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Clickfunnels Funnel Scripts Review: Price, Demo & Free Trial

funnel scripts review
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Funnel Scripts is a perfect solution for writing great sales copies for sales funnel and marketing campaigns. It is easy to use and customize to get proven copy for various marketing needs.

Content creation tools are increasingly popular in the current time because they can help marketers reduce the time to produce their content.

Depending on your purpose, there’s a tool for that! The question is, which one will work best with what you’re trying to build?

This post is an in-depth Funnel Scripts review – the most popular tool that helps marketers generate engaging and effective copywriting scripts for your sales funnel quickly. All questions about this tool will be answered in this post, such as:

  • Is this software worth it or a hype?
  • What scripts are in funnel scripts?
  • What is the cost of funnel scripts?
  • How to get Funnel Scripts for free (trial version)
  • Is Funnel Scripts has the trial version? and how to access it
  • Can it replace copywriters?

No matter what your questions are, you’ll find the answer in my post. Make sure to read my review of Funnel Scripts from beginning to end so that you can make the right decision.

What Is Funnel Scripts?

buy funnel scripts

Funnel Scripts is a content creation tool created by Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards. The tool is designed to help marketers generate high-converting copywriting scripts in any stage of the sales funnel more quickly than ever before.

When Funnel Scripts was born, it became a savior. The platform gives you quick and efficient conversion copy with funnel scripts, which has enough appeal to attract potential customers. Also, Funnel Scripts helps you convert to manipulate more specific actions.

Funnel Scripts will create mass Copy for you without spending huge sums on hiring copywriters based on target market, customer needs, and product issues.

Why do I recommend Funnel Scripts To Write Sales Funnel Copies?

good vs poor copy

The sales copy is crucial for your business whether you write blog posts, social media posts, email, sales letters, video scripts, presentations, etc.

The most prominent problem marketers make when building their sales funnel is spending weeks or months creating the offer, building landing pages, and email follow-up sequences.

But guess what, the funnel is not working.

The reason why your sales funnels do not convert is rarely coming from the funnel framework or page design.

It’s because your copy sucks.

The standard solution for marketers is:

  1. Hire professional copywriters
  2. Spend time to learn copywriting for themselves

This is the same as what I did for a long time, and here are the issues:

1. The cost to hire a good writer is expensive

There’s no doubting the power and value that a good copywriter can bring to your business. They have skills, experience, and almost everything you can expect.

The only problem is the price

upwork copywriting service price

Keep in mind: The price for an SEO article is different than a sales copy.

If you visit Upwork.com, the cost to hire a copywriter to write sales copy for you starts from $50 – $85.

However, that is not the price of the entire project. Average sales page length 1000 – 3000 words (some landing pages will be higher).

This means you should pay at least $600 for a “one-page” sales copywriting.

The price on other platforms like Fiverr are similar

With the incredible number of options for writers on this planet, it can be hard to know which is right. You’ll need some time and experimentation with different services before finding a good one that will suit your needs perfectly!

2. Learning copywriting is hard

Copywriting is a skill that requires months or years to master. You should spend time practicing it every day for your skillset to grow and take on new heights!

There are many resources for you to learn copywriting. Researching on Google, I found many books and courses teaching people how to change their voice or use different phrases better to capture more clients with an engaging message!

However, not everyone indeed wants to learn it. I’m one of those who have read many books but still can’t write well, so naturally, this is worse for me!

To be honest, even though learning copywriting skills is a real challenge. But I highly recommend you should take the time out of your day and invest in yourself by doing so because it will only make things go smoother for us both!

Now, you know about the benefits of sales copy and the challenge that marketers face. This is the reason why you need Funnel Scripts to help your work easier and faster.

  • You can save a lot of money spend for hire writers
  • If you’re not good at copywriting, you should pick a template and answer the question by filling the black and clicking the button. The tool will write to you.
  • If you have experience in copywriting, Funnel Scripts help you save time to create your first draft, and everything you need to do is fix grammar and modify it to your need.

