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The AIDA Model In Marketing

what is aida model in marketing
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A deep understanding of customer psychology is one of the essential tricks of great significance in shaping the success of a business. 

It also creates a close and sustainable relationship between the product or service user and the supplier. So how can we fully understand the desires of consumers?

The AIDA is a valuable product, inevitably born to help suppliers learn and discover customers’ thoughts. Basically, the model works based on the stages that customers have to go through when using the product. 

From those stages, the supplier can accurately grasp the customers’ aspirations and provide timely solutions to build their confidence in the product or service.

So what is the AIDA model? How to use AIDA in marketing? The detailed information will be detailed in the article below!

What Is AIDA Model?

AIDA model - AIDA In Marketing

The AIDA model is an effects model that identifies and evaluates the cognitive stages that a customer visiting must go through in the sales process. It is an effective sales channel where the buyer can freely move forward or backward between stages to make a final purchase decision.

This model is often available in marketing, sales strategy, or public relations. It is divided into four different stages, each with different meanings and roles. Specifically:

  • Attention (A): Customer’s attention is an essential foundation for forming and developing products or services. It is also an urgent requirement for digital marketing and advertising.
  • Interest (I): When attracting their attention, the supplier needs to make a difference in the quality of the product or service to make them interested and consider choosing the service or product. For example, you can offer specific incentives or small gifts to create excitement and stimulate discovery and learning about their products.
  • Desire (D): For this stage, businesses need to develop specific strategies to make them change customers’ wishes. The desire to own the product is the final value of the stage that you need to achieve.
  • Action (A): The ultimate goal of the model is to encourage customers to buy a product or service.

Who Created The Aida Hierarchy?

The AIDA was founded and developed by American advertising E. St. Elmo Lewis in 1898. In the early operation, this model did not work due to many supply obstacles in the product or service demand. But this difficult time did not last long. Faced with such a situation, with his intelligence and unique thinking ability, E. St. Elmo Lewis fundamentally transformed the communication models and helped them achieve many of their results today.

Elmo Lewis - AIDA creater
Elias St. Elmo Lewis (March 23, 1872 – March 18, 1948)

Typically, from 1925 when The Psychology of Sales and Advertising book was published, it is an essential premise for the assignment of the AIDA. And also, since then, AIDA has been more popular and has begun a new journey on the momentum of development.

This model is a testament to the pioneering application of scientific methods to business advertising or digital marketing strategies. At the same time, it is also a short training program for sellers to help them reach the correct customer journey.

Moreover, the model also plays a vital role in optimizing sales transactions, or you can roughly understand it to create interactions between suppliers and customer journey. From there, they are helping shoppers to see the most objective and fair way about the quality of products or services to make quick decisions.

As someone who has been using the AIDA model for their business, we realize its importance in the current era. And without its presence, the economy will indeed decline significantly.

Understand The Aida Model Stages Deeply

AIDA configuration can be viewed as a remarkable heritage, as the code is yet polished over 90 years following its first distribution, for example, in current shopping.

AIDA marketing funnel
The AIDA framework includes Attract – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

These are steps suggested in an AIDA model are:

Attract – Attention

Getting attention is an essential first step in the AIDS model. You can draw customers’ attention to your products by creating your value or branded products. In addition, you need to limit the duplication of rival brands because that is an inefficient way for you and sometimes makes your products and services worse in the eyes of consumers.

And brochures are what you need to make this stage. The material we refer to here can be images or videos. Suppose, when you want to attract customers to your product, create topic sentences with “hot” content to reach and attract customers’ clicks. That is the most effective solution for you.

Generate Interest

Customer attention is the solid foundation that forms the customer’s interest in your product or service. However, you need to speed this sales process up by giving them attractive offers and small treats to stimulate customers’ interest in the brand’s service style.

Or, more simply, the customer’s interest can also manifest if the content of your flyers resonates with them. And of course, to realize this problem requires you to do some small surveys. Only then will it be highly effective for this period.


Moving from interest to desired change is relatively short if you are the one promoting it. At this stage, you should focus on giving feedback from previous customers or your own experiences to strengthen customers’ trust in your product or service.

For example, you are in the food business, and you want to find more potential customers. Your marketing policy will be much more effective if you are the one to directly use the product and give them the most genuine feelings.

And of course, after hearing such honest sharing, they are likely to change their desires and tend to want to choose to use the product in the buying process.


As soon as the customer’s desire to buy is aroused, try to turn them into purchase action. For example, you can offer incentives or incentives for future use. It’s an excellent way to get them to make a quick purchase.

