Looking to buy the Copywriting Secrets Book by Jim Edwards? Not sure if it would fit for you or not? Then you NEED to see this review. I going to share with you:

  • What is copywriting secrets book
  • About the author
  • What you will learn inside the book
  • Everything about upselling
  • And so much more

Keep reading to discover now!

What is Copywriting?

In the marketing world, there are so many definitions for copywriting.

According to Jim Edwards

Sales copywriting is anything intended to persuade the right reader, viewer, or listener to take a specific action.

Think about it!

Everyone engaged in sales needs to develop an engrossing and well-composed copy, whether intended to be used for blogs, websites, press releases, social media, or other content marketing drives. 

When you are writing your content, no matter online or offline, these specific actions you want them to take include:

  • Engagement with your post
  • Link Click
  • Buy something
  • Like, share, and subscribe.
  • Leave name and email address
  • Or go to the next step of your sales process
  • etc

Bottom line: Copywriting is selling

Whether you’re a coach, funnel hacker, eCommerce seller, or real estate agent. You create a post, newspaper, Instagram post, Facebook Ad, free report, and anything between can be considered copywriting.

Therefore, Copywriting is an important skill you should learn to bring your business to the next level through building a brand, increase conversion, sales, and build a relationship with your potential.

This is what Russell Brunson – CEO of Clickfunnels, said about copywriting.

“Copywriting is what made me rich… It has more impact on how much money you make with your company than anything else.” – Russell Brunson.

Why should You learn Copywriting When You can hiring someone write It?

Copywriting is boring and complicated.

As a business owner, you have many things to do a day. So outsource sales copy is a good way to save your time and ring better results than you do yourself because you’re not good at copywriting, right?

I agree with you. However, sometimes I have few issues with our copywriter (even they’re an expert). They can write for me but:

  • They can’t write in my voice.
  • Also, they don’t know my personal story, what I have been through in life and business.
  • I must wait about 2-3 weeks when they can fit it into their schedule. If I need it fast, it’s expensive.

If you’re not good at copywriting, you never know their sales copy is good or not.

When everything is perfect, they write a copy for you, is that sales copy going to work? You won’t know until you run it. Whether it works or not, you have to pay them.

So, this is the reason why Copywriting Secrets comes to help you use the power of words to get more clicks, sales, and profits with all your content creation. No matter what you sell or who you sell it to.

Please don’t misunderstand: I don’t say that hire a writer is not good. As an owner of the business, a manager,… sometimes needs to hire a writer. But, when you are good at copywriting, you can choose which jobs you can outsource and which jobs you should do yourself. You will know how to hire a good copywriter and create the checklist, KPI for them.

What is Copywriting Secrets Book?

Copywriting secrets book - Jim Edwards
Copywriting secrets book – Jim Edwards

Copywriting Secrets is a marketing book by Jim Edwards that is primarily designed to help marketers and entrepreneurs discover how powerful words are and use them to makes a difference in your business. The book includes 31 secrets, and it hits the highlights we need to know and remember.

After reading the book, you not only fix your existing content but also create speeches, webinars, Facebook lives, headlines, Instagram posts, and other sales messages to become better. Even you not good at copywriting before!

In a nutshell, the book teaches you to put the right words to motivate people to buy from you.

Jim Edwards – Copywriting Secrets book author

Jim Edwards e1571064211818

I know Jim Edwards because he is one of the hosts of Funnel Fridays (Clickfunnels show that teaches you to build a funnel within 30 minutes). He is also co-creator of Funnel Scripts – The ultimate push-button solution for creating any sales copy you need in 3 simple steps.

In1997, Jim was one of the first people to sell an e-book online. Because of his e-book sales, Jim appeared in the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, and countless other online, offline publications around the globe.

In 1998, Jim also started writing ” The Net Reporter,” a syndicated newspaper column that ran for ten years.


Jim already works in different industries and sells different product types, and uses his copywriting skills to sell millions of dollars of his products, service, coaching, and software online.

