Network marketing secrets Russell Brunson review

Network Marketing Secrets Book Review by Russell Brunson (2020)

Network Marketing Secrets Book Russell Brunson

Network Marketing secrets

By Russell Brunson

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Who need to get this book? People who are make money with Network Marketing and want to grow their downline.

If you’re want to know does Network Marketing Secrets book worth or not.

You’re in right place! Everything you need to know are in this article – Network marketing secrets book review 

Co-Founder of Clickfunnels – Russell Brunson recently launched his newest book called: “Network Marketing Secrets”. In this book, he shares the secrets that he learns & gets from people in his community who success with Network marketing without invite friends or family.

If you’re in network marketing, there is a game-changing book that just came out that you need to add to your collection…

Keep reading! I will review the Network Marketing Secrets Book for you.

Network marketing secrets Russell Brunson review

Product details

Name: Network Marketing Secrets Book
Author: Russell Brunson
Price: Free + Cost for printing & shipping  ($7,95 in US or $16,04 international)
Sales Page:
Paperback: 104 pages
Support: Yes
30 Days Money Back Guarantee: They refund shipping costs (but you still retain the book, no need to ship it back)
Highly recommend

what is Network Marketing Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets book has been created for people who are making money with network marketing and want to create downline and build a successful team

Russell Brunson Network Marketing secrets

Before release of this book, Russell Brunson launched two books – Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets book that talk about the foundation of sales funnel and funnel scripts to help you discover how to make more sales online and pay more than your competitors.

If you don’t know those book, you can read my review of Dotcom Secrets Book and  Expert Secrets Book here.

Many marketers around the world love these books. There are also many questions from readers that whether this book is suitable for my business model.

Can I use the sales funnel in my business? Because my Business model is special, it’s like:
_ Local Business
_ Real Eastern
_ Network marketing

And this book has been created for your Network Marketing.

In the future, I hope Russell will launch other books for other businesses. In fact, there are so many case study successful by using sales funnel in different business.

At this point, if you’re looking for ways to build a sales funnel for your business, I invite you to join 30 days Funnel Building challenge today

about Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson co founder clickfunnels

Russell Brunson is co-founder & CEO of a software company called Clickfunnels that has gone over 100 million and 55 thousand customers in just 3 years.

For the past 10 years, this man has built a following of entrepreneurs in the millions! He sold a thousand of his book (Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets & Funnel Hacker’s cookbook).

_ Popularized the concept sales funnel
_The internet’s favorite entrepreneur
_ Affiliate marketing genius.
_ Container Expert Secrets book, he is an American Storyteller.

At 10X Growth-con, he made $3.000.000 in sales in just 90 minutes by selling his high ticket product – Funnel Builder Secrets.

Learn more about Russell Brunson here.

the benefit of Network Marketing secrets

In this book, he share 3 types of funnel with you.

Some of these funnels they may seem familiar because you’ve probably seen them offline inside of your network marketing company:

_ The Bridge Funnel
_ The Home Party Funnel
_ The Hotel Meeting Funnel

Now you’ve probably seen home parties in most companies, most opportunities right? You go to someone’s house as a party, but how do you replicate that online? They took this exact same concept he put it online back when he was growing his companies and put it into what they call a sales funnel.

It is the exact thing that got people who are so excited, who are already interested in what he selling.

  • Finally they became leads
  • They became customers
  • They became distributors

And all that process happens through.

This book will take you behind the scenes of the three funnels that have built 99% of ALL successful network marketing companies, and teaches you how to replicate them online with simple sales funnels within just a few minutes.

To help you learn more the idea above, you can watch the video below.


_ It’s FREE
_ 30 days Money back guarantee
_ change the way you do, change your business results
_ Never call and invite your family or your friends to buy your product again (I think most people like this)


_ High shipping costs if you are not in the US ($16,04)
_ In this case, you may have to wait about 2 weeks or 1 month to receive the book

do they have up-sell?

Of course, they have.

In fact, there is nothing free in the world. When you get this book, he will offer and sell you some other products. Ofcourse when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy.

1. Funnel hacker blackbox

Funnel Hacker Black Box cost you $37. It’s include Dotcom Secrets book, Expert Secrets book and other books that help you familiar with Clickfunels software.

Watch the video to see Funnel Hacker Black Box

2. One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge has $100.

With $100 they will teach you how to create your product or service and launch your funnel within 30 days.

one funnel away challenge - 30 days summit russell brunson

30 days with a checklist and training step-by-step.

No matter who you are or what’s your skill. You only have a passion, believe, and want to make more sales online. One Funnel Away challenge has been created for you.

Not only that, but you also get 30 Days book. The book includes 30 ideas of 30 successful marketers around the world. The idea of what would they do when they lost everything

_ No skill
_ No product
_ No Traffic
_ No Funnel

If you want to learn more about One Funnel Away Challenge, you can read the full review here.

3. Traffic secrets

traffic secrets course review

Now, you have the basic knowledge of sales funnels, 3 types of funnels that 99.9% of marketers use and succeed. So what else do you need?


_ Without traffic, you can’t test your funnel
_ Without traffic you can’t build email list
_ And without traffic, you actually  make NO sale

So Traffic Secrets is a course that teaches you how to increase your traffic to website, to your funnel.

It’s not only 1 way, they teach you so many ways to get traffic online.

If you want to learn more about this course, read Traffic Secrets review here.

My final thought

If you have read this section, you are in the top few, only about 10%. First of all, I sincerely thank you for reading my blog.

Now, you may be thinking that I am trying to sell you this book or these products to get a commission, right?

In fact, we always try to create the best quality content as well as spend money to buy products to be able to review for you the most objective. Accompanying it is the cost of maintaining an effective website. That’s why we need to be paid for that.

I know you may still be struggling with your business and want to change it. You need to think and consider a lot to pay for a product or service. Because there are so many scam products out there.

But Let me ask you a question…

Does the idea in the book make sense to you? Do you like the idea?

If the answer is NO. So we need stop here and again thank you for reading my blog. If the answer is YES, you should get the book right now. Because your risk is ZERO.

What if you don’t like this book? No matter what is your reason, you just email to [email protected] or click here to contact Clickfunnels Support. They refund the shipping cost for you and you don’t need to ship the book back.

Does that sound fair enough?


Here are RECAP the value you will get in Network Marketing Secrets Book:

Funnel #1 – The Bridge Funnel – Create the perfect communication “bridge” between YOU and your prospect! You can share your message and opportunity WITHOUT ever needing to grab someone from your upline, and jump on a phone call! (This funnel works even if you’re brand new to network marketing, and don’t have any established credibility yet…) 

Funnel #2 – The Home Party Funnel – This isn’t like your typical home party! Get all the sales, leads, and social interaction of a traditional home party right through the power of the internet…(WITHOUT having to lug around bins of product, or set foot outside of your home!) 

Funnel #3 – The Hotel Meeting Funnel – How to create DUPLICATION in your online business to rapidly grow your team and create that ‘multiplier-effect’ in your paychecks…(This is how you build a rock-solid business foundation that cannot crumble…)

So, what do you think about this book? Please leave the comment below !

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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