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Copywriting Secrets Book Review – Jim Edwards

copywriting secrets review

If you are looking for Copywriting Secrets Bookreview by Jim Edwards, you’re in right place.

Copywriting is what made me rich… It has more impact on how much money you make with your company than anything else.” – Russell Brunson.

This is what Russell Brunson – CEO of Clickfunnels, shared and is also the preface of the Copywriting secrets book – of Jim Edwards.

In Copywriting Secrets Book review, I will show you exactly the benefit of the book and everything you need to know before you buy it.

Keep reading to discover now!

The problem of marketers with copywriting

Everyone engaged in sales needs to come up with engrossing and well-composed copy, whether it is intended to be used for blogs, websites, press releases, social media, or other content marketing drives.

The truth is, not all brands and marketers are adept at this.

Copywriting is really important!

As a matter of fact, even the most thought-provoking and enthralling topic will not be catchy if it is filled with errors or composed in a manner that does not engross the readers.

Essentially, through simply paying close attention to the copy’s quality, you can be guaranteed that the story of your brand will be prominent. Hence, this does not merely convey producing neat copy, but also being very insightful of the usual copywriting entanglements.

The good news is that, once you have a deeper grasp of what sales copy is, it will considerably help in opening your eyes to a unique approach of selling offline, in person or through the web.

Copywriting secrets book - Jim Edwards
Copywriting secrets book - Jim Edwards

In copywriting, a simple pronoun change may help vault up your sales, while typos can remarkably drop your sales. That said, it is clear that it matters to delve into the right words and messages that you should be sharing.

One simple mistake can blow away the potentiality of success, so you should beware.

Many a time, outsourcing your sales copy could be the pitfall for your business if you execute it wrong. As you can see, there are a plenty of mishaps and problems that could block your road to win. Truth is, this does not only happen to newbies but with those who are already well-experienced in the field.

Here, it clearly points out how valuable it is to explore the real deal in copywriting.

As you might already know, tongues are sharper. Whatever word you utter, it is what most people will take in mind.

Thus, you should be careful of every word you decide to use because this could either make or break you in the copywriting field. We are often lured or irked by the manner people utter their words or share their messages. Take note that the same goes in copywriting.

If you eagerly wish people to trust you, it is a must that every word you use greatly influences them in a more constructive approach. And, this is what you will learn in this book- the power of words in copywriting.

In order for you to combat whatever it is that could obstruct your ladder to success in marketing, one practical solution to consider is mastering copywriting mindset. What it is and how to develop it; how to exploit it to set your life in motion and how to speed up your business. Luckily, you can master all of these by having Copywriting Secrets book by your side.

This is what the book is for. It details all the substantial information that you need to uncover about copywriting. This is for everyone, beginners or professionals. 

This book was authored by Jim Edwards who based all the contents in this book from his real life experiences, long years of careful studies and research as well as many tried and tested techniques that paved way to his notable in the field.

What is Copywriting Secrets Book?

copywriting secrets book review jim edwards

This book is primarily designed to help marketers and entrepreneurs discover how powerful words are truly are when it comes to copywriting. 

And, it explains various techniques and methodologies that can be used in achieving different marketing objectives.

No matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

About Author - Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards e1571064211818

Jim Edwards is a very well-known copywriting expert and affiliate marketer at present. Many marketers refer to him as someone who provides practical assistance in helping businessmen or marketers magnify their sales’ rates through simply producing more exceptional sales copies with regards to whatever type of product they sell or even if you’re not the type who is into selling.

In addition to this, Edwards written several books, ebooks, a number of print books as well as a plenty of articles that revolved around selling.

And, what made him even more highly recognized was his Copywriting Secrets book that has garnered countless of sales around the world.

Edwards is also the creator of many auspicious software products that consist of 

  • Expert Interview Wizard
  • Instant Sales Video Secrets Wizard
  • Easy Sales Copy Wizard
  • Podcast Interview Wizard 
  • and the 3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard.

Aside from this, one of his most renowned products is Funnel Scripts that he co-created with Russell Brunson. Since he is highly trusted in the field of affiliate and has become so successful in selling his own products, many entrepreneurs worldwide use the software that he created. 

What copywriting secrets book talks about?

Copywriting Secrets book is all about how to use the right words on paper and online  to encourage more sales, countless of clicks and more revenues no matter what you market and to whom you market your offer.

You will interest the topics included in the book after reading it.

