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Funnel Secrets is reader-supported. If you buy products through our affiliate links, we may earn a commission (at no extra cost). Read our methodology and Builderall are among the top choices for building your online business. But which one should you choose?

Before going any further, start with our comparison between vs. Builderall first. You will discover their features, functionalities, and how these marketing platforms help your business. 

Now, let’s scroll down until the final line to find your ideal companion! Vs Builderall Quick Comparison

We have compared vs. Builderall. Now, let’s summarize their differences with this comparison table.

Sales Funnel Builder
Helpful resources
Powerful tools with many extra features
Email Marketing
– Better user interface
– Available on the free plan
– Has the email workflow
– Drag’ Drop Email Marketing Automation
– Capture unlimited leads and email with MailingBoss
– Has the email workflow
Built on membership site
Built on the E-learning platform
Ease of Use
Slightly harder
Affiliate Program
Multi-tiered programs
Two-tiered programs
– Free: $0
– Startup: $27/month
– Webinar: $47/month
– Enterprise: $97/month
– Cheetah Plan: $16.90/month
– Marketer Plan: $76.90/month
– Premium Plan: $87.90/month
– Funnel Club Plan: $87.90/month ($199 for the first payment)
Client Service
Extra Features
– Blogging software
– Unlimited Evergreen webinars
– Website builder
– 24/7 email support
– Stripe and Paypal integration
– Mobile responsive content
– Split testing
– WhatsApp Launch Manager
– SMS automation
– Website Chatbot
– Messenger/InstagramChatBot
– Message Funnels for Telegram
– Heat map
– Payment integrations
– Webinar
– SEO report tool
– Design studio
– Video hosting
– Video editor
– Builderall CRM
Money Back Guarantee
30-day money-back guarantee (limited to only one refund per account)

What Is

systeme sales funnel software is famous for online businesses.

Initially a French-only marketing platform, is popular on a global scale. It provides an excellent affiliate program and many marketing options. has earned that fame due to the following features: 

  • Compared to other systems in the sales funnel market,’s drag-and-drop builder is among the best.
  • has a thorough affiliate program that helps you draw more consumers and keep track of its effectiveness over time.
  • A fantastic contact database is available from, making it simple to store important contacts. 
  • You are considerably more likely to attract new clients if you use a domain with your brand name rather than utilizing another one. And can assist you with that.
  • The tool has a fantastic instruction algorithm to guide users through the designing procedure and help them express their creativity. 
  • All you need to do is provide the designers with your design concept, and they will build a unique enrollment page that meets your needs.

What Is Builderall? 

Builderall homepage
Builderall has many impressive features.

BuilderAll is a comprehensive marketing platform that helps solopreneurs and small businesses establish a strong online presence and promote their services and goods. 

Here are some impressive features of the tool:

  • Hosting is one of BuilderAll’s vital services. It features a unique hosting system with access to five continents, enabling quicker load times and minimal downtime.
  • BuilderAll also allows you to optimize the user interface and responsive site builder, which is crucial considering the prevailing online marketing trends. 
  • BuilderAll is super innovative and covers various design options, including Photo Studio, Design Studio, Video Editor, and Image Spinner.
  • Customizable templates are essential for maintaining an eye-catching web profile in addition to design tools. 
  • With the help of the eCommerce tool, you can design a marketplace on your funnel site where you can advertise, sell, and accept payments for your services and products. 
  • You can use the eLearning tool to organize multiple online courses and keep up a solid connection with your potential clients. Vs Builderall: Features Comparison

Both tools have amazing features that help you build your business online. So how can you choose between helpful vs. Builderall

Don’t worry!

The following differences will make things clear for you.

Sales Funnel Builder

online sales funnel stages
Sales funnel stages

A sales funnel works like a skilled salesperson who defines potential consumers, presents them with the item or service they need, and then makes an offer after developing their ideas. provides you with helpful resources for the sales funnel. Furthermore, using it doesn’t require you to be a technical expert due to the straightforward process. 

The design aims to convert web visitors in every manner. It has options for customization. Your landing page changes to suit your needs and preferences.

systeme io sales funnel design sales funnel builder

How about Builderall?

Cheetah, the page builder on the Builderall platform, makes it easy to build both websites and sales funnels. The drag and drop builder is also simple to use and straightforward.

