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Kartra vs. Clickfunnels: Funnel Builder Compared

Kartra vs Clickfunnels Comprehensive Comparison
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I personally review the two most popular funnel builder software tools in this post: Compare Kartra and Clickfunnels.

A lot of people ask me what’s the best online marketing tools to create their own website and funnel. I always tell them that it depends on your needs and budget, but it can be hard to choose with many different options.

Today, I’m going to talk about Kartra vs. Clickfunnels and which one might be more suitable for entrepreneurs like you. We’ll explore:

  • Cost/value
  • Email Marketing automation
  • Report/ analytics/ split test
  • Landing page templates
  • Sales funnel builder
  • Membership sites
  • Pricing plans
  • Customer support
  • And more

We’re excited to share this information with you! Make sure you read this entire review to find out which one might be better suited for your needs.

Kartra Vs. Clickfunnels Quick Review

Before we go deep into the review itself, I want to summary some important info in each marketing platform.

I am a blogger; I start my Wordpress site with a tight budget. When my blog grows, I realize that I can’t control the traffic came to my website, also the process that potential customers through.

Combined blog and marketing funnels allow me to generate leads, build a relationship with the audience, promote new offers to make more profits, and be easy to scale.

Both Kartra and Clickfunnels have advanced features to make my online marketing campaigns more effective. Take a look at the comparison table below to see few keys differences between Clickfunnels and Kartra’s basic plan.

What is Kartra?

Kartra started in 2018, created by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime. This is the all-in-one solution for your online business.

With Kartra, you can cut out daily work hours, and it earns you effortless money around the clock with advanced automation. It has been list on top performer landing page softwareemail management software, and content marketing 2021.

sales funnel builder software kartra

Kartra is necessary for any marketer looking to take their business to the next level without spending hours doing tedious tasks like sending emails manually. You can use this powerful tool to:

  • Run your entire business.
  • Automate your entire digital marketing strategy from start to finish!   
  • Create high converting landing pages,
  • Send automated follow-up emails at scale
  • and much more!

Read Kartra review here

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels started in 2014, created by Russel Brunson and Todd Dickerson, a cloud-based platform that allows businesses of all sizes in eCommerce, consulting, and other industries to create their own sales funnels. You can use pre-made templates or design your own from scratch. 

There are hundreds of professionally designed templates that will help get you started quickly without needing any technical skills whatsoever.

It’s the easiest way for online entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. With over 100k active users and listed on performer software in 2021, it’s time for you to join the movement!

📰 Read my full post about Clickfunnels review here.

clickfunnels 2.0 homepage

Laning Page Builder/Editor Comparison

Page builder style is critical for building a website because most people don’t want to hire someone with coding knowledge to build their site, and it’s quite expensive. Page builders help you create your own page layouts without any technical know-how or code, making the process fast and easy.

As a result of the internet’s vast growth, web page builders have become more accessible. With so many web page builders available, a good builder should have:

  • More features
  • more templates
  • Beautiful design
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface

Kartra page builder

kartra landing page builder

To create a page in Kartra, just simply click on the My Pages >> Page icon.

You can even design the perfect layout for your website by using templates or building from scratch with our blank canvas option!

There are different types of landing pages included a lot of pre-design templates that Kartra users can pick to start:

  • Squeeze page
  • Video sales page
  • Thank You Pages
  • Long sales pages
  • Coming Soon pages
  • Product launch
  • Product review
  • Webinar Registration pages
  • Checkout pages
  • 404 Pages
  • Upsell pages
  • Membership sites
  • Live Event Pages
  • Affiliate pages
  • Legal pages
  • Blog posts
  • Blog homes
  • Personal branding

Pick the template you like and click on Launch Builder> Create the name of the page. Also, you can add a category and site.

Create a landing page in Kartra

In the workspace, you can see that Kartra is a drag and drop page builder that lets you create any type of website with ease.

Kartra landing page builder

In the workspace, you can see that Kartra is using simple drag and drop editor that lets you create any type of website with ease.

The editor has 2 modes: 

  • The Columns Mode allows you to customize columns any way you choose
  • The Component Mode lets you change the content (elements) within the columns. 

It’s easy to switch between these two modes with just one click of your mouse.

kartra column and component mode

With Kartra, you can build your web pages really fast without knowing how to code or use complicated software. Simply drag and drop the building blocks into place, customize them with our easy-to-use interface, and publish your site live on the web!

