-commerce businesses. It expresses gratitude for the purchase action, interest in the product or service of the company, and strengthens the relationship between the business and customer.

In this article, we will help you understand more deeply the benefits of the site, and how to create a good thank you page to increase interaction between the target audience and businesses.

What Is A Thank you Page?

what is a thank you page

The Thank You page is a web page, where you gratitude to leads, prospects, or customers for taking the desired action on your website/ landing page. It’s usually used at the final step in the conversion process or as a bridge to the next phase of the customer journey.

Thank you page is a critical step when you build your sales funnel to increase customer retention, add more value to user subscribers to build a relationship, then offer an upsell or drive them to the following buying process.

To make the best thank you page, you need to ensure three essential elements of the page are:

  • Clear instructions
  • Immediate
  • Interesting or precisely what the customer wants.

Why Is The Thank You Page Important?

As mentioned, the thank you page plays a vital role in maintaining and increasing the interaction between the e-commerce business and the customer.

Like other website owners, you may have thought that a thank you page doesn’t have much of a purpose other than to confirm a specific person has opted into a program or chosen to purchase a product or service. But the question is, which deal is big?

You need to pay attention to the thank you page as a milestone marking an important moment in the buyer’s journey. That is the time when the customer is no longer an average reader.

You need to do on your page to create a highlight so that customers don’t need to keep searching around but are ready to respond, “I’m interested in the product/service you provide”.

Besides, the personal website can be when customers visit and complete their shopping orders. They have become paying customers instead of potential customers like before.

Thus, visitors to the thanks site will be ready to perform the following steps in the business’s sales process.

All in all, there’s never been a more accessible and more natural opportunity to deliver something that amazes your customers and exactly meets their needs using thanks one.

The thank-you page is the best way to let you know exactly what your customers want through a CTA on your website.

As long as someone follows a CTA on a landing page, you take them to the next step after clicking. It means that customers are ready to experience your service.

In addition, businesses can also use the thank you page of the form to provide the next steps to potential clients.

What’s Make A Good Thank You Page?

After knowing the Importance of the Thank You, let’s find out what a good thank you page is. To create a good thank you page for business online use, you must consider many different factors.

First, the thanks site needs to have a message to show the business’s gratitude to the user because this is its core mission.

Thank you for maintaining the relationship with the company when using the service or ordering the sales funnel product on a blog post.

This one also displays straightforward navigation to help users navigate more easily because not everyone is patient enough to perform cumbersome operations.

Also, here you should leave some recommendations on relevant content based on the likes of specific products/services with a free consultation.

A good thank you page should include a few links to your business’s social media pages. It increases interaction and maintains a long-term relationship between customers and your business.

Elements of a High-Converting Thank You Page

To create a successful thanks page, you need to include many content and elements so that subscribers see the messages you want to send.

After doing a lot of research, we found the thank you page should have 13 essential pieces of content. In case the business page lacks any elements, it will be challenging to succeed ultimately.

To give you a better understanding, let’s dive into each element.

A confirmation message

First, you need to make sure the thanks landing page functions properly, so the thanks site needs to include a confirmation that the customer action was successful.

thank you page confirmation message
A confirmation message – Image Source

However, in this section, you need to pay attention to making it very clear and coherent. Otherwise, it will make the opponent confused and disoriented, not knowing what to do next.

You need to put up simple sentences like ‘thank you for your purchase’ or ‘order completed.’ Everything is guaranteed to be clear and accurate.

And if you don’t want the thank you page examples to be the place to stop, you can ask the customer to take a few more actions.

A strong call to action

A call to action is an integral part of a thank you page. After confirming a successful subscription or purchase, take them to a higher-level thank you page examples by adding a CTA call-to-action.

thank you page: A clear call to action
A strong call to action – Image Source

Like A confirmation message, CTA also needs to be unambiguous to motivate users to take the next actions.

When you add a CTA to your thank you website, you’ll make the difference to conversions and sales. Some CTAs you can refer to are:

  • Nurture leads magnet download
  • Offer discount code
  • Encourage users to buy new orders
  • Ask customers to provide information.

Specific instructions on what to do next

Next, you need to give precise instructions on what to do next. You already have a call to action, but you need to make them understand and know how to do it to reach them.

thank you page instructions
Specific instructions on what to do next

The instructions you provide don’t need to be too wordy, and it’s essential to be precise. Users need more guidance than you think, so try to add this content to make the thank you page more effective.

