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Clickfunnels Vs. Builderall: Which Is The Best Solution?

Clickfunnels vs builderall
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Clickfunnels vs. Builderall are competitors and find solutions to build a sales funnel. But they offer a wide range of similarities, so you may have no idea how to differentiate them and pick the better one for your next project.

In this post, I’m going to personally review two popular funnel builder software products: Clickfunnels and Builderall.

I dive into each platform to uncover the good, the bad (and the ugly). In each platform I have evaluated:

  • Page builder Template
  • Email marketing
  • Price/value
  • Easy of use
  • Customer support
  • Affiliate program
  • And more

Make sure to read this post until the end so that you can make the best decision for your project/company.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall Quick Review

Rating4.7/5: (331 reviews)
4.6/5: Trustpilot (1190 reviews)
4.6/5: Capterra (456 reviews)
4.2/5: (10 reviews)
3.2/5: Trustpilot (28 reviews)
4.5/5: Capterra (6 reviews)
Level PriceStandard: $97/month
Platinum: $297/month
Builder: $29.9/month
Premium: $69.9/month
Funnel Club: $99/month ($199 first payment)
Software TrialTrial 14 Days for freeTrial 30 Days for $1 (then $69.9 monthly)
Product reviewRead Clickfunnels ReviewRead Builderall Review
Clickfunnels homepage

Clickfunnels Overview

Clickfunnels is an optimally hosted solution to help users create landing pages and sales funnels that are highly converted. It enables online promotion, selling, and delivery of your service or products.

Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson founded this platform in 2014, and it has been striving to reach a current worth of more than $360 million. There are many things a person can achieve on Clickfunnels.

Regardless of being an entrepreneur, working in a small startup, a large company, or simply trying to boost your online presence, this tool allows you to generate more leads and encourage more sales.

The best thing about Clickfunnels is how it helps you design a funnel to achieve your goal from start to finish. You will love its pre-defined funnel sets and templates that are easily customizable for website display.

Clickfunnels Best Features

Templates And Pre-made Funnel Sets

Using the pre-made funnel sets and templates on Clickfunnels means you can easily create a professional yet stylish funnel in no time. It also has blank templates for you to unleash your creativity in design.

Drag And Drop Web Page Editor

The editing tool in Clickfunnels lets your creative juice flow at will to best customize each funnel page. Feel free to design the funnel from scratch, add more elements, alter the background, change the text, and more.


Whether you are selling digital or physical items, you can receive online payments through Clickfunnels. As it works with an eCommerce fulfillment service, the platform will take care of your packaging and delivery.

Backpack Affiliate Program

Thanks to the Clickfunnels Backpack feature, you can set up and manage your affiliate program at ease through this platform. Gaining more affiliates means higher chances for you to sell your products.

Membership Site

If you are looking for a good way to promote your site, use the number of membership site funnels that Clickfunnels provides. Your users will be able to sign up and access your website content.


Hosting a webinar is not a difficult project when you use this tool. Choose a particular webinar funnel from its wide selection, advertise it, and learn how to run your webinar automatically on the go.

Email Marketing

There are multiple third-party email marketing services like Aweber, Hubspot, MailChimp, etc., and you can connect your Clickfunnels account to them to generate and send email marketing worldwide.

Moreover, if you purchase the top-tier package in Clickfunnels, you will get access to Actionetics. It is a brilliant automation platform to do in-house marketing that almost every single business requires.


A good thing about Clickfunnels is that this platform incorporates a large number of third-party services and tools. A few popular names include Zapier, Shopify, and WordPress for your convenience in use.

Split Testing

Clickfunnels is extremely helpful when split testing every available aspect of your funnel to ensure a good overall picture. You will understand which design element lifts or worsens your site’s aesthetics.


The Analytics tool keeps a close track and views how each of your funnels is performing lately. These data enable you to monitor the funnel’s overtime conversions, user behavior, page views, and more.

Support And Documentation

As the Clickfunnels knowledge base offers extensive support for all users, you can take advantage of it. Also, it is recommended to connect to its community via YouTube, Facebook, and other forums.

builderall homepage

Builderall overview

Builderall works quite similar to Clickfunnels – an optimal platform to help build online business and marketing. Its variety of tools and features are what you require for your business promotion.

Erick Salgado founded Builderall 3 years earlier than Clickfunnels, whose aim was to help business owners and entrepreneurs control their online presence, sale processes, and marketing better.

