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[ Masterfully ] High-Ticket Funnel Definitive Guide

High-ticket funnel guide

In this post, we will share with you how to sell your highest value and product priced. No matter if it is $400, $1000, or above $2000 by using a high-ticket funnel.

There are many different ways to sell products online. You can sell only high-ticket items or inexpensive items. It’s also possible to go with a mixture of the two if you want. The truth is that if you want to go for the big bucks, you need to focus on the creation of a high-ticket funnel.

It’s a flawlessly powerful system that can bring in front amazing results. While it’s harder to sell high-ticket items when compared to the cheaper ones, the return on investment is always worth it. 

But how can you create a powerful high-ticket funnel that generates a lot of leads and customers? Keep reading to discover!

What Is High-Ticket Sales Funnel

A high-ticket funnel helps you sell your high-priced products or services. As people move up the value ladder, when the price increase, the perceived value of the thing you’re trying to sell. And you do that by creating a sales presentation to sell the offer you have created or taking people offline.

value ladder and sales funnel
The High Ticket funnel is at the bottom of the value ladder, where you are selling your highest product or service

Why High-Ticket Sales Funnel Important

What Is Sales Funnel ic

Webinar Funnel

When you selling from $400 – $1000 priced products online. This funnel is the best solution by using a longer-form presentation (60-120 minute) set up inside webinar funnel or Auto webinar funnel.

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Application Funnel

A sales funnel that help you sell product or service above $2000 priced. You will have higher conversions if change the selling environment from online to offline.

Best Practice

Usually, a high-ticket sale funnel has 3 pages:

  • The first page is what we refer to as it’s either going to be our third party result or our case study page. That also will have an apply button on there.
  • The second page in the funnel is our desire amplifier page. Here’s where you’re going to help them want to really finish the application.
  • And the third page is the homework and their connection.
high-ticket sales funnel

I’m going to go through all three of these pages. So you understand exactly how they work, why we would set them up this way, and really the details behind it. What you can find here is that.

Most of the time, you’ll be driving traffic directly. You typically won’t be driving traffic directly to your high ticket funnel.

Usually, the first time skinned up, someone will see this other than introduced your high ticket funnel is on a very soft author, usually honor thank-you page.

High-ticket sales Funnel map

Your buyer funnel should have it at the bottom of the Thank You page. This is another opportunity to work with you.

What we find that it’s not going to be really a hard sell as much as. It is the ability for them to work with you.

Now, let check few tips below to help your funnel convert better.

1. Create a low-ticket funnel that drives leads to your high-ticket funnel

The reason you want to do this is because you entice people with a great deal on an expensive item after they buy an inexpensive one. 

It’s even possible to insert multiple layers here, as you enhance the price tags yourself. You can start with a free consultation or an ebook, then you up the ante with other benefits, and work your way towards high ticket items.

2. Use as many platforms as possible as an entry point in the high-ticket funnel

You need to realize that whenever you sell high-ticket items, you must create a very powerful and comprehensive funnel.

You also have to focus on finding the right audience.

It will become a lot easier to grow and expand at the desired level as you do that. You will also need a good lead magnet; in this case, it can be a webinar. It helps you build trust, and you don’t have to charge for it.

Plus, you can strut your own offer and push the attendees towards a certain goal.

3. High level nurturing

If you want your high-ticket funnel to work, then you need great nurturing. This means you should consider sending lots of emails to your customers, letting them know what you can offer and the solutions you are interested in.

4. Social proofing is essential

Add customer quotes, video testimonials, and everything that will entice your customers to buy a high-ticket item. 

You need to realize that fewer people are willing to buy expensive items, so you must listen to them and their needs. Show that others trusted you, and they had great results, then you will surely entice your potential customers to buy what you are offering.

5. Always try to be blunt about your prices

You don’t want to hide prices when you create a high-ticket funnel. Your focus has to be on showing off prices and all the relevant information. 

You want to make people trust you, and the way you do that is via being honest and not hiding anything. You also want to connect with the customer, answer all their questions, and show that extra effort you add in order to fulfill their needs. 

People will be a lot happier in the long run if you tackle this accordingly.


These high-ticket funnel tips will make it easier for you to implement and customize your funnel in a proper manner. 

There will always be challenges as you try to create a powerful funnel. All you have to do is use these ideas and ensure that they are fully optimized for your business type. Once you do that, nothing will be able to stand in your way since you’ll be selling more expensive items!

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