In addition to this, Jim Edwards wrote several books, ebooks, several print books, and plenty of articles that revolved around selling.  And, what made him even more highly recognized was his Copywriting Secrets book that has garnered countless sales around the world.

Jim is also the creator of many auspicious software products that consist of 

  • Expert Interview Wizard
  • Instant Sales Video Secrets Wizard
  • Easy Sales Copy Wizard
  • Podcast Interview Wizard 
  • and the 3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard.

Aside from this, one of his most renowned products is Funnel Scripts that he co-created with Russell Brunson. Since he is highly trusted in affiliate and has become so successful in selling his own products, many entrepreneurs worldwide use the software that he created. 

What copywriting secrets book talks about?

Copywriting Secrets teaches you street-smart copywriting. This means this book teaches you how to get results today.

  • If you have tried to write ads, emails and sales letters for your business before and failed
  • Need more clicks, sales – no matter what you sell or who you want to sell

This book is for you.

You will interest in the topics included in the book after reading it.

The book reveals a total of 31 secrets that everyone can employ instantly to encourage more consumers to purchase now, and to do so; you’ve got to.

Secrets #1: What is copywriting?

The definition of copywriting, what makes copywriting different from regular writing? How much has the art or science of copywriting changed over the years, and how to understand your audience?

He also shares the THREE key nuggets you need when analyzing your niche market. This flies in the face of what every business school professor you’ll ever meet will try to teach you! (I’ll show you how you can use these three gems to get INSTANT results… instead of spending millions on “market research” and “focus groups.

Secrets #2: One Man’s Journey with sales copy

A simple truth about sales copy Jim learned from a man who sold 2 BILLION dollars worth of consumer products… one customer at a time… at an average price of about $29 bucks! (And he’ll explain how you can use this wisdom to change your life too instantly.)

Secrets #3: Without Strong Why, People Don’t buy: People don’t buy without reason. The 10 reasons make people buy
Secrets #4: Nobody cares about you in your sales copy

The single biggest “truth” about sales copy is that once you understand it, it will open your eyes to a whole new way of selling online, offline, and in-person.

Secrets #5: The most valuable skill you will ever learn

3 REASONS WHY outsourcing your sales copy can be the kiss of death for your business if you do it wrong (no matter how much you’ve been told it’s okay to “outsource” all your sales copy. BEWARE!)

Secrets #6: The #1 single most important piece of sales copy ever: How to write a killing headline and the templates you can use immediately.
Secrets #7: It’s never “ONE SIZE FITS ALL.”: why sales copy is NEVER “one size fits all” when it comes to your audience.
Secrets #8: Meet F.R.E.D (Your ideal customer):

Learn the secrets to create the perfect customer in your mind FIRST, and then use what you learn to make massive sales in the real world!

Secrets #9: The ultimate bullet formula:

FIVE ways you can use bullets right now to increase curiosity, build excitement and drive people to action (and make your copy “bullet-proof” in the process)

Secrets #10: What really sell people (it’s not what you think)

This secret is about the why and how to get people to react with emotion because emotion drives sales. It takes the previous secret about bullets to the next level.

Secrets #11: Why good enough makes you (and keep you poor)

The reason why ” The enemy of great is GOOD” and how to testing your sales copy. Remember, a simple change can make your website, funnel, ad, or email that can skyrocket your profits

Secrets #12: Don’t reinvent the wheel – great copy leaves clues

Research gives you the words and the intel you need to write a better copy. In this secret, Jim will share with you how to do the right research before you start creating your sales copy.

Secrets #13: It’s all about them – never about you

Someone who’s confused never agrees to buy. Maybe one in a thousand does, but you usually can’t make money off of one in a thousand. 4 SECRETS you must remember and never do it in your copy.

Secrets #14: What to do if you don’t have any testimonials yet

Testimonials can help you build momentum and improve the effectiveness of your sales messages. But, when you’re talking about sales copy and the sales process, what you’re actually worried about here is proof. Don’t let the lack of testimonials stop you.

