6 Best Funnel Scripts Alternatives For Sales Funnel Copywriting

funnel scripts alternatives

There is no double that having a high-converting copy is essential for any online business. A good copy helps you convert more leads and sales. It simply makes your company profitable.

Funnel Scripts is a professional copywriting software designed for the funnel at all stages.

Unfortunately, the Funnel Scripts pricing is not affordable for almost solo entrepreneurs who are bootstrapping their businesses. Even though they offer a lifetime access plan, however $797 is not the price that anyone is ready to buy.

The truth is it is totally unnecessary to buy Funnel Scripts and its alternatives. However, learning copywriting skills can take years, and starting from a blank page could be a nightmare.

So, this is the reason why we need cheaper Funnel Scripts alternatives.

Want more options?

Keep reading to discover my ultimate list of Funnel Scripts alternatives. They’re starting cheaper but are still easy to use and popular on the market.

There’s no one-fit-all size!

Some are good, and some are not…But I put it all here.

Now let’s get started!

1. Copy.Ai

copy ai home

You sit at your computer, ready to start, and…nothing. The blank screen staring back at you is mocking you, and the ideas just won’t come.

Does it sound familiar?

With Copy.ai, there’s no more getting missed deadlines, writer’s block, or stale copy.

Copy.ai is an AI copywriting software. The company claim that the software built on the advanced AI language model GPT-3 (the largest neural network ever produced with over 175 billion machine learning parameters)

In a simple word, you just pick a type of copy, provide some words and description (2 or 3 sentences) then watch AI do the rest.

Key Features

With Copy.ai, it’s easy to create a high-converting copy. From digital ad copy, social media posts, and website templates to blog post content.

I think one of the best about Copy.ai is how it is easy to use. We just provide some words, then watch the tool write an entire piece from start until finish.

Plus, if you get stuck on what to write next, Copy.ai will generate the next thing in just a few seconds.

This makes it an invaluable resource for any marketer or business owner who wants to create high-converting sales copy without all the hassle.

Why is Copy.AI a great Funnel Scripts Alternative?

  • It’s an AI copywriting software built on the GPT-3 model (the newest technique)
  • Not only work for sales funnel copywriting but the website and blog content
  • Simple and easy to use
  • The sales copy created by Copy.ai is really high quality, you even don’t know does it is written by humans or not.
  • You can get started for free and gain access to over 90 copy templates (no credit card required)


Copy.ai comes with three option price plans

  • Free
  • Pro: $49/month
  • Enterprise: Custom

The Pro plan is suitable for individuals. It gives you unlimited credits, projects, and priority support. If you want to go long-term with it, you could upgrade to the yearly subscription at $420 per year (or $35/month)

The Enterprise plan is perfect for companies that need their team to be more productive. You’ll get all Pro features plus collaboration tools to work seamlessly with clients or teammates.

Not sure if Copy.ai works for your online business or not? You can create a free account and test it out.

40 credits in the first month is a good amount to start with, and 10 credits per month after that also makes sense.

Copy.ai vs Funnel Scripts

Both Copy.ai and Funnel Scripts help you generate high-converting copy in minutes. But the content behind it is not created equal. Copy.ai is powered by AI, which means it can learn and improve over time.

But, it doesn’t mean the content generated by Copy.ai is better than Funnel Scripts. It all depends on your input.

When it comes to writing copy for sales funnels, Copy.ai can replace Funnel Scripts for creating ad scripts, titles, headlines, bullet points, and e-commerce copy.

Although the template is less than Funnel Scripts, it’s still possible to write video scripts or long-form sales letters, but it requires some experience before attempting this.

2. Automatic Script

automatic scripts 3d mockup

Automatic Script is similar to Funnel Scripts in that it asks you a series of questions and then writes the sales copy for you. Even though it’s not built on AI technical like Copy.ai, it gives you various templates that you can use to write any sales copy for the funnel.

