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[In depth] One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Is It Worth for $100?

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Our Verdict
The One Funnel Away Challenge provides an actionable steps guide to launching your first (or next) profitable funnel. With this program, you will learn proven marketing frameworks from top entrepreneurs from different industries to ensure you get the best result.

68% of online company have headaches in increasing leads, traffic, and sales. Create a sales funnel is a proven solution that helps you sustainably grow and scale your business.

However, create high-converting sales funnels is not easy. This is the reason why you need to join a sales funnel training that gives you the right mindset and actionable steps from A to Z to help you create a high converting sales funnel.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is the best solution for you.

Honestly, it’s not created for everyone. If you’re wondering if this course is really right for you or not, let’s read my in-depth One Funnel Away Challenge review from beginning to end.

You’ll find the answer.

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Proof of my receipt I get the One Funnel Away Challenge on Feb 1, 2021

What is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge review sales page

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a coaching program created by Russell Brunson, which gives you everything you need to know from ideas, funnel strategy, and action steps to build and run profitable sales funnels in the next 30 days.

Unlike other online courses you’ve seen on the internet, which focus on building landing pages in your funnel and giving people a sales pitch for their money, this training teaches fundamental skills of profitable funnels that are hard to find anywhere else.

You may know that the online sales funnel visualize as series of landing pages. However, it’s astonishing that many people have tried to follow the “million dollar funnel” templates online and even copy others’ successful funnels.

But what they don’t realize is when you make it live…the funnel doesn’t work! And this time around? You lose money instead of making some profit like last time.

The sales funnel framework is essential; however, it’s a minor factor in the whole picture.

The difference between a successful funnel and a broken funnel rarely come from funnel structure or page design, and mostly it comes from:

  • Traffic sources
  • Hook
  • Story
  • and Offer

This is the reason why One Funnel Away Challenge is the best training I’ve join to learn the whole funnel building process and all secrets behind it.

Note: Don’t misunderstand that the One Funnel Away challenge means you need to create a funnel you will be successful, or after 30 days, you will have a perfect sales funnel. It’s not the message that Russell sent.

Your funnel will never be perfect, and Russell doesn’t recommend it. He only guides you on what you should do, what tests are needed to make your funnel better and more optimal every day, thereby giving you the best results (it’s maybe leads or sales).

What News In The One Funnel Away 2.0?

When researching one funnel away challenge review, you may wonder “What Do You Get In The One Funnel Away Challenge 2.0?

The One funnel away challenge had a few changes on January 11, 2021.

The aim and operation of the course have not changed. However, the manufacturer has made a few improvements to the platform and added valuable rewards to the system.

Here are some differences of the new OFA challenge:

30 days Book (now digital only)

Previously the bonus of just one Funnel away challenge was a giant paper book, an MP3 file with a music player. However, now the OFA challenge has provided  digital format only.

Obviously, this is a sensible change. Because for most of us, reading e-books has become more popular and convenient than paper books.

And with the 30-day book’s more than 500 pages, its digital format is sure to make it easy to take anywhere, read anywhere.

New expert

Rachel Miller Organic Traffic Strategist

Rachel Miller, an online entrepreneur, is the new coach of the one Funnel away challenge.

Rachel Miller started as a blogger, then gradually developed into the founder of 6 subsidiaries within five years.

Besides, Rachel Miller is also very successful in book writing when her titles attract hundreds of thousands of readers.

New platform is the new training platform for one Funnel away challenge 2.0. At this interactive site, you will complete your daily tasks. You will also read PDFs directly on the OnePager online working window instead of downloading documents like in the previous version.

Besides, you can write notes online. The platform will automatically record all information and progress of your OFA challenge.

New bonus

With the one Funnel away challenge 2.0, you not only get an Affiliate Bootcamp, WorkBook PDF, but you also get free access to the 5-day Lead Challenge.

More videos

One Funnel Away challenges 2.0 provides videos with more diverse and valuable content.

But you need to note, with version 2.0, you will find videos on Facebook groups. After 30 days, the OFA challenge ends, you won’t be able to watch videos on the platform again. Instead, you can save videos on One-Pager.

Who is the Coach in this Course?

One Funnel Away Challenge coach

The One Funnel away challenge trainer is Russell Brunson, co-founder of the famous own business website and funnel builder Clickfunnels. He is a successful speaker and master in the field of sales psychology.