Now, let see how Funnel Scripts work to help your online business.

How Does Funnel Scripts Work?

funnel scripts dashboard

Take a look at the left menu; there are two main sections:

  • The navigation bar includes the bonuses, training, and other necessary links
  • The sales script template: Here is where you access over 60 copywriting scripts. Everything scripts you need to build a sales funnel will place here.

When you click on any of them, it will direct you to a page for that specific script or resource.

In this case, I pick the Conversion Ad Script. You can see on the top is the video tutorial teaches you how to use this script correctly.

Now, scroll down and follow these steps to see how Funnel Scripts work.

Step 1: Filling the blank by completing the few short questions

There are three sections here:

  1. Directions: exactly steps to build your project
  2. Example Projects: Auto-load examples to help you understand how to answer the questions correctly 
  3. Q&A Form: Answers the question by filling in the blank. The tool will generate content based on what you input right here.

If you’re struggling with these questions, don’t worry! The example project will show the answers for each one. Simply click on it, and they’ll automatically load up immediately, so you can look at the answer example and modify it easily.

Step 2: Click on the “Build” button

Scroll down and click on the “Build” button, then Funnel Scripts will write for you. The tool provides several results. 

Step 3: Modify and save the project

Now, you have a few drafts ready to test your campaign. However, if you are not satisfied with the results, so you can:

  • Click on the blue text to automate to change the wording
  • or click on the black text to scroll up to the question section where you can change your answer to make your copy better

Once you are satisfied with the result, you can:

  • Click on the blue shopping cart to save to the clip bin
  • Click the “Copy” button to copy and paste the text anywhere you want
  • Also, you can click on the Project button and save it for the future
  • Don’t forget to click on the Get Results to download it.
funnel scripts saved project
Your project will be save here

You also use the same technique for other copywriting scripts. Would you want to look at some examples of result that created by this tool?

If you want to get more samples, I highly recommend you should watch the webinar about the Funnel Scripts demo here

Now, you understand how the tool works. Next, we go deep inside to discover all the copywriting scripts that Funnels Scripts provides.

What Scripts Are In Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts has over 60 scripts broken down into various categories so that you can pick the one suited for your needs.

1. Downloadable Wizard

Funnel scripts downloadable wizards

One of my favorite Funnel Scripts features is the downloadable wizard, making it easier for me to write copy.

There are six wizard scripts available that you can access:

  • Easy Survey Script
  • Masterclass Wizard
  • Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • Podcast and Facebook Live Wizard
  • Star Story Solution Script
  • VSL Wizard

If you have watched Russell Brunson’s webinar, then it seems like he used the same formula in his presentation.

10X GrowthCon tickets

This is the same script he used at the 10X Growth Conference event in 2018, and it helped him make $3 million in sales.

Watch the presentation recorded here.

That’s called the Perfect Webinar Script, and it has been shared in both the Expert Secrets book and PWS training.

In the past, most people spent weeks creating their presentations.

However, with Perfect Webinar Wizard, you can have a completed presentation in just hours.

2. Advertising Scripts

funnel scripts review advertising scripts

If you’ve ever struggled with writing an ad before then, this is the perfect solution for you!

Advertising Scripts is here to help you create engaging and compelling ad copies that will boost conversion rates and increase sales online. No matter which type of ad or where it is placed, the tool always can help:

  • Conversion Ad Scripts
  • Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts
  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts
  • PPC Ad Scripts
  • Stealth Close Scripts

3. Bullet Scripts

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to write bullet points for your business?

Bullet points are an essential part of any marketing or sales copy because they help readers quickly understand the benefits of a product or service.

They also make it easier for people to scan through information and find what they need, which is why every business writer should know how to write them well.

This feature allows you to write:

  • Brunson Bullet Scripts
  • Easy Avatar Bullet Scripts
  • FBM Bullet Script

4. Case Studies/ Testimonial Scripts

92% of consumers report that they trust word of mount marketing. Case studies and customer testimonials are an effective way to establish trust, demonstrate expertise, and provide social proof.