The best part?

The interface is clean and easy to use. Plus, you can get started cheaper than Funnel Scripts.

Key Features

Automatic Script has a wide range of inbuilt copywriting templates and examples to help you know how to answer the question. So you can fill in the blanks without any stress.

With Automatic Script, you can generate sales funnel copywriting scripts in minutes:

  • Video sales letters
  • Sales pages
  • OTO pages
  • Phone Scripts
  • Google ads
  • Long-form sales letters
  • Full email marketing campaigns
  • and so much more

What makes Automatic Script a good Funnel Scripts Alternative?

  • The features and how Automatic Script work look similar to Funnel Scripts
  • Scripts are easy to use and can be customized for your specific needs
  • Save you time and energy
  • Automates the production of your sales communications
  • Many copywriting templates
  • Get started for a cheaper cost than Funnel Scripts


automatic scripts pricing

They provide two packages:

  • Standard: $39/month
  • Enterprise: $69/month

You could upgrade to the annual plan to save 49%. The difference between the Standard and Enterprise level is just how many templates you can use.

More templates mean more options to choose from for your online marketing campaign.

Automatic Script vs Funnel Scripts

When I first heard about Automatic Script, it sounded like a cheaper version of Funnel scripts. But after using the software for a while and seeing all its features included in this tool, I’m confident to say they are completely different.

First, Funnel Scripts is built based on the formula inside Russell Brunson’s books and training, it’s included:

  • Dotcom Secrets Scripts
  • Expert Secrets Scripts
  • One Funnel Away Challenge Scripts
  • and a few other scripts

While the founder of Automatic Script claims that he study from world-class, legendary copywriters such as:

  • Gary Halbert
  • Join Carlton
  • Michel Fortin
  • and more

But it doesn’t mean the tool is built on their formulas or frameworks. Didn’t they? So I’m really wondering about the quality of copy generated by Automatic Script. It looks like they’ve tried to stack many materials to make a list too long. It’s maybe a marketing gimmick

If you’ve used it, please confirm it in the comment below.

The second is pricing plans. Compared to Automatic Scripts, Funnel Scripts can be a cheaper option in the long term run.

3. Jasper

jasper boss mode page

Jasper was born in January 2021; it’s growing too fast and has become the most popular copywriting software that helps over 50,000 marketers, entrepreneurs, agencies, and content writers break through writer’s block and quickly create high-converting content.

Jasper is also built on artificial intelligence GPT-3. With over 50+ templates that can be used to write in over 25 languages, then Jasper Jasper promises to be an effective content marketing tool that helps you create a successful content marketing campaign in any industry.

Key Features

Jasper’s most significant selling point is that it’s a “content writing assistant.” Writing sales copy now is easier and faster, but effective. Similar to Copy.ai, Jasper provides various templates, and what you should do is pick a template, describe what you want to write and the tool does the rest.

Simple right?

Above that, what makes Jasper stand out is the “Boss mode”. It’s a powerful feature that they’re proud of to help copywriters write 5x faster.

Imagine you’re like a boss and give commands for someone to write content for you, for example:

  • Hey Jasper, write an introduction for an article titled [title] using keywords [keywords]
  • Write a video script outline for a video titled
  • Give me some headlines, video topic ideas
  • Write an introduction for digital marketing tips using the AIDA framework
  • or anything like that

Jasper understands that. It’s incredible and really fun. You won’t be able to imagine what Jasper can bring, seriously!

What makes Jasper a good Funnel Scripts Alternative?

  • Cheap to start
  • Write anything you want, from content for landing pages, sales pages, opt-in pages, google ads, and sales messages to engaging marketing articles
  • Support over 25 languages
  • Great community and support


Jasper provides two price plan packages:

  • Starter: $29/month – 20,000 words
  • Boss Mode: $59/month – 50,000 words

Keep in mind that the price will increase with your word count. In simple words, you pay as you go. I recommend starting with Boss Mode to get the most value and benefit if you plan to use Jasper.

