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Ultimate Guide_ The Affiliate Marketing Funnel - Funnel Secrets

Make money online with the affiliate marketing funnel…

Hello everyone, welcome back to Funnel Secrets blog on sales funnel knowledge series. As you know, affiliate marketing is a hot topic these days.

So many people start with it because you don’t need to have products, invest money to stock, shipping,… Especially, it’s long-term and sustainable.

There are have a lot of ways to make money with affiliate marketing like SEO, CPC, Banners, solo ads,… But today, I would like to introduce to you the others method that I have used.

That is the sales funnel.

Now, let me show you how to make money with affiliate marketing by using the sales funnel. And as I say it in the title Affiliate marketing funnel.

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How to make money online with the affiliate marketing funnel

In fact, if you’ve read my blog before, you may seem it like the bridge funnel. I already share it before but I still receive a lot of question about how to use it in affiliate or network marketing.

Then I realize what I share is a foundation, a concept,… and my readers are hard to apply it in their business. So this is a reason why today I separate it as a new topic to help you easy to understand and follow.

About Affiliate Products

The first thing that you need to do is finding a good product that has an affiliate program. There are 2 ways to find it:

1. The product that you have used


  • Understand how it works.
  • Focus on the product strong.
  • Real experience & review assessment – because you know what you like and didn’t like.
  • Understand your audience and their problem. 

How to find it?

  • See on homepage
  • Search for that product on google and include “affiliate program” in your search.
  • Sign-up and start to promote it.

For example, I already used the hosting, domain, WordPress themes,… so I may register their affiliate program. As you can see I’m joined affiliate program of Clickfunnels.

So get your sales funnel software 14-days trial for FREE (5 seconds for advertising, haha just kidding)

2. Affiliate network marketplace

There are so many Affiliate network programs that you can attend. Now, I listed a few biggest and popular:

Affiliate Marketing Funnel Map

To help you understand what we will do. I will show you the affiliate marketing funnel map. It’s really simple but still works as well.

Affiliate marketing funnel map - funnel secrets

Basically, we have 4 variables:

  • Traffic
  • Squeeze page
  • Bridge page
  • And Download (or thank you page).

In this case, we skip email marketing (I may be talking about it in the future) because it’s hard and has many concept and strategy in there. So I do not want you are overload, Okay.

Drive Traffic

No matter what your traffic sources are? What we focus on is the temperatures of traffic. There are 3 types of traffic:

  • Hot
  • Warm
  • Cold

Depend on the temperatures of traffic, we design a different lead magnet and squeeze page or headline to convert them.

But in this case, we only focus on cold traffic – people who do not know who you are.

It may be from your blog through SEO or maybe from Facebook Ads, Adword, CPC, Banner Ads,…

If you’re beginners, so focus on what you best.

You may be learning and start with SEO (because you do not invest large money to start) or you can run Facebook Ads if you familiar with it,…

Of course, make sure your dream customers in there.

Lead Magnet

After identify where are your dream customers, now we going to how to convert them from cold traffic to warm and hot traffic.

I usually give away something for FREE that I say lead magnet. I’m not going deep into a concept here because I already to share it before. You can learn more what is lead magnet here.

The question is:

“I always try to give more value for FREE but nobody care and give me an email. Why?”

In fact, they do not care about you, what you do, your offer awesome or not.

What people only care is about them.

So the key is finding their problem and you will solve that for FREE

(It’s maybe a checklist, free guide, pdf, ppt, video,…)

There are 2 ways to create a lead magnet:

1. Create Your Own

Watch the video below to learn how to create a lead magnet within 20 mins from Crazy Eye Marketing

Note: Create a lead magnet that your AUDIENCE will like. Don’t give away something like Amazon gift card since they’re wanting that.

2. Get It From Others

It’s maybe video from youtube, the pdf that you get from internet or from PLR (Private Label Rights)

Click here to learn more about PLR

affiliate marketing PLR - Private Label Rights

Squeeze page

After creating a lead magnet, this time is going to build your squeeze page.

A squeeze page is where people will opt-in and give you their information like name and email address.

There are 3 types of squeeze page I ever saw, it may be single or double opt-in:

  • Opt-in only
  • Image
  • Video
Funnel secrets - traffic secrets - squeeze page opt-in only
Squeeze Page With Opt-in Only 
squeeze page with image backlinko
The Squeeze Page Include Image – Source: Backlinko.com
Affiliate marketing funnel squeeze page vsl
Squeeze Page Include Video – Source: Funnel Give Away

My recommendation: Try to keep it simple. You no need to list all of the benefits. In fact, make them as curious as possible. So, focus on the big benefit with the hook headline you will have the best result.

Bridge Page

After your subscribers submit their email, there are 2 ways may be happening:

  • First, they will be directed to the Affiliate offer.
  • Second, they will visit to bridge page.