Not stopping there, Russell Brunson is also the author of bestselling books. If you are interested in the field of e-commerce, surely you haven’t heard of it. These include

Along with Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian is one of the critical coaches of the 30-day course.

Julie Stoian is an expert in digital marketing. She is not only experienced as a coach but also a co-founder of famous brands such as successful Funnel Gorgeous, Digital Insiders,

And finally, Stephen Larsen, who has been with sales funnels as a Lead Channel Builder. After leaving ClickFunnels, he founded his own over a million dollars-plus online business.

In addition to business development, Stephen Larsen also creates Podcast channels to share marketing and channel creation experiences.

To Summarize

With the guidance of experienced coaches, after a 30-day one funnel away challenge, you will have built your complete sales funnel.

Not only stop at building a channel, but you can also attract customers and generate profits from your channel.

If you want to improve your skills in digital marketing, the experience of the course coaches will help you a lot. 

Outstanding One Funnel Away Challenge

For the most comprehensive challenge review of the One Funnel away, you certainly cannot ignore the challenge review because of the advantages and disadvantages of this 30-day course.


The one Funnel away challenge is popular in the e-commerce world not simply because of the founder’s reputation but also because of the effectiveness of the ClickFunnels tool. There are many reasons for the popularity of the One Funnel away challenge. Here are a few of them:

Complete Guide on How To Build A Funnel

Unlike any other course you can find on the Internet, the one funnel away challenge is about practice.

With a course divided into four weeks, knowledge spreads across all aspects, and you will have a broad and deep view of digital marketing, channels, and funnels.

After the course, you will not only have knowledge related to channels but also create channels. According to student reports, they can immediately apply up to 90% of what they have learned in practice. That means you can ultimately build your channel by applying that practical knowledge.

Learn From The Professional

Coach Russell Brunson and consulting team ‘One Funnel Away’ will teach you strategies, tactics, and ways to build a sales funnel.

Both Russell Brunson and the One Funnel Away consulting team are reputable and experienced online marketers. Combined with a detailed 30-day plan, all the knowledge you get back after the course is highly applicable and practical.

You certainly will not waste any moment of your life listening to lectures, sharing, and guidance from famous people in the online marketing world.

Live Consultant Call and technical support

One Funnel Away Tech support

With so much information available every day, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed or confused.

Online courses in the same segment can also be frustrating at times because you are forced into posting your question on the group with little hope of getting an answer quickly enough for your liking – Unless there happen to be helpful members who frequent those kinds of venues often!

One of the best parts about this training is that you can book a consultation call to get help with your marketing strategy or tech support when needed.

Money-back guarante

Russell Brunson and his team are very confident with the one Funnel away challenge. He offered a pretty impressive guarantee: within 30 days, if the customer is not satisfied with the course, the customer can get a refund.

This advantage of the one Funnel away challenge has ensured the interests of customers at the highest level. You take virtually no risk with this short-term online training program.

Receive Lots of References

You have no shortage of references when it comes to the OFA challenge. You have 30-day marketing strategies, sharing lectures on funnels and how to create funnels, tips to stand out from the competition.

Not only that, but your reference material is also in many different forms so that you can study anywhere, in any form.

FOR EXAMPLE, with PDF books, you can read them whenever you have free time, as long as you bring your compact intelligent devices with you.

If you are busier, you can also listen to the lecture files while driving to the worksite. Listening to MP3s at the gym is also a good suggestion.

Everyday Missions

In addition, you also have exercises and challenges to overcome. One Funnel away, challenge experts will break down the movements and create daily tasks to consolidate your knowledge.

The daily goals that the challenge sets are not too complex. But most importantly, you’ll learn more as you accomplish those goals.

With the help of experts, you’ll break through the limits of your thinking and come up with creative, more innovative solutions than you ever thought possible.


Despite having many of the above advantages, the one funnel away challenge is also not without its shortcomings.

To decide if you want to take on this imperfect challenge, you can consider the existing downsides of the course:


One Funnel Away Challenge is not a free challenge review. To participate, you have to spend $100. The amount above is quite reasonable when compared to what you get after the course.

However, for some people, skipping $100 for a course is not an affordable option.

Besides, there are also some hidden costs when participating in the challenge. You need to invest in channel-building software to join the course. ClickFunnels, the funnel-building software by Russell Brunson, is the top platform to choose from.

You can use the software for free for 14 days. After that, if you want to continue using it, you must choose one of the two paid service plans that ClickFunnels offers.