They’re also great tools for increasing conversion rates by showing how real people have benefited from using your product or service.

You can use case studies in all kinds of places on your site – blog posts, landing pages, squeeze pages, or anywhere you want to show off what you offer and why people should buy it. Everything you need is just two scripts:

  • Case Study Script
  • and Milion Dollar Testimonial Script

5. Content Creation Scripts

content idea script

Are you looking for a way to generate ideas for content that will keep your audience engaged and excited?

If so, then these scripts are the perfect solution. They’re designed to help you develop excellent ideas that will get your audience super excited about what you have to say.

The Funnel Scripts provides a variety of resources to help you create different types of content:

  • About Me/ Bio Page Script
  • Content Idea Script
  • Conversation Starter Script
  • Decision Tree Script
  • Free Report Script
  • Seinfeld Email Topic Ideas Script
  • Story Idea Scripts
  • The Demo Script
  • The Framework Script

6. Dotcom Secrets Scripts

The Dotcom Secrets book contains ten years of experience by Russell Brunson. He was following and learning from top marketers such as Mark Joyner or Dan’s Kennedy.

He spent a lot of time turning the concept ideas into scripts and pages and then testing them to figure out what was working for landing pages, emails, webinars, etc. Everything is broken down in the Dotcom Secrets Book.

If you haven’t read the book, click here to get it for free.

dotcom secrets script 2

The best part is all of the Scripts that Russell talks about in this book are turned into software that you can create and implement in minutes. Here’s what you get:

  • Amazon/ Ecom Scripts
  • Call To Action Script
  • Lead Capture Script
  • Live Event Invitation Scripts
  • Magic Bullet Script
  • Order Bump Script
  • Origin Story Script
  • OTO Coaching/ Done For You Script
  • OTO – Done With You (Over The Shoulder)
  • OTO More Of What You Just Bought
  • OTO Next Thing Script
  • PPT Opt-in Video Scripts
  • Promote Your Webinar Scripts
  • Sales Opener Questions Scripts
  • Special Offer Scripts
  • Star Story Solution Script
  • Webinar Opt-in Script
  • Who, What, Why, How Script

7. Expert Secrets Scripts

funnel scripts review expert secrets scripts

After reading Expert Secrets, I guess you want to become the expert and authority in your market as soon as possible.

You’ll try to build your followers, go deep in desire to stand out from your competitor, and create sales messages to connect with potential customers to make them believe and buy from you.

Jim Edwards translates everything you learn from the book into a feature of Funnels Scripts called Expert Secrets Scripts. It allows you to implement all the secrets that Russell reveals in the book quickly.

So you can be seeing results that you learn in just minutes. Here is precisely what you get inside the package:

  • 5 Curiosity Hooks Script
  • 5 Minutes Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • Ask Campaign Script
  • Epiphany Bridge Script
  • SHORT Epiphany Bridge Script
  • Opportunity Switch Headline Title Script
  • The Big Domino
  • Who, What Statement Script

8. Email Scripts

funnel scripts review email scripts

According to Forbes, 79% of business owners say email marketing is “important” or “very important.”

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and send the same email over and over again, or worse – end up sending nothing at all because you don’t know what to write!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the “Push-Button software,” you can create any type of email for your sales funnel. It includes:

  • Abandoned Cart Email Script
  • Auto Email Follow-Up Scripts
  • Email Copy Generator
  • Email Subject Line Scripts
  • Fast Teaser and Tweet Scripts
  • Free Info Request Email Sequence
  • Live Event Invitation Scripts
  • Onboarding Email Sequence
  • Seinfeld Email Topic Ideas Script
  • Product Launch Email Script
  • Promote Your Webinar Scripts
  • Testimonial Request Email Script
  • Webinar Follow Up Scripts

9. Mastermind / Masterclass Scripts

mastermind scripts

If you struggle to write copy for your Mastermind.com listing, these scripts will help you get it done fast. Whether you’re selling masterminds, masterclasses or courses the tool can helps through:

  • Mastermind Titles (Keyword Specific)
  • Full Mastermind Descriptions
  • Short Mastermind Descriptions
  • Masterclass Promo Video Script

10. One Funnel Away Scripts

one funnel away scripts

One Funnel Away Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to get your marketing funnel done super-fast, whether you’re a beginner or have experience.