With the help of this page builder’s sales funnel tool, you can also graphically see your page.

Builderall platform provides high-quality templates that may also be customizable. Thanks to this feature, you can modify them to your specific company demands.

You can find hundreds of these customizable templates at Builder Funnel Club, which has one of the biggest sales funnel and landing page template libraries on the market.

YouTube video

All of the above arguments make Builderall’s superiority evident.

Both of them employ the drag-and-drop technique and have nice templates, but Builderall opens you up to sales funnels that have already been created.

Email Marketing

Using, you can establish your email list and work with an autoresponder. This tool offers a pre-built workflow that helps manage your emails at ease. 

systeme io workflows workflow

The advantage of this email marketing tool is that you may handle many lists. Do not worry about the huge database because you can classify it based on tags. 

So if someone subscribes to a squeeze page for a specific subject, you may add tags to manage it.  

Meanwhile, the email marketing tool offered by Builderall is both sophisticated and user-friendly. 

builderall malingboss
Builderall MailingBoss

In comparison to some of the top email marketing systems like AWeber, GetResponse, and ActiveCampaign, it provides effective automation features.

The MailingBoss tool from Builderall helps you access different segments of your subscribers easily. It is less complicated and superior to other alternatives.

In general, offers an exemplary user interface for email marketing. 

Builderall features more advanced email automation tools. They let you categorize your audience, tag leads, and customize an automated email campaign.


You can build and sell online courses on It implies that you host your coursework on membership websites.

Additionally, you can develop a membership site with Systeme’s free version. 

The site also helps you make payments using your link to a PayPal or Stripe account.

You may also build your business using the E-learning platform on Builderall. 

The platform is fully integrated for learners who have access to all the learning materials they need. 

The eLearning feature of the Builderall platform is highly advantageous because it supports the development and delivery of various online course options.

You may develop and cement relationships with students by doing so, which will boost your sales.

Ease of Use

Both tools are easy to use. You can follow the drag and drop process to build your landing page with just a few clicks. However, is still a better choice for novices. 

systeme io drag and drop editor drag and drop editor

Systeme tries to focus on one of the features of ease of use. The interface’s funnel shape is modern and also simple. 

You can also build your website quickly. Simply insert elements from the collection into pre-built modules on the website, and you have a landing page.

Working with Builderall is not complicated. However, since it has many features, you may need some time to familiarize yourself with them.

builderall page builder
Builderall page builder

Affiliate Program

To improve your monthly revenue, can assist you in creating profitable affiliate programs for your products or services.

If your online business fits this paradigm well, you can set up your own affiliate program to promote your trademark while boosting website sales and traffic.

To raise your revenue immediately, you can develop multi-tiered affiliate programs based on income. You don’t even need additional software to view results.

Another marketing strategy to enhance course sales is through partnerships. gives more effective affiliates if you have more affiliates. 

On the other hand, Builderall Business is the affiliate program of Builderall.

It has two tiers: direct sales and second-tier sales.

You may effortlessly build your own affiliate website with this tool. 

Additionally, a calculator for affiliate profits is available, which estimates the monthly commissions you could earn by advertising with Builderall.

builderall calculator affiliate profits
Calculator affiliate profits with Builderall

By offering ready-to-use affiliate links and sales funnels targeted to various niches, Builderall has made affiliate marketing smooth and easy.


If price is your top concern, do not miss this section. We will list the pricing packages of both platforms right here. 

Let’s start with

It offers you four options, with a free plan that requires no cost. 

Sales funnels
Sale funnel steps
Membership sites
Automation rules
Custom domains

If you intend to choose Builderall, please check its pricing packages as follows:

Funnel Club
$87.9 ($199 for the first payment)
Disk Space
Premium Funnels
Product Funnels
20+ (physical + digital)

As a general rule, the more you pay, the more features you have. However, we suggest starting with basic packages to see how the platforms handle and support your email marketing campaign. Then, go for the premium packages. 

The companies also entail every benefit coming with each package. Hence, consider your business’ requirements and purposes too. Your purchase should allow your company to perform with all necessary resources. 

