Everything About Russell Brunson Net Worth

russell brunson net worth

Somebody’s net worth usually tells how talented and famous they are, and this case goes for Russell Brunson, one of the most popular digital marketers worldwide. 

With the success of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson has gained a lot of fame in the industry. He is also an influencer for young marketers. So it’s not surprising to see how much he can earn yearly.

In this post, we will give you an overview of Russell Brunson net worth.

Let’s learn from this man how to get rich!

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson ceo and co-founder of Clickfunnels

Russell Brunson was born in 1980. He is a marketing guru and has been devoted to the industry for years, earning his name as one of the most influential leaders worldwide. 

He’s also known as a man who popularized the concept of sales funnels to help thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

With the creation of numerous other products, Russell upended the marketing and business industries in addition to developing the well-known, multimillion-dollar SAAS company called ClickFunnels.

Here is some basic information about Russell Brunson:

Full Name
Russell Brunson
United States
Date of Birth
March 8th, 1980
Marital status
Boise State University

1. Early Life

Russell Brunson collected junk mail since he was twelve years old. Because he believed that sales and advertising were a true pleasure, he would watch TV and listen to the radio while waiting for the advertisements.

While young, Russell took every chance he could find to learn the principles and methods of direct response marketing.

In high school, Russell won the state wrestling tournament. Then in his senior year, he advanced to the All-American level and ranked second in national high school wrestling.

Russell continued his wrestling passion while in college, picking up valuable lessons about competitiveness, persistence, and winning tactics. He was one of the top ten wrestlers nationwide when he graduated.

2. Career

Russell Brunson had his first achievement as an online marketer in 2003 when he sold a program called ZipBrander

The program was a viral ad solution that instantly improved backend profits and generated laser-targeted visitors to your site.

In 2005, Brunson developed a new product offering “How To Create A Potato Gun” DVDs. Customers could purchase his kit (which contained all the necessary supplies) as an upsell.

russell brunson potato gun

With the assistance of those first products, Russell entered the online marketing field and soon climbed to the forefront of the field. 

After finishing college, he earned his first million dollars promoting his products one year later.

Brunson pushed his sales career by providing many products. You may have seen him selling everything, such as T-shirts, books, software, and technology services. 

This successful entrepreneur won a Ferrari, got 1.5 million leads within six weeks, and rose to the top of multiple network marketing firms.

russell brunson ferrarri

While working in his marketing job, Brunson faced many challenges and obstacles. But, all of these limitations brought a brilliant idea, and that was how he founded his software company, ClickFunnels

In October 2014, Russell and his partner, Todd Dickerson, released their sales funnel software. The company rose to a $100,000,000 turnover in the first three years.

More than 100,000 users are active right now on ClickFunnels.

3. Personal Life

Russell Brunson is a caring husband and father. He wedded Collette Brunson, the woman he fell in love with in college. They live in Boise, Idaho, and now have five kids. 

Russell Brunson’s Net Worth

Russell Brunson’s net worth is around $37 to $40 million since starting ClickFunnels. Moreover, his books are best-sellers with annual sales of about $1 million.

Moreover, he has succeeded in his mentoring and coaching programs, which have made almost $4 million over the previous four years.

Russell Brunson is considered to be one of the most successful digital advertising marketers, with an estimated net worth of around $40 million.

How Russell Brunson Built His Net Worth?

The net worth of over $40 million per year is impressive. So how does Russell Brunson do that? Where does his income come from? 

This marketing guru has worked in multiple positions and earned some achievements in each.

Let’s dig into the details!

1. ClickFunnels

clickfunnels logo
ClickFunnels is a powerful tool for marketers and business owners

ClickFunnels is one of the most important sources for  Russell Brunson’s net worth. The more popular this tool, the more money Brunson can earn.  

ClickFunnels is a platform that helps you grow your online business. More specifically, it allows you to perform sales functions required for selling your products, such as promotion, webinars, and lead generation. 

You can observe how Russell’s direct response marketing strategy led to the development of ClickFunnels by examining the features and his prior accomplishments. After establishment and improvement, the platform can help you: 

  • Use direct response copywriting to attract and convert leads quickly.
  • Boost website traffic by using affiliate marketing.
  • Promote upsells to clients that have purchased your products. 

The business increased to $100,000,000 in the first three years.

Affiliate marketing is one of the critical factors in ClickFunnels’ success. Brunson did a fantastic job finding affiliates and getting them to promote his stuff.

Using a network of tens of thousands of affiliates who marketed his goods, Brunson built his marketing infrastructure for ClickFunnels.

2. Russell Brunson Books 📕

The income as an author also contributes to Russell Brunson net worth. Many of his works are top sellers on Amazon and the New York Times. He is a co-author of numerous books and has four books on his own.

Dotcom Secrets (2015)

Dotcom Secrets - Direct marketing books

The Dotcom Secrets book is similar to a handbook on sales funnels. Russell provides all the materials and a sales funnel strategy in this guide that you require to build your online business.

The Dotcom Secrets book is a quick way for you to:

  • Boost website traffic beyond anything you have ever experienced.
  • Boost your conversion rate more than any headline change or test you could ever expect to execute, boost conversion rate.