The book reveals a total of 31 secrets that everyone can employ instantly in order to encourage more consumers to purchase now and to do so you’ve got to 

  • Consider carrying out some emotional triggers, 
  • Multiply your sales no matter what product you offer 
  • Whom you’re going to sell your product
  • And to target your potential clients- particularly those who prefer to purchase from you at once.
Copywriting secrets book - table of content
Copywriting secrets book - table of content

By the same token, this book also aids readers to structure their offers that sell suspiciously in any market, acquire more subscribers and of course to establish a frenzied fan base and a lot more.

Jim Edwards will even disclose the step by step methods on how to precisely compose an outstanding sales letter similar to the one that tremendously changed his life. 

Besides, the book also contains other insider secrets that he has mastered through the past long years from actually executing it.

Unlike other books that are merely filled with theories and oversight, this book only contains the real deal that are certainly practical and advantageous to what you are exactly aiming for. All the information contained in this book were all real experiences with many years of careful research, studies and trial and error encounters and how the author started earning some bucks along the way.

Basically, the book does not only focus on what you will do but also tackles some of the mishaps that entrepreneurs, salesmen and businessmen do why consumers do not prefer to buy from them.  

Interestingly, the mistakes were detailed and there were also some ways discussed on how to ward off these impediments from totally ruining your business.

You will absolutely find this book quite engrossing because it also includes accurate sales copy formula that could transform problems into money-making ventures. 

As you can see, no other sales copy formula ever has executed more to significantly change the lives of people and double their sales rates and money flow. Isn’t it exciting to be provided with the opportunity to unveil how to utilize this tested formula in any scenario you can imagine?

copywriting secrets secrets 11

Plus, if you have been struggling to reach out to your prospects and do not know how to construct awesome sales letter more effectively, then this book can also be your one great ally. In this book, you’ll discover the thirteen steps sales message formula that was proven to be quite proficient in urging prospects to make a purchase decision right away. 

So, if you are so eager to know what all these are, it helps to start exploring more about what this book can teach you.

Personally, what makes this book definitely a must-read is its 3 M’s of Content that make your prospects be attentive to every word you utter, successfully encourage them to purchase, attempt or apply button on your page. And, the most interesting page that undertakes the secret code to your prospects “buying brain.”

Ultimately, this book will be absolutely beneficial to those who seriously desire to earn huge amount of bucks, enjoy more holidays and not be overly tied with physically and mentally draining jobs. 

This book can help you accomplish that specifically if you’re having troubles in making sales these days.

Copywriting Secrets Book Price

You can get the Copywriting Secrets book for a price tag of $9,99 at Amazon Kindle. But, the good news is that you can have it free of charge and only pay for the delivery fee which costs around $7,95 if shipped in US and $14,95 (for hard cover book) in other parts of the world.

copywriting secrets book amazon kindle price
Copywriting Secrets Book price on Amazon kindle

I highly recommend buying from the official website as it is cheaper, and you have support from the author.

Does it really FREE? Do they have upsell?

Jim Edwards is presently giving away copies of this book free of charge and you will only be asked to pay for shipping fees- $7.95 for US and $14.95 international shipping. And, there is no definite period until when this offer lasts.

The Copywiting Secrets book review jim Edwards

Once you got the free copy of this book, you will also be offered with some upsells.

  • CWS audio book
  • Sales Story Secrets
  • Funnel Scripts

Follow these step to buy the upsell when you see how awesome it is.

  1. Click here to order paper book version.
  2. Fill your information to the blank.
  3. Click the button to buy the product you like or click “No” if you want to skip it

1. Copywriting Secrets Audiobook

copywriting secrets audiobook

Copywriting Secrets Audiobook
Price: $27
What you will get: The audio book extended edition with bonus content, extra interviews with Jim and more.

We couldn’t see the extra bonus content in the CWS book.

Do I need to buy the audiobook?  It depends on you. 

  • If your reading speed is slow
  • You don’t have time to read.
  • Want to study the content of the book while waiting it shipped to your home.
You should to buy it.

2. Sales Story Secrets

sales story secrets masterclass

After you get your book, Jim will up-sell you to the sales story secrets that cost you $97. Now I will show you what inside and all bonus you will have.

2.1 - Sales Story Secrets Masterclass

sales story secrets masterclass

What you will get:

  • How to create stories for sales copy everytime.
  • Sell more products and services faster
  • Step-by-step training video + transcripts
The purpose of the “Sales Story Secrets” Master Class is to give you concrete steps, blueprints, formulas and tools to tell amazing stories that captivate your audience, motivate people to take action, and convert lookers into buyers… no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

2.2 - 7 Story Blueprint


What you will get:

  • 7 blueprint secrets to choose perfect story.
  • 31 story intro’s
  • Story transitions
  • The rest of sales message
Does it enough for you? Not only that, Jim also provides you with specific examples through “Million Dollar Story Example”

2.3 - Million Dollar Story Example


What you will get:

  • This makes it easy for you to see specific examples of actual stories that made millions of dollars. 
  • Model these stories for your own sales copy, blog posts, social media, and more. 
  • Stop guessing about what types of stories work and actually see them for yourself in black and white.
And You Also Get These Incredible Bonuses!

