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Marketing Secrets Podcast Blackbook - Russell Brunson FREE Download

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Marketing Secrets Blackbook is like the “cliff notes” of over 500+ episodes! (Of Marketing Secrets Podcast) created by Russell Brunson.

So, if you listen to the “Marketing Secrets” podcast (and I hope that you are), then you know that every day, he shares the BIGGEST secrets that they’ve learned as they’ve grown ClickFunnels from “startup” to over $100 million in just three years.

And you can get your hands on a FREE copy today!

It’s FREE.

Marketing Secrets Blackbook Overview

marketing secrets blackbook Russell Brunson
Marketing Secrets Blackbook
marketing secrets binge guide - marketing secrets blackbook

  • Name: Marketing Secrets Podcast Blackbook -99 Marketing Secrets That Will Change Your Business… And Change Your Life
  • Author: Russell Brunson
  • Release: 17/07/2018
  • Pages: 291
  • Price: FREE
  • PDF Version: Click here to Download
  • Audio Version: Follow Marketing Secrets Podcast

What is Marketing Secrets Blackbook?

A little over five years ago, on the backside of a failed business, Russell decided to start a new podcast, initially called “Marketing In Your Car.”

marketing in your car mp3 player
marketing in your car mp3 player

Looking back, that was probably the worst time in his life to start a podcast. He had just fired almost 100 employees.

Besides that, he downsized his office from over 22,000 square feet to a little over 1,000 and was fighting daily to avoid bankruptcy.

That was the point in his life when Russell decided to start a marketing podcast.

It made no sense then, but he is SO grateful now that he did it.

On this podcast, over the past 5 years, Russell has documented his journey from the brink of bankruptcy to building a software company that will do over $100,000,000 in sales this year alone!

Those who listen get to hear the ups, the downs, and everything in between.

Dotcom secrets and Expert Secrets book - Russell Brunson
Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets books – The Underground Playbook online

A few years ago, Russell decided to rebrand the podcast as the “Marketing Secrets” show, as that title better fits the brand of his two best-selling books, “DotCom Secrets” and “Expert Secrets.”

This year, Russell asked one of the great marketers in their community.

Julie Stoian, if she’d go back and re-listen to over 500+ episodes, comb through it all, find the BEST stories, examples, and strategies that she felt had the greatest impact for business owners from the podcast, and put them into this “Blackbook.”

She spent countless hours listening, then organizing, writing, and rewriting to give you this Blackbook.

So, she put in to make this available for you.

The Blackbook is like the “cliff notes,” where you can jump in, read a few “secrets,” and then dig deeper into those that intrigue you by listening to the actual episodes.

The Benefit of Marketing Secrets Blackbook

Marketing Secrets Blackbook Includes “99 Marketing Secrets lessons” that created the BIGGEST impact on growing Clickfunnels from ZERO to $100M over the last 3 years…

marketing secrets blackbook
Marketing Secrets Blackbook

The book will help you propel your business forward FAST…

  • WITHOUT having to go through costly mistakes. And also “learning curves” that slow your progress…
  • WITHOUT spending years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing…
  • WITHOUT the risk of putting your business in jeopardy… 

Marketing Secrets Blackbook analysis

This book is 291 pages long and contains 99 marketing secrets Russell learned in the past 20 years.

You can read them all in order, pick up the book, and start in the middle. In addition, the chapters are super short.

So you can read each secret, memorize it, and then apply it in your life.

In fact, the book has 6 chapters:

  1. Foundations
  2. Become an Expert
  3. Offers
  4. Funnels
  5. Sales
  6. Mindset

But you aren’t breaking any rules if you read them out of order.

There’s only one rule.

“Apply it as soon as possible.”

Marketing Secrets Binge Guide

After downloading the Marketing Secrets Blackbook, you also have to get the Marketing Secrets Binge Guide.

So What is it?

I don’t really have much time in my day to sit down and leisurely listen to podcasts.

But when I find a good one, I CAN’T SEEM TO STOP!

Then, I binge and consume them ALL.

I get sucked into some weird time vortex as I listen to the podcasts, and next thing you know, it’s 2 am, and I’m still playing back-to-back episodes. 

If you love finding content that can soak up episode after episode (and apply to your business), I’ve got you covered…

The Marketing Secrets Binge Guide.

marketing secrets binge guide - marketing secrets blackbook

The Binge Guide includes 467 Marketing Secrets Podcast episodes that you can easily access and listen to on iTunes, the Marketing Secrets blog, and Stitcher. The links to each episode are handy for you, so all you have to do is download the guide, pick which episode you want, and press PLAY.  


Marketing Secrets Podcast Blackbook contains most of the foundation and marketing strategy.

It’s beneficial for those who are entrepreneurs, own businesses, and are marketers. Remember:

“You’re bad at marketing. that’s the issue.”

If you’re struggling to find a girlfriend? Have no money? Can’t find friends? It all comes back to marketing.

So, make sure to claim this book to discover all of his marketing secrets. Of course, if you want to:

  • Save time
  • Save Money for testing
  • Avoid the mistake
  • And more

Now, I want to hear from you. If you have any questions, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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