I saw that many people who started this challenge had high hopes and lots of energy getting stopped in their tracks soon because it became too difficult to write good sales copy!

To be honest, Russell Brunson shares everything you need to know to write your sales scripts in training clearly and is easy to understand. He provides a lot of resources, daily tasks, and live consultant calls – it’s incredible.

one funnel away challenge task

Not everyone knows how to write a good sales copy even though they have learned many times or read many books. They just simply can’t do it.

The One Funnel Away Scripts is a perfect solution for them. Now, you can create:

  • Core sales letter copy
  • Email follow-up
  • OTO (The One-Time-Offer) copy
  • Headline
  • Hook
  • Story
  • Offer
  • Entire sales funnel copy

Everything will be more efficient no matter what you’re selling. 

11. Sales Copy & Video Scripts

93% of marketers say that video is essential. Please take a look at the funnel of marketing experts; they always use the video on the first section of their landing page.

use video sales letter

Video can be a powerful tool to grab your prospect’s attention, engage them and increase conversion rates. However, it will only get worse for you if you do it wrong!

Focusing on what makes videos work so well rather than how they could go wrong helps us see the benefits of using video in much clearer terms.

The primary thing you should focus on is the script of the video. Funnel Scripts gives you powerful resources to create high converting video sales letter scripts so fast.

Everything you need to build sales copy or video scripts is placed in this category. Some of the best features that you may be interested in are:

  • Dynamic Stack Script
  • Lead Capture Script
  • Live Event Invitation Scripts
  • Mega Sales Letter Script – Full Avatar
  • MEGA VSL Script
  • Order Bump Script
  • OTO Coaching/ Done For You Script
  • OTO More Of What You Just Bought
  • PPT Opt-in Video Scripts
  • Promote Your Webinar Scripts
  • Sales Opener Questions Scripts
  • Webinar Conf Page Offer Script
  • Webinar Opt-in Script

13. Sales Letter Scripts

funnel scripts review: sales letter scripts

The sales letter is an old-school marketing tactic. In the past, it was known as a piece of direct mail designed to persuade prospects to buy you products or services.

Nowadays, you can see it appear on the sales page. The sales letter is still effective even without images or any other media. However, copywriters need more skill to make it interesting enough for the reader’s taste.

Of course, everything you need is available in Funnel Scripts. Here is what’s you get:

  • Long Form Sales Letter Script
  • Mega Sales Letter Script – Full Avatar
  • MEGA VSL Script
  • PPT Video Sales Letter Scripts
  • Short Sales Letter Script
funnel scripts review: headline scripts

A great headline targets your audience, grabs their attention, stops them from clicking the link, checking your sales copy, watching your video, etc.

In short, if you don’t have a good headline, you will get terrible results. Funnel Scripts give you access to various headlines and title templates. So, you can create tons of them in your draft in minutes to start testing them.

  • Core Headline Scripts
  • Core Title Scripts
  • Dirty Little Secrets Script
  • Email Subject Line Scripts
  • Killer Headline Scripts
  • Million Dollar Content Headline Scripts
  • Million Dollar Sales Headlines Scripts
  • Opportunity Switch Headline Title Script
  • Perfect Webinar Titles and Secrets
  • Profitable Title Scripts
  • Short Headline Scripts
  • Timeless Classic Headline Scripts

Funnel Scripts Bonuses

You can get a great deal today with these fantastic bonuses. Here is everything you’ll get 

Copywriting Secrets Training

Funnel Scripts training

Honestly, many users feel that Funnel Scripts is too informative. As soon as you start, you will feel overwhelmed, and it isn’t easy to find how it works.