Since this platform concentrates on usability, it allows everyone to access online marketing and web creation in the easiest way. Those include people with no technical skills or experience in web design.

Whether your goal is to build a website, design sale funnels, host webinars, collect leads, or sell products, Builderall solves all of them. It makes your goals profitable and successful after bringing them to life.

Builderall Best Features


As Builderall has its exclusive content delivery network and servers in different continents, it can host pages and sites created on this tool. This measure helps load websites fast with minimum downtime.

Drag And Drop Website Builders

Feel free to choose between 3 easy-to-use website builders on this platform, including the Responsive Builder, Pixel Perfect Builder, and Mobile First Builder, to assist you in customizing your websites.

App Builder

This App Builder feature allows you to create and manage your apps.

Customizable Templates

Whether you need to build a blog, create a website, landing pages, sales funnels, etc., you will get a suitable template on Builderall. It provides a series of professional and eye-catching templates for your project.

Design Tools

If you want your website photos and videos to grab the audience’s attention quickly, make use of the design tools on Builderall. This list has Photo Studio, Design Studio, Builderall Image Spinner, etc.


Creating an eCommerce business is now a piece of cake with this platform since you can sell digital, physical, and even affiliate items. It lets you manage the service or products and take online payments.

Membership Site

Builderall allows you to create your membership site and ask your users to pay for diverse subscriptions to access the content.

Furthermore, it is your choice to restrict certain areas on your website by restricting access to several posts and pages. It will require your users to log in or even cost a certain fee to read this exclusive content.


Many people reach out to Builderall to learn how to make an online course or various tutorials. Other than that, you can create individual lessons and courses that only premium users have access to.


Thanks to its Builderall Webinar feature, you will be able to stream both live and pre-recorded professional webinars from your site.

Email Marketing

You are in luck to have the Mailing Boss – Builderall’s autoresponder service to handle your massive email marketing campaigns. You can target certain user groups, send engaging emails, and track them.

Split Testing

If you wish to obtain the designs that can successfully convert for your website, it is ideal to do split testing web pages, content, sales funnels, etc.

Heat Mapping

This Heat Mapping tool helps you understand the way your users navigate your sales funnel or website. You will know when visitors tend to click and which aspect is limiting the conversion as you wish.


Just like Clickfunnels, Builderall also integrates with multiple third-party services and providers. These popular names are Aweber, PayPal, Shopify, etc., to enhance the convenience of your transactions.


This tool offers many support channels so its users would find the right information on different topics. Browse its knowledge base, post a question on its Facebook page, or check out one of its YouTube videos.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Templates

These platforms offer a series of professional templates for you to create suitable web pages for your projects. All of Builderall’s templates are free, while Clickfunnels has free and premium options.

Clickfunnels Templates

Clickfunnels provides tools and features that help users create sales funnels. That is why many matching landing pages templates pre-defined funnel sets on this platform for you to take a close look at.

There are a couple of ways to get Clickfunnels templates. The first is the default template inside the classic funnel builder.

Clickfunnels landing page template
Clickfunnels default template

The second way is Cookbook builder!

Since they are both goal and industry-based, you can easily find a suitable funnel template for your niche and achieve your goals.

Clickfunnels Cookbook builder
Clickfunnels Cookbook builder

Check out its goal category list:

  • Create Leads
  • Sell or Launch A Product
  • Operate A Webinar
  • Sell Event Access
Funnel hacker's cookbook template
Template inside Cookbook builder

The third way is receiving the premium template is to join Clickfunnels courses or events such as Funnel Fridays or Virtual Funnel Hackathon (these programs are Free)

Funnel hacking secrets masterclass sales funnel templates

You can customize your selected templates with the Clickfunnels editor tool. It does not have as many choices as Builderall, but you can rest assured that all provided ones are optimized to convert.

Builderall Templates

People use Builderall to generate online stores, websites, landing pages, blogs, sales funnels, etc. Its templates support these purposes and are divided into multiple categories to fit your niche or industry.

Builderall funnel theme

This category list includes:

  • Health And Beauty
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • News
  • Travel

It is easy to personalize templates as desired or pick a blank one and start designing your web page or site from scratch. They are modern templates with certain design elements that fit their targeted niches.