You will discover different testimonials you can put in your copy even if you don’t have them yet. (Without fake or manufacture a results-oriented it)

Secrets #15: sales formulas that never fail

In this secrets, you will learn how to structure a sales message, and the 3 secrets formulas take people through a mental process that sets them up to buy

Secrets #16: It’s all ice cream, but what flavor should I choose?

When it comes to sales letters, you might ask, “What should I use: a video, long or short sales letter? Which do you think is the best?” Some people think that length is matters. To answer this question, read Copywriting Secrets to see Jim’s professional answer.

Secrets #17: How to write a sales letter fast.

Learn thirteen parts of the sales letter. This is like legos, stacked one on top of another.

By focusing on the thirteen parts, you don’t feel pressured to write an entire sales letter. All you do is create each of these parts in turn, which makes it easier to complete. Doing thirteen small steps is more attainable than doing one giant sales message project.

Secrets #18: How to write killer email teasers fast

99 times out of 100, the only purpose of your email is to get a click from the right person. In this secrets, you will learn how to grab their attention and build their curiosity to entice them to click

Secrets #19: The hardest draft you’ll ever write

The secret to going from a blank screen with a blinking cursor to a finished piece of sales copy FASTER than you could ever do it “from scratch.” (If you’ve ever suffered from writer’s block, this is the solution you’ve prayed for!)

Secrets #20: Make people thirsty

You probably heard the saying, ” You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

That is true!

You can bring someone to a specific point to do what you want them to do, but you can’t force them to do it. However, you can make that person more “thirsty” for what you’re selling.

Secrets #21: Love me, hate me, there’s no money in the middle

When it comes to your copy and content, why don’t you be afraid to change direction and explain why to people if the situation warrants it?

Secrets #22: “Oh damn” I got to have that

The number one key to selling like crazy is the promise any profitable product makes.

Inside secrets 22, you will learn how to make an amazing promise through four parts. Each part of the formula hits a critical point in your prospect’s decision-making process.

Secrets #23: Put lipstick on the pig

What if your copy is not performing?

“What should I charge?” You get the answers you need to this critical question about price and sales copy once and for all

Secrets #24: Should I join the dark side?

How to use negatives to get in sync with people and the conversations going on in their head and the reason why never go negative by attacking someone or a company by the name

Secrets #25: “Stealth” closes – the secrets to selling without selling

The secret weapons to fly under a prospect’s “anti-sales” radar defenses and get them to click, buy, try or sign up!

Secrets #26: The hired gun

Understand when and how to hiring someone to write sales copy for you. How to create smaller jobs to find people who can do work for you and weed out the ones who can’t

Secrets #27: The magic desk

How to instantly “get inside the mind” of your ideal prospect and have them TELL you EXACTLY what they want to buy, try, or subscribe! (This unique visualization exercise will give you the insider perspective about your customers all business owners crave!)

Secrets #28: The one and only purpose of an online ad

In this secret, there are five truths about ads. It’s like five secrets within secrets, and no, it’s not to build your brand awareness or “retarget” someone who didn’t buy from you last week. Miss this, and you can kiss your entire advertising budget goodbye!

Secrets #29: You can’t catch fish without a hook

Discover the easiest method to create the FASTEST hooks. The secrets formula teaches you how to combine different elements to create effective hooks.

Secrets #30: Create your own swipe file

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, all copywriters worth their salt maintain something called a “swipe file.” A swipe file can contain anything you see that grabs your attention and works. In this secret, you will learn how to develop a digital swipe file fast as possible.

Secrets #31: Polish your sales copy

Why do people pass judgment on you and the quality of your product or service based on this one single “boo-boo” in your sales copy (Good News: you have 100% COMPLETE control over it)

Is it really FREE? Copywriting Secrets book Funnel?