The author gives it away for free. You will only need to pay for the shipping and printing cost. 

Nowadays, most online businesses publish eBooks, webinars, and videos and offer them for free. But Brunson raises “baiting” to a form of art, making his book worthwhile to read.

Please note that his book is not an eBook, which is a sales funnel strategy. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have committed to enhancing your chances of buying his software.

Expert Secrets (2017)

expert secrets book

In this book, Russell Brunson sets out the idea that it took him more than ten years to learn through different mentors and trial and error.

Expert Secrets recommend some tips for beginners who don’t know where to start. Online business owners also need guidelines to enhance their lifetime value. Reading the book, you can: 

  • Define your objectives for the people you wish to help and the new opportunities you anticipate bringing about.
  • Produce outcomes for your beta group. Your outcomes will act as the foundation upon which you will develop your expert business. 
  • Become a professional storyteller. 
  • Change the digital world with the services and products you supply.

Network Marketing Secrets (2018)

Network Marketing Secrets Book Russell Brunson

Most successful network marketers grow their team with these three funnels:

  • The 3-Way Call Funnel
  • Home Party Funnel
  • Hotel Meeting Funnel

You can learn everything about them from Network Marketing Secrets. But as opposed to a traditional process, the book shows you how to use sales funnels instead of going for the traditional method. 

Most entrepreneurs openly discuss the product and business potential with family and friends. However, they don’t register but have negative opinions about the chance you give them. 

Because of several unpleasant experiences, many people don’t like network markers. If you can’t pull it off, it may cause your friends and family problems.

But thanks to sales funnels, networking has changed. According to Marketing Secrets, you can do the following things to succeed in digital marketing: 

  • Use sales funnels to sell your products. 
  • Develop your downline and form your network marketing team. You can share your sales funnels with your teammates to help them earn money without having to talk to their families and friends.

Traffic Secrets (2020)

traffic secrets book 1

Lack of traffic is the main reason why most businesses fail. You can’t boost your sales even with attractive design or appealing, interesting content.

The heart of any successful company is traffic—the customers that visit your sites and sales funnels, reaching your company online. Your message will significantly impact more individuals, which can lead to more revenue.  

Russell Brunson shows you the long-term traffic strategic model that will ensure a continuous customer flow into your funnel.

In this book, Russell Brunson recommends the following tips: 

  • Determine who your target audience is and where they stick online.
  • Stop the scroll and capture the interest of your customers.
  • Safeguard your traffic from algorithm tweaks.
  • Utilize their networks to get clients for your online business.
  • Study up on growth hacking.

3. Online Courses

A good influencer is one that can motivate others with their speeches. Hence, it’s normal to see a guru like Russell Brunson have online classes as a source of his income. 

Whether you are a specialist looking for more information or a newbie wanting to grasp the fundamentals, Russell has you handled.

His classes are informative, fun, and encouraging. While some of his courses require payment, others are free to attend.

One Funnel Away Challenge – $100

One funnel away challenge mockup

One Funnel Away Challenge is the most well-liked program delivered by Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels crew.

If you’re a beginner just starting your career with sales funnel strategies in Clickfunnels, this course will benefit your online business. 

You may access many speakers and pros for $100 who will give their advice on establishing a profitable business from scratch in 30 days. Spencer Mecham and Julie Stoian are just a few of the specialists highlighted in the class.

Read more: The One Funnel Away Challenge review

Funnel Hacking Secret Masterclass – $997

funnel hacking secrets training mockup

After working in the industry for a long time, it is time to upgrade your expertise with this course. 

Learning new knowledge is not the only purpose of the course. You can also reach the digital marketing expert and his most effective tactics.

This masterclass will teach you all you need to build a sales funnel for your business online. The program costs $997, including free access to ClickFunnels Platinum for six months.

4. Online Summit

The online summits provided by Russell Brunson are an extension of the courses mentioned above. They often cost nothing and last for three days.

We recommend some of the best summits as follows: 

  • 30 Days Summit: The summit teaches you how to avoid knowledge paralysis, which occurs when you learn all the strategies, procedures, and tactics but never put any into practice. 
  • Affiliate Bootcamp: You’ll discover how to develop an affiliate marketing platform without using a long list in this summit. 
  • DotCom Secrets Summit: Successful entrepreneurs reveal their mistakes, successes, and experience with their businesses.
  • Brick & Mortar Summit: 15 thriving brick and mortar entrepreneurs explain their sales funnel techniques and the tactics they used to be profitable.

5. Affiliates

Russell Brunson also benefits financially from the affiliate business. He employs the ClickFunnels framework and has a special funnel for affiliate links.

He also utilizes his webinars as a tool for affiliates. He received a commission of more than $250,000 for one of the webinars.

6. Speaking and consulting

Speaking and consulting are great ways to influence people. They can also help the speakers earn money. 

