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ClickFunnels Vs. SamCart: Which Does A Profitable Business Need?

clickfunnels vs samcart
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You will have a successful online business if you choose the right platform to run it. ClickFunnels and SamCart are among the top choices, but which should you choose?

Today, we will give you a side-by-side comparison between ClickFunnels vs. SamCart. You can discover the two tools’ features and what they can do for you. 

Now, let’s follow our guide to determine the best tool to grow your business!

ClickFunnels Vs. SamCart Overview – TL’DR

  • ClickFunnels offers more tools and better integrations for running an online business.  
  • SamCart is better for online shopping experiences. Yet, the company doesn’t pay much attention to creating effective sales funnels, follow-up funnels, and membership sites. 
  • SamCart costs less than ClickFunnels but has more limited functionality and integration base.
  • Great third-party testimonials are available for both tools.
  • You can use the free trials provided by both tools before making a choice.

What’s The Difference Between SamCart and ClickFunnels?

The two platforms offer different features, bringing you a distinctive experience. Before digging into the details, let’s take a look at their key differences.

  • Scalability: While SamCart has a terrific “Enterprise” package for the best flexibility, you can use the “Two Comma Club X” of ClickFunnels for unlimited business development. 
  • Shopping cart: SamCart is a wonderful shopping cart platform. Meanwhile, ClickFunnels doesn’t offer advanced features for it. 
  • Sales funnel builder: ClickFunnels has excellent tools for constructing high-converting sales funnels. Yet, SamCart is indeed a standalone tool for shopping.
  • Email marketing: SamCart provides email marketing via third-party integrations. Besides, ClickFunnels offers built-in email marketing tools.  

Pros and Cons of ClickFunnels


  • ClickFunnels covers almost everything you need to build your online business, such as marketing automation, sales funnel management, landing page builder, and upsells. 
  • You don’t need to use numerous tools to promote and sell your goods because ClickFunnels features checkout pages with payment processing.
  • You can quickly generate email sequences for your customers using ClickFunnels’ massive variety of pre-made funnels.
  • Even for beginners, ClickFunnels seems more intuitive and straightforward to use than most marketing software.
  • You may quickly and effortlessly add things to the checkout pages and raise your profit margin per transaction by using down-sell pages and one-click upsells.


  • As a result of its comprehensive feature set, ClickFunnels doesn’t provide the same attention to some details as SamCart.
  • While SamCart offers a wide selection of customizable templates, ClickFunnels has very few options for designing and modifying the checkout pages.
  • SamCart has affiliate management as a regular feature, but ClickFunnels only includes it as part of the Actionetics and Backpack plan.
  • Although ClickFunnels has many capabilities, most of them are only accessible in the more costly plans.

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Pros and Cons of SamCart


  • SamCart is one of the best shopping carts and checkout pages available. It enables you to sell both tangible and intangible services and products.
  • One-click upsells, abandoned cart prevention, and order bumps are just a few of the tools that make it simple to boost your conversion rate and earn more profits from every sale.
  • SamCart features an affiliate management system that helps you manage your affiliates, use extra affiliate accounts, and track the amount of money you’re making from clients driven by your affiliates.
  • The company works with multiple top email marketing and automation programs, although it lacks some significant marketing automation tools.
  • SamCart has a basic package available for only $19 per month and a 1% processing fee, making it considerably less expensive than ClickFunnels.


  • SamCart does not have any email marketing and automation tools. As a result, you will have to focus on app integrations for your business’ marketing needs.
  • You can only use split testing, and one-click upsells on Pro and Premium plans.

SamCart Vs. ClickFunnels Feature Comparison

Each platform has its own set of pros and cons. Hence, SamCart and ClickFunnels will affect your business differently. 

Page Builder and Sales Funnel Templates

The checkout page is where most companies lose consumers. Although most checkout pages work for functionality, they don’t offer optimized conversions.

With its checkout page builder, which enables you to create pages that focus on design, functionality, and conversion, SamCart attempts to address this issue.

samcart templates
Samcart templates

For example, you can build one-page checkout layouts from SamCart with single-column vertical patterns or multiple columns.

These various layouts tackle various issues, including responsiveness and display size.

All of SamCart’s themes are adaptable to portable devices, fully editable, and support images and videos.

Furthermore, you can add SamCart’s various trust seals anywhere on the checkout pages to improve customer confidence and calm last-minute transaction worries.

Plus, SamCart allows you to add pop-up pages to the checkout process, which can raise interaction and minimize cart abandonment rates. Furthermore, you can have the checkout page come up if needed. 

On the ClickFunnels platform, everything is completely different since it organizes all templates by objective and funnel stage rather than using a single template.

