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Systeme.io Vs Clickfunnels: Which One Is perfect for Funnel Builder?

systeme.io vs clickfunnels
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Are you planning to build an online business? It’s necessary to choose the right marketing tool to take your first step. 

In this post, we will recommend and compare two of the most popular tools in this category: Systeme.io vs. ClickFunnels.

Our side-by-side comparison can help determine the superior option. 

Let your choice shine with your business!

What Is Systeme.io? 

systeme home

Systeme.io is an all-in-one platform that allows you to launch and grow an online business using powerful tools. 


Aurelian Amacker, a well-known businessman and expert in digital marketing founded Systeme.io in 2016.

He wanted to transform his skills as an experienced full-stack digital marketer into a SAAS firm that could assist others in accomplishing the same success that he had.


You can find sales funnel building, email marketing, website building, marketing automation tools, affiliate management, online course development, and blogging-related toolkits on Systeme. 

Since you can acquire all you need without the interruption of external apps, Systeme doesn’t provide many integrations.

The platform’s creators want to build an all-inclusive solution that eliminates the need for third-party tools.

Since they won’t integrate with such tools on this system, certain seasoned users with personal preferences for particular tools may pose an issue.

But since Systeme.io offers EVERYTHING you need to operate your online business, it needn’t be a problem for amateurs.

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What Is ClickFunnels? 

Clickfunnels homepage

ClickFunnels is one of the most well-known and reputable sales funnel tools. You can refer to it as a service or product that creates a robust sales funnel.


The internet marketing platform ClickFunnels, founded by Todd Dickerson, Dylan Jones, and Russell Brunson, came out in 2014.

The founders aimed to assist business owners with little to no programming skills with their digital marketing demands.


Without employing a crew, you can quickly develop excellent sales funnels with Clickfunnels that turn your visitors into leads and ultimately into loyal clients.

Thousands of business owners have chosen this site to draw in leads and convert them into clients. Along with numerous plug-and-play templates, ClickFunnels also provides training videos and step-by-step instructions.

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Systeme.io vs. ClickFunnels: Features Comparision

You need to consider different factors to decide the better one between Systeme.io vs. ClickFunnels.

They define the reliability, functionality, and efficiency that an online business demands their marketing platforms.


systeme io dashboard
Systeme.io dashboard

There isn’t much information available on Systeme.io’s dashboard. Leads, sales, and some real-time changes are available. 

You must perform multiple challenging steps to create sales funnels. There are several things you can customize, but not all.

Hence, Systeme.io needs to improve its flexibility in the user interface. 

On the contrary, the dashboard on ClickFunnels is straightforward to use. The site has everything sorted: setup, analytics, growth, and sales statistics.  

clickfunnels dashboard
Clickfunnels dashboard

For instance, if you want to establish a funnel to boost sales, you can select “Build a New Funnel,” set the objective of improving sales and then customize it to the endpoints through a sequence of follow-ups.

Verdict: Clickfunnels Win 🥇 The Clickfunnels dashboard is far more informative and user-friendly than Systeme.io

Page Builder

Most of you may be asking about Clickfunnels vs Systeme page builder – which one helps you create high-converting landing pages or is easier.

Both platforms offer drag-and-drop editor builders to help you easily create any page in the funnel without coding skills.

They have similar page builder functionality:

  • Section, row, column
  • Text
  • Image
  • 2 -step order form
  • Order bump
  • and other elements are similar

So, I don’t think one is harder or easier than the other.

systeme io 2 step order form
Systeme.io page builder
clickfunnels review landing page editor
Clickfunnels page builder

The difference between Clickfunnels and Systeme.io is that you can’t create an advanced survey funnel with Systeme.io

The tool offers a survey feature but doesn’t allow you to insert conditional logic into your surveys. This means that you won’t be able to tailor your survey experience to your specific needs and goals.

systeme.io survey builder
Systeme.io survey builder is very basic

At this point, Clickfunnels is better. Plus, it allows you set different outcomes depending on the prospect’s answer. This makes it a better choice for those who want to create a truly customized survey experience.

Setting action after answer the question
Clickfunnels allows you to set different actions based on the answer of your prospects

Next, in Systeme.io, the elements have been limited based on your chosen page type. For example, if the page type is an opt-in goal, then the order form element will not be available. Clickfunnels, on the other hand, does not have this limitation.

systeme io squeeze page elements
Systeme.io – Elements of the squeeze page
systeme.io sales page elements
Systeme.io – Elements of the sales page

To be honest, it shouldn’t affect your funnel-building experience too much.