There is indeed an impressive number of templates on Clickfunnels and Builderall to select. If you plan to create simple sales funnels, the optimized landing pages and funnel sets on Clickfunnels are brilliant.

But the better choice for you to design and customize your website, use Builderall to find good resources and templates for this purpose.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Drag And Drop Builder

Both Clickfunnels and Builderall enable drag and drop builders so you can easily customize templates for websites without the need to understand coding. Following is how each builder can help your project:

Clickfunnels Drag And Drop Editor

Clickfunnels offers a simple drag and drops editor to personalize all available funnel sets and templates. There is a separate funnel dashboard where most integrations and settings can be customized.

Clickfunnels software drag and drop
Simple builder drag & drop

You can add diverse elements to your funnel with the Clickfunnels editor. Feel free to drag and drop these design elements on your site, as well as resizing and positioning all of them in seconds.

how to create Application form inside clickfunnels
Example of customizing application funnel template inside Clickfunnels

You can also upload different media types or look for stock images from Unsplash, IconFinder, or Pixabay without leaving the tool. It allows you to use embedded videos from YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo.

Builderall Drag And Drop Builder

The finest thing about Builderall is that the platform enables 4 types of drag and drop builders to meet your different web page design requirements:

  • Drag And Drop Responsive Builder
  • Drag And Drop Pixel Perfect Builder
  • App Creator
  • Mobile First Drag And Drop Builder

The Drag And Drop Pixel-Perfect Builder is an original tool for Builderall. This traditional builder enables you to create 3 different versions of your website, from your tablet, your mobile phone, to your desktop.

builderall drag and-drop builder

Controlling how your website looks on diverse devices is an undeniable benefit for certain Builderall users. Nonetheless, not everyone is happy recreating their web page all over, not to mention 3 times.

If you allow Builderall to make your website responsive as responsible, choose the Drag And Drop Responsive Builder. Build your web once and let this tool alter its layout and design to become compatible with all devices.

They are all intuitive builders that simplify your web design process. You can go through various media and design elements to drag and drop them freely around the page for the perfect position.

As you can see, the available drag and drop builders on Builderall and Clickfunnels are impressive and helpful in making professional web pages. You may want to try both of them to decide which one suits your taste.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Split Testing And Analysis

The perfect method to ensure your sales funnel converts leads is to try split testing or A/B testing. You will build 2 versions of the same website or landing page and let your visitors test them.

It is advised to split web visitors into 2 separate groups: group A to experience site A and group B to examine site B. This way is how you can measure the performance of each web and conclude pros and cons.

Clickfunnels Split Testing And Analysis

You will get to view the test results on your landing page with this platform. Keeping good track of every sales funnel stage is ideal for you to optimize its overall revenue and conversions after each test.

Clickfunnels split testing

We suggest doing split testing of your website or landing page based on the following factors:

  • The layout
  • Headline
  • Bullet points
  • Price point
  • and the offer.

Builderall Split Testing And Analysis

Builderall split testing
Source Image:

If you want to test your sales funnel and landing pages with robust analytics, Builderall would be your best support. You will know which page converts better and which button on your page gets the most clicks.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Email Marketing

The email marketing tool is available on both platforms, enabling you to send multiple emails, email marketing campaigns, or aim for specific user groups. We will start with what Clickfunnels has.

Clickfunnels vs builderall email marketing

Clickfunnels Email Marketing

Follow-up Funnel (or Actionetics) is an advanced email marketing service that Clickfunnels only offers users subscribing to its premium package named Etison Suite. Below are what you get from this top-tier email marketing feature:

  • Run Email Campaigns
  • Incorporate Email And Funnels
  • Set Up And Target Smart Email Lists
  • Operate Follow-up Funnels
  • Keep Track Of Email Metrics

It is no longer a hassle to send numerous emails and collect countless contacts, thanks to the help of Actionetics. This platform also works with other third-party services for email marketing like MailChimp.

Builderall Email Marketing

Builderall provides a similar email marketing tool called Mailing Boss, and it can help you build and automate email marketing campaigns. It has pre-designed templates for your emails to be high converted.

Here are what the Mailing Boss provides:

  • Aim Emails At Specific Audience Groups
  • Keep Track Of Subscribers
  • Add Subscribers Manually
  • Send Customized Emails
  • Manage And Control Campaign Analytics

Most importantly, Builderall lets you send a large number of professional email marketing to unlimited recipients simultaneously.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: User-Friendliness

It is common sense that most business owners have a handful of work and not much time to deal with complicated technology. Thus, you would certainly enjoy using software that does not need coding.

