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Traffic Secrets Scripts vs Funnel Scripts: What’s the Difference?

traffic secrets scripts vs funnel scripts
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There is no double that Funnel Scripts makes it a lot easier and faster to create high converting sales copy for any sales funnels you can dream of. But, after the Traffic Secrets book launch, Jim Edwards launched the new script package called “Traffic Secrets.

There is a lot of misinformation going around about Traffic Secrets Scripts and Funnel Scripts. People seem to be confused about:

  • What does the new Script do?
  • Will it include in Funnel Scripts?
  • What’s the deal?
  • Will I need to buy Funnel Scripts or Traffic Secrets scripts only better?

In this article, I will clear up the confusion and help you decide which product is right for you.

Now, let’s get started!

Traffic Secrets Scripts Vs Funnel Scripts: TL’DR Overview

If you have no time to read the entire article, then here’s a quick overview of Traffic Secrets Scripts vs Funnel Scripts:

  • Traffic Secrets Scripts is a complete difference software from Funnel Scripts, which means it’s not included in the Funnel Scripts membership area, and you must buy it separately.
  • Funnel Scripts is a tool for creating compelling sales copies that attract the customer’s target audience. On the other hand, Traffic Secrets scripts are designed for traffic generation campaigns.
  • Each tool provides a specific script for different purposes. So, you don’t need to buy both Traffic Secrets Scripts and Funnel Scripts because it would be overkill, and you will end up with scripts that you never use.
  • Both are developed by Jim Edwards – a professional copywriter and author of the best-selling book Copywriting Secrets.
  • The Sales copies developed are based on the formula that Russell Brunson shared inside the Dotcom Secrets book, Expert Secrets book, and Traffic Secrets book.
  • Funnel Scripts costs you $797. It’s higher than Traffic Secrets Scripts, $197 but includes more sales scripts and training videos inside.
  • Traffic Secrets Scripts helps online marketers attract more potential customers and drive them into the website or funnel. Funnel Scripts helps convert those visitors to paying customers, increase sales and become loyal.

Now that you know the difference and some facts about these tools. Let’s take a closer look at each of them!

What Are Funnel Scripts and Traffic Secrets Scripts?

funnel scripts logo 1
traffic secrets scripts

Traffic Secrets Scripts and Funnel Scripts is a type of Copy generating SaaS platform created by professional copywriter Jim Edwards and internet marketing expert Russell Brunson. Both of them are selling under Clickfunnels which is a powerful marketing tool that allows entrepreneurs to market, sell, and deliver their products and services online.

There’s no double that copywriting is a vital skill for any marketer, entrepreneur, and funnel hacker.  Unfortunately, for several company owners, this is not a straightforward job.

After all, without a well-written copy, it would be impossible to sell products or services. However, copywriting can be time-consuming and expensive, which is why many marketers are turning to copy-generator platforms.

Similar to other tools, Traffic Secrets Scripts and Funnel Scripts were created to replace the need for hiring copywriters. They help marketers save time, money, and effort while still producing quality content.

Everything you should do is:

  1. Pick a template
  2. Fill out the list of question
  3. Click on the “Build” button
  4. Done

What makes Funnel Scripts and Traffic Secrets Scripts different than their competitors is that they have been translated from Russell Brunson’s book included: Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets book

This is the same script that Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels used to generate more than $250 million in sales and process more than $3.89 billion through its software (2014).

Wondering about the quality of the copy created by those tools?

Visit the page below to watch the video demo now:

Traffic Secrets Scripts vs Funnel Scripts: Features

traffic secrets scripts vs funnel scripts features

Okay, now you gonna want to know which one has online scripts that are right for your need. Each tool provides numerous scripts that you can use in different scenarios.

You can watch the table comparison below to help you distinguish between them.

