GoHighLevel Review: What I Like and Didn’t Like?

gohighlevel review

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In this GoHighLevel review, I’ll explore this all-in-one solution’s features, benefits, and quirks in depth. 

I’ve tried GoHighLevel and can’t wait to share my thoughts on what’s hot and what’s not.

This review is your backstage pass to understanding why GoHighLevel might be the missing link in your business processes. 

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GoHighLevel Pros and Cons


  • Everything in one place: It puts many tools in a single platform. So you don’t have to work with different tools.
  • Smart automation: It can automate various digital marketing tasks. It’s like a helpful assistant who does repetitive jobs, saving time and effort.
  • Easy website building: You can make professional-looking websites without being a design expert.
  • Handy mobile app: You can access the platform on the go, like having your marketing dashboard in your pocket.
  • 14-day free trial: The 2-week trial before deciding to pay for it is a boon for newbies on a tight budget.


  • Learning takes time: This platform has many features that might confuse new users, so getting the hang of it takes time.
  • Email tool integration limits: While it integrates smoothly with SMTPs, its direct integration with popular email marketing tools might pose a challenge for users accustomed to specific email platforms.

Overall, GoHighLevel is a handy tool for digital marketing because it combines many things in one place, automates tasks, makes website building easy, organizes customer info, and works on your phone. 

However, it might take time to learn, not connect well with email tools, and be a bit much for beginners.

What Is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel home page

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one digital marketing platform made for marketing agencies and businesses. 

You know how businesses are always searching for new customers and trying to keep the ones they’ve got? GoHighLevel makes that whole sales process a breeze with its bag of tricks.

GoHighLevel’s main goal is to guide business owners through the entire customer journey. It helps them find new customers, nurture potential sales, keep existing customers, and grow the business. 

This platform’s standout feature is its various services like:

  • CRM and website, funnel, and landing page builders
  • Automation
  • Email tools (such as SMS, call tracking, and voicemail drops)

They all are on one platform, so it’s easier for businesses to handle their marketing-sales needs without multiple tools. Great, right?

In the next section, I will discuss who should use this platform.

Who Should Use GoHighLevel?

While GoHighLevel is for a marketing agency, its utility extends beyond an agency to encompass a broader spectrum of users.

Whether you’re a marketer, part of a sales team, an entrepreneur, or run a local business, it helps you out.

  • Marketing agencies: If you run a marketing agency, this software is practically made for you. It has all the tools to smooth out client-getting and marketing strategy tasks.
  • Marketers: It makes marketing tasks way easier and more efficient.
  • Sales teams: It’s got tools to easily manage leads, track your sales calls, and even automate some of the communication stuff. Game-changer, right?
  • Sales professionals: It helps you improve your agency plan and keeps your client relationships on point.
  • A business owner and local businesses: It puts everything you need for online marketing in one place, saving you time and hassle.
  • Resource consolidation seekers: Are you feeling overwhelmed by too many tools? GoHighLevel simplifies things by putting everything in one place. It makes your marketing activities more efficient and saves you time.

However, you shouldn’t use GoHighLevel if:

  • Your marketing agency wants a tool that integrates with email marketing tools.
  • You want a simple platform with a few tools.
  • You require highly specialized tools for niche marketing functions.

Next, I will provide detailed reviews of this platform based on my personal experience. Let’s check it out!

GoHighLevel Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

After three months of using GoHighLevel, what excites me about this platform is its consolidating everything into one place.

With it, I didn’t use other tools for my marketing and sales campaigns. Currently, it’s still a reliable choice of mine. 

Now, let’s take a look at its outstanding features!

1. Sales & CRM Features

Gohighlevel automation

The GoHighLevel website says its sales and CRM features help build the engine of digital marketing agencies, and it lives up to that claim.

In fact, every business has leads coming from multiple places:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Website Form
  • Google Ads
  • Phone Calls
  • Landing Pages
  • etc

For most businesses, these leads are scattered everywhere, and there’s no organization.

The beautiful thing about Gohighlevel is that it provides one single spot for this elite to live. It makes capturing, nurturing, and closing prospects super easy. 

gohighlevel conversasion keep your all social in one place

What’s cool is that it helps me interact with more customers than many other tools without putting in a ton of work. The follow-up tools are handy for managing new leads and running marketing campaigns smoothly.

One standout feature I love is creating Smart Lists.

GoHighLevel Smart List: Segment, target, and personalize your marketing efforts with this essential feature.

It lets me organize multiple clients and leads smartly. So I can target groups with suitable marketing.

GoHighLevel Smart List Filter: Screenshot demonstrating precise contact segmentation by business name, appointment details, phone number, and other custom criteria.