Having such software means you can concentrate on increasing sales and other important business tasks. The good news is that both platforms are highly user-friendly for you to build landing pages and websites.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Price Comparison

Apart from the user-friendliness and experience, Clickfunnels and Builderall also differ in the pricing facet. Here are their subscription plans with monthly pricing for your consideration of both platforms.

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels is the ideal platform for building sales funnels and landing pages and focusing on gaining your website larger traffic. Check out all of its available monthly plans.

clickfunnels price

Startup: $97 per month

You will have full access to available templates, the editing tool, and a series of other optimal features on Clickfunnels via this Startup plan.

Once you subscribe to the Clickfunnels Startup plan, you can build up to 20 sales funnels, 100 landing pages with around 20,000 views every month. It is also easy for you to connect up to 3 domains.

Clickfunnels Platinum (Etison Suite): $297 per month

Besides the features you receive in the Startup plan, signing up for the Etison Suite plan means using Clickfunnels’s email marketing service – Actionetics and affiliate management program – Backpack.

The best thing about the Etison Suite is that you can create as many sales funnels and landing pages as you desire, receive an unlimited traffic amount, and register as many domains as you feel necessary for your project.

Builderall Pricing

In terms of subscription plan pricing, Builderall packages are all significantly cheaper than Clickfunnels. There are 3 diverse packages to support different purposes, charged monthly at affordable prices.

Builderall price

Builder Plan: $29.90 per month

The Builder plan is a basic starting point for users who want to build a website or improve their online presence.

After creating multiple pages and funnels, you can start receiving numerous visitors and enjoying unlimited bandwidth on the local hosting. You will also access its building tool and template options.

Premium Plan: $69.90 per month

The Premium plan on Builderall allows you to simultaneously connect up to 15 different domain names and take advantage of Mailing Boss to send unlimited email marketing.

They also provide many powerful features inside, such as:

  • CRM
  • Drag & drop chatbot
  • Smart Popup
  • Cheetah Funnel Builder
  • and much more

Funnel Club Plan: $99.90 per month ($199 – First payment)

This Funnel Club package is a flagship plan for entrepreneurs, even small and big companies, to launch and operate a successful business.

If you choose to build your website via this plan, it will be protected by the premium CDN hosting with countless sales in eCommerce, as well as being granted full access to all Builderall’s affiliate programs.

In conclusion, Builderall is unarguably cheaper with impressive apps and tools. Thus, this platform is the perfect solution for starting a new business or creating websites on a budget with versatile plans.

On the other hand, the higher pricing of Clickfunnels plans reflects how advanced their features are. The tool attracts large companies to utilize their sales funnels and increases the conversion rate on the whole.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Customer Support

Clickfunnels and Builderall provide an incredible level of support on different platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and their own Help Center within the app. Let’s find out how each tool can support you:

Clickfunnels vs builderall customer support

Clickfunnels Support

Clickfunnels enables a wide variety of support avenues besides its Help Center. Many helpful tips and videos are available on the Clickfunnels dashboard for quick and easy access.

These means of support help you get to know its funnel creation procedure better. Learn to choose the most suitable funnel that can elevate your business, as well as how to get the highest conversion amount.

Community Forums

Feel free to explore the community forums on Clickfunnels within its outstanding knowledge base. It is possible to either choose to search old topics for relevant information or upload your questions on the forum.

You can even use other software, but you have to be inside the Clickfunnels community because you will find some of the best marketing tips, Funnel Builders, Copywriters, Strategists, and more.

Clickfunnels Facebook Page

Clickfunnels has almost 20,000 followers on its Facebook fan page. It is a wonderful free resource with quality posts and information for any business owner looking to create successful sales funnels.

Clickfunnels YouTube Channel

Subscribe to its YouTube channel and learn from the master himself – Russell Brunson, explaining professional strategies and tactics on how to increase conversions and sales that every business can apply.

Support Tickets

Get a Support Ticket straight to Clickfunnels dedicated support team to receive appropriate answers for whatever questions you have.

Clickfunnels support

Builderall Support

It is simple to access the impressive knowledge base from your Builderall dashboard. View loads of simple training material and how-to tutorials so you can get the most out of this website-building tool.

