If you are looking for the One Funnel Away Challenge review of the latest version of Russell Brunson, then you are in the right place.

In fact, I have had a review before. However, Clickfunnels published the One Funnel Away challenge 2.0 version recently with completely new video content and learning methods for their students.

So after reading this post, you will know:

  • What really goes on inside the One Funnel Away challenge training program so you can make the right decision about whether to buy it or not.
  • If you have purchased this course before, you will be aware of the latest changes and updates to decide whether you should join the challenge again.
  • Everything about the bonus you need to know
  • The hidden fee no one talk to you
  • My personal experience, the things I like and don’t like when participating in this program.

Now, let get started!

One Funnel Away challenge overview

One Funnel Away Challenge is one of the best sales funnel course training that teaches you step-by-step to build your first (or next) funnel from ZERO

What’s New In The One Funnel Away Challenge 2.0?

If you have joined the One Funnel Away challenge before, here are the latest updates that may interest you

1. The Bonus has been removed in this version: One Funnel Away challenge workbook, mp3 player, 30 days hardcover book (now digital only)

2. There are no appearances of Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian.

3. Welcome to a new expert: Rachel Miller teaches you about Organic Traffic Strategist

Rachel Miller Organic Traffic Strategist

4. All video contents are refreshed. Some old videos will be added to the bonus section on the homework page.

5. Used Onepager.io (new platform) to the training

6. Now, you can contact the Clickfunnels technical team directly for support one by one via stream Yard.

7. Add more videos to help you complete the homework.

8. New bonus: Lifetime access to the 5-Day Lead Challenge for FREE

9. The video training only available on the Facebook group only, and they will be removed after 30 days (but you can watch it again inside One-Pager)

If you never join the OFA challenge before or want to get more information, please read the content below; we will go into details right now.

What is the one funnel away challenge (OFA)?

One Funnel Away Challenge review sales page

One Funnel Away Challenge was created by Clickfunnels and trained by Russell Brunson (a Co-founder & CEO of the company). He is also a New York Times bestselling author.

These are great books that help entrepreneurs and small business owners increase conversion rates, build massive leads, proven scripts for high conversion, and more.

They also help you discover new methods to help you get more traffic to your website or funnel without depending and being affected when Facebook and Google change the algorithm.

Although it is great, however after reading it, some people will encounter some problems (myself included) such as:

  • Don’t know where to start: Create a funnel, build sales scripts, or focus on generating traffic first?
  • There are good ideas in marketing but have technical problems.
  • Having too much knowledge feels overwhelmed and confused.
  • We need a more specific and simplified plan and checklist.

The idea of the One Funnel Away challenge was built from there, where Russell Brunson will teach you to step by step build a complete (your first or next)sales funnel from scratch.

From day 1 to 30, each day will have a video tutorial and specific exercises. All you need to do is follow the instructions and complete the exercises each day.

After 30 days, you can completely grasp the process and gradually master it. Building a sales funnel for you will become simpler.

Note: Don’t misunderstand that the One Funnel Away challenge means you need to create a funnel you will be successful, or after 30 days, you will have a perfect sales funnel. It does not match the message that Russell sent. You can check out the book Expert Secrets to learn more about this message.

Your funnel will never be perfect, and Russell doesn’t recommend it. He only guides you on what you should do, what tests are needed to make your funnel better and more optimal every day, thereby giving you the best results (it’s maybe leads or sales).

The One Funnel Away Challenge Review from my experience

This is the second time I join the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Honestly, it was the best deal for the $100 I have spent.

In the previous version, all training videos were available in the OFA membership area. Although you can view it in the Facebook group; however, log in to the member’s area makes me feel much more convenient because everything I need is in one place.

This time, I have new experiences.

OFA challenge Pre-Training

In the previous version, week 1 focuses on the mindset you need to get the best results from the course, and the challenge starts from week 2.

This is a great time to read the 30 days book to find the right idea.

