Top 8 Best Sales Funnel Examples That You Want To Model

Discover how to collect AT LEAST 1,000 highly-qualified leads (that become RAVING FANS)… in less than 30 days

Best sales funnel examples

A great sales funnel helps you generate leads, convert qualified leads into customers, and beyond. It turns your business into a money machine no matter the industry you’re in.

The problem is creating high converting sales funnels is not easy. Are you tired of wasting time trying to figure out what is wrong with your sales funnel?

Haven’t we all been there. There are so many theories and in-depth guides on how it should work, but when they don’t turn into gold for us as marketers, our heads spin from confusion.

It would be best to understand what is working right now if you had something more realistic – The example of the effective sales funnels from successful companies.

We have compiled a list of real-life best sales funnel examples that convert from businesses just like yours. You’ll get inspiration for your own business and see exactly what other people are doing in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you sell physical products, an online streaming service, a digital marketing agency, eCommerce stores, or services business.

We have something for everyone. Now let’s get started!

1. Traffic Secrets Funnel

Traffic Secrets Russell Brunson
  • Official Website:
  • Number of pages: 4
  • Type of funnel: Free & Shipping Funnel

Traffic Secrets is the third book in the secrets trilogy book series published in 2020 by Russell Brunson, and it quickly entered the New York Times bestseller list. Traffic Secrets is a must-read for anyone who wants to maximize their online income. If you are looking for ways to drive traffic and increase conversion rates, then this guide will teach all of those secrets!

Now, let see exactly what happens inside the best-selling book funnel.

Sales Funnel Steps

1. Traffic

sales funnel examples 1

Russell Brunson is a big brand, so it’s understandable that most of the direct traffic will be there. In addition, a large amount of traffic comes from social media, and some come from different sources such as email or display ads.

In all the remaining channels, you can see a lot of traffic coming from Youtube and Facebook. However, in my opinion, another source that brings huge amounts of people to this site is Affiliate Marketing!

sales funnel examples 2

Bottom Line: If you’re a small business owner, it’s hard to get traffic like this. However, you can learn how to market your business with the right content on Facebook and Youtube. Russell did a great job promoting himself and his products through social media, which helped him succeed. The best part is he reveals his marketing strategy in the Traffic Secrets book. So you can get it for free!

2. Traffic Secrets Free Book Page

Traffic Secrets free book home page

The first thing that caught my attention on this landing page was how professional and energetic the product introduction video was. I also liked how brief headlines were highlighted in yellow with keywords like “free” and” unknown secrets” for good measure!

The book is entirely free, and you only need to pay $9.95 for printing and shipping! The ordering process consists of 2 steps:

  • Step 1: fill in basic information like Name, Email Address, and Shipping information.
  • Step 2: Card information
2-step order form

3. Order Bump

Going back to reality, for $ 9.95, they cannot be profitable or at least break even. So the additional products are introduced as soon as you order in an effort to cover up their advertising costs before it’s too late!

They introduce multiple upsell options in the order box, including:

  • Traffic Secrets Audiobook: $37
  • Video Traffic Secrets Live recording: $97
They offer Audiobook and live training video

Upsell #1: Box Set

Traffic secrets funnel upsell1

Those who complete the payment on the first page will drive to the upsell page, where you can upgrade your order. The big title with red and warning icon catch my attention let me stop to read.

They create a sense of exclusivity and excitement to capture the customer’s attention. This is necessary because if they are not attractive, people will leave as soon as possible without buying anything!


This page introduces three product options:

  • Core product: The secrets trilogy – $97
  • The Secrets Trilogy Audiobooks: $74
  • One Funnel Away Challenge (sales funnel training): $100

Upsell #2: Funnelytics


The next one is selling Funnelytics products for $397. Not bad, right? You get a one-time payment, and 100K tracked visitors with this offer!

Funnel enthusiasts looking to design their funnels without drawing on scraps of paper will find the tools they need in Funnelytics.

What makes the offer stand out and unique is the price when you buy the tool on this page are

  • It’s cheaper than the official Website.
  • Get exclusive bonuses that you can’t find anywhere else
Traffic secrets funnelytics upsell

Thank You Page


The Thank You page provides a variety of information for customers to log in and enjoy the benefits. It also includes an opportunity with Clickfunnels 14 days free trials.