FeatureTraffic Secrets ScriptsFunnel Scripts
Number of Scripts22 scripts and 1 WizardOver 60 scripts and 6 Offline Downloadable Wizards
Downloadable Script WizardsDream 100 Detective Wizard_ Easy Survey Wizard
_ Perfect Webinar Wizard
_ Podcast & Facebook Live Wizard
_ Star Story Solution Script
_ VSL Wizard
Email Scripts_ 3 Key Email Teaser Script
_ Cart Funnel Email Script
_ Challenge Funnel Email Promo
_ Deadline Offer Email Sequence
_ Media Ad Buy Approach Script
_ Soap Opera Template Script
_ Solo Ad Email Script
_ Unboxing Email Sequence
_ Webinar Funnel Promotion Email Scripts
_ Abandoned Cart Email Script
_ Auto Email Follow-Up Scripts
_ Email Copy Generator
_ Email Subject Line Scripts
_ Fast Teaser and Tweet Scripts
_ Free Info Request Email Sequence
_ Live Event Invitation Scripts
_ Onboarding Email Sequence
_ Seinfeld Email Topic Ideas Script
_ Product Launch Email Script
_ Promote Your Webinar Scripts
_ Testimonial Request Email Script
_ Webinar Follow Up Scripts
Video Scripts_ Indoctrination Video
_ YouTube Keyword Video
_ MEGA Video Sales Letters Script
_ Origin Story Script
_ OTO Coaching/ Done For You Script
_ OTO – Done With You (Over The Shoulder)
_ OTO More Of What You Just Bought
_ OTO Next Thing Script
_ PPT Opt-in Video Scripts
_ Who, What, Why, How Script
Sales Letter ScriptsNoYes
Podcast ScriptsYesNo
Hook ScriptsYesNo
Dream 100 ScriptYesNo
Titles, Headlines, Subject Line ScriptsNoYes
Mastermind / Masterclass ScriptsNoYes
Webinar ScriptsMini Webinar Hack Script_ 5 Minute Perfect Webinar Wizard
_ Perfect Webinar Wizard
Course & Live Traning live training sessionNoYes
Funnel BlueprintsNoYes
Full Pricing DetailsClick HereClick Here
Traffic Secrets Scripts vs Funnel Scripts: Feature Comparison

Why isn’t Traffic Secrets Scripts in Funnel Scripts?

I’m often asked why Traffic Secrets Scripts isn’t included in Funnel Scripts. The answer is simple: ” Because it’s not talked about funnel building”.

Jim Edwards explains it in the video below

In fact, you have over 60 scripts inside Funnel Scripts that are based on the Dotcom Secrets book, Expert Secrets book, and One Funnel Away Challenge coaching program. All of them talk about the funnel.

However, the Traffic Secrets book is different. It’s not talked about sales funnel or funnel building. It’s all about getting more “hungry buyers” to your website and funnels.

The concept inside is entirely different.

So this is the reason why they create Traffic Secrets Scripts in a separate place.

If you haven’t read the book, click here to get your free copy (just cover the shipping cost)

Which tool should you use, and why is it the best option for you?

The Traffic Secrets Scripts vs Funnel Scripts debate can be a little confusing, but they are actually very different tools.

Traffic Secrets Scripts is designed to help you generate more traffic to your website or funnel, while Funnel Scripts helps you convert that traffic into paying customers.

Use Traffic Secrets Scripts if you want to:

  • Escape the worry or stress about writing and creating effective sales messages that attract ideal customers and find Dream 100
  • Drive traffic to your funnel from blogs, podcasts, social media, and other marketing platforms
  • Build your Dream 100 list faster
  • Build a shopping list of keywords and gets you closer to your target audience
  • Create stories and social media bios that pull them into your universe
  • Get to know your ideal customers better than they know themselves
  • Write solo ad email

Use Funnel Scripts if you want to:

  • Create sale copy for every page in your funnel without hiring an expensive copywriter
  • Convert more traffic into leads and sales
  • Learn fundamentals about copywriting (inside the Copywriting Secrets Masterclass)
  • Saving you a week to create a winning sales letter, video sales letter, webinar presentation, OTO copy, attractive title and headline, email, etc
  • A push-button simple to create all scripts you learned inside Dotcom Secrets book, Expert Secrets book, or One Funnel Away Challenge. So you can escape the pain of sitting down and writing everything from scratch.


I hope you enjoy my post about Traffic Secrets Scripts vs Funnel Scripts.

Now, you clearly understand the difference between those tools and how it benefits your online business.

I admit that is not the very first solution to provide a high-converting copy. However,

  • If you’re not an advertising guru
  • You don’t have real copywriting strategies that work
  • You can’t afford to pay for a top-notch copywriter who will create valuable copy, but you’re unsure if it works.

Then purchase Funnel Scripts or Traffic Secrets Scripts, which is also a great solution. You’ll never have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription like other copywriting software again!

If you still don’t know how to use these tools for your online marketing campaign, I invite you to watch the free demo video here. So you can see it in action and decide for yourself.

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