What if you suddenly lost everything? What would you do from day 1 to day 30 to save yourself? 30 Day’s book included 30 blueprints, 30 different ideas, exactly the action plan of top marketers how they build their online business from ZERO to come back to the top again.

You can see the list in the image below.

Besides, videos are training your mindset.

  1. You must believe
  2. Failure
  3. Who not how
  4. 10x secrets
  5. Belief
  6. Mission review

This time it will be a little different; Pre-training will take place as soon as you buy the product (before the One Funnel Away challenge starts).

The previous videos still exist, plus you will receive another free training program called “5-day lead Challenge.”

one funnel away challenge bonus 5 day lead

This is a 5-day program you create a lead funnel easily before going deep into building your core funnel in the next 30 days.

This means even if the OFA challenge program hasn’t started, you would be able to learn about:

  • How to build a list of potential customers.
  • Create lead magnet
  • Write and set-up an email sequence.
  • Create the landing page and sales scripts, then optimize them for increase conversion

The best part is with just these 5 videos; if you’ve done well, you can build an email list quickly and convert them from subscribers to buyers easily.

It also creates a premise to help you getting ready to build the core sales funnel where makes real profits for your online business.

The learning method of the OFA challenge

The learning method will be divided into 3 main steps:

Step 1: Watch the video training of Russell Brunson.

Russell Brunson One funnel away challenge video lesson

Each day there will be a video of Russell Brunson’s video posted in the private group. The video has about 40-60 minutes long.

Neither short nor long.

It’s just enough for you to be easily receptive without being overwhelmed.

Videos will be posted every day from Monday to Friday, with the remaining two weekends giving you time to complete the exercises that you hadn’t finished before or watched the videos you missed.

The time enough to prepare you to get ready to start next week.

Another point that I really like is the video has subtitles.

If English is not your primary language or Russell speaks too fast, don’t worry ​​now you have subtitles in the video.

This also serves as a plus point to support you learn better.

Step 2: Complete the missions in Onepager.io

one funnel away workbook

Instead of completing missions in the Workbook or the Pdf file attached to each video. The homework will be published on a new platform called OnePage.io, developed by Dylan Jones (co-founder of Clickfunnels company.)

One Funnel Away challenge onepager

On the right-hand side is a short video (15-20 minutes long) that details how to complete the homework for that day.

Next is the exercise that you need to complete before moving on to the next lessons.

It is short, professionally presented. You just need to oversee the video tutorial and give it a little thought to complete it quickly.

Of course, you don’t need to try to make everything “perfect.” Try your best as you can because we can revisit later and make them better.

At the end of the One Pager, we will meet Jim Edwards, who assist you in copywriting and create high convert sales scripts for your sales funnels.

The left-hand column is the bonus videos, while the right-hand side is the recommended tools to make your work faster, easier, and efficient.

Step 3: OFA challenge Implementation / Consulting Call

For some reason, you still cannot complete the homework even though watching the video tutorial several times.

Don’t worry because now we have coaching calls from the Clickfunnels team: Lee, Morag, and Eli through Stream Yard.

OFA implementation consulting call

They will guide you step-by-step to complete the day’s homework while you can also ask the question and get answers directly from experts.

Don’t worry if you miss the live consulting call because of work or something like that. The video will replay inside the private group.

One funnel away challenge consultation coaching call

Although you can’t ask a question at this time, it’s entirely possible to watch it to get more information, ideas, and tips.

Step 4: Clickfunnels Technical support

In the funnel building process, you may encounter technical problems.

For someone who doesn’t know much about page builders, setting email automation, creating a sales page, or sometimes using custom code, technical is also a big challenge.

There will be a specific period of time in the day that you can contact Clickfunnels technical team – those who build the sales funnel for Russell Brunson to request support.

Through StreamYard, you can submit your questions and wait a few minutes. Someone will connect with you and call 1-1.

Enthusiastic and dedicated people will answer all technical issues. It will no longer be a barrier for you in the journey to build your sales funnel.

