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Russell Brunson books are one of the hottest trends these days with people who want to grow their company online. Most people start selling their products or services online. 

But their company grew slowly because of more competition. 

The money that you need to spend to get a customer is high. So it loses your money every day. This is the reason why you need to review your marketing strategy. You can’t reduce the amount of advertising. 

I know you try to do it every day. But it is impossible!

So, the question is:  ” How to increase the conversion rate and make people buy more from you with the same money that you spent?” 

The sales funnel can help you do that! If you’re not familiar with how the marketing funnel works, you could read the sales funnel definition here. Russell Brunson’s book has designed you to increase conversion and grow a company online with the sales funnel.

Today, I’m going to introduce to you the top marketing books of Russell Brunson to help you solve all of your problems. From how to connect with your audience to create a sales process that working and increase your profit online. 

Then you could pay more than your competitors to get the customers/clients. 

“Ultimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins.” – Dan Kennedy.

About Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson started his first online company while he was wrestling in college. Over the past 15 years of experience in internet marketing. He has sold hundreds of thousands of his books.

In the marketing world. Most people know him as a sales funnel expert and funnel hacker.

Now, he is a CEO and co-founder of the software company Clickfunnels (sales funnel software), which helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace through his best-selling book, course, and events Funnel Hacking Live and Two Comma Club.

Russell Brunson lives in Idaho, United States, with his family, and you can visit him online at

This post aims to introduce to you the best of his books from 2013 until now that change my business and change my life.

Russell Brunson books release timeline

Top marketing books that Russell release from 2013 until now is: 

  • 108 Proven split test  winners (2013)
  • Dotcom Secrets Book (2015)
  • Expert Secrets (2017)
  • Funnel Hacker’s cookbook (2017)
  • Marketing Secrets Blackbook (2018)
  • Network Marketing Secrets book (2018)
  • Traffic Secrets Book (2020)

Now, you can see the timeline below.


And now, we go deep into each of the books.

108 proven split test winners

This is one of the series books in Dotcom secrets labs that Russell Brunson and his team created. If you ever try to create the landing page before, you know, we must drive traffic into it and testing until your page converts. 

And it will lose your money every day. 

The good news is Russell Brunson, who loves split testing. He creates the book, and this book is the result that they have after done 108 split tests. And they will share it with you. So you can use it in your business, in your products, or in services.

The book is a simple Tweaks You Can Make To Your Website. So that You Can Make More Money Online NOW.

108 split test winners - russell brunson books

The book includes:

  • The Evolution of an Offer 
  • Conversion Tests 
  • Backend Tests
  • Traffic Tests
  • The Control: A Blueprint For Our Winning Formula
  • Trial Closes: Two Tiny Words Increased Dollars Per Lead (DPL) by 74.61%
Free video training test
Free Video Training Test
squeeze page split test
Squeeze Page Split Test
108 proven split test winners - payment plan test
Facebook & payment plans test

How to get the book?

There are 2 ways to get the book at this time:

1. Funnel University 

When you sign-up to Funnel University, you’ll get the book for FREE

Price: $67/month + $19.95 for shipping

 Sales page:


2. Get it’s FREE inside Secrets Trilogy

After you purchase Dotcom Secrets Book, you can get it for free in the Secrets Trilogy member area.

Price: $9,95 for book shipping in the United States ($19,95 Int)

Sales page:

The book is available to download inside The Trilogy Secrets member areas

Dotcom Secrets

Dotcom Secrets book is an underground playbook for growing your company online with sales funnels

A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion, and sales online. -Tony Robbins

dotcom secrets book

The book is like a sales funnels guidebook. Inside this book, Russell shares all of the tools, sales funnels framework that you need to grow your business online. 

  • Identify who is your dream customer? 
  • Where are they? 
  • Funnel building strategy
  • Create the value ladder and type of funnel you should use in each step on the value ladder.
  • The script to use inside each of funnel 
  • Building an email list from scratch.
  • How to write an email sequence Drive traffic to your funnel Sales funnel software … 
  • The list goes on. 