With an online business, your customers’ desires are matched by the action of adding to their cart, and you can accelerate their purchase by providing a call to action.

Today, the AIDA model is enhanced with the letter S, meaning belief. Because, if your first product gives them confidence in quality or price, they will undoubtedly be able to support you later. These objects are a valuable source of loyal customers for the long-term development of the business.

How To Use AIDA Model in Marketing?

With its versatility in each stage, the AIDA marketing model is available to many different successful advertisement programs. Specifically:

  • Use in sales and marketing strategy: AIDA plays a pivotal role in business, a model that offers outstanding growth potential for sellers. Furthermore, it also provides buyers with a choice of comfort and adaptability specific to different stages.
  • PR planning and analyzing campaign effectiveness: Besides being applied to marketing and sales strategies, AIDA is also used for PR planning and analyzing impressive campaign effectiveness. There are quite a few successful PR campaigns thanks to AIDA’s ability to analyze and select correctly in each stage.
  • Analysis of advertising theory information: In addition to the value of the above two ways of use, AIDA also allows users to evaluate and analyze advertising principles accurately. From there, give specific directions to help solve and untangle problems in advertising strategies.
  • AIDA is a model that can be flexible for many different PR or advertising purposes. To calculate the possibility of success, much of it will be on the user’s intelligence, agility, and logical thinking.

AIDA Model Of Copywriting

Watch the video below to see Neville from Kopywriting Kourse and Ross from Siege Media discuss AIDA model marketing Formula:

YouTube video

Do you want to write sales copy better?

AIDA formula is also used in copywriting, it’s maybe Facebook Ad copy, sales letter, sales page scripts, email copy, and so much more. If you start at a blank page, the AIDA formula is an “old standard” and really helpful for you to produce significant results.

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AIDA Sales Funnel

AIDA sales funnel

AIDA sales funnel the marketer with a comprehensive knowledge of how to target public change over time and contribute perspicacity as to which kinds of advertising communications are anticipated to be more active at different times. AIDA is often given as a funnel.

The funnel comprises 4 steps that are:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • and action.

The AIDA principle is straightforward and remarkably efficient when you know it.

In this writing, we are persisting in walking you through the funnel and teaching you how to utilize it for your businesses and marketing purposes.

After this writing, you will comprehend how to make better evidence, how to create and nurture contacts, and how to bring those leads all the means to purchase. Not all charges are buyers, and therefore it is essential to cherish that somebody will fall off as they go into the funnel, this is common.

AIDA sales funnel Model, Innovation Adoption Model, Marketing Funnel, Sales Funnel, or Customer Journey.

Whatever these conceptual designs all hold in general is that they are try to chart out the cognitive and behavioral means that clients go through when seeking a particular product or assistance that would fulfill their needs.

The theory behind it states that customers go through different stages or conditions before obtaining the final call to get a company’s output. Through mapping out these steps and by moving into your customer’s footwear, you can comprehend your firm from their point of view and develop where demanded.

This report will go significantly into the AIDA sales funnel model, which is additionally the most economical model given the experience that it only has 4 actions.

The AIDA design and its changes are typically modeled as a funnel.

Most of what is discharged into the top of a funnel gets it out the other edge. In the promotion and sales world, while various potential customers access the horn, not each of them will get it out the other point.

The AIDA sales funnel is just a graphic image of prospective buyers and their potential to acquire as they proceed through the planes of the figure. Using Lucid chart templates, you can develop your personal AIDA model or other forms particular to your character.

Benefits Of Using AIDA

We have tested AIDA’s features on many different business sizes, and the results are impressive when it can support up to 89% of business operations. It is a remarkable number affirming the importance of the AIDA model for economic development in general and the long-term sustainability of your work in particular.

AIDA model marketing

1. Accurate goal setting

Selecting and using the AIDA marketing model will help you accurately set the reach goals of your product promotion campaigns. 

At the same time, it also makes meaningful suggestions about potential audiences that can effectively influence them to change their actions. From there, bring higher feasibility for each of your future development plans.

On the contrary, if you do not use AIDA, you will most likely lose direction and not identify the correct path for your campaign. Even in some specific cases, you will be able to collapse without AIDA in your business model.

2. Accurately capture profit

Profits from the business scale applying the AIDA model are relatively large. They may even exceed your expectations. This source of profit is considered abundant and has the potential for more significant growth in the not too distant future if you maintain what you used for the first product promotion campaign.

What’s more, they are highly stable and provide a unique resource for you. Therefore, choose and use the AIDA model as a tool to help you improve the quality of products, services, and profits.

