Clickfunnels Review 2019 : New Features – Actionetics – Backpack

Clickfunnels is a software help you build the sales funnel. So today I will show you Clickfunels review and how to build sales funnel with that. After that, I will answer the question Clickfunnels scam or legit? and compare Clickfunnels vs others platform.

So inside this blog what I’m going to do is actually walk you through a lot of the templates that are available.

I’m going to show you examples of some of the actual layouts of funnels you can build in that are pre-built into the quick funnels platform.

Does it work for you?

Now, Let me show you the full review of Clickfunnels now!

clickfunnels review - funnel secrets(1)

Clickfunnels Review – All You Need To Know

Generally, I would say Clickfunnels is going to be one of the best platforms out there for building landing pages.

But in terms of cost, it will be something that you’ll have to ultimately decide if it’s right for you and your business.  So you can go kind of give it a test run and see if it’s something you’d like to check out.

Now I’m going to walk you through the Clickfunnels platform.

Why You Should Be Creating Your Own Sales Funnels

Before we start you just know why we need sales funnel. You can read my post about sales funnels meaning. In this case, I want to share with you about 7 phases of a lead.

7 phase of a lead by Russell Brunson

If you have been read Dotcom Secrets book before. You’ll know 7 phases of a lead is the process that converts a visitor into the client. It’s about 7 steps.

Each step has been Creating by landing pages or other stuff.

And when they come together that really powerful. I call that process is sales funnel. 

ClickFunnels Overview

Product Information

Product NameClickfunnels Software
VendorEtison Product
Clickfunnels trialClick Here
Bonus + DiscountYes – Get Your Bonus here
Price$97/month (basic) or $297/month (actionetics)
NicheSoftware / Marketing & Sales
Necessarily a technicalNo
Refund14 Days FREE trial + 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
RecommendHighly Recommend

Frequently Bought together

dotcom secrets book
Dotcom Secrets Book
expert secrets book
Expert Secrets Book
funnel hacker's cookbook pdf version
Funnel Hacker CookBook

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a basic tool that you can use to build out.

what I would like to consider funnels or sales pages. Anything that you really going to utilizing to start selling online delivering your products marketing them selling them.

They’re really kind of an all in one package.

They’re definitely one of the biggest contenders out there and they offer a few different solutions that I would say have some advantages over some of the other tools out there.

Let Me Show You The SIMPLICITY Of How ClickFunnels Works…

Step 1: Pick the sale funnel you want

Clickfunnels review - pick sales funnel

Now, the first step you need to do is choose the funnel that you want. At, this point we focus on the goal of the campaign:

  • Sales product or services
  • Launching
  • Build membership

Once you have the funnel, you can pre-design to sell your product by sending traffic and watch sales come in.

Clickfunnels review - pick sales funnelStep 2: Pick style of page design you like

Clickfunnels provide hundred of free sales funnel template design. So you just pick the page design that you like to help you:

  • General lead
  • Upsell
  • long sales page
  • video sales letter
  • Webinar template
  • And so much more

modify the page with clickfunnelsStep 3: Modify The Page With Etison Editor

The Etison Editor has been created for you. This is the easiest way to build the funnel by “drag & drop” really fast. You can replace the page design with your brand (like the logo, video, image,…) and publish your funnel.

Do you want to learn more about Etison Editor and discover how to make your funnel pretty and awesome? You can click the link to Create Edit High Converting Pages by Drag and Drop here

Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial Now!

Russell Brunson – Clickfunnels Creator

russell brunson - cofounder clickfunnels companyThis platform was built by Russell Brunson – Young Entrepreneurs

He starts selling the product online when he study in college – Potato gun DVD.

After that, he starts to create Clickfunnels from zero to millionaire in just 3 years

Many people know him as a:

  • “King of Funnel”
  • American Storyteller
  • Author of Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets book
  • Creator of Perfect Webinar to help you sell anything
  • Making $3,000,000 in sales in just 90 minutes at 10X Growth-con event of Grant Cardone

Watch the “Million Presentations” here

He’s actually a very sort of famous in a way Internet marketerHe has been doing lots of stuff with sales funnels and really good at doing all kinds of things in the Internet marketing world and he ended up creating this software.