Clickfunnels landing page template
Clickfunnels sales funnel templates

Aside from the checkout page, a squeeze page, purchase page, sales page, order confirmation page, and thank-you page are all available on ClickFunnels.

On ClickFunnels, order pages are a different name from checkout pages. This platform gives you more order templates than SamCart. You can choose pre-built pages or blank pages and customize them yourself with the drag-and-drop editor. 


SamCart has a significant advantage in the simplicity of creating engaging and conversion-optimized checkout pages. Moreover, its checkout has a one-page structure. 

Nevertheless, ClickFunnels still serves the functions that a Checkout page should have. So, both parties win in this case.

A/B Split Testing

To increase conversions, you must analyze your sales plan. Split testing many product versions is the best technique for online business owners to boost sales and conversions.

A/B testing, commonly referred to as split testing, is a marketing test in which you divide your audience in half to examine multiple campaigns and see which one outperforms. 

Clickfunnels split testing
Clickfunnels split test

This task is simple to achieve with ClickFunnels. You can actually do it without even using your mouse. 

SamCart also makes it simple because there are only a few straightforward changes inside its interface. Optimization has become far more practical than before.

samcart split test
Samcart split test


Both platforms can perform A/B tests smoothly. So, it’s a tie here.

Email Capabilities

Because SamCart doesn’t have a built-in autoresponder, you can’t use it to send your customers emails and follow-up sequences. 

To perform those tasks, you need third-party integrations like Aweber, MailChimp, or Convertkit. 

Moreover, there is no marketing automation feature on SamCart. So again, you need to integrate with other tools, like HubSpot or Ontraport. After the integration, you can automate the marketing flow. 

On the other hand, to execute the follow-up orders, ClickFunnels has a built-in sequence builder. However, it doesn’t have the graphical automation builder that many funnel-building programs, including Kartra, do.

clickfunnels 2.0 email builder
Clickfunnels email builder

Email follow-up pipelines are what ClickFunnels refers to. You may organize your leads as groups in ClickFunnels and add the right tags for simpler classification.

What’s more, ClickFunnels comes with more than 40 marketing software integrations. This feature makes it easy for you to deliver broadcast emails. 

Although not as sophisticated as some sales funnel development applications like Kartra, ClickFunnels also incorporates automation tools.


ClickFunnels has an impressive win in this term. You can opt for more integrations for the best of your sales process.

Sales And Conversion Feature

In terms of upsells, cart abandonment, and boost offers, SamCart is less effective than ClickFunnels at increasing conversions.

The upsell page layouts in SamCart are well developed. They look great, and they let your customers buy their upsells with just one click, making up for what it misses in diversity.

However, ClickFunnels has a few more conversion-boosting features like Actionetics, its separate email marketing software, and Click Optins.

One of the things that makes ClickFunnels special is Click Optins. Instead of sending users to an opt-in site, it enables direct opt-in from the email.


The SamCart conversion boosters are effective, but they only have basic funnel features. And for boosting conversions for a more profitable sales process, ClickFunnels can do much more.

Listing Digital And Physical Products

The success rates of your marketing and sales process can depend heavily on how you list the services and products on your shopping cart website.

Choose the system that allows you to create appealing landing pages, highlight your products, and automate your sales funnel.

samcart listing product
Listing products with Samcart

SamCart is a wonderful system to market and sell digital products. You must sign into the website and select “New Products” from the dashboard to add your product to SamCart. Then, add information, such as:

  • Name of product
  • Price
  • Description
  • Product type 

You can also upload a picture. Then, choose the payment method, like recurring monthly or recurring weekly. This system also helps you set coupons and discounts. 

Beyond just posting your products, SamCart provides numerous eCommerce options. They are partial refunds, monthly subscriptions, and CRM connectors, among other things.

How about ClickFunnels?

It’s simple to upload a product’s info on this platform.

First, click “Product Details,” where you can give the product a title, a price tag, and access to other tools like volume limits and the bump tool.

add product clickfunnels
Add a new product in Clickfunnels

However, before doing anything, you must create your product, design an order form, and establish a payment gateway. ClickFunnels has a tutorial to help you with these tasks.


The features of SamCart are pretty straightforward, systematic, and user-friendly. However, ClickFunnels is the winner of this round, thanks to its multiple areas.

Reporting And Analytics

Since you deal with marketing, you must know how important it is to select a shopping cart platform with advanced reporting features. Then, you can monitor, analyze, and enhance your sales figures.

At the basic plan of SamCart, you only get access to the sales reports. However, as soon as you move to a higher grade, you’ll have access to all the data required to analyze your sales and conversions.

The system divides the reports into different sections, such as traffic, date, product, and subscription.

