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Today, we’re actually walking through the third part in a series of three that’s entire funnel stacking this actually is the high-ticket funnel. We’ve already done the tripwire funnel, the webinar funnel and this is the third one as far as the high-ticket Funnel. The high-ticket funnel is an awesome marketing strategy that is making me money in my business and this strategy can actually make you money too. If you implement it right in your business now.

Before we go, let me talk about a couple of important things because a lot of you guys are starting your online business. Obviously, you’re just starting to redo something, you’re doing some research, learning affiliate marketing and everything… Before we get this, just make sure you think outside of the box.  I want you think bigger.

This funnel that I’m gonna explain in a minute is designed to not just make me money, right? It’s designed to make big money. I want you to think about earning $5,000 per sales. It’s possible. Now, let me show you what is High-ticket funnel? And how it works.

Selling your products with high-ticket Funnel – Sales Funnel Stages

What is a High Ticket?

high-ticket funnel - marketing funnel

So first of all, this is set up for you. So you can actually give the biggest impact and the greatest results to your clients. When people pay more you’re gonna find they have the ability, you really have more of an ability to serve them at a higher level.

And also, at higher prices, people are typically much more invested and more likely to have higher levels of success with your products and services.

The second thing is this is where to make the most money. Typically our higher ticket products are also our most profitable ones. Usually, they’re almost all profit especially when the lead acquisition costs already been covered in the lower funnels ( like our tripwire and webinar).

Our leads right now already come from the tripwire, they’ve already come from the webinar. So they’re really almost free leads. And so there’s really no cost for them. Now what I’m going to talk to you about here as we go into this funnel and help you understand how it works.

How does this High ticket funnel work?

Usually, high-ticket funnel has 3 pages:

  • The first page is what we refer to as it’s either going to be our third party result or our case study page. That also will have an apply button on there.
  • The second page in the funnel is our desire amplifier page. Here’s where you’re going to help them want to really finish the application.
  • And the third page is the homework and their connection.

sales funnel stages - funnel secrets

I’m going to go through all three of these pages. So you understand exactly how they work why we would set them up this way, and really the details behind it. What you can find here is that.

Most the time you’ll be driving traffic directly, you typically won’t be driving traffic directly to your high ticket funnel.

Usually, the first time skinned up someone’s going to see this other than introduced our high ticket funnel is on a very soft author, usually honor thank-you page.

high-ticket funnel map - sales funnel examples

In fact, most of all my trip-wires and webinar funnels they all have on there at the bottom. Basically, on the Thank You page is another opportunity to work with me.

And so, what I typically is going to find that it’s not going to be really a hard sell as much as. It is the ability for them to work with you. In fact the hook for the thank-you page.

How do people find your high-ticket program?

On the thank-you page, you’re going to find that. Basically, having a real quick thing all it really is gonna say:” hey would you like my help and implementing what you just purchased”

So that’s really one of the main ways that we actually drive people into. This is through our other Thank You pages.

Another thing is with banner ads as well.

Typically the way people get into this is either gonna be through your Thank You pages, or through your banner ads or, the other big thing we find for a lot of people is you’re gonna be continuing to email these people over time.

So it’s not uncommon on our Thank You pages. You’re only to get one maybe 2% of people actually taking you up on that. But over time what’s going to happen is you’re gonna have an email sequence. And that email sequence is going to have them set up.

The idea here is you’re going to have these follow-up sequences. And this really is going to be your greatest way of getting people into this funnel. the idea behind is you really want to make sure that the people who are actually doing all the talking is not bragging about yourself but you’re actually getting their results from other people.

Now we talk about first landing page

Tons of squeeze pages that offer a free ebook, free report or free email newsletter because that’s what every marketer is doing. but, do you ever ask yourself what you would want?

A lot of times it’s easy to ask, “What are other internet marketers doing?” But the more important question is what would your dream customer want? What would get them engaged enough to actually give you their email address?

Now, I want to share with you sales funnel example of For Garrett. In this case, he’d like to watch a cool documentary or movie. And he uses his documentaries.That’s his big pitch. Opt-in and you’re going to get to watch a cool, 60 minute documentary about Warrior Week – so you do opt-in and it takes you to the next page…

squeeze page- digital marketing funnel

What to do on the second page of your funnel

The second thing is we get them to the desired amplifier which really is more of the application. And here you’re gonna really help them to want to finish the application. There’s a lot of science in an art that actually goes behind making all this happen.

The first thing here is you’re really trying to help people fill out the entire application. Now when they’re at this point, they really have the opportunity of getting a little scared a little nervous having a lot of second-guessing in their commitment to continue the process.

application page - marketing strategy case study

In this case, he’s trying to cut people out, the very first step in the application form asks if you are a man or a woman. If you’re a woman, it kicks you out because he’s only working with married businessmen, right? He goes through this whole application process to figure out if you’re worthy and if you’re going to be the right fit for them. It’s all about positioning and posturing, which is the key with any kind of high-ticket sales.

Getting them indoctrinated with “your” world.

First of all, we’ve received your application and the next 24 to 48 hours I’ll be reviewing and pre-approving your application second. If I personally pre-approve your application, then you’re gonna want to get a call from one of our coaches on my team.

These guys have been with me for over five years and we’ll be able to look at your goals your plan to get you there.

What to do when you call your customer.

This is one of those areas where a lot of people struggle.

Set Script

  1. Question
  2. Blast
  3. Posture
  4. Probe
  5. Finding credit
  6. Commitment

Close Script

  1. Time
  2. Decision making
  3. Resources
  4. Knowledge
  5. What’s Included
  6. Close. 


I hope this helps you guys out understand high-ticket sales funnel is a huge profit for you. If you don’t currently have one in your business. It’s probably the next step up that you need to look at creating is a high ticket sales offer. Again the profit is huge but more importantly, the profit is it’s your greatest way of being able to help and serve those people who you really want to give them.

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