Overwhelming Information

As has been mentioned many times, the knowledge contained in the course can be overwhelming for beginners. Or, if you just accidentally skip a workout day, chances are you’ll have a hard time keeping up with the following tasks.

Therefore, the 30-day challenge is not a place to accept distractions. The in-depth knowledge of the challenge requires taking notes and absorbing information to keep up with the learning progress.

Watch The Video on

With the One Funnel Away Challenge version, the video will appear on the Facebook group and store on It will be a bit difficult for you to get used to watching videos on a new platform instead of watching on the membership site.

However, the advantage of this storage method is that you can access the video and complete the task in one place.

Not a Training That You Can Set Aside For Weeks At a Time

One Funnel Away Challenge is an online training course with live instructors. Meaning you can’t access and learn anything from the challenge. All your lessons must follow the prescribed procedure.

In addition, the course is not held all year round. You need to pay attention to the time of the challenge to schedule work and register to participate. 

One Funnel Challenge Review: What You Need To Do During 30 Days

Each class week, you will have several tasks and lessons related to sales channel development. Specifically, you have a course of five weeks (including the week before the challenge as follows

Pre-Training Week

one funnel away challenge bonus 5 day lead

In the pre-training week, your main task is to have the correct orientation for the development of your online business, your operational goals.

Pre-training is a great time to help you generate ideas and get familiar with the sales funnel. It’s available in:

  • 5 Day Lead Challenge
  • 30 days summit virtual
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • and Brick & Mortar Funnels summit

Week 1

You will start working on the first tasks of the challenge. In week 1, you will learn the basics of selling online.

To overcome the challenge, you will have to know how to capture the customer’s attention, understand and use how to tell stories, and build compelling offers. The training section includes:

  • Your first sales funnel
  • Your flagship framework
  • Creating your irresistible offer stack
  • Create your page (on Facebook)
  • Creating content (your publishing schedule)

Week 2

The difficulty level of the challenge kit has increased. In the third week, you will have to build the sales funnel. Although the initial steps to create a squeeze page, sales page, order page, OTO, … will be pretty tricky for beginners. However, the experience gained during this period is more valuable than any knowledge you have ever read.

Here are your lessons in week 2:

  • The “Who, What, Why, How” script
  • Creating the sales page
  • Your order form bump (framework by-product)
  • The member’s area
  • OTO #1, Do it with you (over the shoulder)

Week 3

After realizing the importance of storytelling, in week 3, you will learn how to develop the story, creating emotions for the reader. All your efforts this week two make content accessible to customers’ minds, creating new opportunities

Here is everything you’ll learn in this week:

  • The “OTO” #1 script and the upsell page
  • OTO 2 script page, and “thank you” page
  • Connecting and testing your funnel (technical stuff)
  • Your epiphany bridge origin story
  • Dream 100 and Hook, Story, Offer

Week 4

You will end the challenge kit with a lesson related to traffic and advertising methods.

  • Drive traffic and promote your funnel
  • Collect your people & set up the tech!
  • Hooks!! Creating your first ads
  • The Value Ladder
  • How to think like A marketer (One Funnel Away)

As you can see, over 30 days, I’ve learned a lot of things. To understand everything, I must schedule the time to watch the training, complete the task and implement.

Here is the to-do list that I did during the challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge Daily To-Do List

Step 1: What the video training from Rusell Brunson

Russell Brunson One funnel away challenge video lesson

Each day there will be a video coaching of Russell Brunson posted in the private Facebook group. The video has about 40-60 minutes long.

Neither short nor long.

It’s just enough for you to be easily receptive without being overwhelmed.

Videos will be posted every day from Monday to Friday, with the remaining two weekends giving you time to complete the exercises that you hadn’t finished before or watched the videos you missed.

The time enough to prepare you to get ready to start next week.

Another point that I really like is the video has subtitles.

If English is not your primary language or Russell speaks too fast, don’t worry now you have subtitles in the video.

This also serves as a plus point to support you learn better.

Step 2: Complete the task in

One Funnel Away challenge onepager

All the daily missions will be published on a new platform called, developed by Dylan Jones (co-founder of Clickfunnels company.)

On the right-hand side is a short video (15-20 minutes long) that details how to complete the homework for that day.

Next is the exercise that you need to complete before moving on to the next lessons.

OFA challenge homework

Step 3: Contact Consulting Call or Technical support if needed

OFA implementation consulting call

For some reason, you still cannot complete the homework even though watching the video tutorial several times.