“When You Create Your FREE Trial, You Will Also Get The “Funnel Builder Secrets” Course (We Sell For $2k) For FREE!”


Next is to download the free app and follow him on social media to keep up with the latest information.

Get install access the Marketing Secrets app

Sales Funnel Structure

Traffic Secrets Funnel - Sales funnel Examples

I quickly want to walk through the Traffic Secrets funnel, so you have a blueprint for how this process works. Let’s see the sales funnel stages below.

  1. Free Book Page: Traffic Secrets (free) + audiobook ($37) + Live Event Recording ( $97). The goal is to build a quality email list, refund advertising, and branding through books.
  2. Upsell #1: Box Set ($97) + Trilogy Audiobook ($74) + One Funnel Away Challenge ($100).
  3. Upsell #2: Funnelytics ($397) + Increase visitors tracked from 100k-500k ($100). The goal of pages 2 and 3 is to increase the value of each order and increase profits.
  4. Thank you page: Introducing a Clickfunnels free trial (Continuity program $97 / month) and the Marketing Secrets App

This is the Traffic Secrets funnel. If you are an author, selling info products, or want to build a free & shipping funnel, this one can help!

Why The Sales Funnel Works?

Shipping costs will help them partially offset printing, shipping, and advertising. Plus, ClickFunnels gets quality listings (Paid customers), which makes it easier for them to convince existing customers to buy another product on the upsell page or in the future.

Many people think they will not have to pay and get the book for free until they realize there is an additional $9.95 fee if you want your copyright away.

In general, most people will leave the page. The best part is that Clickfunnels has created an irresistible offer with a high value that makes customers feel like their purchase was worth more than the money spent.

2. Your Keto Diet

  • Official Website:
  • Number of pages: 3
  • Type of the funnel: Survey funnel

The keto diet has been an on-trend way to lose weight for years. With over 3M followers on Facebook and +1M6 Instagram, this page is a great example of how social media can be used as a marketing tool in the nutrition industry!

Now we go deep inside to see exactly what happens in their sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Steps

1. Traffic

sales funnel examples 3

The Website generated over 640k traffic/month, most of which came from social media. Especially Facebook has +3M and Instagram +1M6 followers! The power is hard to ignore for any business interested in marketing their product or service online through platforms like these two.

It’s incredible to see that they are organic traffic because at the time I checked their platform, there were no Ads.

Keto Diet Ads

Bottom line: The founder of this page is a creative, innovative, and inspiring individual. They have mastered the art of content creation with their innovative tools, which means you can learn something from them if your goal is increasing free traffic on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram! It doesn’t matter how few followers they do indeed have; what matters most are creative ways to engage people through various mediums

2. Survey Page

keto diet survey funnel awareness stage

The survey is a great way to generating leads. The page is simple but more effective; they survey website visitors few basic questions to classify and select the menu based on what users have chosen.

Question #1
Question #2

The questionnaire consists of 6 questions to classify and select the menu based on the answers that the user has chosen

And finally, the information sheet about the body mass index.


3. Result Page – interest stage


Based on users’ indicators, their customers will calculate their body mass index (BMI), such as Metabolic Age and calories. Then they’ll be introduced to “28 Day personal keto“.


The percentage of customers who buy the 28-days keto diet program after completing the survey will be much higher when you advertise this product directly:

  1. The survey is the bridge between customers and products
  2. There is personalization. Customers will think this plan is designed based on body mass index instead of the usual keto diet plans.

After clicking “Get Keto Diet,” the user will be redirected to the page to enter the email address to receive.

Keto Diet sales funnel: Opt-in form

4. Offer Page


After complete the form, prospective customers will be redirected to the payment page. It’s good that we don’t put our customers’ payment information and survey responses on the same page. After all, many people think they will receive a free 28-day keto diet trial after completing it but instead, need $39.9 for this offer to be fulfilled!

Now, they have the contact information of visitors. So, The increased conversion rate is possible if they send out emails combined with remarketing advertising channels because then there’s no chance of getting lost among other leads who might be interested as well.

Sales Funnel Structure

Your keto diet - Sales funnel Examples

I quickly want to walk through the funnel, so you have a blueprint for how this survey funnel works.

