Clickfunnels Lead Funnels review: What exactly the swipe file talk about?

lead funnels review russell brunson
Lead funnels review: Russell Brunson swipe file
Rating: 4.5/5

Lead funnel ebook provides 114 high-performance lead generation funnel examples to help marketers create sales funnel and generating leads online easier.

Looking to buy Lead Funnels Book (Swipe file) by Russell Brunson? Not sure 106 case studies fit for you or not? Then you NEED to read my Lead Funnels review.

Lead Funnels is a brand new book of Russell Brunson that teaches you how they generated over 185,372 leads online. The e-book contains 114 UNIQUE LEAD FUNNELS You Can Model To Build A-List, Generate Leads, And Create Prospects Who Are Ready & Willing To Buy From You.

Also, it’s about so much more than just that. This book is broken into two main sections: strategy and examples.

If you are looking for a solution to help you increase the potential customers, this is a book you can not ignore.

You can buy it for just a price like your movie ticket at the weekend. Let’s take a look at this post to see what you will get inside.

Note: I bought this product from clickfunnels and reviewed it through personal experience. I will try to evaluate as objectively as possible. Besides, I take no responsibility for the knowledge you receive on this site and your decisions.

Lead generation funnel (A.K.A lead funnel, lead magnet funnel) is a type of sales funnel that focuses on generating leads online. They’re usually used at the front end to attract customers and can be thought of as warm boots for your business, building relationships online with potential customers.

Lead Funnel mapping

Even this funnel is most famous. However, many people don’t know how to build it the right way. So, even they try multiple times but their funnels still not working:

  • Low conversion
  • Or leads not convert to customers

The secret behind all lead generation funnels is not about funnel framework or page design (even though they’re a sales funnel factor). It’s come from three primary key:

  • Hook
  • Story
  • Offer

This is a reason why the Lead Funnels book is a must-read book for online entrepreneurs who want to generate more leads for their business and warm up potential clients before going up to the next stage of the value ladder.

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What Is Lead Funnels E-book?

Clickfunnels lead funnels review

Lead Funnels swipe file provides 114 unique lead generation funnels that you can model to build a-List, generate leads, and create prospects who are ready & willing to buy from you. It has 172 pages long and is written by digital marketing expert Russell Brunson

As we discussed before, lead funnels are essential for your business. Inside the ebook, we’ll walk through three chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Lead Funnel History
  • Chapter 2: Lead Funnel Strategy
  • Chapter 3: Lead Funnel
  • Implementation Swipe Files: Funnels
  • Swipe Files: Landing Pages

Keep reading my lead funnels review to explore what you’ll learn inside

Let get started!

Lead Funnels Review: Take A Look Inside The Swipe File

Chapter 1: Lead Funnel History

In this chapter, Russell talks about history, strategy, and implementation. He was reviewing the past behind lead funnels and how pop-up ads paved the way for online marketing.

Most people will skip this chapter, and they make the biggest mistakes.

Many of you guys already understand funnel foundation, and your goal here is to look at the funnel examples or find out something like secrets to boost your conversion, right?

Of course, this is the reason why we buy Lead funnels ebook, but did you know that lead generation strategy was familiar in the late 1990s until now. Understand the history help you understanding where online lead generation began and why it’s so effective and powerful today. 

The best part about this book is that it not only gives you more sales funnel examples but a funnel strategy as well. You can either use the strategy laid out here to create your own, depending on what kind of business you have, or pick any one of the 114 examples and bust it out in less than an hour.

Chapter 2: Lead Funnel Strategy

lead funnels maping
Five phase of lead funnels

You will understand the strategy and implementation behind the five parts of a lead funnel as the image above:

  1. Lead magnet
  2. Landing page
  3. Thank you page
  4. Sales page
  5. And follow-up funnel.

You’ll learn what each one is, why they’re crucial to your business’ success, and how to create your lead funnel in five easy steps.

This book is not what you’ve read on the internet.

It provides a straightforward strategy to understand, specific examples that will show up in your life, and a lot of real-life stories from Russell’s experience as well!

Creating an attractive lead magnet is not easy. In the past, people were all too eager to give their email for freebies in exchange, but now it’s different.

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to generate a lot of email addresses by giving away free reports?

But when we try the same thing, no one signs up for the offer. What’s different about these two situations?