But you don’t need to worry because Funnel Scripts provides various training to help you understand how the tool work and make it easier for your business. Some of the training that you may be interested in:

  • Copywriting Secrets masterclass
  • Funnel Fridays
  • Funnel Scripts Live Podcast
  • Funnel Scripts Tips Show

The best part is that you can get live monthly coaching with Jim. So you can update new tips and discover what works today.  Plus, all replays will be available at the “Past Training Replays” section for free, so we don’t miss out on any great lessons or tips.

funnel scripts tips show

5 Fast Shared Funnels

Russell shares with you the top 5 best performance funnel that pre-builds and design in Clickfunnels. You just have to download it for your account, customize it to be suitable for your company. It includes:

  • Sales Funnel: The core funnel to help you sell product, service, course training, etc
  • Free & Shipping funnel (or book funnel): This is the funnel that Russell used to promote his books. You can use it to promote books or physical tripwire products.
  • Invisible Funnel: Use this to promote your live coaching or online web class.
  • Webinar Funnel: Use this to promote your LIVE or RECORDED webinar
  • Opt-in Funnel: The simple funnel helps you generate more leads online.

Funnel Scripts Blueprints

funnel scripts blueprints

Funnel Scripts Blueprints include 15 slides of the most popular sales templates to show you exactly which script you should use on each sale funnel page.

So, the next time you create a new one. All it takes is opening up this document and seeing what works best for your particular situation! It saves hours in research because everything’s already laid out before you.

Inception Secrets

For those looking to improve their copywriting skills, you can’t miss Inception Secrets training, where  Russell will teach you about Copywriting and Storytelling.

Once you master this skill, you can sell anything to potential customers, help them be more attracted to your ideas, and be willing to buy from you.

Funnel Scripts Price

funnel scripts price

In the past, they charged you $497/year. But now, Funnel Scripts cost a one-time payment of only $797 to get lifetime access to use over 60 scripts and training.

This price couldn’t be any lower when compared with everything this company has on offer!

I guess the price will be increasing in the future when they add more scripts, training, and bonuses inside.

If you watch the webinar, you’ll see how Funnel Scripts helps Jim and Russell grow their business. It’s really powerful.

How To Access Funnel Scripts Free Trial

I know for some people that paying $797 is a large budget for them. So if you’re looking for a free trial before making a decision, here is some information you want to know.

Funnel Scripts provides two options for you to try the tool for free:

  1. Amazing Headline Scripts generating
  2. Funnel Scripts free level account.

How To Get Funnel Scripts For FREE?

1. Amazing Headline Scripts Generating

funnel scripts free headline generating

Get creative with your headlines by trying out this tool for free. Follow these steps to get started!

2. Access Funnel Scripts Free Level Account

funnel scripts free level account

If you feel that the free headline script is not enough for you, you can try out more features with the Funnel Scripts free-level account.

Now, let me show you how to create a new account for free

Step 1: Click here to join the 5 day lead challenge training for free. (If you are already a member, please skip this step)

Clickfunnels training course: 5 days lead challenge

Step 2: Look at the top bar and click on the Day #3 video.

Step 3: Click on the green button “Get Your Onepager Here”

how to get funnel scripts for free 2

Step 4: On the One-pager page, click on Tool #2 FunnelScripts

Step 5: Click on the “Create Your FREE Account” button to create your new account for FREE.

how to get funnel scripts for free 4

Funnel Scripts free account gives you many features that help you build all scripts that Russell Brunson teaches you in the 5 Day Lead Challenge course. So you can get started to generate leads today!

funnel scripts free section

You’ll get access to:

  • Product Specific Avatar
  • Core Headline Scripts
  • Core Title Scripts
  • Content Idea Script
  • Conversation Starter Script
  • Conversion Ad Script
  • Email Copy Generator
  • Lead Capture Script
  • Niche and Offer Detective Wizard

Pros And Cons


  • Funnel Scripts help you create any scripts you need to build a sales funnel in less than 10 minutes. Everything you should do is to fill the blank and push the button.
  • The price to get Funnel Scripts lifetime access is only equivalent to a few times when you hire a copywriter. 
  • Everything you do is use proven copywriting templates converted to the software to help you generate your first draft quickly. Next, What you should do is customize, make some formatting, and fix grammar.