  • Step 1: Offer simple multiple-choice questions to attract users. Because everyone wants to know what does their body like?
  • Step 2: Result. Based on the information provided by the user gives scientific results, helps them understand their body better based on the indicators:
  • Step 3: Provide products $39.9

This is the survey funnel. If you are selling health-related products, you want to generate leads and categorize objects or simply want to use the survey funnel to build the email list.

Why The Sales Funnel Works?

A survey funnel is an excellent method to generate more leads online. Ask visitors some questions can get them engaged in the process. The outstanding of Keto Diet sales funnel with others is they customize everything so well, designed specifically for each person, which makes them convert like crazy.

3 Leptitox – Supplement funnel

sales funnel examples 5
  • Official
  • Number of pages: 3
  • Type of the funnel: Video sales letter funnel

The next sales funnel example is Leptitox. Leptitox is a revolutionary product that combines the benefits of two popular supplements – detox and appetite control. Leptitox’s formula helps you feel refreshed, energetic, focused with diminished cravings for unhealthy foods while helping your body burn fat cells more efficiently.

The product is available on the Clickbank and promoted by many marketers. It has over 500 Gravity at the time I checked.

Sales Funnel Steps

1. Traffic

This product is only available on Clickbank, and I don’t see it anywhere else. So I guess most of the traffic must come from affiliate referrals.

The product also sells on Amazon, but I’m not counting it here because it’s not a traffic source to the sales funnel.

2. Video Sales letter page

Leptitox funnel Home Page

When I first saw their page, it wasn’t very impressive. These designs are outdated and not eye-catching at all; what really caught my attention were the headlines: “5 Second Hack that Kills Food Cravings AND Melts 62lbs of Raw Fat!”

Pro Tip: If you are selling health products, you need to pay close attention to these because it keeps your account compliant with Facebook policies. So you will see that they do not focus on the phrase “Weight loss” in the ads or on the landing page.

3. Exit pop-up


When you move the mouse to close this tab, a pop-up appears, which allows for two options. You can either stay on this page or go straight into reading Text Mode.

This might be a good idea for customer retention, but I wouldn’t say I like it as it seems a bit annoying.

4. Pricing Page & Discount

Leptitox sales funnel example: Pricing Options

In addition, when you buy popular or best value, you will also get Colon Cleanse.

Those people who moved down the sales pipeline will see a table with multiple options.

  • Basic – 1 Bottle: $59 per bottle
  • Popular – 3 Bottles: $49 per bottle
  • Best Value – 6 Bottles: $39 per bottle

In addition, when you buy the popular or best value package, they will also send the Colon Cleanse for FREE. This is a standard and straightforward method for adding more benefits to your order. If people have been tried it before, there’s no doubt that many customers end up purchasing this option as well!

I can’t believe it! There was another pop-up while I clicked off this tab. And to make matters even better, the discount information popped up right before my eyes.


After clicking, this is the final price with the discount.


Sales Funnel Structure

Leptitox Funnel- Sales funnel Examples

Leptitox funnel is designed quite simply:

  • Video sales letter Page (VSL): Direct sales of features and uses of products.
  • Pricing Page: There are three options for customers to increase the value of every order and get more profit.
  • Down-sell page: Discount offers to increase conversion rates and increases opportunities to sell first if customers intend to leave.

This is a sales funnel example for physical products. Suppose you are selling nutritional supplements, physical products, etc. This is the easiest method to use to increase sales.

Why The Funnel Works?

They offer multiple options at a reasonable price and provide discount codes to give customers a better deal. With so many affiliates bringing traffic into this site it’ll be interesting to see how operating costs change over time…

4. Amazon – eCommerce sales funnel example

 Amazon Example of sales funnel is a company that has been around for more than 20 years, and it’s grown to be one of the most profitable companies in America, with $360 billion in revenue!

Curious about how they’ve managed such success? Let go deep inside the Amazon sales funnel example.

Sales Funnel Steps

1. Traffic

sales funnel example 7

We don’t need to analyze too much about amazon’s traffic because it is ranked 1st in the E-commerce and Shopping category. They’re a big brand, so they get most of their traffic from direct and organic searches.