Bonus #1: The Hero’s Journey Training & Wizard

Create the perfect outline for a Hero’s Journey story! Use these stories for just about anything, including webinars, FB lives, articles, podcasts and more!

Bonus #2: Origin Story Wizard & Wizard

Use this wizard to create your sales story to help sell anything.

Whether it’s for an opt in, physical product, coaching or whatever… now it’s super easy to come up great sales stories that rock!!!

Everyone wants to know the story behind what you’re selling and this wizard makes it easy to do.

Bonus #2: Video Story Idea Brainstorming Wizard & Checklist

Input a few variables and pop out dozens of story ideas you can use to create videos that engage viewers, make your point quickly, pull readers to you, and make more sales!

  • This online software wizard and checklist give you the secret to brainstorm story ideas quickly and easily at the push of a button.
  • Find the perfect story to use in any situation.
  • Never run out of story ideas for sales copy, blogs, Facebook Lives, YouTube, social media, and more.

Recap Everything You Get When You Buy Sales Story Secrets

  • Sales Story Secrets Master Class
  • The 7 Story Blueprints
  •  “Million Dollar” Story Examples
  • BONUS #1: The Hero’s Journey
  • BONUS #2: The “Origin Story” Wizard
  • BONUS #3: Video Story Idea Brainstorming Wizard 

3. Funnel Scripts

Funnel scripts review - funnel secrets

What if you could create all the custom sales copy you could ever need at the push of button? Funnel Scripts can help you create all your sales copy in just minutes:

  • Dotcom Secrets scripts
  • Expert Secrets scripts
  • One Funnel Away scripts
  • Email follow-up
  • Copy Secrets scripts
  • Ads scripts, webinar,…
  • More and more…

What you need to do only fill the blank and click the button. Is it simple, right?

The tool normally cost you $797. However if you get Copy Secrets book and buy this software in the upsell page, you just only pay $697 (save $100).

At this point, if you never hear this software before, you can read my full funnel scripts review here

Pros and Cons


  1. Marketers and entrepreneurs can finally discover the proven effective techniques and strategies on how to use the right words when copywriting to capture the attention and interests of potential customers.
  2. How to put the right words in your sales copy and sell like crazy.
  3. The methodologies were discussed in a manner that’s easy to exploit and apply in your business. Thus, this is user-friendly for beginners.
  4. This book can be your solution to your long-time problem in copywriting. You can learn the mistakes that need to be avoided and unveil the right schemes on how to compose messages that would certainly lure customers to make purchasing decision at once.
  5. The author also shares some his real life experiences and success secret stories that you could also consider for your current situation.


  1. This book is not supported by overdrive, windows smart phones and iBooks or Kindle.
  2. While you can get the Copywriting Secrets book free of charge, the shipping cost only has a small difference with the book’s price. And, the offer is only for a limited time.
  3. The upsells are quite costly and may not be something that people with limited budget can afford.
  4. Since there are many offers similar with this on the web, many people still find this offer questionable.
  5. When you read it, there are times when you get overly enticed of the contents that make it seem like too good to be true.
Update 15 – Oct- 2019: The book now available on Amazon Kindle.


To wrap things up, Copywriting Secrets book teaches it’s readers to obtain more leads in their business, create more sales, encourage more people to subscribe to their social media networks and be able to establish a huge fan base.

As what was discussed in this book, words are virtually powerful that it could either make or break you. Hence, if you become insightful of the right words for you to say and share; you are more likely to achieve success in the soonest possible time.

Moreover, no matter what level you are in copywriting, whether it is your first time to partake in such venture, or already a pro; you will find this book worth-reading primarily because it is packed with useful tips and advantageous methodologies that are proven to be helpful in substantially improving your copy.

In essence, once you have instilled in your mind all the techniques you have learned from this book and start carrying out the strategies discussed here, you can start reaping the fruits of your hardwork.  Undeniably, it pays off to consider the advice of someone who had undergone all the ups and downs prior to accomplishing the peak of success.

I hope you’ll like my Copywriting Secrets book review. Now, I want to hear from you.  Do you have any question or feedback for this post?

Let me know by comment below.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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