Think positively!

By removing all distractions and unnecessary elements, Systeme.io helps keep the interface clean and easy to use. This makes it much easier for users to find what they’re looking for and makes the overall experience more enjoyable.

So, don’t be discouraged by the limited number of elements on each page. Instead, think of it as a positive feature that helps to keep Systeme.io simple and user-friendly.

I mean, who needs to add the “Order summary” element to the squeeze page or add the “Two-step order form” on the thank you page, right?

Verdict: Draw 🥇 Both Clickfunnels and Systeme.io come with a drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to quickly and easily create any funnel pages. They also offer a wide range of templates and customization options, so you can create a page that looks exactly how you want it to.

Sales Funnel

Both Systeme.io and Clickfunnels help you create a sales funnel quickly and easily. You can choose a funnel depending on your needs. Then settle on a sales page layout theme. You can customize your product’s headings, call-to-action buttons, and pictures here.

You can build your funnel quickly by following these simple steps. You can automate or edit the email using a template to proceed with prospects.

To start with, let’s take a look at systeme.io.

It includes some simple funnel creation options:

  • Build an audience: Collect email addresses and build a list
  • Sell: Sell a product or service
  • Custom: Build funnel from scratch
  • Run an evergreen webinar
systeme.io choose funnel type
Systeme.io sales funnel builder

It’s the same with Clickfunnels! There are four funnel goals you can choose to build

  • Collect Emails
  • Sell Your Product
  • Host Webinar
  • or create a custom funnel
clickfunnels classic builder
Clickfunnels classic sales funnel builder work similar to Systeme.io

Clickfunnels also has a second way to build the funnel called Funnel Hacker Cookbook.

This option provides access to a library of pre-built sales funnels that you can customize to fit your business needs. You can choose the sales funnel template based on:

  • Type of funnels (Clickfunnels has 22 types of funnels that you can choose from)
  • Industry (B2B, B2C, Author, Ecommerce, etc)
  • Funnel Goals
Clickfunnels Cookbook builder

After choosing the type of funnel, you’ll direct to the workspace.

Look at Systeme.io and Clickfunnels sales funnel builder. I love the layout of Clickfunnels, it displays a preview of what your page will look like in each sale funnel step.

clickfunnels advanced funnels sales
Clickfunnels displays a preview of the page in the funnel step

Systeme.io layout is similar to Clickfunnels but doesn’t include a page preview.

systeme.io sales funnel builder
Systeme.io workspace is so boring

Most of Systeme’s sales funnel platforms generally work on autoresponders and vendor-driven inquiries. In contrast, ClickFunnels comprehensively understands the issue and offers a quick and customized solution.

Plus, Clickfunnels has been around a long time than Systeme.io. So they have a bunch more templates you can choose from.

clickfunnels review buyer funnel templates
Clickfunnels template designs

Verdict: Clickfunnels Win 🥇

Email Marketing

You can transfer your contacts to the Systeme.io system, similarly to ClickFunnels.

Along with sending endless emails with Systeme.io, you can also completely connect your email campaigns with your sales funnels.

systeme io workflows
Systeme.io workflow automation

Working on this sales funnel platform, you can:

  • Control the contact data easily.
  • Automate your email responses and sequences to do away with manual work.
  • Use customer segmentation to send emails that are suitable for each category.
  • Gather statistics to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.

Systeme.io’s Free plan has enough space to store up to 2,000 contacts.

Our programs follow up on the Unlimited plan, which offers an unlimited number of contacts.

How about the FlickFunnels? The Follow-Up Funnels email marketing tool is one of its outstanding features.

track email perform clickfunnels
Clickfunnels email tracking stats

Thanks to this sales funnel platform, you can automate email campaigns so that messages come out at a specific time to a particular audience.

To use this email marketing tool, you can upload your current contacts. Also, you can configure trigger-based actions to add leads to your mailing list.

clickfunnels smart list
Clickfunnels advance tagging – Smart list

Follow-Up Funnels advance email automation by enabling you to identify contacts on your database based on their actions on your site.

The tagging system on this email marketing platform is crucial because it allows you to categorize your audience.

You can also identify your visitors’ preferences, analyze their behavior, and learn their buying habits.