2. Product Page


If you have bought a book on Amazon, you can see they provide multi-version of the book such as Kindle, hardcover, or audio.

But even if you haven’t taken out your credit card yet, they have tried to sell you similar products.

Customers who read this book also read.


3. Thank You Page


After you’ve made your purchase, they will continue to try to sell you more.

If you don’t buy something, they will try to get your attention again with Facebook ads. In addition, the next time someone visits their site, you may see a product that you have viewed and related products at the top of the screen again.


Why The Funnel Works?

Amazon is a prime sales funnel example of e-commerce platforms. They have an effective sales funnel and a large selection, low price, and fast delivery. If you are selling physical or informational products and have an Online Store, you can follow and apply them to your business or in Digital marketing.

5. Project Life Mastery

Project Life Mastery good sales funnel

Project Life Mastery is a popular blog created by Stephan James. It helps people mastering every area of ​​their lives through self-development, including health, fitness, emotions, mindset, relationships, financial freedom, passive income, starting an online business, and spirituality.

Sales Funnel Steps

1. Traffic


It’s pretty cool that he gets over 100k visitors per month. Most of the traffic comes from organic and direct searches. He also promotes his blog on Youtube as well.

sales funnel examples 9
Project Life Mastery traffic source
sales funnel examples 10
99% of traffic comes from Youtube

Bottom Line: Project Life Mastery is the best example of generating traffic for free by creating blog posts and getting traffic from Google Search without paying money for any paid ads.

2. Survey Page


Similar to the Keto Diet sales funnel, this is also a quiz/survey funnel. He provides a quick quiz with Simple questions to attract potential customers.

Project life Mastery funnel: Question #1
Project life Mastery funnel: Question #2
Project life Mastery funnel: Question #3

3. Result Page

Project Life Mastery Funnel: Thank You page

The survey has six questions. I was curious to see the result if we chose different answers, so I tried it out. After selecting all four answers, all have the same result. All the answers are for Affiliate marketing.


The results page has two primary purposes:

  • First, talking about the survey results, direct users to the free webinar about affiliate marketing.
  • The second is to build Branding, trust through his blog post.
He drives people to his blog posts

4. Webinar Page

Webinar Teach about Affiliate Marketing

A potential customer who completes the step above will drive to the free webinar. He will promote his product at the end of the web class.

Sales Funnel Structure

Here are the sales funnel stages of Project Life Mastery

  • Survey page: Acting as a bridge, helping convert visitors into leads.
  • Results page: Based on answers to given results and user orientation
  • Webinar page: Take visitors to the webinar funnel and start selling

Survey Funnel is highly effective in converting traffic into leads. If you want to build an email list and increase leads, apply it to your business.

Why The Funnel works?

Different from Your Keto Diet, in this case, Stephan James did not sell immediately but switched to the webinar funnel. This is most likely a high-priced product, so it takes a lot of processes to convince viewers to become customers.

6. Instagram Mastery Ebook


This book is to guide you on how to build your Instagram profile from scratch. Inside this e-book, the author will share all of the secrets and practical ways that he has used to grow his account. I won’t say too much about this fantastic read.

Now we go deep into the sales funnel stages of the book.

Sales Funnel Steps

1. Traffic

sales funnel examples 11

It would be funny if he sold a book on building an Instagram account, but the traffic didn’t come from Instagram, right?

So the primary traffic of his funnel comes from Instagram. I don’t know how many accounts he has, however, look at his profile with over 200k followers is pretty cool. He also promotes the funnel on his Youtube channel with over 4K subscribers.

Bottom Line: The traffic he drives to funnel is free. He attracts his target audience on Instagram and Youtube platform. The cool thing is his unlike other “Gurus” his Instagram profile is not a personal brand. So, it is an excellent example for people who are brand new and would like to attract the target market on Instagram without spending any money on paid traffic.

2. Order Page

sales funnel example 12

This funnel is called the tripwire, started with a low-cost product but brought direct value to customers. In this case, at $7 for an item, you can get your hands on it right away and start experiencing its benefits!