You’ll have a professional-looking website up and running in no time at all

Clickfunnels Page Builder

Clickfunnels also has a drag and drops editor that allows you to create landing pages with ease. They have over 50 different types of elements that allow you to build any page you need inside the funnel. Such as:

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Opt-in forms
  • Pricing tables
  • Surveys
  • Progress bars
  • countdown timers
  • and more

With sections, rows & columns, elements in place, building your website becomes as easy as clicking through the options available on this intuitive interface.

ClickFunnels will never be just a drag-and-drop page builder. It’s more than that! You have the freedom to make each page look exactly how you want without dealing with any of the tedious development and coding. 


It’s a draw. Both of them offer straightforward web page builder. So, you can create a beautiful landing page very easily with Clickfunnels and Kartra. Understanding how to use Clickfunnels or Kartra can come with a fair bit of learning, so it’s unfair to say one is easier than the other.

It’s a matter of personal preference, so do what works best for you!

Kartra Vs. Clickfunnels: Sales Funnel Builders

Both tools allow you to build advanced sales funnel campaign. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.


Many people think that we can only create simple sales funnels on Kartra.

No, it’s doesn’t!

Kartra’s funnel campaign is so compelling that they can create an enhanced complete sales funnel like this.

The tool allows you to drag and drop sequence builder, interconnected Kartra’s pages, build IFs and THENs automation and lead tagging.

Kartra manage sales funnel campaign

Kartra is a powerful platform for entrepreneurs who want to launch their own sales funnel campaign, but it can be overwhelming with the amount of steps involved.

For example, If I want to create a funnel campaign in Kartra, I must create every page on the funnel step before in the My Page section.

  • Pros: With a one-page design, you can add to any funnel campaigns
  • Cons: The creation process of a funnel can be tedious, and rightly so. Imagine if you have over 100 pages but are not well managed…then picking the right page in this step will be complicated!


In fact, ClickFunnels didn’t create to build a single page for you. It’s not how Clickfunnels work, but it could be if that is what you need and want in your workflow.

Clickfunnels are designed to create entire sales funnel in minutes.

They have two options to start:

  • Classic Funnel Builder
  • The Funnel Cookbook

In Classic mode, there are 3  modes that you can pick in your campaign: Collect Emails, Sell Your Product, and Host Webinar.


After picking the goal, the steps will be set with corresponding landing pages in the funnel to match whatever goals are needed at this point!

clickfunnels affiliate sales funnel

The Funnel Cookbook is more advantageous. Depending on your goal, type of funnel, or industry, they will recommend the best funnel for your needs.

Clickfunnels Cookbook builder

The sales funnel templates in Cookbook builder are modern and beautiful than classic; you can choose a free template or paid templates to start.

Funnel hacker's cookbook template

You can choose between two options that will take 30-60 seconds to set up.

Now, you’ve got the funnel framework and template in one place. You can easily customize your funnel by adding, moving, deleting, and editing any page you want!

clickfunnels advanced funnels sales


Clickfunnels is a winner. They have taken the pain out of setting up marketing funnels. They have removed unnecessary steps and made it easy to customize with more speed than ever before!

Membership Site Features

Both Kartra and Clickfunels can make it easy for you to create membership sites on different levels so that they can be tailored towards your specific needs. It’s a great way to nurture leads and provide the content necessary for an online course!


Kartra offers membership site building that can be tailored as needed. The ability to upload video, audio, text and other documents is beneficial for creators who want a space to showcase their work to the world.

kartra membership site templates

Kartra lets you host videos on its servers so that they’re always available at any time.

Kartra Membership sites

Depend on your needs; you can set the system to auto-generate mandatory login credentials for each registered user or not require the password for free-content access.

Kartra login page password setting

The best thing is that Kartra can track users’ progress on the membership pages to ensure they complete the course and configure some automated actions when a user completes an activity.

Kartra membership sites builder


Creat membership sites in ClickFunnels is straightforward. They have templates you will be able to customize from the ground up and connect it directly to your content on their drag-and-drop editor’s system for an easy, seamless experience.

clickfunnels membership builder

One of the primary features that distinguish this membership site from others is integrating with the existing sales funnel to help you maximize customer cart value by adding upsell products or services that customers didn’t buy before.

For example, take a look at the membership site of Peng JoonSocial Media Codex.

Peng Joon Membership sites

Customers can enjoy various content on this page; they can also easily purchase another service through the left negative bar.