The Copywiting Secrets book review jim Edwards

Jim Edwards is presently giving away copies of this book free of charge, and you will only be asked to pay for shipping fees- $7.95 for the US and $14.95 for international shipping. And, there is no definite period until when this offer lasts.

Once you got the free copy of this book, you will also be offered some upsells.

  • CWS audio book
  • Sales Story Secrets
  • Funnel Scripts

Follow these steps to buying the upsell when you see how awesome it is.

  1. Click here to order a paper book version.
  2. Fill your information to the blank.
  3. Click the button to buy the product you like or click “No” if you want to skip it

1. Copywriting Secrets Audio book

copywriting secrets audiobook

Copywriting Secrets Audiobook
What you will get: The audiobook extended edition with bonus content, extra interviews with Jim, and more.

We couldn’t see the extra content in the CWS book.

Do I need to buy the audiobook?  It depends on you. 

  • If your reading speed is slow
  • You don’t have time to read.
  • Want to study the content of the book while waiting it shipped to your home.

It would be best if you bought it.

2. Sales Story Secrets

sales story secrets masterclass

After you get your book, Jim will up-sell you to the sales story secrets that cost you $97. Now I will show you what inside and all bonuses you will have.

Sales Story Secrets Masterclass

sales story secrets masterclass

What you will get:

  • How to create stories for sales copy everytime.
  • Sell more products and services faster
  • Step-by-step training video + transcripts

The purpose of the “Sales Story Secrets” Master Class is to give you concrete steps, blueprints, formulas, and tools to tell amazing stories that captivate your audience, motivate people to take action, and convert lookers into buyers… no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

7-Story Blueprint


What you will get:

  • 7 blueprint secrets to choose perfect story.
  • 31 story intro’s
  • Story transitions
  • The rest of sales message

Does it enough for you? Not only that, but Jim also provides you with specific examples through “Million Dollar Story Example.”

Million Dollar Story Example


What you will get:

  • This makes it easy for you to see specific examples of actual stories that made millions of dollars. 
  • Model these stories for your own sales copy, blog posts, social media, and more. 
  • Stop guessing about what types of stories work and actually see them for yourself in black and white.

And You Also Get These Incredible Bonuses!

Bonus #1: The Hero’s Journey Training & Wizard

Create the perfect outline for a Hero’s Journey story! Use these stories for just about anything, including webinars, FB lives, articles, podcasts, and more!

Bonus #2: Origin Story Wizard & Wizard

Use this wizard to create your sales story to help sell anything.

Whether it’s for an opt-in, physical product, coaching, or whatever… now it’s super easy to come up with great sales stories that rock!!!

Everyone wants to know the story behind what you’re selling, and this wizard makes it easy to do.

Bonus #3: Video Story Idea Brainstorming Wizard & Checklist

Input a few variables and pop out dozens of story ideas you can use to create videos that engage viewers, make your point quickly, pull readers to you, and make more sales!

  • This online software wizard and checklist give you the secret to brainstorm story ideas quickly and easily at the push of a button.
  • Find the perfect story to use in any situation.
  • Never run out of story ideas for sales copy, blogs, Facebook Lives, YouTube, and more.

Recap Everything You Get When You Buy Sales Story Secrets

  • Sales Story Secrets Master Class
  • The 7 Story Blueprints
  •  “Million Dollar” Story Examples
  • BONUS #1: The Hero’s Journey
  • BONUS #2: The “Origin Story” Wizard
  • BONUS #3: Video Story Idea Brainstorming Wizard 

3. Funnel Scripts

Funnel scripts review - funnel secrets

What if you could create all the custom sales copy you could ever need at the push of a button? Funnel Scripts can help you create all your sales copy in just minutes:

  • Dotcom Secrets scripts
  • Expert Secrets scripts
  • One Funnel Away scripts
  • Email follow-up
  • Copy Secrets scripts
  • Ads scripts, webinar,…
  • More and more…

What you need to do is only fill in the blank and click the button. Is it simple, right?

The tool normally costs you $797. However, if you get the Copy Secrets book and buy this software on the upsell page, you only pay $697 (save $100).