3. Order Bump


At the bottom of the order page, he introduces a one-time offer. This is a training course that teaches you how to get high ticket clients in any market, which cost you $37

4. Upsell #1


Those customers who complete the Order will be redirected to the second page. Here you will be introduced to a special offer that costs $297. Including

  • 62 Proven Viral Images
  • 30 Proven Viral Videos
  • 5 Proven Swipe Up Instagram Template
  • 150 Motivation/Quote Post

As can be seen, this product is complementary to the main product (IG ebook). Make sure you don’t do with your upsells (and I see this all the time especially with more scammy products) is to say, “Hey, this thing I sold you is good, but it doesn’t work nearly as well unless you get this.”

People feel let down, it’s like you lied to them, and they won’t buy from you in the future.

If you are selling physical products, it is good to upsell more with the same thing. However, if you are selling information products, you always want to give them the next thing they need to be successful with your program. 

So in this case, they did very well.

5. Upsell Page #2


This is a service that costs $1000 for 30 days, they will manage your Instagram account for:

  • Find content ideas and post
  • Test and optimize hashtags
  • Add you to the DM group and engage with all the comments
  • They are sharing the post into Insta story & saving them as highlights

6. Thank You Page


Honestly, I don’t like that we need to download telegrams and join the group in order to receive the product. This can be difficult for new customers, so it would be best if he enable them with an easier way of downloading straight away after purchasing!

Sales Funnel Structure

sales funnel examples 12

This is the Instagram Mastery Ebook funnel, go through this with the sketch so you can see how it all works together …

  • Tripwire offer: Offering low-cost products to build quality customer lists.
  • Order Bump: The product costs $37 to help refund advertising costs
  • Upsell #1: Support tools to help build an Instagram channel for $297
  • Upsell #2: end-to-end service $ 1,000 for 30 days 

This is the tripwire funnel, whether you sell physical products or information products you can apply this to build a quality email list and increase profits.

Why The Funnel works?

Different from the usual method that you often see that is everyone will share this ebook for free. Give away free resources can help you getting leads fast. However, they also have drawbacks:

  • With free products, you will have many leads but low quality
  • Most people don’t appreciate what is free (No matter how high the price you provide)

Instead, give away a free ebook; he charges a small fee of $7 only. So he gets a quality email list (list of paying customers).

7. Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Knowledge Business blueprint - kbb method

The next sales funnel example is from top entrepreneurs Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a training program launched in 2019. In 2020, they created it again and invite two other guests Russell Brunson (CEO & Co-found of SAAS companies – Clickfunnels) and Jenna Kutcher (Expert At Online Marketing Funnel).

Now let see what happens inside the sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Steps

1. Traffic

The campaign runs for a few months as I remember and most traffic comes from social media such as Facebook Ads and their email marketing campaign. When potential customers visit their page, they’re tracking and run retargeting ads on different places.

2. Register page


The registration page is designed quite simple and attracts people to register by 2 main factors:

  1. Images of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi
  2. Curious title: The “One Thing” That Has Allowed Them To Create Massive Success In Up & Down Markets And How You Could Use This Same Model to Create NEXT LEVEL Success & Impact During These Uncertain Times.”

All potential customers will be informed about the live training right when it begins. They’ll also receive email marketing materials and an introduction to connecting with other attendees so they can network for opportunities in their industry throughout the event!

3. Webinar Live Training

Training video presentation

Let’s take a look at this page we will see clearly:

  • Hook: The title of the page, which summarizes the content you will receive within the video. It is also curious to keep viewers watching. 
  • Story: Content is shared within the video. The video has more than 2 hours, shares the knowledge that they have been promised on Register Page, and also leads customers to the product. You can watch the video here (I hope it will work).
  • Offer: At the end of the video, they will introduce the product and provide a link to it.

4. Question and Answers Page


After their live training, We will be provided with a link to purchase this product. Most people have trouble buying it for their first time since its an expensive product at $1997 and they’re trying hard in increasing conversion rates by using email marketing as well as social proof

In the following days, Tony & Dean tested various methods such as answering questions from potential clients on the Q&A page.

There are still 3 main factors:

  • Hook: “Plus a few things they forgot from the training” and “Turn any confusion Into Clarity)
  • Story: Video that answers questions from Dean and Jenna
  • Offer: Direct the users to the product

The right column links to the live video on this page, and Dean’s recorded presentation for those who haven’t watched his training yet.