You can also grab free copy credits right here and test it for yourself

Jasper Vs Funnel Scripts

Even though Jasper provides 50+ copywriting templates, there is no limit to Boss Mode. You totally write any type of sales copy you want.

jasper templates

But when it breaks down to writing sales copies for the funnel, Funnel Scripts is still a better option.

I admit I’m a big fan of Jasper and use it daily. But it’s hard to beat Funnel Scripts because it is easy to build the copy for landing pages, opt-in pages, video scripts, or sales letters.

To be clear, Jasper can do it 100%

But, the drawback of this software is the learning curve. It is not difficult to use, but you need to be mindful of the commands you give the program to get the system to generate logical content.

For example, if I want to create sales letters, I must know how to structure them and break them down as headings and subheadings. Plus, I should know what I want to write in each section to make my copy work.

4. Copysmith

copysmith home

If you’re in the e-commerce business, you’ll crush it. Copysmith is the next AI-powered content that is built especially for eCommerce, marketing agencies, and large marketing teams.

Key Features

Copysmith has an impressive range of features. From creating high-converting ads, generating product descriptions, brainstorming ideas, and content enhancement to building product campaigns that sell.

No matter, if you have 10 or 1000 SKUs, Copysmith can help you update descriptions in real-time.

Last but not least, the content generated by Copysmith is high quality and stays up to date with SEO trends.

What makes Copysmith a good Funnel Scripts Alternative?

  • Copysmith provided the best high-quality content
  • The cost to start is cheap ($19/month)
  • Integrate with essential marketing platforms such as Shopify Frase, and WordPress
  • Writing in multiple voices and industries
  • Free Plagiarism checks


Copysmith allows you access and gets unlimited scripts to try it out for free in 7 days (no credit card required)

Sound cool?

If you’re happy to pay for the tool then you have three options:

  • Starter: $19/month for 50 credits
  • Professional: $59 per month for 400 credits
  • Enterprise: Contact

Both starter and Professional plans allow you to access all Copysmith features and templates. The difference between them is the number of credits/words and Plagiarism checks per month.

You should consider if you have a large team or need more customization Enterprise plan level.

copysmith instagram ad

Copysmith vs Funnel Scripts

Copysmith and Funnel Scripts are working differently. If you need content for your online store, Copysminth is better. But if you’re looking for a copy that sells for your landing pages or webinars, Funnel Scripts is better and builds easier.

5. Writesonic

writesonic home

The next AI copywriting software is Writesonic, which makes marketing copy faster and more effortless. Not just a content creation, Writesonic also helps you generate ideas for your next startup, product name, or growth hacks.

It’s really useful to take your business to the next level.

Key Features

Like other Funnel Scripts alternatives, Writesonic gives you almost everything you need for your writing task.

What makes Writesonic stand out from other software is the software generates a custom-tailored landing page for your business in minutes. Simply input key details about your business and watch an optimized landing page come together in seconds.

Watch the video below to see an example:

YouTube video

What makes Writesonic a good Funnel Scripts Alternative?

  • Create content for any landing page including pre-design in minutes
  • Write content in 25 languages
  • Has various templates for eCommerce
  • Readability checker available
  • Quickly write high converting ads copy
  • Support for writing long-form content that optimized SEO.


Even though Writesonic comes with many features, the pricing plans are more affordable when compared with competitors:

  • Free: $0 for 10 credits
  • Basic: $15/month for 100 credits
  • Economy: $25/month for $750 credits
  • Professional: $45/month for unlimited credits
  • Startup: $95/month for unlimited credits

The difference between those plans is the number of credits per month. If you’re just using the tool for individuals, then a $15 or $25/month plan will be enough. It’s really affordable.

Note: The startup plan comes with higher quality generations and priority support. It’s also what you should consider. However, make sure to try the free version first to be sure if it works for you or not.