My favorite part inside the One Funnel Away Challenge

Perhaps most people are looking forward to whether the content Russell Brunson provided is worth it or not.

For me, the One Funnel Away Challenge is over-delivering as the price I have spent. It’s quite cheap compared to what you will get.

There are many things cool and fun waiting for you.

I don’t want to reveal too much. It would be best if you try the program for yourself.

Here are a few of my favorites parts!

1. Hook, Story, offers

All of the business really boils down to these three simple rules:

  1. Learn how to get someone’s attention.
  2. Tell them a story that builds belief, emotion, and trust.
  3. Sell them something they want that’s absolutely irresistible.

Isn’t that good news? Business boils down to three simple rules. No crazy huge business plan necessary.

The reason this is so important because we want to start gathering an audience and following. You need customers to sell to when your offer is complete. So even though your funnel isn’t built yet, your offers are still just ideas in progress. We need to get out there and start making some noise. 

In fact, in Two Comma Club X Coaching program, one of the coaches. Julie Stoian – she reviews peoples’ funnels each week.

People usually expect that she will find something broken in the funnel, or maybe she’ll suggest a button color change or design tweak. But 99% of the time, every broken funnel she looks at is broken because the entrepreneur forgot to:

  • Successfully get someone’s attention.
  • Tell them a story that built belief, emotion, and trust.
  • Sell them something they want that’s absolutely irresistible.

To make these three rules super easy to remember, we’re going to shorten them. Every business selling online needs a great: Hook, story, and offer.

The offer is the foundation of how everything works. If you have a really great offer, you could be bad at selling, or you could mess up your story, or have an “okay” (or even a bad) funnel… and still making money, and have a business.

BUT… You cannot have a bad offer and try to make up for it with a great funnel.

2. The Epiphany Bridge

Anyone who has read the book named  Expert Secrets must be familiar with this session. The framework is quite alike. 

However, it is taken to a whole new level. One Funnel Away Challenge is a must-have for businesses.


Is it all? No. 

Besides what I already mentioned above, you also get to receive lots of materials that cannot be found elsewhere. One of the significant things Russell teaches you in the course is how to create a bonus stack for an offer or any offer. 

And guess what? 

Besides all the training, you will receive a physical version delivered to your house — such a big surprise for me when I got it.

3. eCover design in the 5-days lead challenge

Design is an important part when it comes to creating and launching funnels; we all know that. However, as someone who does not have a background in designing, investing lots of time and effort in designing still sounds unfamiliar.

As such, this lesson is hugely beneficial for me and many of you out there. Instead of trying to figure out everything on your own, One Funnel Away Challenge training can help you get it done in the blink of an eye.

 I went to Funnelrolodex.com and hired a freelancer to design it from $10 – $20.

This is the e-book they designed for me, and it looks really nice.

There are also many cool things waiting for you. The content inside is difficult to find anywhere on the internet. In fact, the One Funnel Away Challenge has helped many people bring their businesses to the next level.

The only question is: Are You Next?

Why can’t I learn everything online for free?

Trying search: “How to create a sales funnel” on Google, you can see there are over 23M results.

Also, over 500K videos tutorial.

The question is: Why should we spend $100 while we can learn everything for FREE?

Here are a few reasons:

  • There is no specific roadmap or pattern: Videos on the internet only cover one particular issue, and it is not linked together. So, although it’s great, the 30m – 60m length isn’t enough to explain everything about the sales funnel. Even if you watch a lot of videos, it can be difficult to know where to start.
  • You may feel confused: To be honest, whether it’s blog posts or videos on Youtube, most of them always try to sell you something. There are so many great offers and different tactics are there will make you feel overwhelmed and confused.
  • No support: Unfortunately, if you have questions or questions, it can take up to 24 hours to get answers and sometimes no response.

Is the One Funnel Away Challenge hard?

It depends on you!

We have different knowledge, experience, and skill. So the assessment of how difficult or easy it is depends on many factors.