This is the reason why I love this chapter because Russell Brunson will share with you:

  • Lead magnets formula
  • Best ideas and examples

CHAPTER 3: Lead Funnel Implementation

Lead Funnels review funnel Implementation
Lead Funnels review: Funnel Implementation

Once you know history and funnel strategy, in this chapter, Russell will share with you five parts of the lead funnel and how it works by following Myron Golden’s tip:

Lead magnets should focus on bringing people away from pain instead of toward pleasure.

You learn how to create each page in lead generation funnels and get pro tips from Russell’s experience. For examples:

  • 9 Fast Ways to Create an Info Product Without Ever Writing a Book
  • 2 Easy Ways to Build Your Email List for Free
  • Build relationships with potential customers on various platforms (email, Facebook message, desktop push notifications, retargeting messages, etc.)
  • Create 3 types of content in 1 fell swoop

Swipe File Funnels and Landing Pages

lead funnels - sales funnel template swipe
Lead Funnels review: Funnel Examples

This is my favorite part where I can see real-life examples of lead funnels. The best part is we can see Russell analyze the funnel to understand how it’s work:

  • What is their Hook
  • The Story
  • and offer

He also provides the link to a funnel where you can learn from these pages or “funnel hack” it and see what happens inside the entire funnel.

Lead Funnels Pricing

Lead Funnels ebook costs you $7. I think this is a good deal to learn and improve my knowledge and skill, and I bet it will be worth all your time spent!

Who Is Lead Funnels Created For?

I have been asked many questions: “Do I need a sales funnel for my business? Is it necessary?” I know that there are some business models that do not need a funnel but still growing well. (but very few)

To send your message to the target market, you can do many different ways; however, if you are looking to increase leads or customers. It would help if you had a good sales funnel.

Note: This blog, though using SEO methods to reach target customers. However, I still use sales funnels optimized for customer journey through the posts if you look closely.

In fact, NO MATTER DIFFERENCE what niche, service, or profession you’re in. You can start attracting more leads, prospects, and sales.

Take a look at the list of exactly who Lead Funnels is for:

Revealed: Lead Funnels Up-sell Options

1. Lead Funnels Training by Russell Brunson Plus 30 sales funnel template

lead funnels russell brunson live training
Lead funnels membership - Rusell Brunson special training

Price: $37

Lead Funnels training is a series 2 videos and has nearly two hours long. This is a Russell’s special “behind the curtain”LIVE recorded training, where he breaks down EACH of the lead funnels. 

PLUS, you’ll also get 30 pre-designed “Share Funnel” templates. So, you can easy to re-brand and change the message.

sales funnel template
Sales Funnel Templates

2. One Funnel Away Challenge (Digital Version)

Price: $100

After payment, you will redirect to the next page. Clickfunnels will invite you to purchase specialized training called “One Funnel Away Challenge.”

The One Funnel Away Challenge is the best funnel training I’ve learned, where they teach you everything about the marketing funnel,  strategies, and actionable plan within 30 days.

If you want to bring your business to the next level, the OFA challenge is the training you must join. It’s no brainer!

Pros and Cons


  • The lead funnels book is very affordable, and it cost you only $7, while the content inside will bring positive changes in your life.
  • Useful lead generation funnel swipes and insights
  • The best Lead generation funnel definitive guide for online marketers to help them generate warm and hot leads.
  • Valuable advice, tactics, and tips
  • The book provides real-life funnel examples, including the links, to “funnel hack” them to see what happens inside.


lead funnels upgrade order

The lead funnel templates and training are precious, but you have to pay $37 for it. It would be better if Russell gave us videos and the book so that we can easy to follow and deeper understanding.

Pro tip: It would help if you buy the live recorded training. However, you also have another option, you can join the 5 Days Lead Challenge to learn instead.

Conclusion: Should I Purchase Lead Funnels Ebook?

I hope you enjoy my Lead Funnels review. By the end of the book, you’ll know how to

  • Attract leads
  • Build relationships with your list
  • Convert leads into customers
  • Recoup your ad costs
  • Offer your customers additional opportunities to work with you and ascend customers up to your value ladder.

On top of that, you’ll have clear instructions on how to quickly and efficiently implement these strategies and methods into your own business to make it work for you.

Now that you understand the scope of everything you’ll learn in this book. If you have a problem with lead generation, you should buy it because you have no risk.

  • The lead funnels e-book is just $7, like a movie ticket.
  • You have 30 days money-back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for?

Lead funnels review: Russell Brunson swipe file

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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