Kartra is a winner. Kartra is more powerful, enabling you to track your progress in projects, analyze, and host video features.

kartra video analytics

Clickfunnels Vs. Kartra: Email Marketing Tools

Kartra and ClickFunnels are both great email marketing solutions for online businesses. They offer powerful tools for optimizing emails by targeting them towards individual users or groups at varying points in their journey through your funnel.


Kartra is the perfect system for email marketing, allowing you to create an opt-in list of loyal customers through emails tailored just for them. Their “if” and “then” statements make it possible to automatically send people different emails depending on what they need from your business or organization.

Kartra automation sequence


Clickfunnels starter plan does not provide email marketing automation. You should integrate with other email software like AweberGetresponseMailchimp, or Convertkit.

Clickfunnels platinum plan including “Follow-up funnels” feature that can help you create advanced email marketing campaigns. You can easily create email follow-up, email sequences, broadcast, and text messenger.

They have an advanced proprietary tagging system that lets marketers create Smart Lists,” which will automatically serve appropriate content to each customer to maximize their conversion rates.

Clickfunnels can grade everyone who subscribes to the campaign and give them an “Action Score.” This allows for more personalized customer service and makes it easier than ever before to get the most out of each potential client!


Kartra is a winner. You can create an advanced email marketing campaign on all of Kartra’s pricing options. If you use Clickfunnels, you should buy 3rd email software or upgrade to a Platinum plan ($297/month), which costs you more money.

A/B Split Testing

Marketers and entrepreneurs can’t know which tactics will be successful unless they split testing their ideas.


Kartra allows you to create as many A/B split tests campaigns of up to four versions and set the page rotation percentages.

After defining the main parameter, it will then monitor them in real-time, calculate which one is delivering higher conversion rates.


clickfunnels vs elementor ab testing

You can easily split testing pages version in each sales funnel step. With Clickfunnels, you can change the percentage of traffic drive on each page.


The winner is Kartra. With Kartra, you can easily see the conversion rates of your A/B tests. Additionally, it allows for deeper analysis and data collection than Clickfunnels’ basic system does.

Shopping Cart/ Payment Gateways

The checkout page is significant when you create sales funnels. It’s the last hurdle before your customer gets their desired product or service, and it can determine whether they decide to buy on that day or not at all.

The right payment gateway for you will depend largely on what kind of transactions are going through your site but make sure to choose one wisely because this could be where many of those much-needed sales come from!


Say goodbye to the days of difficult product carts and selling one item at a time. With Kartra, you can set up full-featured products in just minutes with ease!

It’s not only easy but also allows for unlimited customized designs that will always stay fresh. Easily manage multiple price points per product as well as different ways customers are able to pay:

  • one-time payment
  • Recurring
  • or Installments

Kartra provides one-click transactions, which means customers only need to enter their credit card information once and can buy anything they want on the upsell or downsell page in your funnel process.

Plus, next time they visit, everything will be pre-filled!


Clickfunnels is just like Kartra with its checkout process. They can help you build a checkout page fast and easy than you think. Including one-click upsell, tag buyers to the customer list, set up an abandoned cart email, etc.

The standout is that Clickfunnels integrates with more payment gateway while Kartra only connects with Authorize.net, Braintree, Paypal, and Stripe.

You have more options in Clickfunnels; they have:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal API (PayPal V2)
  • Recurly
  • NMI
  • Bluesnap
  • Easy Pay Direct
  • InfusionSoft
  • InfusionSoft V2
  • Easy Pay Direct
  • PayPal 3rd-party product access (PayPal V1)
  • ClickBank
  • JVZoo
  • WarriorPlus


Clickfunnels is the clear winner in terms of payment gateways, as they’re able to connect with more than Kartra.

Affiliate Management Tools

According to Statista.com, the U.S. affiliate marketing spend is due to reach 8.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2022, up from 5.4 billion recorded in 2017.

The affiliate program can help you get more traffic and sales, also grow your business faster with low risk, cost, and high ROI.

kartra affiliate management


Kartra affiliate payment method

With the Kartra affiliate management system, you can create flexible commissions, set payment milestones, and add multiple commission tiers. Kartra gives you multiple payment options that fit your invoicing needs.

kartra affiliates analytics

Affiliates can use Paypal, bank wire, or check for your convenience and make payments in the most convenient way for them.