The Follow-Up Funnels in ClickFunnels help you send the emails and keep on building a relationship with them. Here is how this tool works: 

  • Build opt-in pages using email templates
  • Add tags to the funnels
  • Make unique groupings or lists
  • Establish email autoresponders
  • Access email analytics like click-through rates, open rates, and more

Follow-up emails are not available in ClickFunnels’ basic package. To use this feature, you must be a Platinum member.

On the other hand, Systeme is superior to ClickFunnels because each deal comes with a mail autoresponder.

Verdict: Systeme.io Win 🥇 With Systeme.io, you can send email automation a free plan. Plus, they have the email workflow that helps your email marketing campaign be much more advanced and easy to setup.

Membership Site

clickfunnels membership area setting
Clickfunnels membership site creator

Both support membership sites via a system. You may now use ClickFunnels memberships for $97 per month. 

Likewise, Systeme.io gives subscriptions for $27. They are comparable in terms of the values they offer. Nothing about it is particularly exceptional.

systeme io membership site creator
Systeme.io’s membership site creator

The two tools have excellent user interfaces. It really comes down to personal preference because they’re both responsive to mobile devices and load quickly.

The advantage of using ClickFunnels is that there are more membership layouts and funnel templates available.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program for Systeme.io is rather simple. You can build an affiliate program for free, even on its Free plan. 

Like developing your sales funnels, putting up an affiliate network involves little to no effort, thanks to Systeme.io’s fully integrated toolkit.

This affiliate program allows you to:

  • Catch up with your partners
  • Monitor payments and commissions for affiliates
  • Put your deals public so that thousands of people can see them
  • Review the statistics and dashboard for your affiliates

Your affiliates will require affiliate links before they can begin advertising your products. These are the two methods for sharing links:

  • On the site marketplace (to publish the offers)
  • Via email (to send links straight to the affiliates) 
systeme.io affiliate marketplace
Systeme.io affiliate marketplace

ClickFunnels has its own affiliate program setup tool named Backpack, which helps you: 

  • Build your affiliate program
  • Manage the affiliates 
  • Develop your commission strategy
clickfunnels affiliate tools
Clickfunnels affiliate builder

Prospects can make purchases using an affiliate link on their devices with ClickFunnels’ affiliate system set up so that the sale can still travel back to the affiliate.

The backpack also offers the ability to classify your affiliates into regular, launch, and super-affiliates by creating affiliate categories for your scheme.

Your affiliates can access other marketing tools like articles, email marketing, and client testimonials through Backpack to aid in promoting your goods.

Finally, there are affiliate dashboards where you can check the statistics of your sales pages and analyze them. 

Users can sign up for a thorough affiliate program given by both ClickFunnels and Systeme, which enables them to promote your online business and products. Therefore, it’s a tie here.

Clickfunnels vs Systeme.io: Pricing

Price is an important factor to consider when choosing Systeme.io vs Clickfunnels. And Systeme.io wins this round because it’s cheaper.

You can also choose a free package for your business. Here are four pricing options from Systeme.io:

Sales funnels31050Unlimited
Sale funnel steps1050300Unlimited
Membership sites1520Unlimited
Automation rules110100Unlimited
Custom domains0110Unlimited
Systeme.io Price Plans

If you choose ClickFunnels, you have two pricing options as follows:

Sub users13
Custom domains39
Payment gateways39
Clickfunnels Price Plans

Extra features

As an all-in-one solution, Systeme.io provides various services in addition to sales funnels, email marketing, landing pages, and an affiliate network, including:

  • Blogging software
  • Evergreen webinars
  • Online courses 
  • Website builder
  • 24/7 email support
  • Stripe and Paypal integration
  • Mobile responsive content 

Despite being essentially a funnel builder, ClickFunnels also includes the following features for the best user experience: 

  • Landing page builder
  • 1-click upsells
  • Membership sites
  • A/B testing

Systeme.io Vs Clickfunnels Comparison

After evaluating the differences between Systeme.io vs. ClickFunnels, this comparison table will help you summarize.  