His consulting and speaking engagements appear to be very expensive. However, many organizations and company owners still pay to hear what he says. Here are the costs for each of his engagements:

  • Lunch: Starting at $10,000
  • Speaking Engagements: About $500,000
  • Building a Funnel: $1 million with 25% of gross sales

7. Mastermind and Coaching

Brunson’s coaching programs are famous. You can try “Two Comma Club.” This program has two parts, each with a different cost:

  • Home Study Version: $1,997
  • Intensive In-Person Workshop: $14,997

8. Live Event/ Conference

Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels crew host Funnel Hacking Live every year. They gather professionals in the internet marketing space to talk about their funnel-building strategies.

Up to 5,000 people attend this event. A ticket to the show costs $997. So, with 5,000 participants, the estimated revenue is $4,975,000.

Russell Brunson’s Daily Habits To Success

Many people wonder how Russell Bruson became wealthy. To such a question, the business advises people to form good habits. 

You can learn about his sharing about how important habits are in this video:

YouTube video

1. Reading

Books to Brunson are the shortcut to success. He has read many things and learned much about his job from books. 

Bruson doesn’t limit the sources to books. Instead, he tries to learn from direct sales letters and newspapers too. 

2. Staying healthy

Russell Brunson used to be a wrestler. However, he doesn’t have enough time for workouts when starting a business online. 

After dropping some pounds, Brunson realized the importance of fitness. Then, he included exercise as a part of his routine. Thanks to the frequent workout, he can concentrate on working better. 

3. Finding the right mentor

Mark Joyner is Brunson’s first mentor. He looked at what his mentor did and modeled it because they had the same purposes. 

Since people have different purposes and methods to achieve their goals, it’s necessary to find someone who has the same approaches as you. You can learn a lot from them. 

4. Giving away money

Brunson understood the value of giving after his volunteer work in Kenya. When your mind gets bigger, you will realize the impact of how a few dollars impact people’s lives. He also learns the relationship between giving and receiving.

5. Spending time with other millionaires

Your income will be the equivalent of your five closest friends. It doesn’t mean you have to find rich friends to get rich, but it’s about how friends impact others. 

6. Goal setting and visualization

Your goals drive you every single day, and they make you work harder. This idea is the same in business. 

7. Waking up early

If you want to be different, you have to do things that most people aren’t willing to do. And waking up early is among the things many people try to do but fail in the end. 

Just imagine that when you are sleeping, your competitors are working diligently. With this thought in mind, wake up earlier and do something to improve yourself and your business. 

8. Not having multiple streams of income.

Focus is the key to earning millions of dollars. Instead of investing your money in multiple funnels, choose one and work on it with 100% of your effort. 

9. Helping other people succeed

Always remember that you are not trying to get money from your customers. It would be better to think that you are trying to help them solve their problems with your products and services. 

10. Practicing positivity

Expect ups and downs in your career. The most important thing that helps you overcome all the obstacles is positivity.  

11. Having dedicated time to think

No matter how busy you are, give yourself a little time just for driving around or sitting and thinking. Ideas will come up. You can also have chances to see things from different viewpoints. 

12. Aggressively seeking feedback

Receiving feedback from others is an excellent way to learn and develop your ideas. They will help you become better at what you are doing.

13. Mastering your schedule

Buy a calendar and install a calendar on your phone or computer to progress yourself forward. On the calendar, list specific tasks that you have to complete on a specific date. Then, you can get your job done effectively.

Random Russell Brunson Facts

You might be surprised to learn some facts about Russell Brunson: 

  • Before enrolling at Boise State University, Brunson won second place in the United States high school nationals.
  • He received a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. His major was Computer Information Systems.
  • This multi-talented businessman has written four books, two of which are free and two of which are not. The profits from these works serve as his second source of income.
  • Along with Nick Nanton, Russell Brunson released video series about child trafficking.
  • Every time a new sales funnel shows up on ClickFunnels, Brunson donates $1 to charitable organizations like Village Impact.
YouTube video

Russell Brunson Net Worth – FAQs

  1. Is Russell Brunson a scam?

    His courses and products are reliable. Brunson is not a scammer, but some affiliates promoting his products can be, and it has nothing to do with Brunson.  

  2. Where is Clickfunnels located?

    It’s 3443 W Bavaria St, Eagle, Idaho, United States. 

  3. What is Clickfunnels phone number?

    It’s 208-323-9451. 

  4. Where does Russell Brunson live?

    He currently lives in Boise, Idaho, with his family. 

  5. How much is Russell Brunson worth?

    As of 2022, Russell Brunson’s net worth is about $40 million.  

  6. Which Russell Brunson book to read first?

    The best order of Brunson’s books would be Dotcom Secrets -> Expert Secrets -> Traffic Secrets. 

  7. Who is Russell Brunson’s wife?

    His wife is Collette Brunson. They have known each other since they were in college.

Russell Brunson Net Worth Summary

With multiple money-making avenues, Russell Brunson net worth is undoubtedly high. He uses his knowledge and skills to earn money and makes his income higher year after year. 

Getting rich is not rare in the online marketing business. But what we should appreciate about Brunson is that this successful entrepreneur knows how to influence people. He doesn’t mind sharing his strategies with those who need them. 

When you are talented, money will find a way to come to you. So, keep learning and sharpening your skills. One day, you will be proud of your net worth.

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