Depend on what you’re offer and tactic then we use the first or second method.

I usually direct my subscribers to a bridge page. Because I want to connect with them and try to give more value to them.

The bridge page may include video or sales letters,… whatever that help you CONNECT with your audience

Here are some types of content:

  • The review article
  • Video Training
  • Introduce and Stories
  • Behind the sense or Unboxing

Do you want to get more Idea and see the example of the bridge page?

Click here to get free Affiliate marketing course

Thank You Page

In the thank you page, people can download and get the lead magnet. In fact, most people aren’t consuming it. So, this time to explain why your affiliate offer may help them and make it easy.

You also tell them what next like:

  • Check out your affiliate offer.
  • Connect and follow you on social.
  • Read more detail on the blog
  • Get more video training
  • Sign-up to membership

Affiliate marketing sales funnel example

Now, I will show you one of my successful affiliate funnel I ever build. Of course, it still works and makes money for me every day.

Affiliate Offer: Dotcom Secrets Book

Lead magnet: The video training that teaches them how to get unlimited traffic and lead to any sales funnel in the next 30 days.

Squeeze page:

After doing the split test, I have 2 pages right now ( 1 for PC and another for the mobile device)

Version 1:

Funnel secrets - traffic secrets - squeeze page opt-in only
Affiliate Squeeze Page For PC Device

Version 2:

affiliate marketing sales funnel squeeze page - mobile device
Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel Squeeze Page For Mobile Device

As you can see on the second page is long, right?

And I thought it works as well on PC. But when I testing, the page only works on mobile. So I put it at the Bio on my Instagram profile.

The Bridge Page: 

I don’t want people to leave when they visit this page. So I said with them if they press the back button, they won’t receive the video training.

At this time, I introduce with them my affiliate offer.

Remember they’re opt-in into my funnel because they want to increase traffic and leads. So, I talked with them about a new problem and the reason why they need to get the offer.

” Have tons of traffic is great, but if you can’t convert them, you actually can’t make any money”

Affiliate marketing funnel - bridge page

And again I use “FREE” in call-to-action button.

If they don’t want to get it, they will click the link below of the button to direct to thank you page. At this point, I want to recap the benefit again.

“No thanks. I don’t want Increase conversion and sales online. I’ll pass this time”

The page is simple but it’s work really well.

Thank You Page

In the thank you page, I show them the video training.

Affiliate funnel thank you page

As I said above, most people aren’t consuming the lead magnet.

So, after they’ve watched the video training, I also give them the action point to help my subscriber exactly what they need to do.

After that, to help them get the best result, I share with the other resources for FREE. Of course, there are all my Affiliate Offer.

The link of my Affiliate marketing sales funnel:

Squeeze page:

  • PC Version: https://www.funnelsecrets.us/free-traffic/
  • Mobile Version: https://www.funnelsecrets.us/free-traffic-mb/

Bridge page: https://www.funnelsecrets.us/traffic-hack-oto/

Thank You page: https://www.funnelsecrets.us/traffic-videoncn1012/

Now, if you want more affiliate funnel example. You can read the case study selling the eSCAPE book here

Sales Funnel Tools

Here are all my tools and service that I use to build my sales funnel

1. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels logo

Clickfunnels is a tool that helps me create all of my sales funnel without code or design experience and really easy to use. If you’re looking to build sales funnel faster (within few hours) you need to checkout Clickfunnels.

Want to 14 days Trial for FREE? Click Here to sign-up Clickfunnels!

2. Funnel Scripts

Funnel scripts review - funnel secrets

If you like me who hate copywriting and never want to learn it, you can check out the Funnel Scripts. No matter it is a headline, bio, webinar, one-time-offer scripts, video, facebook ads,… whatever. You just only login Funnel Scripts and answer few questions, then they will create the content for you.

Want to learn more about Funnel Script? Watch video webinar demo here!

3. Getresponse



Getresponse is an email marketing service that helps you send email to your subscribers and make it automation.

You also use another software like the Active Campaign, Infusionsoft,… But I still use Getresponse because of cheapest and they also have 30 days for the FREE trial.

Note: If you’re using Clickfunnels Full Suite plan, you no need to use any email marketing service.

Want to learn more about it? Click here to Start trial Getresponse 30 days for FREE


There are 3 things you need to do when build affiliate marketing sales funnel

  • Identify the problem of your audience
  • Create The Lead magnet
  • Build a funnel that includes 2 – 3 pages: Squeeze page and thank you page or squeeze page, bridge page and thank you page.

I hope this post may help you build an Affiliate marketing funnel effectively and make more money online. Sometimes the first funnel is not connected with your audience. So try another thing, testing, and do it again until you have succeeded.

If you have any question, leave the comment below. I will answer it or create a new article to explain it to you.

Thank you.

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