Report exporting is also a quick and simple procedure. You can use them as CSV files or choose more detailed reports about your sales funnels.

samcart analytics
Samcart analytics & reports

When you purchase the “Grow,” and “Scale” plans from SamCart, you will have these reports:

  • Subscription: You can learn more about how your memberships, free trials, payment plans, and other items are working.
  • Charges: You may find this report under the “Activity” drop-down and use it to keep track of all your payments, their sources, and the ones you have planned to collect.
  • Traffic: You may locate where the sales are. This report also helps you track UTM codes you gather on your sites using the referrer’s database, and the UTM chart will show up to you.

ClickFunnels also has excellent analytics reports. They are easy to read and provide detailed insights on many metrics, such as conversion rates or orders.  

The other brilliant thing about this platform is that it can use its easy-to-use features to track every sales funnel’s effectiveness as soon as it goes online.

clickfunnels analytics feature
Clickfunnels analytics

For example, you may check how many people came to your site, how many purchased your product, what proportion of people joined your email marketing list, and so on.

Moreover, you can adjust the headlines, text, graphics, and calls to action with ClickFunnels’ integrated A/B testing tool to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


SamCart’s reporting system is easier to understand than ClickFunnels’, making it a more suitable option for beginners.

However, ClickFunnels offers more comprehensive analytics and reports tools. Hence, it might be more attractive to experienced marketers.

Affiliate Tool

You should choose a system with the proper affiliate management solution if you want to use affiliates. Let’s compare the performance of SamCart vs. ClickFunnels. 

SamCart’s affiliate management set is straightforward enough for new users to comprehend.

Samcart affiliate management
Samcart affiliate management

You can activate or deactivate affiliates for various products on the dashboard. A summary of all significant affiliate metrics is also available, along with overall affiliate earnings.

The affiliate center links to a set of affiliates who can help sell your services and products. It’s a huge benefit of the premium subscription.

However, this feature only comes with the more expensive package. Therefore, to utilize the service, you must subscribe to the “Scale” subscription, which costs $199 per month.

Many businesses employ affiliates as a way to earn more revenue, especially if you offer them attractive compensation.

On the contrary, the “Backpack” feature of ClickFunnels supports the creation of affiliate links. Sadly, the lower plans do not offer this service. So if you want to use affiliates, you must subscribe to the more expensive plan. 

clickfunnels affiliate setting
Clickfunnels affiliate setting

Sticky cookies, an impressive feature of ClickFunnels’ affiliate center, enable consumers who have already made a purchase from that affiliate link to be identified and tracked.

The sticky rookies enable your affiliates to receive recurring commissions for other items that a customer buys.

clickfunnels sticky cookies
How Clickfunnels sticky cookies work

This feature, which is exclusive to ClickFunnels, is one of the biggest drivers for an online marketer may pick this solution over SamCart.

Verdict: ClickFunnels’ affiliate center is outstanding. Even if the tool is only accessible with the platinum plan, it may still be advantageous for you if most of your money comes from affiliate marketing.


Integration is one of the most crucial things to consider when deciding which solution is best for your company.

You must pick a platform that is simple to connect with other marketing tools and applications in your technology stack.

With Zapier connection, you may link to all of your services and apps even if they aren’t directly compatible with SamCart or ClickFunnels.

SamCart offers integrations for many features, such as:

  • Payment: PayPal, Braintree, Stripe
  • Email marketing: Hubspot, MaroPost, Drip, MailChimp, Ontraport
  • Membership site: Kajabi, MemberMouse, Thinkific
  • Fulfillment services: ShipStation, Zapier
  • Webinar: Zapier, Kajabi

SamCart provides a helpful sandbox that lets you check if everything is running as it should. This step is vital to take before publishing your sales funnels. 

Additionally, you can use Stripe to run tests on payments; they won’t show up in your statistics. But once more, ClickFunnels doesn’t have this feature, bringing a win to SamCart.

ClickFunnels also provides several options for integrations, such as: 

  • Payment: PayPal, EasyPayDirect, Stripe, Apple/Android Pay
  • Email marketing: Hubspot, MaroPost, Drip, MailChimp, Ontraport
  • Membership site: Kajabi, MemberMouse, Thinkific
  • Fulfillment services: ShipStation, Zapier
  • Webinar: Zapier, Kajabi

Besides, ClickFunnels integrates with Clickbank, Shopify, and many marketing automation tools, checkout pages, payments gateways, and autoresponders. 

The system even allows you to integrate with WordPress to establish an e-commerce site smoothly. 


After considering the sheer quantity of integrations offered, ClickFunnels is the winner in this category.


Since budget is one of the most important things to monitor while running a business, you must check the pricing plans carefully to choose between SamCart vs ClickFunnels

Both platforms have a free trial. You must enter your credit card details to use this plan on either platform.  