Don’t worry because now we have coaching calls from the Clickfunnels team: Lee, Morag, and Eli through Stream Yard.

They will guide you step-by-step to complete the day’s homework while you can also ask the question and get answers directly from experts.

Don’t worry if you miss the live consulting call because of work or something like that. The video will replay inside the private group.

One funnel away challenge consultation coaching call

Although you can’t ask a question at this time, it’s entirely possible to watch it to get more information, ideas, and tips.

Is The One Funnel Away Challenge Difficult?

It’s hard to say if the One Funnel away challenge is difficult or not.

But the one funnel away challenge is indeed an intense course, with a duration of 30 days. You will not waste a single day during this time. Every day of your life has the appearance of knowledge, tasks, and challenges.

Specifically, the coach will provide you with:

  • Collection of training videos.
  • Mission.
  • Video tutorials help you complete the task.
  • Conversations help advice.
  • Support 1:1 fixes technical errors.

It can be that, in addition to providing in-depth knowledge, the one funnel away challenge also does a great job of improving the learning experience and creating conditions for you to achieve the huge success.

Therefore, whether it is easy or difficult for you to pursue and complete the course, it all depends on how you make use of your existing knowledge and exploit the support of experts.

If you have a background in digital marketing and have been to ClickFunnels, you will quickly grasp the knowledge of the course.

But if you’ve never done anything on the list above, it’s going to take a lot of work and effort.

But whether you are an experienced or a beginner, you need to be 100% focused, taking on the challenge with seriousness and concentration to get the most out of the course.

One Funnel Away Challenge Price - Is One Funnel Away Challenge Worth It?

As mentioned above, after the course, you will not immediately make a tremendous amount of money online. So does this fact affect the value of the challenge? And is the challenge worth your 30 days to join?

The One Funnel Away Challenge pricing is $100.

With this amount, you will receive 30 days of support from leading experts in digital marketing. You also have a lot of convenient tasks to deepen your knowledge and apply it to your future work.

Best of all, you have plenty of valuable references and access to interviews with members of the OFA Challenge.

It can be said that the price of $ 100 is quite reasonable for such a valuable and organized course. And with the guidance of an expert, combined with your efforts, you will indeed create value after the procedure that exceeds the initial fee.

The One Funnel Away Challenge Bonus

For $ 100, you get video training from Russell Brunson and a lot of Bonuses to help your work easier.

1. 30 Days eBook

30 Days book review

30 Days is a 550-page ebook that ALL their compiled battleplans (Day 1 through Day 30) from ‘Two Comma Club’ members (a group of people who made Million Dollars) on how it would be if they start a business from scratch. 

2. Unlimited Access To The 30 Days Interview

30 days summit interview behind the scences

30 days in the ofa challenge are 30 opportunities for you to learn, gain experience and get expert advice. Not only will you complete the mission, but you’ll also have unlimited access to video recordings of Two Comma Club members’ interviews.

These videos have extremely diverse content. Two Comma Club members don’t just go into depth explaining their funnel plans. They also answer about the marketing strategies they’ve used, and there’s no shortage of tips and advice.

More specifically, your access to interviews is unlimited. You can take the time to OFA challenge review them once you’ve completed each week’s challenge.

3. Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Affiliate Bootcamp membership areas

Affiliate Bootcamp is a training course in killer marketing strategies that help increase sales. If you can’t see all of the course’s freely available content, you can find them in the One Funnel away challenge.

The Russell OFA challenge gives you lifetime access to Affiliate Bootcamp conferences. In addition, you will also have an Affiliate Bootcamp e-book describing the detailed steps of the project.

If you are a beginner, you may be overwhelmed with the knowledge Affiliate Bootcamp brings.

However, the excellent knowledge of the course is highly applicable and helps a lot in becoming your successful sales funnels affiliate.

4. Unlimited Access To The Brick and Mortar Funnels

What if you’re in a local business? Do we need a funnel, and how it looks like?

Once you get the One Funnel Away challenge, you can get access to all 17 rockstar pieces of training for FREE for a total of 96 hours

The training comes from people just like you, who have a real “Brick & Mortar” Business like:

  • Dental
  • Gym Owner
  • Window Cleaner
  • Financial Service
  • Natural Skincare
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Fitness Studio
  • And so much more

About One Funnel Away Challenge refund

Clickfunnels provide 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied by participating in the challenge, ClickFunnels will refund your fee without question!