Client Service

Builderall and offer friendly customer support. You may use their information library to rapidly find the solution you need because they provide a database and online training. 

customer support

The important aspect is that they give video lessons and virtually function as online training for using the tools to develop and flourish your business quickly.

Furthermore, you can get immediate assistance from their friendly, round-the-clock customer support.

Extra Features

Aside from the features above, you will have other tools when working on the two platforms. For example, gives you:

  • Blogging software
  • Unlimited Evergreen webinars
  • Online courses 
  • Website builder
  • 24/7 email support
  • Stripe and Paypal integration
  • Mobile responsive content 

If you like Builderall, expect some interesting features like:

  • Split testing
  • Heat map
  • Payment integrations
  • Webinar
  • SEO report tool
  • Design studio
  • Video hosting
  • Video editor
  • Builderall CRM

Builderall Vs Pros and Cons

Everything has its own set of pros and cons. Hence, to decide the better one between vs. Builderall, you should expect all the benefits and drawbacks.


  • All-in-one marketing tool
  • Smooth process
  • Effective tutorial materials
  • Automatic emailing 


  • Limited design options
  • No money-back guarantee



  • Advanced design features
  • Virtual assistant access
  • Multiple tools
  • Effective affiliate program


  • Quite complicated for beginners 
  • Unstable user experience

Which Should You Choose?

Both and Builderall are excellent tools for building your online sales pages and developing a successful business. However, if you can only choose one, we will recommend for the following reasons:

1. Subscription website

If you’ve never built a sales funnel before, enables you to establish a fully functional subscription site in a matter of minutes. No prior programming experience is necessary.

2. Business automation

With Systeme io, you may run continuous webinars. There are both recorded and live webinars available, but webinars never expire.

You have probably seen evergreen webinars in many businesses. These work well for developing email lists and earning profit while you’re sleeping.

3. Price

It depends on the package you use to determine the more cost-effective option. However, offers a free plan, making it ideal for newcomers to try.  

4. Ease of use

Both have advanced marketing tools for working with your business. You can also access tutorials to learn how to work with the online platforms. 

However, Builerall is harder to use because you have to spend more time learning all the features. Meanwhile, comes with fewer tools, but they are powerful enough to assist your company.

5. Integrations

To promote or sell things online, you can quickly integrate with email marketing tools, payment gateways, advertising platforms, and many things. 

Letting your sales funnel handle the heavy lifting will help you establish an email list. You can then use other digital marketing solutions to give them promotions in the future. Some options are Zapier, Stripe, and Hubspot.

Each of these applications functions well, and adding them only requires you to hit the button on the control panel. Click the option “Integrate a new combination” if you want to insert a new integration.


1. Does have a Partners Program?

Yes. The affiliate program does indeed allow you to make money. 

You can get paid from each of the users’ transactions when you refer them to, and they join up as paying members of the digital marketing software using your affiliate link.

2. Is Builderall any good?

Yes. For those starting an online business, such as an online store or digital service, Builderall is an ideal option. It’s beneficial for those who want to use marketing tools and data to increase their sales over time.

3. How much is Builderall?

The pricing packages are as follows:

  • Cheetah Plan: $16.90 per month
  • Marketer Plan: $76.90 per month
  • Premium Plan: $87.90 per month

Funnel Club Plan: $199 one-time fee and $87.90 per month

4. Is a Pyramid Scheme?

The answer is No. has been active since 2018 and has supported hundreds of people in growing their online businesses by providing them with a simple approach to set up high-converting sales funnels for marketing needs.

5. What can I build with

Business owners may design and run affiliate programs, online courses, email marketing campaigns, blogs, and webpages with’s assistance. 

The platform also allows marketers to do many things, such as setting rules, starting emails, and automatically gathering leads.

6. What are alternatives to

There are other platforms besides that can help you build a sales funnel, such as Builderall, ClickFunnels,, and Simvoly.

Each marketing tool has benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, thoroughly weigh each aspect before making a decision.


So now you’ve figured out the difference between vs. Builderall. 

Before settling on the final decision, consider all the tools featured in each platform, such as sales funnels, online presence, pre-built templates, and affiliate programs. 

An effective funnel website can help you build a successful online business. If you need any assistance, please let us know. 

We will cover everything you need in the next post. Thank you for reading!

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