Display your site’s navigation menu

The navigation menu is also essential. The psychology of users often wants to return to the homepage as quickly as possible to return at any time with the navigation menu.

site navigation menu
Site navigation menu

As a business, you need to provide customers with the most convenient, so don’t be shy; put the navigation menu on the thank you page.

Provide additional content

It’s a good idea to provide some additional content on the thank you one.

Please link to relevant content to increase interaction between customers and business products and services. What you link to must be of interest to them.

Adding links to relevant and best content makes the landing pages a place for insightful resources to excite users. Customers who have registered or used services and products will make a purchase decision again. 

Promote Your Refer-a-Friend Program

This method is quite commonly available today. You provide customers with additional value every time they refer a friend to sign up or use a product or service.

It can be said that Promote Your Refer-a-Friend Program is a strategy that should be available on the thank you page example.

You need to provide added value at the thank you example, including a discount code, free sample, or trial, to encourage customers to refer another friend.

When visitors share, it will increase interaction with the business, driving better sales.

Show Social Proof

Sometimes a lousy thank you page will lead to many things that make your business regret and even make customers feel wrong when making a purchase.

The best way to avoid this is to use social proof shows to let customers know they made the right decision. Add positive testimonials so your visitors can get feedback and validate their decision.

Include Social Media Buttons

Adding social sharing buttons is the best way for customers to access and share content and offers on your website.

This element brings high efficiency to increase business interaction, but it is very simple to set up a thank you page example.

Maybe the visitor didn’t intend to share at first, but they will share to take the next step after registering or completing the form of free ebook.

However, placing the buttons on the thank you site is not ideal; we recommend placing them on the initial landing page for better results.

Add comments

Comments are not an essential element in a thank you page, but they can attract more visitors if they are.

Let’s say you allow users to comment, so they have the opportunity to express their thoughts as well as share their own opinions or ask questions about products or services.

However, when applying, you need to make sure the text encourages website visitors to comment and allows them to return to the page to take action.

Ask to sign up for the newsletter

If your business’ opt-in process doesn’t automatically add guests to your email newsletter, add it now on the thank you page.

After customers find the content of your products and services useful and have interacted, you will be able to develop more customer lists and subscriber lists.

thank you page add social
Recommend customers subscribe channel – Image Source

Create an account

In case a visitor has already visited your thank-you site for the transaction, this is an excellent time to encourage them to sign up for an account to follow your website. Please take advantage of adding a statement to the thanks page.

thank you page create account
Create an account

You need to let them know the value of doing so. For example, the utility after having an account is to track order status and search for discount codes or rewards. It will make customers more likely to sign up.

Include a survey

Thank you page has many uses; it is highly effective in maintaining relationships and interactions between customers and businesses.

So if you know how to make the most of its functions and utilities, your business will reach more and more people.

Add a survey and use the thanks page as a research and feedback tool.

This way, you will receive information such as customer problems to understand the taste situation better. Then you can come up with optimal solutions.

Offer a coupon code

Offering an Offer with a coupon code on the thank you pages is ideal for encouraging customers to visit your website more profoundly and periodically. 

Besides, introducing discount codes is like bringing added value to customers to expect more in the next purchase.

Do’s And Don’ts Of A Thank You Page

A thank you page not only expresses your gratitude to your customers but also motivates them to take follow-up actions while increasing their chances of converting back.

So creating a thank you page can be daunting if you don’t know the following do’s and don’ts.

Do’s of a Thank You Page

1. Show enthusiasm

When thanking customers for registering or using your services or products, you need to show your enthusiasm on the thank you page clearly.

As mentioned, your content needs to be clear and consistent, not too cumbersome, so use some vital phrases to make visitors feel more desirable about what is on the website.

2. Inspiration from people

To encourage visitors to take the following action without missing it, you should add something to inspire on the thank you page.

For example, it might be the CEO picture or a video of business members talking or the signature of an influencer.

By adding these elements, your thank you page will have more credibility. And so will convince the visitor to take action.

3. Keep the CTA in the fold

Engage visitors before closing a tab by keeping the CTA above the fold. It is essential because doing so will make a stronger impression on customers and more professional.