There is only a small drawback: some are not up-to-date to match improvements made to particular features on Builderall.

Builderall Facebook Page

This Facebook page opens doors for you to connect with up to 30,000 other Builderall users. Ask questions, share brilliant ideas, or get inspired by successful business stories – all of these for no cost.

Builderall YouTube Channel

Meanwhile, its YouTube channel is an inspiring place that creates motives for users through the best practice, top tips to follow, and live chats every week for interaction with Builderall professionals.

Support Tickets

Like Clickfunnels, the Builderall support team can personally handle your queries and questions. Send a support ticket via your Builderall dashboard and wait for them to get back with relevant information.

Both platforms offer versatile support channels; therefore, you will not need to worry whenever running into problems on these apps. You can choose the support solution that you find most useful and convenient.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are meant to gain you commissions whenever a visitor purchases through your affiliate link. Let’s see how different this affiliate program works on Clickfunnels and Builderall.

Clickfunnels vs builderall affiliate program

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

If you have already signed up on Clickfunnels, it will automatically make you an affiliate. You will get a 40% recurring commission and an extra 40% on products within this tool, like books and continuity programs.

As long as your client stays with Clickfunnels, you will earn money. Its smart “sticky cookie” for affiliates ensures you get your commission every time somebody purchases Clickfunnels products via your link.

Builderall Affiliate Program

In contrast to Clickfunnels, the affiliate program on Builderall offers you a recurring commission every month as long as the customer pays for their monthly hosting bill. 

You get 100% of the commission for every new sale and 30% a month as the client is active on this tool.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Pros And Cons



  • Allows you to build complete sales funnels that are multi-step with both upsells and down sells.
  • The Share Funnel function allows you to share your funnel with everyone. Current users can access it within a click, while non-users signing up via your link helps you earn a commission.
  • Create membership sites that make users pay to access certain restricted content.
  • Subscribing to its premium packages enables you to access Actionetics and Backpack, advanced features on Clickfunnels.


  • Both of its plans are quite expensive for budget-minded users.
  • The basic package does not include Actionetics or Backpack. You are limited to creating a maximum of 20 sales funnels.
  • Customer support might be a little slow sometimes.



  • Has all the necessary marketing tools to manage your online business most effectively.
  • Affordable plans that suit every budget.
  • The intuitive interface is easy to use, helping you build blogs, websites, and sales funnels.
  • Offers Mailing Boss, an impressive tool with high deliverability.
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.


  • Subscription to its Business plan is required to earn a software promotion commission.
  • Cannot build responsive web pages.
  • One of its builders will ask you to design the same website 3 times to ensure it looks great on all devices.

Other Advantages Of Clickfunnels And Builderall

There are some interesting side features on both Clickfunnels and Builderall that you want to know, apart from their similar features as mentioned above. They are FunnelFlix and the Builderall Funnel Club.


FunnelFlix by Clickfunnels is widely known as the “Netflix” for funnel hackers. It is a collection of online video training courses with Russell Brunson and other experts providing the strategies and mindset you need.

FunnelFlix show

Anyone who uses Clickfunnels can access FunnelFlix and gain precious education on the required skills, mindset, and techniques to run a successful business. Make sure you won’t miss out on this feature!

Builderall Funnel Club

Builderall Funnel Club
Source Image:

Builderall Funnel Club is the newest release of Builderall 4.0. This huge online library contains over 400 pre-made sales funnel and website templates developed by professionals in all marketing fields.

In addition, all of the email follow-up sequences are built into them. You will not need to understand how to set up an email marketing sequence or create a sales funnel as Builderall Funnel Club will do it all.


It might be quite challenging to choose between Clickfunnels vs. Builderall because both platforms are highly impressive with a wide variety of features to help improve your business.

Both Clickfunnels and Builderall are a lot less work and effort. You could build over one funnel in less than 30 days. If you have a low budget or build a website, you can start with Builderall. On the contrary, if you want to create a sales funnel with a high conversion rate, then Clickfunnels is better.

The power of Clickfunnels comes from the feature of this tool and FunnelFlix (where they provide the greatest marketing strategy, funnel building, copywriting, running Ads course from a different marketing expert in the world ).

If you are still wondering which software is more suitable for you, both offer trial versions. Try it for yourself to make the right decision.

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