So, you can see some scripts inside the book below.

who what why how scripts - dotcom secrets book
Who, What, Why, How scripts
Dotcom Secrets book OTO scripts
OTO scripts
perfect webinar script - webinar funnel
Perfect webinar script: One of Russell Brunson’s favorite scripts

Dotcom Secrets book is a shortcut to help you: 

  • Get more traffic into your website than you have ever seen before 
  • Increase conversion rate more than any headline tweak or split test you could ever hope to make 

And especially, Russell gives it for free, and you pay the cost for printing and shipping. 

But why is it free? 

The book has been designed for free, plus a shipping funnel. And you will learn it inside the book. Then you may use it in your business. He gives away the book for you for FREE, and you go deep inside his funnel.

Is it fair enough?

dotcom secrets book

Or You can read the Dotcom Secrets Book review here before you buy!

Expert Secrets


In this book, Russell Brunson sharing the concepts he has laid out took him over 10 years to discover from dozens of different mentors and a whole lot of trial and error.

After reading the Expert Secrets book, you will realize that this is a huge shortcut.

You can have faith, knowing that you’re implementing stuff that has been proven in hundreds of different markets.

Doodles and Images that he included in each chapter should also help you quickly recall the core messages.

So you’ll be able to reflect on them over and over again.

And refer to them quickly as you build your culture, create your products, tell your stories, and build your funnels.

Expert secrets also recommend if you’re wondering where you should start:

  1. Become VERY clear about whom you want to serve and what new opportunity you will create
  2. Get results for your beta group. Your results will become the foundation your expert business will grow from
  3. Become a master storyteller, which is the most critical skill you can learn.
  4. Change the world with the products and services that you sell. Your message has the ability to change people’s lives, so use it.

Some Doodles and Images Inside the book

Create Your Mass Movement
expert secrets title of liberty
the new oppotunity expert secrets book
The Vehicle for change that you are offering people

In short:

“Expert Secrets Is The Map That Will Allow You To Turn Your Specialized Knowledge, Talents and Abilities Into A Business That Will Work For You! This Is One Of The Shortcuts of The New Rich” – Robert Kiyosaki

Similar Dotcom Secrets Book, it’s FREE. However, you need to pay the cost of printing and shipping. This book has helped so many peoples around the world.

The question is,” You Are Next?”

expert secrets book

Or You can read the Expert Secrets Book review here before you buy!

Funnel Hacker Cookbook

Funnel-hacker cookbook review

Expert Secrets can help you find your niche, create a mass movement, share your message, and become a leader… And Dotcom secrets help you understand the sales funnel framework, learn how to email follow up, the tactic increases your traffic…

Then the funnel hacker cookbook has been created to help you build the page layout, the ingredient and design your funnel.

It’s like cooking

You understand that food is excellent for your health and it’s delicious. It may include:

  • Eggs
  • Sugars
  • Vegetable
  • Beef

But it’s not mean you can cook this dish.

And this is the reason why you need to have a cookbook recipe.

After reading the Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets book, you have a foundation for the sales funnel. How it works, types of the funnel, sales funnel management, how to write a copy, how to craft sales message that will attract your audiences…

You have all of the ideas. But when you come back to your desk and start to build it.

In this time, you realize it is too hard to build a landing page. Most people have this problem also.

  • Page design
  • How to use colors
  • Coding

Get the book and keep it on your desk when you are building your funnels.

The cookbook provides over 50 different types of elements
The cookbook provides over 50 different types of elements
funnel hacker builder
Page Section – Adding Rows Columns And Elements
break even funnel - funnel hacker's cookbook review
Break-even funnel

Russell Brunson has created 2 versions.

  • The first is a digital version. So you can download funnel hacker cookbook pdf on your computer.
  • Another is a Physical book that you can put on your desk, bring to everywhere you want, use any time when you are building your funnels.
funnel hacker cookbook russell brunson

Or You can read the Funnel Hacker Cookbook review here before you buy!