Once you join the One Funnel Away challenge they will provide:

  • Video training series
  • Homework
  • Video bonus help you done the mission
  • Consultant call
  • Technical support 1-1

They try to do everything to have a better learning experience and get as many results as possible.

However, when learning new knowledge, it is still a challenge that requires you to be 100% focused, persistent and serious.

Who is the One Funnel Away Challenge for?

The program is for those who want to grow their business, maximize profits by using a sales funnel.

Using a sales funnel means that you are looking to build a list of potential customers and get more sales online.

No matter what your business model is if you want to get more leads and sales, the One Funnel Away Challenge is suitable for you:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Real Eastern
  • Brick & mortar
  • Dentist
  • Skincare & Beauty
  • Author / coach
  • 2 comma club members
  • Coffee shop
  • Supplement
  • The list goes on

Who is the One Funnel Away Challenge NOT for?

Although this program is amazing, however, it is not fit for everyone:

  • People looking for a “get rich quick” schema: This is a marketing and business course. So it requires you must spend time for learning, effort, and testing to get the result.
  • A newbie has no marketing experience: Russell Brunson tries to explain everything about concepts inside the OFA challenge. However, if you are a complete beginner who doesn’t know anything, it is also a disadvantage. You can fully learn the inner knowledge, but this requires more effort than other people.

In this case, I highly recommend you should read his book Dotcom Secrets first and watch his video on youtube or my Funnel Secrets blog for the foundation.

Then you can join the OFA challenge later.

What Are The One Funnel Away Challenge BONUSES?

For $ 100, you get video training from Russell Brunson and a lot of Bonuses to help your work easier.

Here are what he said on the sales page.

30 Days Book

In the previous version, you will have 2 options: to buy the Physical version for the hardcover book (you have to pay more than $ 20 more shipping) or Digital for Ebook.

Now the only option is an ebook.

30 Days is a 550-page ebook that ALL their compiled battleplans (Day 1 through Day 30) from ‘Two Comma Club’ members (a group of people who made Million Dollar) on how it would be if they start a business from scratch. 

Each of them was presented with the following worst-case scenario:

  • You suddenly lose all your money, along with your name and reputation, your list, products, everything. All you have left is a Clickfunnels account, Internet access, a roof over your head, food to eat, and 30 days to make money. 
  • You have no more relationships or JV affiliates. What would you do from day 1 to day 30, to save yourself and get back on TOP again?

I highly recommend this book to anyone because there are so many great things to learn from it.

Read more about 30 days Russell Brunson Book review here

Lifetime Access to The 30 Days summit interview

You also get access to video interviews from Two-comma club members. Those interviews contain lots of information, marketing plans that can’t found elsewhere.

The cool thing is that you can see what’s really happening inside their sales funnels and what makes them profitable.

You can see it in the membership areas at the Behind the Scenes section

Lifetime Access to the Brick and Mortar interview

What if you’re in a local business? Do we need a funnel and how it looks like?

Once you get the One Funnel Away challenge, you can get access to all 17 rockstar trainings for FREE for a full 96 hours

The training come from people just like you, who have a real “Brick & Mortar” Business like:

  • Dental
  • Gym Owner
  • Window Cleaner
  • Financial Service
  • Natural Skincare
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Fitness Studio
  • And so much more

Lifetime Access to the Affiliate Bootcamp

The next thing is that you can get access to the Affiliate Bootcamp training program.

If you’re just from SCRATCH, which means:

  • No products
  • No Email list
  • No influencer connections

And want to learn the strategy and tactics how to feed your family in the next 100 days.

So, the Affiliate Bootcamp program is created for you.

Will you be able to access the FB group when the challenge closes?

Interesting question!

After 30 days, the group still exists. You can interact, post questions, and discuss with others in the group.

However, all video lessons and live streams recorded will be removed.

To watch these training videos again, you need to save them into your Onepager.io account before the challenge close.

The One Funnel Away Challenge Price – How Much Does It Cost?