Plus, I was blown away by the ability to create custom fields in various formats – text input, checkboxes, date pickers, you name it!

GoHighLevel Custom Fields: Capture the precise information you need from leads and clients with flexible field options like text input, checkboxes, date pickers, and others.

This has made gathering specific information from leads and clients a breeze, allowing me to tailor my approach to each individual.

2. Websites & Funnels

Building funnels in GoHighLevel is as easy as snapping Lego bricks together.
Imagine a box of Lego blocks, each representing a different marketing element. You arrange them visually to map out your ideal customer journey.

GoHighLevel lets me bundle tools to create landing pages and funnels that walk potential customers through a journey to turn them into actual customers. 

I like designing sales funnels using forms, surveys, and engaging landing pages. This helps me gather customer information and keep them interested. 

GoHighLevel Drag-and-Drop Page Builder: Screenshot demonstrating the intuitive interface for effortlessly creating and customizing landing pages, websites, and funnels without coding
GoHighLevel Page Builder: Drag, drop, and design professional-looking pages with no technical skills required

It’s great to see it can provide all the tools for successful sales funnels. Trust me, not many platforms that support building funnels have this convenience.

Besides, you’ll love the flexibility GoHighLevel offers.

When testing, I can create any sales funnel type, collect payments, and get more leads, especially import ClickFunnels Classic’s landing pages. 

Import ClickFunnels Pages to GoHighLevel
Screenshot showing the process of importing Clickfunnels’ page to Gohighlevel with a single URL

You’ll find it easy to move your existing sales funnel sites over to GoHighLevel.

I guarantee it’ll make managing your marketing needs a whole lot simpler.

3. Appointment & Calendar Tools

GoHighLevel Calendar Tools: Screenshot displaying the intuitive interface for scheduling appointments, managing events, and syncing calendars within the platform.
GoHighLevel Calendar: Streamline your scheduling and stay organized with this powerful calendar tool for agencies, consultants, and marketers.

My first impression of the appointment & calendar tools of GoHighLevel is how handy it is. 

The calendar tool makes setting appointments a breeze because it’s all automated. I’m in control, deciding when people can schedule appointments, and I can easily manage it right from the dashboard.

What’s cool about the calendar is its flexibility.

You can send people to a page to book appointments, slap a widget on your site, and even set up automatic actions based on what’s on the calendar. 

Compared to other well-known platforms like Calendly, GoHighLevel wins because it’s all integrated into my marketing setup.

No need to juggle various tools!

4. Email Marketing Tools

GoHighLevel Email Builder: Screenshot demonstrating the intuitive drag-and-drop interface for effortlessly designing and customizing professional email campaigns.

When using GoHighLevel, I found it can do these email tasks:

  • Set up email marketing automation.
  • Make and reuse email and SMS templates.
  • Send out broadcast emails.
  • Build forms to grow the email list.
  • Easily import/export the email list.
  • Target groups with bulk emails.
  • Run surveys to understand the audience.
  • Connect email campaigns with SMS, calls, and voicemails.
  • Set automations.

GoHighLevel’s email builder makes it easy to create emails and automation; you can drag and drop, no techy stuff.

It’s like having my marketing on autopilot, and I love how it helps me connect with customers.

5. Marketing Automation Tools

GoHighLevel Automation Workflow: Screenshot illustrating the intuitive visual editor for creating automated marketing campaigns, lead nurturing sequences, and other workflows.

Using GoHighLevel’s marketing automation feature can be challenging, but once you’re familiar with it, it’s super powerful.

Personally, I find it more robust than Kartra.

With GoHighLevel, I can do many marketing activities, like:

  • Setting up email campaigns
  • Automating SMS messages
  • Dropping ringless voicemails

Plus, their ready-to-use workflow templates for appointment reminders, lead nurturing, and re-engaging stale leads have saved me countless hours of setup time.

gohighlevel lead workflow template

It’s like having a 24/7 marketing assistant, ensuring that my leads are consistently engaged and nurtured, even while I’m off the clock.

Besides, the Chat & SMS features let you create text templates and conversations from the dashboard.

One standout I bet you’ll love is the integration of Messenger ads and a website’s chat feature. Prepare for easy connection with customers and new leads!

The Campaigns feature also allows you to create and launch specific campaigns. Triggers for automating tasks based on on-site events or CRM actions also exist.

Compared to ActiveCampaign or HubSpot, GoHighLevel might seem a bit less packed with features.

But I’d argue it’s what most businesses need: powerful and seamlessly integrated into the system.

6. Membership Sites

GoHighLevel Membership Site Builder:  showcasing the intuitive interface for creating and managing online courses, communities, and membership areas

Using GoHighLevel for memberships has been a mixed experience. It’s handy for creating content that people can access for free or pay. 