Don’t forget you have a 7-day money-back guarantee. So, there is no risk to try it out

Writesonic Vs Funnel Scripts

It’s hard to compare Funnel Scripts with Writesonic since they offer different things. Both of them can generate ad copy, titles, headlines, and some short scripts smoothly.

But the result they give is quite different because the content those tools created is not equal.

In a nutshell, Funnel Scripts is more powerful for creating a sales script, while Writesonic is better as a writing assistant to help you create long-form SEO content and tailored high-converting landing page copies.

6. Instant Scripts

instant scripts home

Last but not least, let’s go to the final Funnel Scripts alternatives for copywriting. Instant Scripts offers an impressive range of templates to help copywriters create better-selling copy faster.

These scripts are based on the winning copy formulas that Dan Lok, a marketing expert and founder of the platform, has used to generate multi-million dollar sales.

Key Features

How would you feel if you could access over 600 high-converting copy templates and 40+ Popular Template Categories? (including Emails, Email Sequences, Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, and Social Media)

Dan Lok’s winning copy formulas have founded numerous successful businesses. It has been used repeatedly to close big deals and drive huge revenue.

In my opinion, what makes Instant Scripts stand out and impress me is the “Smart Writing Assistant” feature, which suggests phrases to use in your copy in real time.

You’ll get access to over 5,000 Copy Elements, including Power Words, Copy Connectors, Testimonial Bullets, Openers, and more

So, you’ll never again get stuck thinking about what to write next.

What makes Instant Scripts a good Funnel Scripts Alternative?

  • Provide hundreds of templates and thousands of copy elements based on winning Dan Lok’s successful copy formulas
  • The dashboard interface is clean and easy to use
  • Smart Writing Assistant features suggest phrases to use in real-time
  • Drag & drop copy builder
  • Generate high-quality copy for different industries. It’s unique and exciting to read.


Unfortunately, the tool does not provide a free version or trial like others on the market. It costs you $295/year if you decide to buy. It may seem like a lot for a tool, but it’s not that bad if you think about it.

After all, you’re paying for the convenience, time-saving, and less effort, right?

Instant Scripts Vs Funnel Scripts

Unlike Funnel scripts, Instant Scripts is more cost-effective initially but becomes pricey later. Both of them are powerful copy generator software and provide vast wining script templates to help the copywriting task easier.

In terms of training, Funnel Scripts not only provides video tutorials that teach how to use this tool as well as write your own copy independently, but it’s easy to learn and does not require any previous experience or expertise.

Plus, you also get access to monthly live coaching with Jim Edwards – a professional copywriter.

On the other hand, Instant Scripts seems does not provide video tutorials.

Look at their Youtube channel, very few videos are available. It looks like they don’t really have any informative ones in there aside from promotional material.

Finally, Instant Scripts doesn’t provide a free trial or free account version like Funnel Scripts so it’s hard for people to try it out before making a decision.

Funnel Scripts Alternatives Conclusion

So, that is my latest list of best Funnel Scripts alternatives.

In the short term, Funnel Scripts is quite expensive ($797) when compared to its competitors, but it’s cheaper in the long term because you won’t have to pay monthly or yearly fees. It’s cost-effective.

However, if you don’t want to use it and looking for the best Funnel Scripts alternative for some reason. I highly recommend using Jasper

It’s a powerful copywriting ai software.

While Jasper isn’t a good fit for everyone, they have a wide range of script templates that you can use to create any sales copy needed for every page in your sales funnels.

Plus, writing a long-form document will be more quick and easy with Jasper. It’s really helpful for writing lead magnets (ebooks, checklists, Guides, etc)

The best part is you can get up to 10,000 free copy credits to test it out.

Pretty cool, right?

Now, I would love to hear your thoughts! What’s your favorite tool? Do you recommend any other copywriting software to make our list better?

Or, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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