Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel: All You Need To Know

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How to build reverse squeeze page funnel in clickfunnels

Have you ever heard of a reverse squeeze page? You’ve probably heard of a squeeze page before, but not too many people know about a reverse squeeze page.

The reverse squeeze page is just one of 7 different “hooks” you can use with squeeze pages to generate leads.

The reverse squeeze page will engage your customer, and have them wanting more or your content, and actually, give the correct email.

So not to miss out on the information.

Now, let me show you what reverse squeeze page is? Reverse squeeze page strategy and How to create that faster and high conversion.

What Is Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel?

funnelhacker cookbook reverse squeeze page

Basically, what you’re doing is you’re giving them the good content first. A reverse squeeze page could be something like there’s a lot of different forms of it.

One of the forms that I like the most, and I learned from the guy who taught me this concept. Russell Brunson, who owns, great amazing marketing funnel software.

And in his book – Dotcom secrets he taught me this concept.

How To Use The Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel In Your Business

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Use this funnel to answer my dream customer’s biggest false belief with some free training before asking for their contact information.

affiliate marketing icon

Network or affiliate marketing

Use this funnel to demo my product, and then have them give me their email address to follow up with them later.

B2B business to business icon

Business-to-Business (B2B)

Use this funnel to show product-demo videos to my dream customers before asking for their phone number or email to follow-up.

professional service icon

Professional services

Use this funnel to show my services’ case study before collecting a phone number and email to follow up.

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Retail / Brick & Mortar Business

Use this funnel to tell the story about why I opened my store, and then get them to opt-in to get discounts and special offers

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Use this funnel to share a story of people using my product before asking for their email address so I could send them more information.

Reverse squeeze page funnel strategy

Download Funnel Hacker Cookbook here

Reverse squeeze page funnel it’s very simple funnels are two pages.

Again, the reverse squeeze pages, where you give value to somebody first usually through a video or something and then afterward you ask them to give you their email address.

And then they’re taken to the thank you page where you can thank them for joining your list. This one was very powerful it gives you super high-quality lead.

And what we have is the first page is short. It looks like there’s just a button to click to next.

It’s the teaser for an article.

So it’s really exciting, it makes people want to read more. After that they use, they read it and then they click Next, and then they read more, and then click next again… And the last they need to be a subscriber to finish the article.

reverse-squeeze-page funnel

So we already got all the hooks for the audience, and then they’re excited. They want to read it and then all of a sudden you have to subscribe.

If you want to read the rest of it. So you don’t have closure unless you actually subscribe. I’ve seen opt-in rates as high as 85% using this method. I like to keep it to between 2 and 3 pages.

I’ve seen some people go as far as 8 and 12 pages.

In another type of reverse squeeze page could be just giving the person the free video first, and then the end saying, by the way, there’s actually a part 2 and part 3 to this video.

If you want to see the next couple of videos and hear your email address here. So as all our first squeeze page is it’s giving something first.

And then asking them to opt-in if they want to receive more.

Because sometimes, if you are not giving anything first and you’re just hey I have this really cool thing behind.

This magical door.

Sometimes people give you fake email addresses, or sometimes people don’t really want to subscribe to your e-mail newsletter.

They’re really just trying to get that free thing that you are waving in front of them, where if you use a reverse squeeze page the dynamics change.

Because now this person wants to be a subscriber instead of feeling like they were forced to be a subscriber.

So by using a reverse squeeze page.

You’ll see the number of fake email addresses you get cut down. And you’ll see the response you get from the people on your email list go up.

Because these people actually want to be there and they got value first before they had to enter their information.

How To Create Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel

In this case, I will show you 2 method to create that. Classical funnel design Vs Funnel hacker cookbook design of Clickfunnels.

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