  • At $797, the investment in Funnel Scripts may not be accessible for everyone. Ideally, allow for splitting the cost into two or three installments would enhance affordability and accessibility for a broader audience.
  • You can’t just fill in the blank with anything because it affects your output. No matter which tool you’ve used, a lot of time needs to be invested for people who are new at understanding how they work and what information is required from them correctly.

What If I Don’t See Funnel Scripts Worth For Me?

Funnel Scripts provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, contact support and request your refund within the first month of purchase!

Is it fair enough?

If I Have Funnel Scripts, Do I Need To Learn Copywriting?

You don’t need to be a copywriter, but I still recommend learning if possible. Why:

  • The quality of the content that Funnel Scripts’ output depends on what you enter. This means there’s no way for you to determine is it a good copy or not without some knowledge about writing in general!
  • In the case you want to tweak and make it better, how can you do that?

After all, tools are great at making things easier by taking up less time than before but they cannot replace people!

Funnel Scripts Alternatives

Funnel Scripts alternatives are content creation software that you can find on the internet. Here are some of the most popular tools for doing this work:

  1. Jasper (most popular now)
  2. Copysmith.ai
  3. Automatic Scripts
  4. ClosersCopy
  5. Kafkai
  6. Copy.ai

The Difference between Funnel Scripts and Other Writing Tools?

Each tool will have advantages and disadvantages depending on user experience. Looking at the market, you can see that many tools & software can help you write emails, headlines, ads, sales letters, etc.

However, most of them are not created the same way, so your result will be different.

When we use the software, you should know that they’re not reinventing the wheel, but they create the content based on the proven formulas that work from top copywriters, such as

  • AIDA framework
  • P.A.S framework
  • Bullet point formula
  • Headline formula
  • And more

Any copywriting framework that you can learn from top copywriters can be translated into the software. So, depending on the formulas that a tool relies on to generate, it will give you different results.

For example, if I use Funnel Scripts and Jasper to create an email, they will give me different results because the framework behind it is really different.

Bottom line: Funnel Scripts will help you fill your sales funnel with copywriting scripts. The scripts have been generated based on what Russell teaches in his books and training. You know that Russell is an expert on the sales funnel, so it’s worth in funnel building. In the other case, Funnel Scripts is doesn’t help if you use it to write blog posts, but Jasper is helpful instead.

Who Are Funnel Scripts For?

Who really should invest a hefty fee in it? Funnel Scripts is worth it for almost all online entrepreneurs who are want to build sales funnels. 

The tool is right for you if:

  • Feeling a headache when writing a sales copy
  • Not sure what to put on each page of the sales funnel?
  • You want to write a high converting copywriting script fast
  • Poor at copywriting and never want to learn it
  • You want the cheaper and easier way to get the copy for your webinar presentation.
  • You don’t want to hire expensive copywriters.

Who Are Funnel Scripts Not For?

Don’t  buy Funnel Scripts if you’re:

  • A professional copywriter who is confident in their sales formula
  • Who can’t afford $797
  • Who doesn’t care about how long it takes to complete sales copy
  • Feel the message that Russell wrote on his landing page (ex Dotcom Secrets) couldn’t generate sales or leads.


I hope you enjoy my Funnel Scripts review. Overall, a good sales copy will help you get more link clicks, convert visitors to leads and customers. With Funnel Scripts, you can create any copy in your sales funnel in less than 10 minutes. Whether it is:

  • Sales page script
  • Upsell page script
  • Squeeze page script
  • Headline
  • Webinar script
  • and more

These copies are all proven and suitable for various marketing needs.

Ultimately, Funnel Scripts is just a platform based on reliable formulas. However, your flexibility and knowledge are still the premises that determine the quality of the Content. Funnel Scripts make it easy to extract a suitable Copy quickly.

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