4. Show available offers

On the thank you page, set up to display ongoing offers to motivate customers to buy again next time. Besides, you can add social icons that allow users to share to increase business engagement.

However, be careful about what shows up on the thank you site and ensure the products and social media icons link correctly with google calendar.

Don’ts Of A Thank You Page

1. Do not put too much content

Unless necessary, do not put more than 5 lines of content on the thanks site. If you leave too much, you will overwhelm users with too long and winding content, even on the thanks site.

At the same time, this makes them no longer pay attention to the CTA. So let the site create breathing space for guests.

2. Don’t promise too much

Don’t commit to anything if the business can’t deliver. Instead of promising to get in touch with the guest within 24 hours, commit to getting back to them quickly.

Communicating what is true builds greater credibility, which leads to success later in life.

3. Don’t skimp on-site design

Besides the content of the site, the design is also essential. While the content is exceptionally well-organized, the invention is not attractive enough to attract visitors’ attention.

So try to invest in the design to ensure it’s nice enough and has all the essentials.

Best Thank You Page Examples

Many businesses are very successful in creating impressive and attractive thank-you pages. Here are some thank you page examples of classification by the purpose for your reference.

Contact Form Completion

Contact forms are essential, so businesses must confirm that customers have successfully completed the operations and promise not to use their information illegally.

opt-in form example
Add privacy policy on the contact form – Hubspot

Building trust with customers is critical to maintaining relationships and finding prospects in the future.

It is an excellent opportunity to prove your business is different from others, so use it carefully.

Hubspot is a good example you can refer to. The company told a long story of multiple contact form signups on its thanks site.

With careful layouts and attractive designs, they successfully drive CTAs and reinforce social validation and trusted partners.


To keep and increase customer engagement with your website, and more specifically, to increase the likelihood that they will open and interact with the material you provide, try the download link.

downloadable thank you page example
Simple Thank You Page example: Hubspot – Downloadable

Hubspot giveaways a free gift for their website visitors. After people complete the form on the optin page / pop-up, they’ll drive to the thank you page that has download links and additional resources.

Now, they have a new lead!

This strategy works so great in almost of niche, it helps you get more email subscribers. Combine with email marketing nurture leads never easy than before.

  • You could send a weekly newsletter
  • Intro product demo
  • Call to action to a related offer
  • CTA to a related webinar
  • Cross-sell
  • Trends blog
  • etc

Purchase Confirmation

Often the sale confirmation is an opportunity many businesses miss. It would help if you took advantage of displaying similar products or additional related information, so the ability of customers to access products and services will increase.

thank you page example 1
Purchase confirmation – Source: Lead Funnels

However, you should set up recommendations with reasonable incentives to increase effectiveness. You can refer to amazon. It is a famous e-commerce site globally, and very few companies can keep up with customer access to data.

With a way of collecting, storing, and taking advantage of the information that comes with an almost limitless source of goods, Amazon has set up a handy purchase confirmation page.

Appointments and Reservations

thank you page example 2
Thank You Page example – Source: axis social

If a customer signs up for an appointment, the thank you page is the perfect place to provide an opportunity to expand the conversation. From there, you can proceed to the following picture or interact with the business most naturally.

OpenTable has scheduled appointments so customers can track and modify information in the app as they download. Besides, you can also refer to the thanks site.

best thank you page example

This one includes handy notes reminding customers what to know before going to the restaurant.

Account Creation

Account Creation Thank You Pages is your premier opportunity to bring leads through the account setup and referral process seamlessly.

Backlinko has effectively optimized the website by laying out the next steps for customers. While it looks like they delivered the CTA quickly, it’s still amicable and approachable.

thank you page example 3
Thank You Page example: Account creation

Donation Thank You Pages

Non-profit organizations running political campaigns or school funding websites use thank you pages to increase their chances of reaching their audience and impacting each donation for an extended free trial.

donation thank you page example
Donation thank you page example – Source: Charity Water


After reading our article, you probably already know all you need about this type of site. With the information shared, we hope you will understand what makes a good thank you page and what to avoid when creating one.

In addition, we also provide some outstanding examples of personal pages that you can refer to for 6 different purposes. So, try to create a thank you page that isn’t boring and set it up well to move visitors to another action.

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