The One Funnel Away challenge cost you $100

I think this is the best deal for 30 days of training. you can’t find any sales funnel course which provides in-depth knowledge, dedicated support, and reasonable price like this.

Whereas this is a course from Russell Brunson, who brought his own business from zero to millions of dollars through sales funnels.

A lot of marketers and fans called him is a “King Of Funnel.”

Now, you can learn great knowledge from him for only $ 100.

What Do I Think About One Funnel Away Challenge?

I know what you are thinking!

You are here to looking for an opinion from someone who has used the product. In this part, you are going to know the truth behind it.

Well, obviously, I was so impressed with the product in the first place. Many marketers have recommended this product, but it is actually better than what you can anticipate. I have seen so many people sign up and give lots of praises and positive reviews.

This package, to be honest, is a great resource for small and medium businesses. Creating funnels is so confused and intimidating, especially for someone who just started their business online.

The secret in creating and launching a funnel does not lie in the process itself. It involves more psychological factors as well as how you understand your customers.

I started the training with no product or service in mind. It was quite hard for me to visualize everything but things would become clearer and clearer when I get deeper into the training. For example, I learned how to create an offer that hardly anyone can resist.

For those who are considering if the product is too expensive or not, well, let me tell you what I think.

Definitely not!

one funnel away $100

You only have to pay $100, and you get lots of coaching and valuable materials. What you receive is far much more than the $100 you invest in the first place.

Let’s recap what you receive in the package:

  • Instant access to One Funnel Away Challenge
  • Digital access to the 30 days interviews with 7-figure marketers in the field
  • Detailed explanations of every step in the funnel
  • Access to Affiliate Bootcamp training
  • Access to The Brick & Mortar Summit
  • Access to a private group

To be honest, it might seem like you will invest lots of money and effort but worry not because I can guarantee you will be surprised by what you can find. Why not take action right now and see how it goes!

What I don’t like

Although we watch the video on Onepager.io. It is more convenient if they available in the One Funnel Away Challenge membership areas. Thus, I can easily manage and watch all the training videos in one place.

Anyway, it was my own opinion and compared to what I received it doesn’t matter.

Why Should You Sign Up?

Let me make it clear a little bit! I know the first question popping up in your mind is, “why should I listen to this person?”. Well, you are right.

  • I am not an employee of ClickFunnels, One Funnel Away Challenge, or Russell Brunson’s employee. I’m not any of them. I reviewed this product because I tried and it’s such a right product that many people might need.
  • Second of all, the version of One Funnel Away Challenge I bought is one batch, which is named “30 days challenge”. I have looked through all the materials inside and see what can be used from the package.

And now, let me tell you my story before getting into details about why you should sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge.

So it went back to a few months ago when a friend of mine introduced a 30-day challenge book to me. Inside this book, you would find a set of plans created by 30 “Two Comma Club” winners. As I mentioned above, the idea is about how to rebuild a business from zero. This is such a great book.

Then I found out about the One Funnel Away Challenge. Basically, you would receive one email every day to notify you about the mission you will do that day.


One Funnel Away challenge is the best sales funnel training course I’ve ever bought. All you need to do is schedule a time to study and make sure to complete the homework from day 1 to day 30.

Clickfunnels will provide resources, videos, contents, and related documents to you in full. The rest is on yourself whether you can pass this 30-day challenge.

I hope you enjoyed my post about the One Funnel Away challenge review the latest version.

Again, if you want to join this program, please buy through this link to support me.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

  • Best Clickfunnels Course: Another training provided by Clickfunnels to help people improve marketing skills.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Review: The bonus training you will get for free when purchasing the One Funnel Away Challenge. It would be best for people who seek a way to make money online with affiliate marketing.
  • Brick and Mortal summit: Learn how to use sales funnel to generate leads and sales online for local businesses, real estate, non-profit, gym owners, etc. (you also get lifetime access when purchasing the One Funnel Away challenge)
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