At this point, if you never hear of this software before, you can read my full funnel scripts review here.

Copywriting Secrets Book Price

There are a couple of ways to buy Copywriting Secrets. Depend on where you buy the book; the price will be different.

1. Buy from author sales page:

  • Sales page: Copywriting Secrets.com
  • Price: Free + $7,95 for the shipping fee in the US and $14,95 (for the hardcover book) international
  • Support: Facebook Group
  • Bonus: Yes

2. Amazon

copywriting secrets book amazon kindle price
Copywriting Secrets price on Amazon kindle

Sales page: Amazon.com

  • Hardcover: $16,49
  • Paperback: $15,99
  • Kindle version: $9,99

3 Barnes & Noble


Sales page: Barnesandnoble.com

  • Harcover: $19,99
  • Paperback: $19,99
  • NOOK book: $10,49

Keep in mind: The bonus and group support are only available when you buy from the author at Copywritingsecrets.com. That means you can’t see it elsewhere even you buy from Amazon. So I highly recommend buying from the official website as it is cheaper, and you have support from the author.

Why you should get Copywriting Secrets?

Make money: I don’t tell you big money, but what if you apply some tips inside the book into your business and increase conversion in your ad, sales copy, webinar, opt-in page to 3-5% from website visitors to lead and become a buyer? Is this impossible?

Save Money: You can save your money for hiring expensive copywriters

Save time: You can write your own sales copy, Ad copy, email follow-up, video scripts… faster, and start testing instead of waiting 3-5 days for waiting for your writer to complete the copy.

Avoid Effort: Of course, you can learn it from Google. But what if you have a copied formula and write it anytime, anywhere you want?

You’re not alone: You will join the Jim Edward group, where people discuss copywriting and other marketing tactics. So you can learn from them, and this is maybe where your potential congregating.

Pros and Cons


  1. Marketers and entrepreneurs can finally discover the proven-effective techniques and strategies on how to use the right words when copywriting to capture the attention and interests of potential customers.
  2. How to put the right words in your sales copy and sell like crazy.
  3. The methodologies were discussed in a manner that’s easy to exploit and apply in your business. Thus, this is user-friendly for beginners.
  4. This book can be your solution to your long-time problem in copywriting. You can learn the mistakes that need to be avoided and unveil the right schemes on how to compose messages that would certainly lure customers to make purchasing decisions at once.
  5. The author also shares some of his real-life experiences and success secret stories that you could also consider for your current situation.


  1. This book is not supported by overdrive, windows smartphones and iBooks or Kindle.
  2. While you can get the Copywriting Secrets book free of charge, the shipping cost only has a small difference with the book’s price. And, the offer is only for a limited time.
  3. The upsells are quite costly and may not be something that people with limited budgets can afford.
  4. Since there are many offers similar to this on the web, many people still find this offer questionable.
  5. When you read it, there are times when you get overly enticed of the contents that make it seem too good to be true.

Update 15- Oct- 2019: The book is now available on Amazon Kindle.


To wrap things up, Copywriting Secrets book teaches you to obtain more leads in your business and motivate people to buy whatever you’re selling.

As discussed in this book, words are virtually powerful that they could either make or break you. Hence, if you become insightful of the right words for you to say and share, you are more likely to achieve success in the soonest possible time.

Moreover, no matter what level you are in copywriting, whether it is your first time to partake in such a venture or already a pro; you will find this book worth reading primarily because it is packed with useful tips and advantageous methodologies that are proven to be helpful in substantially improving your copy.

In essence, once you have instilled in your mind all the techniques you have learned from this book and start carrying out the strategies discussed here, you can start reaping the fruits of your hard work.  Undeniably, it pays off to consider the advice of someone who had undergone all the ups and downs before accomplishing the peak of success.

I hope you’ll like my Copywriting Secrets book review. Now, I want to hear from you.  Do you have any questions or feedback for this post?

Let me know by comment below.

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