You can build a site for membership pretty quickly, but it’s a bit basic compared to tools like Kajabi or ClickFunnels. The design isn’t the coolest, and there’s little room for customization. 

But GoHighLevel is working on it.

Recently, it dropped Magic Links, a feature for quick customer sign-ins.

It might not be the slickest option, but it plays well with all the features of GoHighLevel.

7. Reputation Management

GoHighLevel Reputation Dashboard: Screenshot showcasing the interface for monitoring online reviews, managing customer feedback, and improving overall brand reputation

GoHighLevel’s reputation management is a real boost to my business.

This feature makes it easy to ask for online reviews and monitor what people say about my company online. 

Sending out review requests is a breeze, and it’s helped me gather reviews that attract new customers.

If you connect GoHighLevel to GMB, you can even handle all your reviews and more from the dashboard.

I think this is a helpful feature you should try.

8. Mobile App

The mobile app is a feature that has made a big difference for me. It gives easy access to vital CRM tools. In my experience, it’s been a game-changer.

The mobile app makes connecting with prospects through conversations simple, even when I’m not at my desk. 

I use the Trello-like setup to quickly check what’s going on.

So, I find handling calendars, appointments, and contacts simple from my phone. 

9. Snapshots

The Snapshots lets me easily copy my entire GoHighLevel setup into new accounts with just one click. Imagine effortlessly duplicating all your funnels, features, and campaigns.

So, what are the benefits of this feature? 

It’s a massive time-saver, especially when dealing with a big sales team or setting up unlimited accounts for multiple clients.

It ensures everything stays the same.

I often use it to streamline my team’s work and copy settings for new clients.

Currently, this tool has become a must-have for me. It’s one of the platform’s features that once you use it, you wonder how you ever managed without it.

10. GoHighLevel’s Integrations

Screenshot displaying the wide range of third-party platforms and tools that seamlessly integrate with GoHighLevel

What really impresses me is how GoHighLevel plays nice with so many tools. 

Using the Zapier integration and the API of GoHighLevel, you can link up with Stripe, QuickBooks, Facebook TikTok Ads, Twilio, Mailgun, and more. 

Among them, the G-Calendar integration is a gem.

It seamlessly fits into funnels without losing any features, ensuring a top-notch experience for you and your clients.

Unfortunately, it does not support integration with email marketing automation tools. 

Unlike others that provide integrations with multiple platforms, GoHighLevel’s current setup requires users to utilize SMTPs for their email needs. 

So, if you’re accustomed to direct integrations with specific email marketing automation tools and prefer a more plug-and-play approach, you’ll find GoHighLevel a bit outdated.

Additionally, mastering the integrations takes time.

Yet GoHighLevel offers training through GoHighLevel support and a friendly community.

What I Liked

Here are four things that impress me about GoHighLevel after three months of use:

It Offers A 30-Day Free Trial.

What I love most about GoHighLevel is its 30-day free trial.

It’s a fantastic way to explore the sales platform without any upfront costs. 

To begin, go to the GoHighLevel website, fill in basic information like name and email, and choose between the Starter or Unlimited Account.

After signing up, they’ll ask for credit card details, but you won’t get charged right away. The trial lets you try all the features in your package for two weeks.

I recommend using it as a test drive for your affiliate program.

Then, if you decide it’s not your thing, you can cancel without any charges. However, if you like what you see and don’t cancel, they’ll charge you for your agency plan.

I always appreciate platforms with such a free trial because it’s a risk-free way to check out everything they offer.

No matter your business size, it’s super accessible for you to give it a go. It’s a welcoming start for users!

Its Website Building Features Are Complete.

I absolutely love GoHighLevel’s website builder!

It’s been a game-changer for me, allowing me to easily create multiple websites for my different ventures and clients.

The drag-and-drop interface is super intuitive, and the 1000+ templates across various niches are a lifesaver.

gohighlevel funnel templates

Honestly, the templates already look fantastic out of the box – I just had to plug in my content and swap a few images when building my site.

What’s also great is the ability to add all sorts of elements like forms, calendars, videos, and surveys to my pages.

The fact that I can organize everything using rows, columns, and sections makes the whole process a breeze.

Plus, the drag-and-drop tool lets me put everything exactly where I want it.

Did I mention the cool features like progress bars and timers?

They’re perfect for adding a bit of excitement to promotions or guiding visitors through steps.

And the pop-ups and order forms?

Super handy!

For those who are more tech-savvy, there’s even the option to use your own code.

Overall, I can’t recommend GoHighLevel’s website builder enough. It’s incredibly versatile and has made website creation a joy for me.