Clickfunnels Backpack allows you to add an affiliate program to any sales funnel quickly. You will now have better traffic and sales for your business.

This is because it contains a sticky cookie that serves as an appealing incentive to affiliates, making them work harder than ever before!

The disadvantage is that Backpack is only available in the Clickfunnels Platinum plan.


Kartra is a winner. Both of them provide a powerful affiliate management system. However, you can save some money because features are available at all plans.

3rd Party Integrations

The number of apps integrated with Kartra is limited, including payment gateways, membership platforms, email marketing platforms, SMS, Zapier, and more.

Kartra Integrations

Even though the list will continuously increase in the future, because Kartra can replace many platforms and services on the market, you don’t need too much 3rd party software integrations.

It’s simply unnecessary.


clickfunnels integration

Clickfunnels is integrated with many powerful marketing tools you love to speed up your business and make your work easier. Included:

  • Payment gateways
  • SMTP
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Webinar
  • Actions and Messaging
  • Delivery
  • Sales Tax
  • SMS
  • and more

Get more detail on the Clickfunnels Integrations list.


Clickfunnels is the winner. Absolutely, they integrate with more services

Kartra Vs. Clickfunnels: Pricing Comparison


Kartra provides four pricing option plans: Starter $119/month, Growth $229/month and Professional $549/month.

Additionally, you will get a discount of 22% to help you save a bit of money when paying for the annual plan.

You can get access to all features in every option plan. The differences are the number of leads, pages, custom domain, bandwidth, agency, and other areas.

kartra pricing

You can find out more details on the Kartra Pricing table plan. You can contact support to upgrade to the Enterprise plan if you want more options or customization.


Clickfunnels 2.0 provides three option plans: Basic $147/month, Pro $197/month, and Funnel Hacker $297/month. You can get 2 months for free when upgrading to the annual plan.

The Clickfunnles starter plan comes with a very limited number of pages, funnels and does not include an email follow-up function. However, if you can afford the Platinum plan, it’ll be fantastic.

  • Unlimited pages, funnels, and leads
  • Access Funnel Hackathon weekly to discover what works right now
  • Access to premium course on Funnelflix to improve marketing skills and get beautiful share funnels for free
  • Create smart email marketing without integrated with 3rd party
  • and more

It simple is a solid tool for creating the funnel.

clickfunnels 2.0 pricing

In fact, Clickfunnels also provides the 3rd plan called 2 Comma Club X (2CCX), which costs you up to $2,497.

2CCX is for the 1% crazy people who want to “go all-in.” They will get premium course training that is not available anywhere. You can get more detail on the Clickfunnels pricing table.


If you’re a small business owner who has a low budget but wants more features, so Kartra is the best to go. However, if you can afford $297/month, then Clickfunnels is worth more.

Customer Support

Even both software was created to help your work faster and easier. However, working with technology can be difficult, and having decent customer support is the way to go.


Kartra Customer Support

Kartra offers various options to help you solve your problems:

  • Technical documentation
  • Platform training
  • Ticket submit
  • and live chat


Clickfunnels support

Previously, the Clickfunnels support response time was quite long. But it’s much better right now!

They also have a Q&A page, technical documentation, video training, submit tickets and live chat. If you sign-up for the platinum plan ($297/month), you can access Priority Support to get a response faster.


It’s a draw. Both Clickfunnels and Kartra has a great customer support

Kartra’s Features Over Clickfunnels

1. Video Marketing

Most businesses love to add a video to their marketing pages. Clickfunnels doesn’t has video hosting, and you should use 3rd party platform to upload video and then embed video links on your landing pages.

Kartra offers advanced features for your video marketing.

It doesn’t just host your videos; it’s also an interactive platform that lets you add CTAs or opt-in forms at any point while the video is playing. Kartra will automatically tag viewers based on their behavior, so all of your marketing efforts are directed to those who need them most!

You rarely get your customer to watch the entire video, but don’t worry. Video tagging will show you that and instantly activate automation – such as we can send them an email with the highlights and links to other content they may be interested in.

2. Create Your Own Helpdesk

build helpdesk in Kartra

It’s hard for small business owners to acquire new customers. That is why customer service is so important and a key component of your company’s success.

ClickFunnels does not have an in-built helpdesk which means that you need integration with 3rd party services. Instead, you can easy to create your own helpdesk on Kartra.

kartra helpdesks

3. Calendar Functionality

Kartra review calendar dashboard

Speed up your customer experience and ensure consistency in your answer with Kartra calendars. If you’re a consultant and coach or just want your live events management process cleaner and more seamless, then we have an easy solution for you!