All that’s left is to contact customer support and get back 100$

Who is the One Funnel Away Challenge for?

As long as you want to develop a business and want to learn how to use the sales funnel, you can join the challenge.


People who run their own business and want to expand their profitable online business by attracting customers through the sales funnel are the audience at which the one funnel away challenge is aimed.

Because the one funnel away challenge has the lessons, you need. From how to run a successful and thriving business that meets requirements to how to impress customers, stand out from the competition.

Or, if you’re an entrepreneur looking to sharpen your digital marketing skills, you’ll never regret taking the One Funnel away challenge.

Affiliate Marketing Business

If you’re an affiliate marketer looking to increase sales, you’ve come to the right place with the One Funnel away challenge.

Because the challenge will help you rebuild your list of email leads the powerful ClickFunnels tool brings.


If you are a coach in the field of the e-commerce business, you will also find a lot of interesting knowledge from the challenge.

It is never superfluous to improve your expertise, especially when that expertise appears in the form of efficient challenges.


If you are a startup and don’t know where to start your work, the one funnel away challenge will be a worthy place to accumulate your first business knowledge.

In particular, the challenge is very suitable for those who have never built a channel and do not know how to bring their services to the market.

The foundation of the One Funnel away challenge is ClickFunnels, a tool that is both powerful and easy to use. At least when compared to Website programming languages ​​that are difficult to understand for the uninitiated, ClickFunnels’ drag-and-drop-based builder is much easier.

People Who want to grow or scale their business online

To sum up, anyone wishing to start a business, expand a business, or run a business can join the 30-day challenge. And indeed, you will be surprised by the changes in yourself and your business at the end. 

Who Is One Funnel Away Challenge Not For?

While anyone with a business need is suitable to participate in the One Funnel Away Challenge, if you fall into one of the following situations, you should consider before making a decision:

People who don't have the enough time

The course requires you to visit and interact for 30 days. During the study period, you have many tasks to complete and a lot of knowledge to absorb.

Even if you study online, you won’t get the most out of the course if you can’t schedule your time.

People who looking for a "get rich quick" course

The One funnel away challenge is not a get-rich-quick course. You won’t even find the secret to becoming a billionaire overnight here.

Instead, the challenge will give you the knowledge and the opportunity to practice, build sales funnels, and expand your business. There is no more straightforward and precise secret to getting rich: every success takes time and effort. And the One Funnel away challenge is a course that requires both elements.

What Do I Think About The One Funnel Away Challenge?

Although there is a refund policy for bad experiences, it must be confirmed. The Funnel Away Challenge is a course that you will not regret once completed.

The challenge has created an online community that effectively supports channel creation and business, which you can hardly find in classes with available videos.

Besides, assigning tasks to participants is also a bright spot of the challenge. The tasks are not too complicated but attractive and practical enough to have knowledge, skills, and experience.

It can be said that the Funnel away challenge is a course worth the time and money to join.

What People talk about the One Funnel Away challenge?

One funnel away challenge testimonial
Click the image to zoom

Why Should You Join The One Funnel Away Challenge?

There are many reasons for you to join the challenge

First, the challenge can help you create a sales funnel and launch your profitable online business. More importantly, you can make a profit with the skills and experience the challenge brings.

Basically, the knowledge you accumulate through challenges can be compared to a guide to success. This means if you complete all your tasks within 30 days, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t grow your sales funnel after completing the course.

Second, the team behind the one Funnel away challenge are the top names in the digital marketing field. Learning from experts and a community of like-minded people is much more effective than learning from books.

And finally, it is impossible not to mention the valuable challenge bonuses of the challenge. E-books, audio files, video conferences are all rich sources of knowledge, handy for self-study and self-improvement after completing the challenge.

Sign up for a course for $100, and get back up to $3126 worth of materials alone is another reason you can’t help but join the One Funnel away challenge.


As a person with a business idea, it would be remiss if you do not know how to harness the power of online sales channels. And the best way to make websites profitable is to use sales funnels that help customers engage more with your products.

But if everyone uses a sales funnel, what’s the difference between sellers and websites?

The answer is to improve skills related to the sales funnel constantly.

If you are inexperienced or have difficulty creating funnels, it won’t be easy to keep up with your competitors. So, you should sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge. 

This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to build a highly profitable sales funnel through the one funnel away challenge review. At the same time, you will also know how to make your brand stand out from the competition.

If you have any questions about the one funnel away challenge review, don’t forget to leave a question so that we can help you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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