Pros And Cons


  • Landing Page and Editor are easy to use.
  • No designer needed
  • A lot of sales funnel template
  • Funnel builder faster
  • Without necessarily a technical
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Can be share funnel with other
  • Incredible documentation
  • Good customer service
  • High-quality training by Russell Brunson
  • Great Marketing Automation features


  • Limited layout options
  • Need to Integrate with other software like Email, SMS, CRM,…
  • Limited funnels and pages (20 Funnels and 100 pages with basic plan)
  • High cost

Clickfunnels Price.

clickfunnels cost

So basically they have a couple of different Sign-Up options. You’ve got the $97/month or 297/month with actionetics Clickfunnels

You’re generally looking at that 14-day free trial and after that trial ends, you’re then bumped up to the $97/month.

So this is definitely a little bit more of an expensive tool to get started with in terms of the monthly commitment you’d have to put in.

But it is something that you know there are reasons that you may want to go with this version. You know checking out some of these other platforms and we’ll be going over that.

So let’s dive in and also walk me through some of the features inside of Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels basic Vs Clickfunnels Suite

Basic PlanFull ClickFunnels Suite
  • Build a Smart Sales funnel
  • Instantly create dozens of different type of sales funnels
  • Integrates with Shopping Cart, CRM, Email Autoresponder
  • 20 Funnels, 100 Pages, 20k Visitor
  • And more…
  • All of the benefit of Clickfunnels
  • Unlimited Funnels/ Traffic / Pages / Domains
  • Bonus Affiliate Funnel
  • Create action Funnels (Email, Message and more)
  • Track Affiliate Clicks and sales
  • Create custom follow up sequences
  • Tracking Email autoresponder
  • And More…

Clickfunnels Actionetics and Packages features

After you buy Clickfunnels Etison full suite, you also have Clickfunnels Actionetics and  Packages features.

So what is it?

I will explain to you right now!

1. Actionetics

Fist, watch the video below to see the power of Actionetics


Normally, people will visit your website, product page or your blog but they do not do anything, right?

The visitors are real people and they have a different job, business type, hope and also different dream. The big mistake that many marketers make is we see them as one person.

Most marketers they build a funnel and try to generate leads.

After people sign-up, they receive the same email from Autoresponder day-by-day. They build just ONE:

  • Sales Funnel
  • Sales Message
  • Follow Up Sequence

For hundreds of thousand DIFFERENT PEOPLE visit their website. This is the reason why your funnel not working effectively and has a lower conversion.

Imagine, what if you can talk, teach and sell to each person a little differently?

This is the reason why they create Clickfunnels Actionetics. so you can see who is actually coming to our websites and then market to them based on:

  • Who they are.
  • Where they came from.
  • What they do on your website.

Why Actionetics Important?

The first you must know, Actionetics isn’t just your email autoresponder. It’s power more than that.

Remember, how people come with you? They may be from:

  • Facebook
  • Blog
  • Desktop Notification
  • YouTube

They do not always stay on email or just one place right?

With Actionetics, you easier to reach them NO MATTER where they are at or what are they doing! Watch the video below to understand what I say.


Sign-Up Clickfunnels Account
andTrial Actionetics For FREE!

Once you have Clickfunnels Actionetic, you can connect and reach with your audience many different ways:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Email
  • Retargeting Ads
  • SMS…

That’s mean you have a chance to cancel all separate services (email service, Facebook chatbot, CRM,…)

cancel separate services with clickfunnels actionetics

Sign-Up Clickfunnels Account and
Trial Actionetics For FREE!

2. Clickfunnels Packages

So now you’ve got a funnel and maybe you’ve heard in the past that if you build it they will come. But if that were

true… where are your customers? Why are you not getting any traffic leads or sales?


Having a funnel is great.

But without an affiliate system that will actually turn traffic into your funnels, well you’re kind of dead in the water.

clickfunnels backpack affiliate programAs you probably already know picking an affiliate platform is kind of like picking your spouse.

After you’ve made the decision, you add your products into their system and you recruit your affiliates. Then they start to promote your products.

Well, it’s not easy to leave!

It literally feels like until death do you part. 

So if you’re here today then I’m guessing that you’re about to make that all-important choice. Or maybe you did with a service you didn’t know much about at the time… And now, you deeply regret it. After all, it’s a commitment that could last a lifetime.

The Traffic You Get From Affiliates Is The Best Type of Traffic

Yes, it’s better than Facebook, Google and better than almost any other type of marketing.