You Don’t Need To Use Many Separate Tools When Using It.

As I said from the beginning, what makes GoHighLevel special is how it puts everything you need in one place.

Unlike juggling multiple tools, GoHighLevel consolidates everything from CRM and website building to sales funnels, landing pages, and marketing automation into a single, unified interface.

With GoHighLevel, you don’t need to switch between apps for your marketing-sales tasks. It’s like having a one-stop-shop that includes:

  • A CRM, website builder
  • Sales funnel and landing page maker
  • Marketing and automation tools like call tracking and SMS features

Believe me! This all-in-one setup means you don’t have to deal with the headache of managing different tools. 

I struggled handling customer relationships, creating marketing funnels, and launching email campaigns for my business.

However, since switching to GoHighLevel, those tasks have no longer been an obstacle for me.

Besides, if you’re a low-tech person, you’ll love this: you won’t have to learn tools with different interfaces.

It’s like having a well-organized toolkit where everything is easily accessible and within reach.

It Serves Email And SMS Marketing Campaigns Well.

Besides website builder, a feature that I’ve come to appreciate is how well it handles email and SMS marketing campaigns. 

The email builder is straightforward. From the start, I could create professional-looking emails without any complicated stuff. 

I can also schedule different campaigns, such as newsletters or promotions. The best part is that I can integrate my emails with other tools, such as calling, SMS, and voicemail drops. 

Sure, many similar platforms offer this feature, but GoHighLevel is much easier to use.

Thanks to its templates and smart lists, I can personalize my messages for different customers in SMS marketing.

This is a helpful feature for someone like me who always cares about customer care.

Compared to other marketing tools like HubSpot and Keap, this GoHighLevel feature is easy to use and fits smoothly into the whole system.

What I Didn’t Like

GoHighLevel is pretty awesome, but two things below bug me a bit:

It’s Limited In Supporting Integration With Email Tools.

Unlike other platforms that can easily link up with various email services, GoHighLevel leans more towards using SMTPs for handling emails. 

This requires some manual configuration. So, you must be familiar with SMTPs to run your email marketing campaign.

Now, this might not be a big deal for everyone, but if you’re used to working with specific email tools, it could be a bit of a hiccup. 

Especially if your email campaign is strong. If your current platform has fantastic templates, automation, and other features, merging with GoHighLevel might be like introducing a new character into the storyline.

However, if you are familiar with SMTPs, this omission is not a problem.

In fact, my marketing campaigns are still running effectively.

Because Of Its Many Features, It’s Quite Difficult For Beginners To Master.

While powerful, navigating GoHighLevel’s extensive array of features may pose a challenge for beginners due to its complexity. 

For beginners, its wealth of features, from CRM to funnel builders, automation, and marketing, might feel like stepping into a tool shed with too many options.

As a result, this implies a steeper learning curve for someone just starting.

Since I’m familiar with tools like this, it only took me a few days to master. But it can take beginners weeks to remember all its features.

So, I recommend utilizing GoHighLevel tutorials and guided learning resources to ease into the platform. Trust me! They are the secret to how I could learn this platform so quickly. 

Moreover, rather than exploring all features at once, focus on mastering one tool at a time.

No tool is so challenging that you cannot master it, right?

GoHighLevel Alternatives

If you feel GoHighLevel is not suitable for your needs, consider these:


Kartra is the right tool for businesses selling digital products. It bundles sales-marketing features, making it easy to create funnels and landing pages and generate leads. 

But here’s the thing: it’s a bit less customizable than GoHighLevel.

Also, it might hit your wallet a bit harder, especially if you’re juggling multiple sub-accounts.

Learn more about Kartra review here


ClickFunnels is all about creating sales funnels.

It’s laser-focused on helping you sell products. However, it does not provide unlimited sub-accounts or control over look and feel like Gohighlevel.

Read more about Clickfunnels 2.0 review here


HubSpot is a solid CRM & sales platform, especially for large teams/businesses.

It’s a good choice for new firms looking for foundational CRM & sales tools. Yet, compared to GoHighLevel, it’s good for the basics but lacks some of the fancy features.


GoHighLevel’s comprehensive suite of tools, from CRM to marketing automation, simplifies your workflow and boosts efficiency.

If you’re in the game to streamline operations, nurture leads, and skyrocket your sales, this is your golden ticket. 

While it may not be the ideal fit for those seeking intricate email tool integrations, the overall benefits far outweigh this limitation. 

So, here’s the verdict of this GoHighLevel review: go for GoHighLevel and revolutionize the way you handle marketing. 

Ready to elevate your business game? Take the plunge and experience the GoHighLevel advantage!

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