Kartra’s built-in Calendar functionality helping organizes all of your clients’ appointments on their own schedule. Kartra calendars come with 4 model templates

  • Consultant
  • Recurrent class
  • Gym model
  • Live event
Kartra Calendar feature

4. Robust Reporting

Detailed analytics are important in a marketing campaign because they provide data about what people are interested in and how they interact with the content around them.

It helps us see how everything plays off each other and decide how to invest moving forward.

Kartra tracks your entire sales process, all interactions with a customer, and has the ability to track how they react online. They can track many metrics than Clickfunnels, such as:

  • Video views
  • Helpdesk analytics
  • Revenue
  • Complete lead history report
  • Track every single interaction a lead has had with you before they join your list

Clickfunnels Features Over Kartra

1. Free training program

Unfortunately, the software is not a magic wand that will magically make you rich. If you don’t have a good strategy or tactics to use properly, all your time and money are wasted no matter how powerful the tool may be.

Clickfunnels provides a marketing training platform called Funnelflix for their customer for FREE.

Funnelflix member areas

There are various course training from successful entrepreneurs in different industries teaching about:

  • Funnel building
  • Marketing strategies and tactics
  • Personal development
  • Copywriting
  • Ads buying
  • Lead generation
  • Traffic training
  • and more

2. Auto Webinar function

ClickFunnels allows you to host webinars. You can use this feature to set up an evergreen webinar where you don’t have to be present as the presenter and can continue following through on registration, reminders, etc., to provide excellent customer service without having a physical presence at all times.

3. Sticky cookies in Affiliate Program

The #1 reason people move to use the Clickfunnels affiliate tool is “Sticky cookies.” Sticky cookies are used for tracking allowing affiliates to maximize profit per customer. When someone buys, the affiliate who sent the link can still get paid if they use that email to buy something else on other devices.

Clickfunnels Backpack can help you build your own affiliate program and bring more benefits to affiliates, so you have more chances to attract people to sell your products or services online.

4. Strong Community

Both Kartra and Clickfunnels have a Facebook group community. Kartra community is not bad, but it’s not as engaging as Clickfunnels, which has more than 274k members.

The members in this group called them is a “Funner Hacker.

clickfunnels official group

The Entrepreneur’s Club is a safe place for entrepreneurs of all levels to come together and share what they know and inspiring with each other.

If you’re looking to grow your online business with sales funnels, this is the group for you.

Many valuable marketing knowledge ideas and skills were shared in this group. Whether you use Clickfunnels or not, this group is still a great place for networking and learning opportunities, no matter your level.

Kartra Case Study And 3rd Reviews

Michael Mansell talks about using Kartra to make $125K in four months in the video below.

YouTube video

Third-Party Reviews:

Kartra Case Study And 3rd Reviews

Watch the video below to see Julie Stoian’s story. Julie had struggled with finding clients and working through troublesome ones.

YouTube video

She was introduced to ClickFunnels, which helped her transform her company by providing a better way for service-based entrepreneurs to find more customers and stop the struggle of dealing with difficult ones.

Third-Party Reviews

Kartra Vs. Clickfunnels, Which Is Right For You?

Choose Kartra if:

  • You want an all in one tool at a reasonable price
  • Create your own helpdesk
  • Create an agency account
  • Tracking everything in the platform

Choose Clickfunnels if:

  • Focus on building a sales funnel (Clickfunnels is the best in this field)
  • Want a simple tool which is reduced unnecessary sections to help users not to be confused. But still really powerful.
  • Trusted by many famous marketers
  • Of course, if you’re a fan of Russell Brunson
  • Sales funnel building and marketing skills are still limited, so you can access FunnelFlix and watch high-value training courses for free (Ads Skills, Funnel Builder Secrets, Tony Robbins Collections, etc.)


It comes down to what you want in a tool. If you’re looking for a tool that is more focused on building sales funnels, strong community, and included more marketing training from top entrepreneurs for free, then Clickfunnels might be the solution for you.

On the other hand, you want an all-in-one marketing software with a reasonable price and provides powerful features that you need to grow your business online, so go with Kartra.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about Kartra vs. Clickfunnels. If I’m missing something or you have any questions, please let me know by commenting below.

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