What is squeeze page funnel? Create squeeze Page funnel within 5 minute

Squeeze page funnel is very popular to help people build their email list. The subscriber list is considered the most important part of a mailing campaign.

When I use a squeeze page, I’m usually going after a new audience so I don’t use a lot of branding.

I’m focusing on curiosity to get them to opt-in.

Then, on the next pages in the funnel is when I’ll start introducing my branding, videos, etc.

And now, you may be asking “What is squeeze page?” or “what is squeeze page funnel?” and how to create that. I will help you learn more about that in this post. Now let get started!

Squeeze Page Funnel is one of 7 ways to generate leads.

What is Squeeze Page? Squeeze Page meaning

I’d like to start by telling you what a squeeze page is. So of course in all internet marketing, we start with our traffic right?

And this is our audience here even though they have like really messed up feet.

Now, the idea of internet marketing as a whole is to take this traffic and put them to something okay.

There are several options of what you can do to put them to something.

There is an option of like a direct link okay. So a direct link would mean that you’re sending them right to the affiliate offer and you’re hoping that the affiliate offer converts them.

Because if it doesn’t convert them, then you’re not going to make any money alright?

There’s also like a landing page.

The landing page is basically something where instead of a direct link you’d make a simple page and you’d say:” hi welcome to my page, I really like this product” and you’d send them to the affiliate link after they hit your page.

And now there’s also something called a squeeze page, and a squeeze page is where the goal is to get them to opt-in okay.

That means to join your newsletter become part of your mailing list. So that you can market to them over and over.

Because as you’ve heard it said:” I’m sure, in sales the key to making money is that the fortune is in the follow up”.

So, the more that you follow up with your visitors, your students, whatever right?

The more money you’re going to make.

I mean hands down and the cool thing about this is once you have a list you can literally send an email and get money in your account within seconds, which is really cool for minutes depending on how fast it is.

Squeeze page funnel.

On squeeze page funnel, we have 2 pages squeeze page and thank you page.

The Squeeze Page Funnel’s goal is to create so much curiosity that someone has to give you their email address. The Squeeze Page hooks them for more information. On the Thank You Page, you deliver what you promised, and then lead them into your next funnel.

sueeze page funnel - sales process

The idea of the squeeze page funnels is to take your traffic to a page, and this page has one goal.

The goal of that page is to get people to subscribe. So the idea here is you want to an offer, an email, and a name box right.

And then, of course, they hit submit.

So you would say get a free report or whatever you’re giving away.

Maybe you have a video or some text that explains what they’re getting. But the goal is to get them to opt-in okay.

Then once you take them and they opt-in. Now they go into your database, and you have permission to email them right.

You could say:” Hey man, now I hope you like the free report we gave you here”

So they go on your database and the cool thing is now they come back to you over and over and over.

That one click that you got is now coming back to you over and over. Because you use the squeeze page.

How to use squeeze page funnel in your business?

_ I’d use this funnel if I had a good hook that someone would want to know and after they give me their email address, I tell them the rest of the story on the next page. if I was selling as an author/ speaker/coach/consultant.

_ If I was selling in network or affiliate marketing I’d find the best hook for my product, and use that as the headline, and then get them to give you their email address to find out what the product is.

_ What about B2B (Business to business)? I’d use this funnel to hook people with a power claim for a case study about what you can do for them, then on the Thank You Page show them the case study and push them into your next funnel.

_ You’re selling professional services? Again I’d find my best hook, and use that for the headline to build curiosity and after they join the list, give them the rest of the story on the Thank You Page.

_ I’d share a little-known fact about my company on the Squeeze Page and then reveal who you actually are on the Thank You Page If I was selling in a retail / Brick & Mortar Business…

_ And the last many people who sold in e-commerce. They would use this funnel to introduce them to a weird new way to do something after they have given me their email address, I would show them how my product fulfills on that promise.

How to build squeeze page funnel?

Now there are several ways that you can build a squeeze page. You could build a squeeze page with HTML, you could build a squeeze page with WordPress.

Or you can use another platform like Lead Page, or Clickfunnels

If you use Clickfunnels, you can create it within 5 minute. It’s very fast and simple.

Step 1: Pick your funnels

Inside the funnel hack cookbook, you can pick squeeze page funnel or create your own page

Creating Lead magnet funnel with sales funnel cook book

Step 2: Pick the page design you like

They have many squeeze page template for you. All you need to do is choose what page design you like 

Squeeze page Funnel example

Step 3: Modify the page

Clickfunnels software working

All you need to remember when using squeeze page funnel for your business

Now, we’re know how to work with squeeze pages. And again remember the goal of your squeeze page is to get them to opt-in, get them to be part of your mailing list.

So that you can make money over and over. Once you have this database you could send them directly to affiliates offers, to your landing pages, or other landing pages. You can even send them to a sales page.

If you want to learn step by step how to create a sales funnel. You can download the top 22 funnel with high convert (it’s free) and follow that.

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