5. Product Page


Those who have watched the live training will drive to this page. Here they will summarize what you will receive in the course, such as price and payment options.

  • One time payment: $1997
  • Four times payment: 4 x $597

Sales Funnel Structure

sales funnel examples 13

This is an example of a Webinar funnel. Below is a summary of how this funnel works and the role of landing pages:

  • Register Page: Engage everyone in the free live training session through a curious title and promise content of high value
  • Live training: Through a live training session to break the customer’s false beliefs and introduce a new opportunity (product).
  • Q&A Page: Answer questions and direct viewers to the product
  • Product page: a summary of what customers will receive, divided into 2 payment plans to support customers who can attend the course

And that is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint funnel. If you are selling information products, services, software, … priced at more than $ 700 you can learn, model it, and apply it to your business.

Why The Funnel Works?

In my opinion, there are 3 factors that lead to the success of this program:

  • Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, and Jenna Kutcher are top online marketers who have huge fans and a large email list.
  • The Training is limited to a certain time period. It was only created in 2019 and 2020. Until now, there is no way to join the program if you were missing it
  • Effective sales process system
  • They are really good at selling on the webinar.

Pro Tip: If you want to improve the skill of selling, I highly recommend you should get Expert Secrets Book or join the Perfect Webinar Secrets training (Revealed – they use the same script you’ll learn)

8. Organifi Funnel

organifi funnel

Now let’s see the final example of sales funnel. Organifi has been recognized as a trustworthy brand in the supplement industry and ranked at #134 on INC’s top 500 fastest-growing companies list in 2016. They also named on the Special Report: Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

If you’re in the supplement industry or selling physical products, you should learn from them. Let’s dive into how their sales funnel works.

Sales Funnel Steps

1. Traffic

sales funnel examples 14

One of the best things about Organifi is that they distribute and promote their products on many different marketing channels. From social media like Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram to Blog posts- even affiliate marketing!

Take a look at the image about you can see most referral traffic comes from Clickbank and (Blog of the founder)

When I wrote this post they had 95 Gravity on Clickbank – it’s pretty cool


They are also good at the community with their target market on social media with over 3M followers on Facebook pages combined and +500k subscribers on Youtube. It brings them a lot of traffic to their website and funnel.

organifi funnel youtube channel

Keep in mind that they sell products across different places such as Amazon, Organifishop (office e-commerce website), and through sales funnel. In this post, we analyze their sales funnel only.

2. Sales Page


Let see their landing page; they attract visitors through the curious title “All your healthy superfoods in one drink … with no shopping, no Blending, no Juicing and no clean-up”

Like all sales funnels, the purpose of the subject line is always shocking and curious to help people stay on the page so you will have the opportunity to bring up stories, evidence, solutions … for them to purchase.

This product is green juice, which costs $57.95 Here they try to increase order value through upselling package deals at an extra cost of $149.95 and higher prices for packages with $249.95


As such, this simple method has helped you to make more profits. And that’s just the face of Iceberg! Let’s take a closer look and learn what else is going inside their sales funnel.

3. Order Page

Organifi Green Juice Order Page

Look at the right column of the payment page, there are 2 parts you need to pay attention to:

  • Quantity: Enter the other quantity you want to buy (2 bottles, 5 bottles, …)
  • Recommend for you: Upsell product with the price of $27.95

So they had a chance to sell more.

4. Upsell #1: 3 Bottles


The upsell # 1 page will re-introduce the 3 bottles pack once again for a discount of

$149. You can see the design on the page is very eye-catching, the content is short but full of the message inside.

Some important keywords are emphasized and highlight very reasonably such as:

  • Smart
  • Lose momentum
  • Does NOT change that
  • Save $90.84

The next step is to give reasons why you need to buy more.

Organifi funnel – Compelling headline
Organifi funnel – 3 reasons

5. Upsell #2: Probiotic


The next product costs $ 129. You can buy or click “No thanks, I don’t want this” to skip.

They used the red text “Stop! Wait! Read” and subheadings optimized for scarcity” NEW Organifi Customers ONLY “

The goal of these two lines is to attract attention, this is a special product only for shoppers. Next, keep them reading through the headline.