DashboardQuite complicatedStraightforward
Page BuilderEditing tool but lack of preview and fewer elementsEditing tool with preview and has more elements that help your sales process better
Sales Funnel– Less pre-design templates than Clickfunnels
– Easy to use
– More sales funnel template designs
– Easy to use
Email MarketingFollow-up emails for all packagesFollow-up emails for Premium packages only
Membership SiteExcellent user interfacesExcellent user interfaces
Affiliate Program– Available on the free plan
– Create and manage your affiliate program by yourself or publish it on the Systeme marketplace.
– Available on the platinum plan
– Has a “sticky cookies” feature that helps the sales still be tracked back to the affiliate while customers purchase through an affiliate link on any device.
Pricing– Free: $0
– Startup: $27/month
– Webinar: $47/month
– Enterprise: $97/month
– Startup: $97/month
– Platinum: $297/month
Extra features– Blogging software
– Unlimited Evergreen webinars 
– Website builder
– 24/7 email support
– Survey feature
– The affiliate tool has a sticky cookies feature
– FunnelFlix (free course training platform for entrepreneurs)
– Integrate with most of the top service providers
Create a Systeme.io account for freeTry Clickfunnels 14-day for free.

Pros And Cons Of Systeme.io And ClickFunnels

Both tools benefit your online business, but they have pros and cons. 

Let’s check the two sides of each tool before choosing the better one between Systeme.io vs Clickfunnels.



  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Good affiliate program management
  • Excellent interface and user experience
  • Ideal for beginner and intermediate users


  • No integrations
  • Confusing tracking code
  • Fewer elements in page builder
  • The blog features very basically



  • Various pre-designed funnel templates
  • User-friendly 
  • Excellent drag and drop builder
  • A/B testing for conversion improvement
  • The affiliate program has a sticky cookie feature (a vital feature for almost affiliate programs)
  • Suitable for experts


  • Expensive
  • No free plan

Which Should You Choose? 

It’s hard to find the winner because both tools are beneficial for your business. However, one may outweigh the other in specific cases. 

When to choose Systeme.io?

Give Systeme.io a try if you’re just getting started in digital marketing and need an all-in-one platform that will let you develop sales funnels, send emails, and sell things all without breaking the bank.

This tool also has all the features that a marketer might need to work for a living online full-time.

When to choose ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a good choice if you’re a marketer and want to use the website with the biggest audience regardless of the cost.

The “Funnel Hacking” network for ClickFunnels is so extensive that they host a live event each year to honor the marketers who have made the most profit with the platform.

ClickFunnels can be the ideal marketing tool for you if being a part of this kind of group appeals to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make money with ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels makes it simple to promote e-commerce goods, whether you’re offering a free book or an essential product that helps you bring in new clients.

Hence, you can earn millions each month by using sales funnels like these to sell simple, competitively low-demand products.

2. Does Clickfunnels work with WordPress?

Yes. With the use of the plugin, you can easily integrate a ClickFunnels funnel process into your WordPress website.

For individuals who want to use WordPress and keep their ClickFunnels domain the same, this functionality can be beneficial.

3. How do I set up a Systeme blog?

To create a blog on Systeme, you need a System.io account. Then, follow these steps:

  • Access “Menu” and click on “Blogs.”
  • Choose the “Pages” tab. 
  • On your blog’s menu, tap “Create a blog page.”
  • A popup message asks you to enter the name of your blog page and Url path. 
  • After entering the information, your blog page will show up. You can modify it using tools like “Display Page” or “Edit.”

4. What is the difference between a website and a funnel?

A traditional website works like a shopping center. It doesn’t define a clear journey for customers because so many options are available. Hence, customers frequently become overwhelmed.

In contrast, a funnel helps potential buyers follow a specific order of actions and can only perform one action at a time.

5. Is ClickFunnels free?

No. You have to pay at least $97 per month for the basic pack. 

6. What are the 5 stages of sales funnels

The five stages of a sales funnel are:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action
  • Loyalty

Systeme Io Vs Clickfunnels: What do others think about them?

YouTube video
“Recently, I discovered Systeme io and have been starting to use it more and more. I think it’s perfect for people who are just starting online marketing, as it has such a low entry price point yet still provides so many valuable features!”Legit Marketing Reviews.
YouTube video


We have evaluated the differences between Systeme.io vs. ClickFunnels.

Both have advanced features, but Systeme.io is more suitable for beginners, intermediate users, and small business owners. If you are an expert, we recommend ClickFunnels. 

Hopefully, our guide can help you settle on the superior option. If you need any further information, please feel free to comment. We will get back to you soon!

Thank you for reading! 

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