3. Limit risk

The AIDA model operates in a sequence of different stages, which are closely related and directly affect each other’s development. Therefore, when you are careful right from the preparation stage and to the later stages, you will no longer worry about them making any mistakes. From there, help your financial advertising campaigns limit the risk effectively.

However, that is not to say that there are no risks. There are still minor errors that occur during the operation of the model, but they are insignificant and can be quickly remedied.

Limitations Of AIDA

Besides its strengths, the AIDA model still contains some other limitations. Please refer to some of the rules of AIDA that we outline below to overcome them perfectly and quickly, avoiding affecting the development roadmap of the business.

1. Non-linear buyer journeys are not taken into account.

AIDA plays a vital role in describing the customer’s linear purchasing decision process. So, it helps customers to decide to choose a product or service quickly. However, not all purchasing decisions are linear, which is the most significant limitation of the AIDA model.

You can visualize this more easily through the relationship between the customer and their interest. A potential customer may get their interest peaked, but they end up choosing a different solution. And they only return to their original choice when no one meets their usage needs.

2. Doesn’t account for impulsive purchases.

AIDA model with components from four different stages, and your potential customers can access those four stages simultaneously for the same purpose. It causes quite a few challenges for the supplier, as it can directly affect the development of the business.

This can even reduce the profits of the business if it cannot be prevented from happening. In addition, there is a possibility of formation and backlog of surplus goods due to urgent use purposes. To overcome this limitation, you can offer suggestions of action, advice, or direction to reduce this dire situation.

3. Only be a small part of a comprehensive business strategy.

The AIDA model is merely a tiny part of a comprehensive business strategy. Therefore, you will fail if you expect too much and only interact with customers based on this model. This feature is also a significant limitation of the AIDA model for your business.

To overcome this situation, you need to apply many different business models and structures to achieve mutual complementarity for your exact purpose. Or you can alternate using different business models to create diversity for users. However, you need to learn the information of all the other business models to apply them flexibly and effectively.

4. Focusing on one AIDA element tactic may not work.

Even if you use the AIDA model for a specific plan instead of an overall strategy, you still have a high chance of failure. For example, when you create a media product hoping that they can choose your information, you only focus on promoting the product and not providing a call to action. This action of yours inadvertently causes your business to lose several potential customers. And, of course, your campaign will fail.

Above all, you need to focus on various aspects of your campaign evenly. Only then will it bring balance and create excitement for customers to follow your campaign.

In other words, marketing strategy needs to cycle through a lead coming in with multiple stages and information about each of the different categories. That helps diversify the buying thoughts of users. However, the core, after all, is the call to action for the customer.

5. Almost too simple.

We cannot deny the effectiveness that the AIDA model brings to our business. However, AIDA is too simple to describe the customer’s sales process on a large scale, especially with many different nuanced judgments. Therefore, the addition of features and descriptions is essential to bring convenience to both buyers and suppliers in the purchase process.

In the current situation, buyers have too many choices for themselves. If we do not change ourselves, we will undoubtedly become blurred in the eyes of consumers. Whether your position in the market is sustainable or not will depend mainly on your thinking and ability to evaluate and analyze. 

In addition, knowing how to improve the quality of products or services is the basis for applying improved development models in brand awareness.

AIDA Variants 

AIDA in marketing

To flexibly and accurately use AIDA’s features, you must understand the properties of AIDA variants correctly. These variations have the effect of overcoming some of the defects to the model. It is also possible to refresh or modify the AIDA model for the better.

One of the model variations can be the post-purchase period, which is born to adapt in time to the development of society. But in general, the previous stages still ensure the original AIDA model standard. Specifically, the AIDA variants include:

  • Basic AIDA Model: Attention → Concern → Desire → Action
  • McGuire’s Model: Present → Pay Attention → Understand → Give in → Retain → Behaviour
  • Modified AIDA Model: Attention → Concern → Belief → Desire → Action
  • ADIDAS Model: Attention → Concern → Desire → Action → Customer Satisfaction
  • AISDAL: Attention → Care → Desire → Action → Like/Dislike → Share → Love/Hate.


AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. Many marketers use this framework in digital marketing strategy, copywriting, writing a sales-making letter, an online shop, and at any different touchpoints of the customer buying process.

With the above information about the AIDA model definition, we hope to help you have an insight and accurate understanding of its meaning and effectiveness. It is a model that possesses many significant advantages and is capable of maximum support for its business. 

Use your own marketing strategy tactics with AIDA to bring more economic efficiency!

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