The plans offered by SamCart start at $49 per month, and they are as follows:

Admin Users1310
IntegrationsStandardEnhancedCustom CRM and API
Priority Email SupportNoNoYes
Advanced Growth Package FeaturesNoNoYes
One-on-One Launch Support CallNoYesYes
Conversion Accelerator Package FeaturesNoYesYes
Marketing Accelerator Package FeaturesNoYesYes
Insights Accelerator Package FeaturesNoYesYes


You can try the 14-day free trial from ClickFunnels. After that, there are numerous other tiers with prices starting at $97/month:

Sub users13
Custom domains39
Payment gateways39


Even though they both have 14-day free trials, SamCart is less costly than ClickFunnels across all price ranges.

ClickFunnels has more features for developing pages and sales funnels, and this software could feel overwhelming if you already have a sales funnel.

Customer Support

Although ClickFunnels provides excellent support, you must pay to get some of the instructions. You will experience it as soon as you sign up for your free trial login.

In addition to the many tutorials, ebooks, and hackathons, ClickFunnels also gives live chat. You must be thankful for this support if you run into problems while building your sales funnels.

You shouldn’t expect to talk to a human if you use the chat service. Instead, you will see suggestions for your problems from a chat box. 

However, you can still contact a real person via email. The more costly the plan, the more support. 

You can’t get chat support for using SamCart. However, this platform is welcome to enroll in a free training course. On any SamCart plan, you also get support via email.

The Scale plan offers priority level service, whereas the Grow and Launch packages have one and two days lead periods, respectively.

There is a knowledge base for SamCart. This help website provides information on each and every SamCart section.


Although SamCart does not offer live chat help, its knowledge base is comprehensive with valuable information. So, there is no winner in this round, as you can get the same level of support.  

What Tools Can You Only Find On ClickFunnels And Not On SamCart?

SamCart lacks some features that ClickFunnels delivers, making it a fantastic all-around solution for many business models. 


You’ll access Follow-Up Funnels with the Platinum plan, an excellent tool for contacting customers after they’ve joined your newsletter or purchased a product from your marketing campaign.

Learning materials 

There is a supportive community and much instructional content on ClickFunnels. Hence, it will be more beneficial in the long term because you can learn lessons from others’ mistakes and the platform’s tutorial materials.  

Advanced sales funnel builder

With its countless customizable sales funnel and page options, ClickFunnels is a terrific way to grow your online business. 

Similarly, you can do anything within their user-friendly dashboard; it doesn’t require coding skills or other complex software.

Live webinars 

Webinars are a fantastic resource for marketers to interact with their customers and develop their brands.

Membership Site Builder

The ability to build membership sites using ClickFunnels is one of its key highlights. Although it still needs improvement, it offers a feature that SamCart doesn’t have. 

What Tools Can You Only Find On SamCart And Not On ClickFunnels?

SamCart is a cost-effective and simple-to-use eCommerce platform. Compared to ClickFunnels, it provides fewer features, yet some of them can be really significant if used wisely.


SamCart is the only site where you can get advanced reporting. It enables you to keep track of all the statistics that are essential for any kind of business. 


Featuring built-in tax collection and compatibility with VAT, SamCart is a pioneer in the e-commerce industry. 


Any business that wants to go globally should use SamCart. 

Without ever being concerned about translating or adjusting the pricing of your products, you can set localizations in multiple currencies and languages with it. 

Partial refunds

Click Funnel does not provide a feature that enables users to refund their clients partly, but SamCart does.

ClickFunnels Case Study and Reviews

Many people have tried ClickFunnels and had a satisfying experience with it.

The man in this video will show you how he earned more than $15,000 by using Clickfunnels

YouTube video

Clickfunnels 3rd reviews:

SamCart Case Study and Reviews

Similarly, many users have achieved success using SamCart to sell their products. This video will tell you how you can get revenue from the platform.

YouTube video

Samcart 3rd reviews:

SamCart vs. ClickFunnels: Which One Is Better?

Both platforms are beneficial for your business. However, you can only bring out the best of each if you use it for the right purpose. 

Get ClickFunnels if:

  • You need a comprehensive marketing and funnel-building solution to aid you in attracting visitors and converting them into leads, prospects, and final customers. 
  • You want to improve your entire sales funnel. 

Get SamCart if:

  • You are a businessman with established funnel-building solutions and email marketing tools.
  • You need a shopping cart and checkout page to assist you in taking orders online simply. 


SamCart and ClickFunnels are both excellent choices for online sellers. They make an effort to provide all the features your company needs.

You might already have a decision in mind after reading our comparison between SamCart vs ClickFunnels. Now, make your choice after considering your budget and desired features. 

Thank you for reading!

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