Marketing Secrets Blackbook

99 marketing-secrets-blackbook-Russell-Brunson

Different about all of those books, you can download them for FREE (no shipping, no cost, leave your email address and less than 2 minutes to download).

Marketing Secrets Blackbook like a “cliff note” of over 500 episodes of Marketing Secrets Podcast.

Inside that, Russell Brunson shares 99 secrets that he learned from “startup” to over $100M in just 3 years with his company – Clickfunnels.

And you can get all of it without pay tons of money for testing, learning, up and down…

What you need to do is only download and read the book. Then use it in your business, your products, or services.

The question is: Do you want to propel your business forward FAST WITHOUT

  • Having to go through the costly mistakes and “learning curves” that slow your progress…
  • Spending years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing…
  • The risk, or putting your business in jeopardy…

Also, you can read the Marketing Secrets Blackbook review here!

Network Marketing Secrets

Russell Brunson Network Marketing secrets

Quick question, can I use sales funnels to grow my network marketing company? ALL network marketing companies were built using the SAME THREE FUNNELS:

  • The Bridge Funnel
  • The Home Party Funnel
  • The Hotel Meeting Funnel

Network Marketing Secrets teaches you all about them. But, why you should use the sales funnel to MLM or Network Marketing company instead of a traditional strategy.

Most people who start a company often talk to family and friends about the product and business opportunities with this company. Most people will not register. They talk negatively about the chance you’re offering them, and it can be devastating.

In some countries, people don’t like network markers because there are many bad experiences with them. If you don’t do it well, it can disrupt your family and friends.

There are 2 cores in network marketing:

  1. Selling Product
  2. Multiplier

Sales funnel can help you do it.

  • You can sell products through the sales funnel.
  • You can use the sales funnel to create your downline and build your network marketing team.
  • Also, you can share the funnel for your team help they make money and build downline like you without talks or invite with friend and family. 
Network Marketing Secrets Book Russell Brunson

Or You can read Network Marketing Secrets review here before you buy!

Traffic Secrets Russell Brunson


Most businesses fail because they don’t have traffic. No matter how your funnel converts, eye-catching design or compelling, engaging, and professional content. If no one sees it, it’s all useless.

You actually made no money, right?

Traffic (the people visiting your websites and funnels) is the fuel for every successful business. The more people you can get in front of, the bigger impact you can have, which, in turn, usually creates more money for you.

Unlike other “traffic books,” Russell Brunson teaches you the long-term traffic strategy model that will ensure a consistent flow of people in your funnel. The content inside the book is evergreen and will never change as long as there are humans on this planet to sell to.

Inside the Traffic Secrets book, you will learn 4 main keys:

  • Your Dream Customers
  • Dream 100
  • Hook, Story, Offer
  • 3 types of traffic

Through the book, you will discover how to fill your funnel with your target audiences, how to increase traffic to your website from the tactical, fly-by-night operations, how to add ‘Hyper-active buyers to your email list, and more from the strategic, long-term strategies.


Or You can read the Traffic Secrets review here before you buy!


Russell Brunson Book’s is not like other “how-to” books or business books you have read. That’s all experience over 15 years sold products online, up and down, and pay tons of money for the course.

I hope you can get it and propel your business forward to the next level.

My Recommendations: You can’t read all of it at the same time. So which is the book that you need to read first? This is the list I use to read and start my business.

Must-read list:

  1. Dotcom Secrets
  2. Expert Secrets
  3. Traffic Secrets

Use when you start to build your funnel:

  1. Funnel hacker’s cookbook
  2. 108 Proven Split Test Winner


  1. Marketing Secrets Blackbook (learn more marketing strategy)
  2. You can read Network Marketing Secrets Book at the same time with Dotcom Secrets (skip if you’re not in MLM business).

what do you think?

Now I’d like to turn things over to you: 

Which book from this list was your favorite? 

Or maybe I missed something here. Either way, let me know and leave a comment below.

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