Because affiliate referral traffic is word-of-mouth traffic.

So not only does it convert better…It’s also free! 

Unlike Google or Facebook right to pay for an ad even if I never make a penny.

With an Affiliate, You Don’t Pay Anything Until After They Make The Sale

That means that they have the risk on them, not on you.

  • They have to buy the Ad
  • Drive the traffic

They only get paid if and only if they make a sell. Isn’t that a better way to do business?

For example: 

If I were to affiliate and I gave you $100 would you give me $50 back?

What if I gave you $1,000 would you give me $500 back.

Well, what about a million dollars how much we could be willing to give me then?

Now, I know that this may not seem possible yet. But it’s happening every day and having the right affiliate platform is the key until recently.

This is the reason why you need Clickfunnels Backpack for Affiliate program.

Not only that, but Clickfunnels Backpack also include:

  • Analytics
  • Spit test
  • Shopping Cart
  • Email
  • Text Message follow up system

You can add to any page that’ll instantly add an affiliate program to that funnel. The backpack will track your sell and 

how much to pay your affiliate referral partners.

Sign-Up Clickfunnels Account and
Trial Backpack For FREE!

Clickfunnels Review By Members

Review From a member of ClickFunnels … After he using 6 other systems before he threw them ALL away for ClickFunnels…


Just like you, Garrett White – founder of Wake Up Warrior don’t know everything about code, design or program skill. He trying to use 6 other system. And now, he only using Clickfunnels to build their business online.

Clickfunnels Vs other tools

As you know, there are many other tools out there that have similar features like clickfunnels. So for a more objective look, you can see Clickfunnels comparison chart here. I already to compare clickfunnels with similar tools about price, feature, benefit,...

Why you should consider Clickfunnels

I wanted to give those of you who have not tried out click funnels an opportunity to get a really amazing bonus. If you go and sign up Clickfunnels today.

So Clickfunnels offers a 14-day free trial there’s no obligation, you do not need to pay anything up front.

And of course, if you’re watching this blog it’s most likely I was covering a topic on Clickfunnels. I just wanted to give those of you who actually don’t have the Clickfunnels platform yet an opportunity to go sign up.

And get a very special unique bonus for me personally.

So if you want to get your trial started it. You can click here to get that sales funnel software.

ClickFunnels Bonus and Discount


Now, this is a cool thing that I want to share with you when you start CLickfunnels today!

Most people like me usually scroll at the end of the page to see some bonus or discount… And this is the deal. When you start Clickfunnels today, you will receive all bonus to help you succeed and move forward.

Bonus 1: The 3 Funnel template

the 3 fast funnel templateYou will receive top 3 sales funnel templates that you will need to grow your business.

Just 1 click, ALL the pages, and template of 3 core funnel will be instantly shared with you and show up on your Cclickfunnels member dashboard.

It will save your time and helpful

Bonus 2: Clickfunnels Special Ultimate training

“3 Simple Tweaks Our Top Members Use To Instantly Boost Sales By 540%… …Without Driving Any Extra Traffic!”

Clickfunnels special webclass trainingDiscover all these secrets inside the Web class training:

  1. How to instantly pay more than your competitors and ethically steal ALL potential customers in your market. 
  2. 3 simple funnels will shock you after 70,728 Split Tests…
  3. The Secrets to Drive traffic to fill out your funnel

funnel hacker's cookbook pdf versionBonus 3: Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook (Digital version)

If you just start to build a sales funnel, this book is created for you.

This book will provide you:

  1. 22 Sales funnel template & recipes
  2. The page recipes that are needed to go into each funnel (and the correct order each page should be in)
  3. All the elements – or “ingredients” – that need to be included on each page

Read Funnel hacker’s cookbook review here

Sign-Up Clickfunnels Account and
Get the Bonus For FREE!

Clickfunnels Discount

If you Start Clickfunnels today and buy it for at least 6 months. Here are what you will get:

  • 6 Months Enterprise Account to ClickFunnels
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Training
  • Traffic Secrets Membership
  • 12 Months Access To Funnel Scripts
  • Unlimited Funnels bonus
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • And so much more…

Now, you may be asking what are there? and how they can help you succeed, right?

So I highly recommend you click the button below to see the 10X Secrets Training to discover how they can help you

Russell Brunson 10X presentation at 10x growth grant cardone

Yes! I Want The Video Training For
FREE and Get Discount


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