Customers can buy in many ways.

  • View prices and features only
  • Only look at the end to see if there are any bonuses or discounts
  • Read the entire page.

In this case, Organifi has summarized the main content of the product at the top and bottom and the detailed content will focus on the middle.

In addition, I like the layout, the images, and the colors they use, look very nice and professional.

6. Upsell #3: Organifi Move


It’s my first time and I’m a little uncomfortable because they upsell me too many times. Personally, don’t give away so much information that there is no way for customers can get out of it eventually or have an unhappy experience.

I don’t know what their numbers look like, but at the time I write this post it’s still there. So maybe they’re profiting from them after all.

7. Thank You Page


The beginning of the thank you page is the basic information when you buy goods from other websites, such as order confirmation, shipping time, …

Next, they will introduce more related products with good prices.


This is not an official thank you page. It is still an upsell page designed as a thank you page. As I said earlier, they won’t want to give customers a bad experience. So they created this thank you page to make customers feel more comfortable because they thought the order was complete.

However, they will not want customers to get out before seeing the final offers.

They did it through the words “Do not hit the” Back “Button as it can cause multiple charges on your card”
When customers refuse to receive the offer, they will be redirected to a thank you page.
Next, they will invite you to try free 2-weeks Forever Fit program.
And this link will lead to another sales funnel.

So they brought customers from one sale funnel to another. The company was so successful at selling more than once and making profits that its competitors could not keep up.

Sales Funnel Structure

sales funnel examples 15

Here is an entire Organify funnel.

  • Sales page: Offer 3 options for customers to choose, 1 bottle ($ 57.95), 3 bottles ($ 149.95), 6 bottles ($ 249.95)
  • Order Page: You can choose the specific quantity you want to buy and upsell products priced at $ 27.95
  • Upsell #1: If you only buy 1 bottle, they will convince you to upgrade your order to 3 bottles for $149
  • Upsell #2: Sell Probiotic products that cost $129/3 bottles
  • Upsell #3: Buy 2 bottles get an Organifi Move product for $179.9
  • Thank You Page 1: Confirm your order and introduce more related products with preferential prices
  • Thank You Page 2: Drive customers to the other sales funnel

Why the funnel work?

You have multiple options one bottle, three bottles, or six bottles with a good deal. The sales funnel comes with irresistible offers, clear sales copy, and beautiful landing pages.

Besides, it’s all part of building up an active community that shares health knowledge around Facebook, Instagram, Blog posts, and Youtube. It’s really important to create value for potential customers made them believe and buy from them.


I hope you enjoy my post about examples of sales funnel. Take a look at their sales funnel stage and customer journey to see if they can teach us anything! I am always looking for new ideas, so maybe the next campaign will be different.

In short, the sales funnel works in almost every industry. A successful sales funnel can help you reduce marketing efforts in lead generation, save money, build a relationship with target customers and get more sales.

Now, try out to create lead magnets to attract your target audience (it’s free stuff such as a free ebook, free demo, free consultation, etc.), create your own sales funnel then run an email drip campaign to build your email list.

If you still have no ideas or are feeling stuck, so you can join the 5 Days Lead Challenge For free, it’s really helpful

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Key Nguyen

Key is the guy behind Funnel Secrets blog, where he shares his passion for sales funnel, lead generation, digital marketing, and what he learned to help people avoid mistakes he made to save money.

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11 months ago

I enjoyed this post, thanks! But I can’t understand why/how people in the US don’t see the level of spamminess in these sales funnel pages! But hey it works I guess

Joy Fletcher
Joy Fletcher
2 years ago

When I look at the Organifi sales funnel, I think tangible gifts are better than free trials as far as giveaway “free gifts”.

Jenna T.
Jenna T.
2 years ago

I like Amazon’s approach because it doesn’t feel forced. They just show a line of related products you might be interested in. But I’m not sure this one belongs in a typical “sales funnel” category since the other ones are focused on one individual product from one seller opposed to multiple ones on Amazon.

Kasper Reese
Kasper Reese
2 years ago

I liked the Keto Diet and the Project Life Mastery funnel examples you showed the best. They are the least commercial-ly looking and I would honestly subscribe to them/purchase from them.

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